Israel arrests peace activist for entering Gaza | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Israel arrests peace activist for entering Gaza

Police on Tuesday arrested an Israeli peace activist who had sailed to the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip to challenge Israel's blockade of the coastal enclave.

They accused Jeff Halper, who also has U.S. citizenship, of violating a ban on Israelis entering Gaza.

Halper was among 44 "Free Gaza" activists from 17 countries who sailed in two boats from Cyprus to the Gaza Strip on Saturday in defiance of the blockade.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently the Israeli government just couldn't help itself on this, so they had to arrest the guy with dual Israeli/US citizenship, to make an "example" out of him.

If they bring this man to trial, this knee-jerk reaction on the part of the Israeli government will simply make a martyr out of Halper. Halpert won't be on trial here; for the world, it will be Israel on trial for its treatment of Gazan Palestinians.

It will also solidify the notion that the Israeli government doesn't want thinking, compassionate Israelis to actually witness the very real - and horrendous -consequences of the siege of Gaza for Gazan Palestinians.

Additionally, such a trial will just make the world look more closely at why this man and his compatriots felt morally obliged to do what they did in this humanitarian relief effort.