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Teacher fighting for his job after warning of vaccine dangers

ONTARIO, Canada (Toronto Star): They say it's nearly impossible for a teacher to get fired. Timothy Sullivan, a high school teacher from the southwestern Ontario, appears to have found a way. The Grand Erie School District, which runs schools in Brant and Haldiman-Norfolk counties in Southwestern Ontario, has dragged Sullivan before the Ontario Teachers' College for warning students of the dangers of vaccines at a vaccination "clinic."
A teacher who is accused of disrupting a vaccine clinic in a high school cafeteria, telling students vaccinations could lead to death, appeared at a disciplinary hearing of the Ontario College of Teachers on Tuesday.

Timothy Sullivan is accused of professional misconduct by the college. The hearing notice from the college says he “told students not to get vaccinated and/or suggested that they should not get vaccinated,” and told students “that they could die as a result of the vaccination” on March 9, 2015.

Sullivan, a science teacher in the Grand Erie District School Board who was representing himself at the hearing, said he did warn students of the risks associated with vaccines.

The name of the school is under a publication ban to protect the identities of students.

“I teach science,” Sullivan told the Star. “You don’t just teach one side of the story.”

But he denied the college’s allegations against him and said his issue is with informed consent, rather than vaccines.

Sullivan told the Star that he is “pro-informed consent, pro-asking questions, not an anti-vaxxer.”