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Cyberspace wars

The Stop the War Coalition’s website is the most high-profile British casualty of a conflict that extends far beyond the boundaries of Israel and Palestine to include NATO and US military websites, Facebook and any number of sites judged to be “pro-Hamas.”

In the past couple of weeks, Stop the War’s site has been hit by multiple denial-of-service (DoS) attacks and vandalised by what the coalition says were “professional” hackers. John Pilger’s site has also been attacked, according to Stop the War.

A group of Israeli students calling themselves Help Israel Win has published a software tool to carry out DoS attacks. It’s been downloaded by thousands of people, even though Help Israel Win’s own site has been hit repeatedly by DoS attacks and even though the software is dangerously similar to that used by spammers and other shady cyber-criminals to create “botnets” of PCs which have been enslaved without the owner’s knowledge.

Hackers using the logo of the Jewish Internet Defence Force, which denies involvement saying that it does not break the law and merely campaigns against online anti-semitism, have attacked pro-Palestinian Facebook groups.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think the fact that these Israelis were able to put out a DoS hacking tool tells us all who is behind all the DoS and hacking in general!