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Sources: As many as 2,000 more troops may be going to Afghanistan

As many as 2,000 additional troops -- including a number of U.S. forces -- may be headed to Afghanistan in the coming weeks under a plan backed by Gen. David Petraeus, CNN has learned.

Petraeus has not commented publicly on the need for more troops, but a U.S. defense official and a senior NATO official directly familiar with his thinking and the entire matter have confirmed details to CNN.

The proposal for more troops has been briefed to NATO officials behind closed doors.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US and NATO has never, ever had enough troops on the ground to win this on a military level.

This proposed addition of yet another 2,000 troops will not put the US and NATO any closer to that goal, and Petraeus knows that.

The Afghan forces the US and NATO have trained have been notoriously flaky in terms of getting the training, then using that training - and American and NATO weapons - against American and NATO troops.

The insurgency here is winning: that is the reality.

What the US and NATO appear to be doing is just trying to prolong the madness and insanity of this occupation just a little while longer, at least through the US election cycle in November.

The only elements which appear to be "winning" in this conflict are the drug dealers, and the large corporations supplying contract mercenaries and supplies.