McCain couldn't help acting on impulse | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

McCain couldn't help acting on impulse

The choice of Sarah Palin was last-minute, with only cursory vetting of her background. Not one of McCain's inner circle argued for her selection from the shortlist of six. She was selected by McCain apparently on impulse.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This article is clearly intended as a positive spin, claiming that Palin's convention speech justified her nomination.

But the facts are clear. McCain could not get what he wanted, lost his temper, acted on impulse, and made what may yet turn out to be the worst decision of his political life.

And that right there is the crux of the whole Sarah Palin issue; that John McCain makes poor choices under stress. He is reckless. He loses his temper.

These are all qualities that we must avoid in a potential President. Presidents are not allowed to lose their tempers. That's how wars start and millions of people die.

We expect every decision made in our Oval Office to be carefully considered, to represent the best possible outcome for the greatest number of people. We cannot allow a man who makes rash and impulsive choices to hold the keys to the nuclear weapons.

That courts national suicide.