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Limbaugh Watch: Palin Pregnancy Talking Points

Limbuagh hammered away on a handful of themes: 1. The Left's ridicule of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and her family will backfire. 2: Gov. Palin's daughter, Bristol, made a classic "average American" mistake, endearing her to born-again Christians. 3: Gov. Palin is energizing heartland Middle Americans and "values voters." 4. Leftists are sexists.

In his "monologue," Limbaugh led the conservative charge to play politics with the Bible. Limbaugh praised 17-year-old Bristol for keeping her baby and then, despite boasting 3 divorces and a pain-killer addiction, drew a moral contrast with Democratic Presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama saying, "Obama supports the killing of babies."

Pure libelous slander. Obama supports a woman's right to terminate an unwanted fetus...slightly different than supporting the "killing of babies." Supporting the "killing of babies" is what conservatives like Rush Limbaugh did to instigate the Iraq War. They've cheered it every day. The bombing of Baghdad and our subsequent occupation KILLED (yes, the same word as seen and heard in the phrase, "baby killers!") 655,000 civilians, including many living, breathing babies.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is typical "Pills" Limbaugh. And I will tell you one thing right now. Bristol is NOT an icon to born-again Christians, who will view her Pregnancy (regardless of when it actually occurred) as a poor example to expose their own children to.