Rice calls for Israel to stop building in West Bank | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Rice calls for Israel to stop building in West Bank

At a press conference with Israeli Foreign Minister, and future candidate for the premiership, Tzipi Livni, Secretary Rice said "I think it's no secret, and I have said it to my Israeli counterparts, that I don't think that settlement activity is helpful. In fact, what we need now are steps that enhance confidence between the parties and anything that undermines confidence between the parties ought to be avoided".

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, Secretary Rice continues to labor under the delusion of believing that the Israeli politicians are actually listening to, and care about, anything she says..

The only things the Israeli governmental structure cares about are the continuation of US monetary and defense aid, coupled with expanding its territory by continuing to encroach upon and occupy other peoples' land.

Secretary Rice hasn't noticed that Israeli government officials make nice-sounding noises while she is in Jerusalem, only to spit at the place where she was standing the minute she leaves.