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politial theater

Hi Mike can you discuss the idea (if you agree with it) that all of this Russia gate stuff and the reactions from not the sides (D-R) are just political theater being acted out so as to keep our attention diverted from what is really happening: that humanity is at a crossroads which is completely Orwellian in nature-we are on the precipice of being able through automation and technology to create a society where we are mere years away form the point where the vast majority of people would be able to live a life of comparative luxury. By this i mean a life of relative leisure where people can pursue education, travel, experiential living, etc without the drudgery and misery of daily toil simply to maintain an increasingly Spartan existence. However, the Ruling Elite, the "Inner Party" if you will, is in position to arrest this human progression towards egalitarianism and psycho-social enlightenment-permanently. Again, to paraphrase Orwell, at the very moment that humanity has become capable of this, the existing governmental power strict is, as we breathe is seizing control of this potential and plans to stop it forever. And, it is doing so through the use of political theater, lies, propaganda, misdirection, miseducation, deliberate poisoning of our food and water, and the degeneration of society. To see what humanity will look and be and act like, most likely within the next generation-see the effects of diet, vaccines, environmental insults, etc one simply has to look down the street. SO! By spending any of our time, energy, intelligence on the BS which is blinding us, is to actively participate in our own de-humanization process. Can you discuss how we grow awareness about this-so that we become awake to what is really happening instead of paying ANY attention to the absolute Act being played out before us?