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Will Trump Revert to Gunboat Diplomacy in Latin America?

Venezuela is the most visible problem. Under the disastrous Marxist economics that President Hugo Chavez and his successor, Nicolas Maduro, have pursued for nearly two decades, Venezuela has become a catastrophe of economic and political chaos. Once the wealthiest country in South America, Venezuela’s gross domestic product is plunging at double-digit rates, and inflation is now soaring at a mind-boggling 46,000 percent. Maduro’s increasingly beleaguered regime has responded with ever more severe authoritarian measures, virtually eradicating the country’s free press and imprisoning scores of opposition leaders.

Nevertheless, the gunboat scenario cannot be ruled out in the long term, if the violence and economic chaos in Venezuela and Central America escalates. And if a similar deteriorating situation emerges next door in Mexico, that option will receive very serious consideration. It is hard to imagine President Trump standing by and watching Lopez Obrador implement anti-U.S. policies or preside over an economic meltdown and a burgeoning police state along the lines of Maduro’s behavior.

Cooler heads might also point out that better options than gunboat diplomacy exist. Ending the disastrous war on drugs would likely do more than any other measure to undermine the profits and power of the drug cartels. That step, along with adopting a more liberal and orderly immigration policy, would alleviate the chaotic flow of desperate refugees into the United States. Also, as the mounting opposition to Maduro’s ham-handed rule in Venezuela shows, incompetent political leaders usually pay eventually for their misdeeds at the hands of their own people. But responding to the problems of America’s southern neighbors requires patience and creativity—two qualities U.S. officials are not renowned for.


Will Trump Revert to Gunboat


Will Trump Revert to Gunboat Diplomacy in Latin America?

(*If there's some good reality footage he can get on television , that he couldn't have before becoming p.o.t.u.s. , why not ? What has he got to lose ?)

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