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Turley: Most people abroad will view Bush as a war criminal

"Are we literally looking at a possibility," Maddow asked, "where administration officials from this [previous] administration cannot travel abroad to the other 145 countries that have signed the torture treaty because they might get arrested?"

"Most certainly," Turley replied. "The status of George Bush is not that different from Augusto Pinochet. They've both been accused of running a torture program. And outside this country, there's not this ambiguity about what to do with a war crime. ... Most people abroad are going to view you not as former President George Bush, they're going to view you as a current war criminal."

"And they're going to view us as an outlaw regime for not arresting him on our own soil," Maddow remarked.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unless, and until, every culpable Bush administration official is arrested and tried for their crimes,our country's basic moral fiber continues to be violated at a very fundamental level.

The use of torture is absolutely antithetical to the every premise articulated in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution.

Torture cannot possibly be practiced by a country which publicly states its faith in democracy and human rights: it's just that simple.

But unfortunately, ecause both sides of the isle in Congress were complicit in enabling Bush in order not to appear "wimps" in the alleged "War on Terror", I wouldn't bet on any substantive investigation of these crimes any time soon.