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US to Test Iran’s ‘Pain Threshold’ Over Nuclear Plans

Top Obama aide Gary Samore today condemned Iran’s willingness to engage in diplomacy with the United States as a “ploy” and said that the United States is going to respond with a series of retaliatory sanctions to punish them for it and to test Iran’s “pain threshold.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These sanctions will push the US and Iran ever more close to war, which, of course, is Israel's design intent.

But I would like to suggest for a moment to those in the bowels of power in DC that they consider the following stark realities:

1. It is highly unlikely that Russia and China will sit idly by while Iran gets attacked. They may well, and quickly, enter the war on the side of Iran, and both nations are nuclear armed.

2. If there is a military strike against Iran, it has to be a blitzkrieg: the US no longer has the manufacturing capability to handle a sustained war, because most of our manufacturing has been offshored.