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'Stop smearing Sarah,' GOP women tell media

Hours before Gov. Sarah Palin's big speech here, six female Republican leaders denounced "the outrageous smear campaign" against the vice presidential nominee, scolding international media gathered at a news conference for employing a double standard that favors Democrats and portrays the Alaska governor as a "show horse."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This seems to be the standard GOP excuse every time they put up a candidate whose skeletons keep falling out of the closet; it's the fault of the "LIberal" media.

But if the media really were biased in favor of the Democrats (most major media owners are Republican BTW), they would have gone after Palin's preacher for saying that terror attacks in Israel were god's punishment for the Jews refusing to convert to Christianity with the same fervor with which they plastered Barack Obama's pastor all over the media.

The GOP's stock excuse for everything seems to be, it's God's will or someone else's fault.

GOP: Party of avoidance of all personal responsibility.

I think the fact that they are taking this approach this early on is because they know they have a real problem here in Palin.