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Bajaur’s Misery: The Ceasefire That Never Came

The promised ceasefire never materialized. Though Tehreek-e Taliban spokesman Maulvi Omar insisted his faction has not as of yet broken the ceasefire, attacks by Pakistan’s military against militants in Bajaur and the surrounding area have continued unabated, prompting tribal area legislators to threaten to leave Pakistan’s coalition government.

More pressing than the inner workings of Pakistan’s tenuous coalition government, however, is that the Red Cross has reported that the refugees are still unable to return home.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Inclusion, confidence-building, and government's agents keeping their promises with Pakistani militants are, at the end of the day, the only reasonable responses to protect Pakistan from reeling in a true, all-out civil war, which is definitely a potential here.

A military response will bottle things up for a little while, but the fundamental issues of poverty and corruption must be addressed before the Pakistani militants feel as though there is some chance for their lives - and the lives of their children - to possibly get better. Without that hope, nothing can change.