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Lost in the tax reform debate

The biggest concern for politicians is whether the overhaul will result in a net loss of revenue for the government. This implies two things: 1) that the money belongs to the government; and 2) that the government could not function with less money. Neither of these is true. Years of study and observation tell me that not one person in a million understands the income tax. The income tax is probably the greatest deception and fraud in history, because it is the foundation of a private monetary system. The very few who do understand vomit every time they hear the word “democracy.”


Simple Solution


vomit every time they hear the word “democracy.”

(*Start calling it by it's name . It's A Republic
and as of right now , as I Right it is headed by a Republican POTUS Who Rachael Maddow , by the way , proved beyond a shadow of a doubt pays his taxes proudly every year ,and a Republican Congress , yet insists everything that's wrong , right now , as I write this is The Democrats fault .
No one has yet to be able to clarify this dilemma , but the populace seems to be buying it .)