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Scott Adams: Green New Deal (GND), Universal Basic Income (UBI), Trump Tweets

Green New Deal (GND) contains Universal Basic Income (UBI)
UBI is money for free…for everyone, even if “unwilling to work”
The payoff for working remains: more resources and a better life
It’s almost guaranteed that in my lifetime, UBI will happen
UBI is to allow minimal survivable life capability, a safety net
like…Social Security, food stamps, welfare
GND might not contain anything that’s practical or possible
But GND is directionally positive
The Congressional border budget plan won’t be supported…
…by the border control experts
Congress is NOT a functional body for this issue
Declaring a national emergency solution…supported by the experts
Congress isn’t able to provide a solution supported by experts
CNN isn’t as rabidly anti-Trump lately, what changed?
8,000 lies in two years supposedly, did any of them matter?
There’s no examples of damage from POTUS hyperbole
Trade wars are stupid! Hmm…new deals are better for us
Old China trade deal allowed stealing our intellectually property
New deal is stalled, cause they want to continue the stealing
“Presidential Harassment” is smart, good framing
Elizabeth Warren’s apology tour is beyond cringe worthy
She comes across as weak and apologetic

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