(VIDEO)Has Vicente Fox been implanted with a microchip?(9/12/08) | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

(VIDEO)Has Vicente Fox been implanted with a microchip?(9/12/08)


Former Mexican President Vicente Fox addressed a crowd of 1500 at Wayne State University’s Forum on Contemporary Issues in Society(FOCIS) on Friday September 12th 2008 to discuss the future trade relationship of the United States, Mexico and Canada in what many people are referring to as the North American Union. One of the key issues in the future of this agreement is how it will affect U.S. sovereignty and what kind of Constitutional governance would emerge from such a relationship. It has been reported in main-stream publications that Mexican government officials have been required to accept an RFID implantable microchip in their arm for security purposes, an act which would be considered a violation of U.S. Constitutional rights. Mr. Fox was given the opportunity to comment on whether or not he had received the RFID chip himself and if he thought that this would be a requirement in the future for U.S. officials as well. As you can see from the video he avoids the question entirely as he rambled on about the drug problem, organized crime and bribery.