New Amazon Show Features White People Wearing Red MAGA-Style Hats Being Hunted As "Nazis" | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

New Amazon Show Features White People Wearing Red MAGA-Style Hats Being Hunted As "Nazis"

Called Hunters, the trailer for the show, which is set in New York in 1977, is dominated by Pacino’s character, a Nazi-hunting Jewish ringleader named Meyer Offerman who justifies the killings by asserting, “This is not murder, This is mitzvah.”

“For eons, people like us have been degraded and exterminated. But no more,” says Pacino as images of Jews and black people are shown.

The clips featured in the trailer portray numerous acts of violence against the “Nazis,” including stabbings, a woman being punched in the face and a car containing the victims being blown up.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

(Sigh) Mr. Pachino, a word, please.

Let me tell you a little about myself; I am a college graduate, honors at graduation; self-employed; a published composer; and a volunteer for my community.

First, even though I am more centerist/conservative than you may be, I would be willing to bet a plugged Turkish piaster, that you and I are "on the same page" on a number of issues, which might surprise you.

First, I want to see this country at peace, maintaining moral and right relationships with the other countries on this planet, and trading with everyone. Peace through strength is not a bad place to be, as a country; unfortunately, the Unhinged, Surveilled, State of American seems to have abandoned this value long ago.

Second, I want this country to become competitively competent, in a way which does not impact existing jobs (particularly with regard to manufacturing), and by offering some degree of school tuition, so that the people for you want to work both a little harder, and can ultimately achieve their "dream jobs", and perhaps, enrich your company culture through what they have learned; wise people understand that the longer you are able to maintain a great employee, by being a great employer, the more willing these people will be to stick around, because work becomes "win/win"

Third, I want working families to get some kind of subsidies for daycare at first-class daycare centers, where children are both loved, taught respect and limits, and are taught the basics of reading and math. (how about kids "graduating" from Kindergartens and being able to read at 5, on a basic level?!? It can, and should be done here.)

Forth; I want every kid in this country to have the advantages of private schooling, without the private school price, where the kid is not a "victim" of the zip code in which they live. We can do this, because an excellent education, coupled with having had good parenting, gives that person an opportunity to become a functional, real-world human being.

I want education to give our kids every opportunity to be educated for jobs which will actually exist, in the 21st century, in an era where unskilled labor will most probably not exist.

Are we on the same page so far?!? I would imagine that you would find very little of what I said, either extreme, or unworkable.

The last election presented us with some very stark choices, I get it.

This is why we have that wonderful phrase "Voting in the US is trying to figure out who is the lesser of two evils." Americans hate having to do it, but it has evolved into the "way of doing business" with regard to US politics.

There is much about the Trump Presidency which I really abhor; his continual aiding and abetting Saudi war crimes in Yemen, about someone like you would most probably not know, because the media won't say a word, let alone a whisper, about the devastation the US is helping the Saudi military to do.

I hate these endless wars, starting with President Bush, Continuing through President Obama, and continuing with President Trump. I understand that President Trump can appear brash; insensitive, and an absolutely no good son of a bison.

He is easily flattered, and coerced (and potentially blackmailed?!? I cannot set aside this possibility aside). And for someone who is richer than most people might be over several lifetimes, he can appear crude, dismissive, and as having a very narrow understanding of complex world affairs.

Did I marginally support Trump over Clinton in 2016? Yes, and let me tell you why; because I really thought that after the inauguration in 2017, we would actually get the President Trump who campaigned; not some sort of war-centric, stolid, approximation of that former campaigner.

Disappointed, sickened, and frustrated?!? HELL, yes. What is next here?!? Much depends on what happens with the impeachment, which, at the end of the day, does not appear to actually be going anywhere.

I am waiting patiently for Tom Lopez, head of the DNC, to come up with a couple of candidates who make sense for all of this country, not just one party or the other.

For 2020, there only two viable candidates I can see for the DNC ticket, and they are Butegeig, and Gabbard. In fact, I wrote a post about this on this blog, suggesting to Chair Lopez, that he and the DNC need to get busy, for the sake of this entire country, in making them the candidates of choice for 2020.

So, Mr. Pachino, I guess that all this leads to the following question; does that mean that because I thought differently about the Trump candidacy in our last election, I should be assassinated, like the victims of the show's cast?!?

Because sir, if thinking differently becomes a "political crime" in this country, deserving of execution sans judge and jury, we are in a very dangerous place as a country, morally, intellectually, and emotionally.

And it puts your show in a perilous place with your viewers. What if one, or more of them, gets "triggered" by seeing one of these episodes, picks up a gun or knife, and shoots/stabs some poor soul to death, who only "crime" was thinking differently, and was slightly more centerist in that thinking?

And if you are going to brush me off, with your own, Tony Soprano-esque equivalent line to the following from the TV show,"The Sopranos", (Fuhgettaboutit; it will never happen here!"), I would like to politely remind you about a wonderful human being, talk-show host and comedian, the late Steve Allen, who had a very particular gripe.

He said that he hated it, when women would knit baby-booties, then send them to television stations where fictional moms with fictional pregnancies, delivered fictional babies who were part of the story line, rather than to real charities, where families and infants could have desperately used those booties for real life infants.

And sir, yes, this really did happen here.