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A Cast of 300 Advises Obama on Foreign Policy

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Looks like Rahm Emmanuel and Hillary are controlling the info flow to Obama on foreign policy. Top dog, Susan Rice, is a disaster waiting to happen according to articles posted previously by Wayne Madsen, besides being the cossetted god-child of Madeline Albright.


Susan Rice let loose with `another blatant lie` in describing

michael mazur

Syria's account of the Houla massacre.

When i heard that, it seemed a too frantic response all too soon, as if she was not only invested in the official story, but also was in near panic that it would soon disintegrate, to then leave her with neither defense nor justification for advancing an aggressive US posture on Syria within the UN.

Telltale sign to me that she suspected it was a false flag job was that while the perps were brutally efficient, the slaughter of a mass of women and kids - irrespective of on whose side their village was on, was incongruous with what opthalmologist President Assad would countenance for a moment.

michael mazur

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