Scott Adams: TDS on CNN, With Coffee | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: TDS on CNN, With Coffee

There are simple explanations…and extraordinary ones
McCabe opened Presidential investigations,
rejecting simple, likely explanations, for extraordinary ones
CNN Alisyn Camerota says President Trump has no sense of humor
Brian Stelter’s reaction, realizing she’s nuts is pretty funny
President Trump “is humorless”, “humor impaired”? Huh!
Brian Stelter plays compilation clip of FOX people saying “coup!”
Philip Bump says NOT a coup, cause low odds of success
Brain Stelter DOESN’T seem to suffer from TDS
He seems to just be pushing CNN Democrat narratives
President Abe of Japan nominates President Trump for the Nobel
Even CNN has concluded that the Jussie Smollet thing was a hoax
People are influenced by “good stories” and anecdotes
Socialism’s story is that they don’t want 25,000 new jobs
Kamala Harris, there’s nothing bad about Kamala Harris, she’s solid
There’s nothing interesting about her either
Joe Biden would be a GREAT Democrat candidate
He can’t possibly win, and it would be REALLY funny
Michael Bloomberg won’t run, won’t get to top three, knows it
Mark Benioff is the real deal in a very good way, won’t run though
He seems to operate at a higher level than most people
Kamala is a “target poor” environment for attack by conservatives
Scott Adams, as a systems (not goals) candidate for President
Got an idea on gun control? I’ll try it…small, see how it goes
I’ll always be about a SYSTEM to find solutions
I’d have the experts front and center on border security
Beyond expert opinion it’s just political BS