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US urging a no vote on a Russian-led UN resolution calling for a global cybercrime treaty

The U.S. and its Western allies are urging opposition to a Russian-led resolution at the United Nations that they warn is a thinly veiled effort to create global norms that endorse state control of the internet.

The resolution, to be voted on Monday, would pave the way for a new global treaty on cybercrime. Though the resolution itself is worded innocuously, the U.S., its allies and human rights groups see it as an opportunity for countries such as Russia and China to create a U.N.-approved standard that would permit the blocking of websites deemed critical of government authorities and the use of digital technologies to monitor dissidents.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How completely hysterically ironic this is, when Facebook and Google are already deplatforming websites the US government doesn't want either the American- or international - public to see!!

This is simply "No one controls the internet except the Unhinged, Surveilled State of Amerika, DAMMIT!!!", writ large.


ATTACK! ATTACK! ATTACK! those Russkie commie bastards...!

Tian Shan


As an American, I'm really sick and tired of being tired of hearing of our "Western allies" --you know, the crappy apartheid state that tried to bomb to death the USS Liberty and crew--isreal.

There's nothing new to the American people over my comments. And America (more like its citizens, rather than the scumbags in DC) will lose big time over ventures that simply are designed to provoke a global power (Russia) that the US can't compete with anymore, militarily for one.

I believe that our "Western ally" is behind this provocation. They usually are. After all, goyim or Jewish people mean nothing to zio-pigs in the scheme of things, especially in war collateral damage. Note: As an example, this link story is relevant, but appears to have been scrubbed (I can’t find it today): “Zionists blow up 252 of their fellow Jews on a ship in 1940 because Britain was relocating them to Is. of Mauritius” and the link that worked years ago :

In summation, consider the garbage that “endorses” cybercrime against the US people.

We can start with israel's AmDOCs, which is has been around for years and has been an insult and threat to the American people's 4th Amendment’s right to privacy.

If global cybercrime occurs, it's the US and their "ally" israel that are the instigators. Russia has enough of its own problems to deal with. A 2nd rate global power as the US has become is less of a priority to them. This is simply as a result of the US’s incestuous relationship with the putrid, apartheid state of israel.

Screw israel. Long Live Palestine.

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