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Who was Joe Stack?Why does he matter?

You may have missed the story of Joe Stack, 53, a software engineer who on February 18 burned down his house, then flew his single-engine plane into a building that housed 198 IRS employees in Austin, Texas. He killed himself and an IRS manager, injured 13 other IRS agents, and burned out the building. It was in the news only briefly.

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said Stack’s actions did not appear to be part of a terrorist plot, and the mainstream media pretty much agreed that Stack was a lone crackpot. Stack had left a long “suicide note” on his online website, www.embeddedart.com, that attempted to explain his actions, but the FBI insisted the website be shut down immediately after the incident. I read Stack’s “rambling screed,” as many in the media characterized it, and I thought it was well written and coherent, not the words of a crackpot. So didn’t some online Facebook groups which sprung up spontaneously. They too were immediately shut down, reportedly by Facebook.

In a nutshell, Joe Stack was mad at Big Government and Big Business, who he accused of being in collusion to the detriment of small entrepreneur businessmen like himself. That’s an accurate assertion, according to Libertarians like me. We call it Crony Capitalism, a distortion of capitalism in which big business gets their paid-off politicians to pass laws that protect big businesses and penalize smaller businesses trying to compete against them. We’ve been speaking out against it for years.

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Happy Joe Stack Day!



I did not forget Joe Stack. At times I still reflect on his act


If it wasn't cacused by SSRIs, the IRS must have truly subjected Stack to an inhuman squeeze for the man to deem a kamikaze suicide his best choice. If the squeeze is what happened, I wonder if Stack's audit tormentor got ever talked to, if any memo went around to IRS agents to not push taxpayers to a point of such desperation again. Otherwise, now that SSRIs are mass consumed, boy, will we witness radical acts...

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