Israel denies medical teams, food supplies entry to Gaza | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israel denies medical teams, food supplies entry to Gaza

Israel has denied Human Rights Watch and aid agencies entry to the Gaza Strip as Palestinians grapple with a shortage of vital supplies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The collective punishment goes on.

Israel is clearing trying to regroup and finish the job in Gaza while making it look like the Palestinians are to blame.

But the history is clear. HAMAS complied with the previous 6 month cease fire while Israel reneged on its promise to allow more food and supplies through the checkpoints. Then Israel attacked Gaza on Nov. 4th, killing 6 Palestinians, then slammed a total blockade on Gaza November 5th. Only THEN did HAMAS announce that the cease fire was (obviously) over.

So here we have a repeat. Israel declares a cease fore to look good to the rest of the world, but keeps the checkpoints closed and humanitarian assistance blocked. Plus, we continue to get reports that Israeli warplanes are still dropping white phosphorus onto Gaza despite Israel's claim to have halted hostilities.