Revolt Against Globalism | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Revolt Against Globalism

The Great Awakening is happening right now. Human beings are tired of the corruption, destruction and manipulation of the ruling class elite (RCE). The mainstream media, which is a pawn of the RCE, is constantly trying to distract us, they use divisive issues to create collective emotional responses, often violent, in their ‘victim’ Proletariat class.

Racism, sexism, transsexual rights are all tools to control the proletariat with a constant supply of manufactured emotional cues. The government maintains control with these type of issues, pushing them to the forefront, dividing our society into tiny pieces, division being the prime tool of the RCE. With maximum emotional distraction at play, the populace forgets what truly matters, the one thing everyone has in common: economics rights.

Protests in France that began over President Emmanuel Macron's announced tax increase have escalated into full out riots against the European Union and the globalist policy. Macron announced the increase in gas taxes in January which would raise the price of gas in France by 30 cents a gallon. Drivers in rural areas who only rely on their cars (unlike those in the city), began protesting this tax claiming that they were already struggling with the tax burden.