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US plans go beyond Pak existence

Two former top American officials have said that if the US failed over any important issue in Pakistan and subsequently Pakistan dismembered, then Washington will have to either hand over Pakistan and Afghanistan to terrorists and extremists or fight against them with or without world help.

On this occasion Kissinger said, "I think military strategy has been given more focus." He maintained, "First we have to deny our objectives in Afghanistan and then occupy its every part." Such situations should be created that the neighbours of Afghanistan could become part of the war, which had joint interests in the region, he said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Such comments can only be made by academics who have never themselves been in military combat.

If these men have families, one might hedge a safe bet that none of those family members are in the military.

And neighboring countries have absolutely no interest in getting mired in "America's wars" against Afghanistan and Pakistan.

So, what is left; declare victory and go home, or bring back the most draconian draft the US has ever seen?!?!?

If these bastards have their way, it will certainly be the latter, I can promise you that.