Teacher, 12 others charged in child porn | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Teacher, 12 others charged in child porn

"Investigations don't stay within a city, county or state," said State Police Detective Sgt. Chuck Allen of the state police.

Child porn is a difficult crime for investigators to tackle, Dalton noted.

"Extremely disturbing images leave an indelible print in detectives' heads. They sometimes need to come up for fresh air," he said. "It's important we investigate other types of cyber crimes, like child predator cases as well."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hmmmm. That statement really sounds weird, for some reason.

I am starting to wonder just how much of this child porn issue is real and how much is being created to justify salaries and budgets, not to mention censorship of the internet.

Note that there is no description of what these people are supposed to have done. This article reports the arrests and what a terrible burden it is on the investigators.

This smells like a witch hunt.