Trump Faces PAC Ultimatum To End DACA Amnesty For Illegals | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Trump Faces PAC Ultimatum To End DACA Amnesty For Illegals

(Raleigh, NC) Americans for Legal Immigration PAC is issuing an ultimatum to President Donald Trump to honor his campaign promise to end his and Obama's DACA Amnesty orders or the national organization will rescind its standing endorsement for Trump originally issued on February 29, 2016.

If Trump does not end his DACA Amnesty for illegals without replacement by Tax Day (April 17), 2017, the loss of ALIPAC's support and endorsement will signal the immigration enforcement movement, Tea Party movement, and American public that Trump can't be trusted on the powerful campaign issue that made his victory over Bush and Clinton possible.

ALIPAC is also launching a national outreach campaign to locate, organize, and mobilize American activists who are willing to stand up and hold Trump accountable for his campaign promises on immigration law enforcement while fighting legislative amnesty in Congress at the same time.

ALIPAC became the first national organization supporting Donald Trump to begin taking him to task on DACA this past week when activists began calling Trump's White House at 202-456-1414 to oppose Trump's Amnesty. This activism campaign was launched after an 18-year-old DACA illegal alien named Oliver Funes-Machado decapitated his mother and threw her head into the yard in front of an occupied school bus in Zebulon, NC. ALIPAC made it clear in the Washington Times on March 10 “It has now become Donald Trump’s DACA amnesty,” he said. “Every minute that (Illegal program) exists, I don’t live in a constitutionally governed America.”