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Jun 28 22:45

Iran's Press TV disputes story of Neda's death

Two people told Press TV there were no security forces in the area when Neda Agha-Soltan, 26, was killed on June 20.

Neda's death was captured on amateur video -- most likely by a cell phone -- and posted online. Within hours, she had become the iconic victim of the Iranian government crackdown.

Eyewitnesses say Neda was shot by pro-government Basij militiamen perched on a rooftop.

But Press TV said the type of bullet that killed her is not used by Iranian security forces.

Jun 28 22:44

Thousands demonstrate silently in Tehran

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sure doesn't look like thousands in that picture!

Jun 28 22:39

Billionaire Madoff tied to intelligence agencies

WMR spoke to a former close aide to Madoff who related how he handled a number of transactions personally for Madoff. The source said that Madoff was running a special type of "pump and dump" scheme. The source said Madoff would "pump money out of the system and dump it out to another place." When asked what that "other place" was, the source replied, "Israel."

Jun 28 22:38

I Swear I Wasn't There (But I Was)

The New York Times recently reported on an announcement by Dr. Todd C. Sacktor and André A. Fenton at SUNY Downstate Medical Center, in which the doctors stated that a substance called PKMzeta is responsible for memory-related tasks in the brain. The Times characterized this as an “open door to editing memory.” Studies with rats and mice show that a drug called ZIP interferes with PKMzeta, erasing learned behaviors

Jun 28 22:33

Israeli's Invent a Robotic Spy Snake

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Go ahead, eat the apple!!!!"

Jun 28 22:32

Israel: Rise of the Right

Ilan Mizrahi has spent 16 years photographing and filming right wing Israeli settlers in the West Bank city of Hebron. His film, Israel: Rise of the Right, looks at the followers of Rabbi Meir Kahane, an American-born rabbi and politician who proposed the mass expulsion of Arabs from Israel before he was assassinated in 1990.

Jun 28 22:30

Key leaders of Honduras military coup trained in U.S.

At least two leaders of the coup launched in Honduras today were apparently trained at a controversial Department of Defense school based at Fort Benning, Georgia infamous for producing graduates linked to torture, death squads and other human rights abuses.

Jun 28 22:03

U.S. supplied Afghan insurgents for ‘Al Qaeda’ in Iraq

U.S. supplied Afghan insurgents for ‘Al Qaeda’ in Iraq
By Wayne Madsen
Jun 29, 2009, 00:18
(WMR) -- WMR has learned from an intelligence source who served in 2007 at the Tallil Air Base in Iraq, also known as Camp Adder by the U.S. Army and Ali Air Base by the U.S. Air Force, that United States intelligence services imported Afghan mercenaries into Iraq in order to attack Iraqi civilians and military personnel, as well as coalition forces, including U.S. service personnel. The Afghans were recruited from Taliban ranks and were paid for their services in Iraq.

Jun 28 20:11

Hyperinflation Nation the Documentary

Jun 28 19:52


Anarchaeology is the study of how people throughout history have progressed and thrived with limited government or with no government at all.

Anarcheology is also the study of how governments cause chaos, and create poverty, misery and mass slaughter, destroying civilizations.

Jun 28 16:50

Obama's Honduran Coup d'Etat

Obama's First Coup d'Etat: Honduran President has been Kidnapped: Updates 1-17
June 28th 2009, by Eva Golinger
Honduras is a nation that has been the victim of dictatorships and massive U.S. intervention during the past century, including several military invasions. The last major U.S. government intervention in Honduras occured during the 1980s, when the Reagain Administration funded death squads and paramilitaries to eliminate any potential "communist threats" in Central America. At the time, John Negroponte, was the U.S. Ambassador in Honduras and was responsible for directly funding and training Honduran death squads that were responsable for thousands of disappeared and assassinated throughout the region.

Jun 28 16:14

Organized Greed Always Defeats Disorganized Democracy

Some thoughts on 911,falseflags and conspiracies.

Jun 28 16:03

11 Reasons You Should Fight Hate Laws

Jun 28 15:58

AJAX REDUX:U.S. Heavy Meddle in Iran

Jun 28 15:52

Even Guantanamo Bay Is Better Than This!

Jun 28 15:49

Galloway stirs up a new storm with TV defence of regime

In his latest statement on Press TV, Galloway defended his stance, saying: "Press TV is Iranian-owned but that doesn't influence my opinion which is that until there is even a scintilla of evidence that the election was fiddled, we have to accept the verdict of the Iranian people, however much some of us might not like it."

Jun 28 15:46

7 Years In Chains

Detained at 14,tortured and released at 21.One particular soldier with scissors, would hold my penis and threaten to cut it off!

Jun 28 15:39

California... Here We Come!

Jun 28 15:33

Why Baghdad Can Never Be Secured

Jun 28 14:43

The Secret History

No criminal charges have ever been brought against any C.I.A. officer involved in the torture program, despite the fact that at least three prisoners interrogated by agency personnel died as the result of mistreatment. In the first case, an unnamed detainee under C.I.A. supervision in Afghanistan froze to death after having been chained, naked, to a concrete floor overnight. The body was buried in an unmarked grave. In the second case, an Iraqi prisoner named Manadel al-Jamadi died on November 4, 2003, while being interrogated by the C.I.A. at Abu Ghraib prison, outside Baghdad. A forensic examiner found that he had essentially been crucified; he died from asphyxiation after having been hung by his arms, in a hood, and suffering broken ribs.

Jun 28 14:14

Aloha America !

After arriving, I came to the revelation (?) that the only place to file a lawsuit
over Obama’s missing birth records was Hawai’i. That's where the original paperwork was located. I filed. That night nearly 100,000 persons viewed one of my web sites
. Not bad for a day’s work.

My pending Hawai’i lawsuit elicits several comments every day. What is the status? What is happening? When will it be heard?

Uniformly I advise people that the judicial process is slow, and just as slow in Hawai’i as anywhere else.

My case is currently pending in the Hawai’i Intermediate Court of Appeals. (You can check their online docket, Martin v. Lingle.)

Jun 28 13:37

Choosing a color for an over-throw

The David Icke Newsletter
By David Icke
Talk about deja vu. Was I watching protests in the Ukraine this week? Or Georgia? It certainly looked like it. But, no, it was Iran. I knew because the colour was different.
In Georgia in 2003 the colour was red, or 'rose', and in the Ukraine in 2004 it was orange. In Iran this week, it is green. Apart from that, the same modus operandi was playing out once again orchestrated by the usual suspects hiding in the shadows.

Jun 28 13:08

'Coup' in Honduras; Chavez Blames US for Involvement

Honduran President Manuel Zelaya, who was arrested by soldiers earlier on Sunday, is in Costa Rica and has asked for asylum, CNN's Spanish-language channel reported, citing the Costa Rican government.

Zelaya, an ally of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, had provoked a political crisis after seeking to hold a consultative vote on constitutional reforms that a court ruled was illegal.

Jun 28 13:08

Madoff may not have benefited most in scam

It is rare these days to see Bernard Madoff's name in print unaccompanied by the word "Ponzi." Yet recent allegations raise the possibility of one key difference between Madoff's crimes and those of legendary con artist Charles Ponzi. While Ponzi's scam was under way, Ponzi himself was its biggest beneficiary. It now appears that the biggest winner in Madoff's scheme may not have been Madoff at all, but a secretive businessman named Jeffry Picower.

Between December 1995 and December 2008, Picower and his family withdrew from their various Madoff accounts $5.1 billion more than they invested with the self-confessed swindler, according to a lawsuit filed by the trustee who is trying to recover money for those Madoff defrauded.

Jun 28 13:07

Demonising Iran conveniently hides uncomfortable truths for the West

THE MAINSTREAM media narrative of events unfolding in Iran has been set out for us as clear as a fairytale: an evil dictatorship has rigged elections and now violently suppresses its country's democrats, hysterically blaming foreign saboteurs the while. But the Twitter generation is on the right side of history (in Obama's words), and could bring Iran back within the regional circle of moderation. If only Iran becomes moderate, a whole set of regional conflicts will be solved.

Jun 28 13:06

FLASHBACK - Iran Official: U.S. Hired Deadly Mosque Bombers

A top Iranian official accused the U.S. of hiring the bombers who carried out a devastating attack on a Shiite mosque in the southeastern city of Zahedan, killing as many as 23, Fars news agency reported on Friday.

"Three people involved with the terrorist incident were arrested," Jalal Sayah, a deputy provincial governor told the agency. "According to the information obtained they were hired by America and the agents of the arrogance."

Jun 28 12:55

Hall of Shame: TDAmeritrade - Pattern Matcher

Continuing the "get rich quick" propaganda. Apparently everyone can make money while adding no real value to the system - by "watching patterns." Gimme a break. This alone drives inflation as I see it - especially when the currency is not fixed and allowed to fluctuate. People are led to confuse money with wealth. This worked because of the relatively stable history of the dollar, but we are entering a new era where people will get quite the wake-up call. Commercials like this get the suckers to buy into a system sucking the remaining wealth from them.

Jun 28 12:02

Nearly completed high-rise collapses in Shanghai

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jun 28 11:59

11th Circuit Grants Wesley Snipes Oral Argument in Appeal of His Tax Fraud Conviction

Ellen Podgor (Stetson) of our sister White Collar Crime Blog reports that the 11th Circuit has granted actor Wesley Snipes oral argument in the appeal of his conviction on three misdemeanor tax fraud counts. Oral argument is scheduled for November 2009, so Mr. Snipes should remain free on bail until well into 2010. Ellen notes that the 11th Circuit last year granted oral argument in only 16% of criminal appeals, so this is a real coup for the Snipes defense team.

Jun 28 11:57

Israel lobbyist Paul Wolfowitz calls for US interference in Iran

The New York Times published an Op-Ed piece (19 June) by Paul Wolfowitz, the man more responsible than others in the previous US administration for unjustified death and destruction in Iraq.

Bernard Weiner, writing in the Crisis Papers reveals that in 1992, then-Secretary of Defence Dick Cheney had a strategy report drafted for the Department of Defence, written by Paul Wolfowitz, who was then the under-secretary of defence for policy.

In it, the US government was urged, as the world's sole remaining superpower, to move aggressively and militarily around the globe. The report called for pre-emptive attacks and ad hoc coalitions, but said that the US should be ready to act alone when "collective action cannot be orchestrated."

Webmaster's Commentary: 
Jun 28 11:38

Obama - Signing Statements - LIAR

Our society is based upon lies and fraud. Somewhere along the line, it became socially acceptable to lie. There is no outrage and there are no consequences when politicians, government officials, or corporate CEOs are caught lying. It is normal behavior. In fact, the pendulum has swung so far that I contend that honest people are at a severe disadvantage.

Jun 28 10:50

Iran 'must free UK embassy staff'

The European Union has demanded the immediate release of Iranian staff at Britain's embassy in Tehran detained on Saturday over post-election unrest.

EU ministers meeting in Greece warned that "harassment or intimidation" of embassy staff would be met with a "strong and collective" response.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In other words, Great Britain left their staff in Iran in the hopes they would be arrested, creating a new "hostage" crisis justifying a military intervention.

If Ahmadinejad is smart, he will declare the entire British Embassy Staff persona non grata and send them back to Great Britain. This is a public slap in the face to Britain (and the US) for attempting an overthrow while removing the excuse for a follow-up invasion.

Jun 28 10:44

Comics artist Mark Sable detained for Unthinkable acts

Boom! Studios sends word that comics writer Mark Sable was detained by TSA security guards at Los Angeles International Airport this past weekend because he was carrying a script for a new issue of his comic miniseries Unthinkable. Sable was detained while traveling to New York for a debut party at Jim Hanley's Universe today.

The comic series follows members of a government think tank that was tasked with coming up with 9/11-type "unthinkable" terrorist scenarios that now are coming true.

Jun 28 10:42

U.S. announces revamp of Afghan drug policy

The U.S. envoy for Afghanistan, Richard Holbrooke, told The Associated Press that eradication programs weren't working and were only driving farmers into the hands of the Taliban.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ummm, Dick? The Taliban execute drug farmers. That is why prior to the US invasion, the opium trade had all but been wiped out in Afghanistan.

And if fighting opium is your goal, WHY ARE US SOLDIERS GUARDING THE POPPY FIELDS!

Jun 28 10:42

China’s War on Google

In the wake of an Iranian uprising broadcast to the world through YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook, the acquiescence of American search engines to Chinese censorship laws feels more dangerous than ever.

The latest ruse of protecting children from Internet porn is also a means to shove Google and other foreign firms out of the market, making room for the national Chinese search engine Baidu, where porn sites are up and running, but not links to “Tiananmen,” “Tibet” and “Falon Gong.”

Jun 28 10:20

Iranian authorities arrest protest 'masterminds'

But Iran's Revolutionary Guard says it has arrested what it is calling the "masterminds" of the unrest and says it has proof they are linked to European countries and to Israel.

Jun 28 10:17

'Armchair' Killing: A US-Israeli Trade-mark

One of the wounded commented: "If the Taliban are bombing the mosques and America is bombing the funerals, what is the difference between them? We are stuck between Taliban and US attacks and when we are killed, not only no one cries for us, but also we are dubbed militants."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Warning: extremely, horrifically graphic picture at the top of this article.

But please, take a good, hard look at this 8 year old little girl.

Imagine, for one second, that she was your little girl.

Imagine what you would be thinking about the people who did this to her.

This is your tax dollars at work in Pakistan. You have every right to see what it has been purchasing.

Jun 28 10:16

Two weeks after: Iran rallies fade, elite split

Supporters of defeated candidate Mirhossein Mousavi, who want the result annulled, plan to release thousands of balloons on Friday with the message: "Neda you will always remain in our hearts," in memory of the young woman killed last week who has become an icon of the protests.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


As for Neda: If the overthrowers were truly concerned with democracy and an honest vote, they would never stray from that agenda. Like Bev Harris at blackboxvoting.org, that would continue to be the focus no matter what happens. That is what interity of purpose is all about.

But in the case of the overthrowers, they dropped the election as soon as it was not getting traction and shifted to Neda when it looked like she was the better propaganda tool. But in their haste to rebrand, they have wrecked their own credibility. The public sees them as opportunists using any issue as a means to the end of forcing their new government onto the people of Iran. It is indeed 1953 all over again!

Jun 28 10:11

TV pitchman Billy Mays found dead at Florida home

Tampa police say Billy Mays, the television pitchman known for his boisterous hawking of products such as Orange Glo and OxiClean, has died. He was 50.

Authorities say Mays was pronounced dead Sunday morning after being found by his wife at home. There were no signs of a break-in, and investigators do not suspect foul play. The coroner's office expects to have an autopsy done by Monday afternoon.

Mays' wife, Deborah Mays, says the family doesn't expect to make any public statements and asked for privacy.

Jun 28 10:10

China Seeks New Global Reserve Currency

BEIJING -- China's central bank reiterated its call for the creation of a new international currency that could replace currencies like the dollar in countries' official reserves.

In its annual report on financial stability, issued Friday, the People's Bank of China said the country will push reform of the international currency system to make it more diversified and reasonable. While it didn't specifically target the U.S. currency, it said it aims to reduce over-reliance on the current reserve currencies, of which the dollar is the biggest.

"To avoid the shortcomings of sovereign credit currencies acting as reserve currencies, we need to create an... international reserve currency that can maintain the long-term stability of its value," the PBOC said....

Jun 28 10:07

US states' budget crisis sets stage for new attack on the working class

At its heart, the state budget crises are driven by the recession and the impoverishment of the working class. Layoffs and wage cuts are rapidly diminishing returns on state and local taxation?income, sales, and property taxes. At the same time, increasing numbers of unemployed workers and their families are turning to state-administered social safety programs already woefully unprepared for hard times.

Now, as the fiscal year approaches its June 30 end, the budget crisis is being used by Democratic and Republican governors alike to launch a new attack in the social position of the working class. This will be carried out through cuts to social programs, education, and transportation; layoffs and wage and benefit cuts for state workers; and regressive forms of taxation targeting the spending and income of working class households.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Things could get very ugly in major metropolitan areas around the US toward the end of this summer.

Unfortunately, these are precisely the kinds of event that could trigger national calls for martial law.

Jun 28 10:02

Obama's Ludicrous Declaration on Torture Day

Spending U.S. tax dollars for private groups aiding torture victims supposedly compensates for Obama's coverup of the evidence of U.S. government torture and his de facto pardon of all the torturers and torture policymakers.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This statement doesn't and won't let Obama off the hook for covering up the war crimes of his predecessor; We the People cannot - and will not - allow that to happen.

Jun 28 09:54

UNIFIL refutes Israeli reports it found 20 rockets in Lebanon

The spokeswoman of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) dismissed on Friday a report carried by an Israeli newspaper that UN peacekeepers found around 20 Katyusha rockets that were ready for launch in south Lebanon. "The news report is inaccurate," Yasmina Bouziane said on Friday, adding that if the news had been correct, the UN will be "immediately notified through the appropriate channels."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Israel, after having recently massed military assets on the Lebanese border is looking for some reason - any reason - to invade Lebanon again, and this time, to go all the way to the Litani River, because it desperately needs the water resources the Litani can provide.

Jun 28 09:49

Israel envoy blasts UN report on Palestinians as 'biased'

The Israeli ambassador to the United Nations on Thursday blasted a report on Israel's conduct vis-a-vis the Palestinians, put together by the UN Humanitarian Affairs chief John Holmes.

In a strident letter addressed to Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, Gabriela Shalev accused the UN of political bias, ahead of a special Security Council session devoted to "the protection of civilians in armed conflicts."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Considering all the other reports from the ground in Israeli occupied territories concerning Palestinians, it appears that Ambassador Gabriela Shalev is profoundly allergic to the truth.

And by the way, Ambassador Shalev, were you aware that the torture of children in order to get them to sign confessions in a language they do not read(i.e., Hebrew) is a war crime?

Just checking.

Jun 28 09:40


In one of his verbose obfuscations of reality, President Obama declared on June 23, 2009;

“The United States respects the sovereignty of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and is not interfering with Iran’s affairs. Some in Iran — some in the Iranian government, in particular, are trying to avoid that debate by accusing the United States and others in the West of instigating protests over the election. These accusations are patently false.”

The facts as reported elsewhere provide the evidence that the United States government is directly engaged in its continuing historic role as a racist colonizing state by its interference in the internal affairs of Iran and providing tax exempt status---a form of indirect funding---for organizations engaged in these activities.

Jun 28 09:39

To Gays Who Supported Him, Obama Hasn't Walked the Walk

If Diane Silver's blog reflects the sentiments of gay and lesbian Americans in the heartland, President Barack Obama is fast losing a serious fan base.

Jun 28 09:34

How AIPAC Harms Israel

The wheels are squeaking on the tumbrel methinks. At a recent conclave held by AIPAC, unease arose, reasonably enough, over eroding American support for Israel. What apparently did not arise was any indication of understanding of why support is eroding.

Jun 28 09:30

MPs squirm as the spotlight turns on second jobs

The Prime Minister's plan to embarrass the Shadow Cabinet by forcing MPs to publish details of their second jobs looks set to backfire after it emerged that senior Labour MPs and former ministers are more reluctant to part with their outside earnings.

Jun 28 09:28

Iran still interfering in Iraq, top Army general says

Iran continues to "interfere" in Iraq, including training insurgents and paying surrogates, the U.S. commander in Iraq told CNN on

But Army Gen. Ray Odierno said his mission is limited to providing security within Iraq, no matter the provocation from Iran or elsewhere.

Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jun 28 09:23

British Rum Maker Got a $2.7 Billion Payout from TARP

In June 2008, U.S. Virgin Islands Governor John deJongh Jr. agreed to give London-based Diageo Plc billions of dollars in tax incentives to move its production of Captain Morgan rum from one U.S. island -- Puerto Rico -- to another, namely St. Croix.

DeJongh says he had no idea his deal would help make the world’s largest liquor distiller the most unlikely beneficiary of the emergency Troubled Asset Relief Program approved by Congress just four months later.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unflipping believable; while homeless US Vets sleep in our streets.

Jun 28 09:18

Depots Beach evictions due

Tomorrow, city crews will begin a four-day cleanup along a stretch on the Wai'anae Coast known as Depots Beach in Nanakuli.

The cleanup marks the latest phase of a city effort begun nearly three years ago to move out the homeless along the coast, encourage them to take advantage of shelters or find other housing, and reclaim the beaches and parks for use by the general public.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

As in almost everywhere else in this country, homelessness in Hawaii is about to become a criminal offense.

Jun 28 09:15

Criminal Rothschilds

I am one of those who do not believe the national debt is a national blessing... it is calculated to raise around the administration a moneyed aristocracy dangerous to the liberties of the country . Andrew Jackson, Letter to L. H. Coleman of Warrenton, N.C., 29 April 1824
Webmaster's Commentary: 


Jun 28 09:12

Prices are down, yet spectre of a food crisis hangs over us all

SCOTLAND may have to prepare for a future food crisis, a new report has warned.
The Scottish Government report into the affordability, access and security of food has raised concerns about a hike in the price of food, which peaked in June 2008.

Jun 28 08:54

British embassy staff arrested in Iran

Iranian security officials have arrested eight local staff members of the British embassy for inflaming post-election tensions in the country.

Jun 28 08:49

The Obama Wars: Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Chic

As we all know by now, both the House and the Senate have passed a $106 billion bill to fund the escalation of the war in Afghanistan, the war in Iraq, and, while they were at it, the IMF and Mexico’s war on drugs.

Jun 28 08:42

Honduras's Zelaya says US helped thwart coup-paper

Honduran President Manuel Zelaya told Spain's El Pais that a planned attempt to wrest power him was thwarted after the United States declined to back the move.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looks like the US changed its mind; Zeleya was arrested and exiled last night.

Jun 28 08:38

Governor's last stand: his way or IOUs

Schwarzenegger's high-stakes strategy could close the budget abyss or cause a meltdown of state government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Dear Arnold

You are NOT that tough! Those were only MOVIES, dammit!


Jun 28 08:35

Troops detain Honduran president

Tegucigalpa -- More than a dozen soldiers arrested President Manuel Zelaya and disarmed his security guards after surrounding his residence before dawn Sunday in an action that one supporter labeled a coup.

Jun 28 07:40

It's Happening, They've Won

Jun 28 07:29

Mounting U.S. jobless claims force states to borrow

Fifteen states have depleted their unemployment insurance funds so far, forcing them to borrow from the U.S. Treasury. A record 30 of the country's 50 states are expected to have to borrow up to $17 billion by next year, said Rick McHugh of the National Employment Law Project, a nonpartisan advocacy group.

"We are setting the stage for big pressures for states to restrict eligibility and benefit levels," McHugh said. "Those type of restrictive actions undercut the (Depression-era program's) economic and social stability purposes."

Nine million Americans are receiving jobless benefits, triple the number who got checks at the beginning of the year.

Jun 28 07:06

Emanuel: Yes, I talked to Rep. Israel

White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel said the Administration did nothing wrong ...
(*OK! and with that , I'm off to the next story)

Jun 28 06:49

Israeli ill-treatment and torture of Palestinian children - a report

There is evidence that many children are painfully shackled for hours on end, kicked, beaten and threatened, some with death, until they provide confessions, some written in Hebrew, a language they do not speak or understand.

Jun 28 06:44

Thought Crime Bills Threaten Talk Radio

HR 1966 has cleared the House and now faces the Senate as S.909, the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act (officially, the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act). The bill is expected to sail through the Senate as it did in the House. It will provide federal assistance to the states, local jurisdictions, and Indian tribes to prosecute hate crimes, and for “other purposes.” It creates special protective status based on race, color, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, and disability.

S.909 is a direct violation of the First Amendment. It allows the federal government to prosecute people involved in “hate speech” transmitted over television, radio, and the internet. The House version of the bill states:

Jun 28 05:58

Accountability: Necessary Ingredient for Preventing Torture

The decision to introduce torture as part the United States’ counterterrorism efforts several years ago has engendered shock, anger and profound disappointment both in the U.S. and around the world.

Based on our experience working with torture survivors and understanding the systems in which they have been abused, we know that:

1. Torture does not yield reliable information.

2. Torture has never been confined to narrow conditions

3. Psychological torture is damaging.

Jun 28 05:57


Local staff members at the British Embassy in Tehran have been arrested, the Foreign Office in London told CNN Sunday, confirming earlier reports from Iran’s government-backed Press TV.

Press TV said eight staffers had been seized for their role in the unrest following the disputed presidential elections on June 12. The Foreign Office did not confirm the number of people held.

Earlier Sunday the Foreign Office said it had recently “received a number of, sometimes confused, reports that British nationals or others with British connections had been detained. We continue to raise them with the Iranian authorities.”

A spokesman further added: “People with a connection to the UK have been arrested all week.”

Jun 28 05:53

After Iran, Twitter Conspiracy Hits Germany

Ahead of Germany’s upcoming general elections, officials warn against premature announcements of alleged poll results by Twitter subscribers.

Before the state media are allowed to broadcast exit polls, baseless postings regarding poll results could fuel ill-founded theorizations about the outcome of the event, German authorities said on Saturday.

“It would be a disaster if the survey results were released before voting stations close,” federal election commissioner Roderich Egeler was quoted by Zionist-run Der Spiegel magazine as saying.

Egeler and other German officials suggested that in the event of such an incident, many would feel free to contest the official results.

Jun 28 05:49

Faced with Nuclear Attack, Why Not Surrender and Live to Fight Another Day?

It's nice to know that "Give me liberty or give me death" still lives. But, in light of technological developments in warfare, this hoary rallying cry needs an overhaul. How about "Give me liberty or give all of us death"?

Jun 28 05:35

Pentagon 'rewrites' airstrike atrocity

WASHINGTON - The version of the official military investigation into the disastrous May 4 airstrike in Farah province made public last week by the Central Command was carefully edited to save the United States command in Afghanistan the embarrassment of having to admit that earlier claims blaming the massive civilian deaths on the "Taliban" were fraudulent.

The report reasserted the previous claim by the US command that only about 26 civilians had been killed in the US bombing on that day, despite well-documented reports by the government and by the Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission that between 97 and 147 people were killed.

Jun 28 01:46

The Climate Bill & ‘Carbon Trading’: Scam of The Century

Derivatives Regulation Fight Lurks in US Climate Bill (June 26, 2009)

“The fight over regulating the $592 TRILLION over-the-counter derivatives market spilled over into climate-change legislation being debated in the U.S. House of Representatives today.

A derivatives provision tucked inside the 1,201-page measure to limit greenhouse gases is intended to spur Congress to enact new laws reining in a largely unregulated swath of U.S. financial markets, according to Representative Bart Stupak of Michigan. He added to the bill a measure that would regulate over-the-counter derivatives, accepting a stipulation sought by other Democrats that those rules would be repealed if Congress adopts broader market regulations.”

Jun 28 00:07

Text of HR2454 Climate Change Bill just passed in the House

1201 Pages in PDF format; unread and passed in the House.