Scott Adams: The TDS WMD Heading Our Way, Smollet, and Rats | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Scott Adams: The TDS WMD Heading Our Way, Smollet, and Rats

The TDS weapon of mass destruction headed our way
Mueller report will NOT be made fully public
This will trigger a MASSIVE mental health emergency
CNN’s Erin Burnett says unrelated things prove Russian Collusion
Brennan says people can be unwilling puppets of Russia
President Trump’s technique
Respectful words about PEOPLE, other country leaders
He goes hard on POLICIES, while respecting the people
American businessman living in Russia, has the goods on Trump!
Desperate much?
Were you expecting CNN to offset the Jussie Smollet story?
Well…here it is, (accused) white supremacist Nat’l Guard guy
Suggestion: President Trump should request Governor pardon Jussie
He didn’t come down with TDS on his own
He believed he was acting as a patriot, saving the country
People don’t come up with their opinions
People are assigned their opinions by the media they follow
President Trump could REFRAME Jussie Smollet as a victim of
the media that gave him his opinions…fake news
Jussie is a victim of media brainwashing, persuasion
He GENUINELY believes the CNN, MSNBC propaganda
The corrosive feeling of schadenfreude
Jussie is a victim of CNN, and I felt happy that
he will pay for his crimes
Thought Experiment: What if all news was fact-based only
If reporting was fair, would Jussie have the opinions he does?

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