N.Korea says it will suspend nuclear disablement | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

N.Korea says it will suspend nuclear disablement

North Korea said on Tuesday it will stop disabling its nuclear facilities and consider restoring the Yongbyon reactor that can make material for atomic bombs, accusing the United States of violating a disarmament deal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Back when the US started invading nations on Israel's "Does not get a Hanukkah card" list, Bush decided to add Korea to the list of potential targets, not to invade them but to obscure the fact that the so-called "Axis of Evil" was really just those nations Israel does not like.

North Korea made a deal with the US in which they promised to dismantle their breeder reactor as long as the US took them off the list. But, obviously if the US actually did that, then it would again be obvious that the US terror nations list (aka the bad guys) was really just dictated by Israel. In an election year that is a problem with voters already twitchy over Israeli influence on our government, so the US reneged on the North Korea deal and North Korea is pissed about it (and rightly so).