Lockdown protest stops traffic in Whangarei NZ | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Lockdown protest stops traffic in Whangarei NZ

Traffic came to a halt in Whangarei this morning as protesters took to the streets to oppose the Government's Covid-19 social restrictions.

About 60 people gathered at the Whangarei police station after people from two groups - FACTS NZ and Kotahitanga Movement Aotearoa - held separate marches walking from Forum North to the police station where both groups held a korero referencing how the Government's alert level system, among other things, violated their rights.

*My wife & I were fortunate to arrive at the right time for not one but two marches. One small group where we all walked around town then another larger group came along & we joined together so we eneded up having two protests outside the police station! My neighbour was delayed 4hrs due to traffic stops crossing Auckland & police using the army as back up on the motorways for checks. People are getting frustrated & annoyed. I guarantee Aunty Cindy will extend the 'lockdown' being the Socialist/Communist Dictator that she is. Labour passed new tenancy laws which effectively socialises private rental properties & will now be virtually impossible to evict a tenant.*