Cheney will head diplomatic mission to Georgia war zone | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Cheney will head diplomatic mission to Georgia war zone

President Bush is dispatching Vice President Dick Cheney to Georgia, setting up a high-ranking diplomatic mission to an ally reeling from war.

The White House announced today that Cheney will head abroad on Sept. 2 for stops in three former Soviet Republics — Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine — plus Italy.

"The president felt it was important to have the vice president consult with allies in the region on our common security interests," White House spokesman Tony Fratto said today.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When "Darth Cheney" is on the move internationally, don't look for anything approximating diplomacy.

Look, instead, for him to be figuring out how to further enrage Russia to the point no return, possibly with promises of "fast track" membership in NATO for these former Soviet republics.

The question will be: what will he want from Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Ukraine in return for whatever he is offering??