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Trump Administration Green Light’s “Regime Change” in Venezuela

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations, Nikki Haley said that the Trump administration “wants to prevent another conflict like Syria, North Korea or South Sudan” in Venezuela which is a code phrase for “regime change.” According to a May 17th report by the Associated Press (AP):

Haley said the U.S. intention wasn’t to be “intrusive” or “heavy-handed” but to support regional efforts to find a political solution and “show respect for the Venezuelan people” who want free and fair elections, the release of political prisoners and the worsening humanitarian situation addressed.

“We think if that doesn’t happen we will certainly be hearing this in the Security Council because it will be a real problem — not just in the region but internationally,” Haley told reporters after the closed-door briefing and discussions that lasted over 1½ hours.

Venezuelan Ambassador Rafael Ramirez accused Washington of trying “to interfere in our domestic issues.” The AP report says that the

“demonstrations have escalated into a vehicle for airing grievances against the government for triple-digit inflation, food shortages and a rise in crime.”

What the AP forgot to mention was the fact that as early as 2014, Saudi Arabia flooded the markets with cheap oil, which at one point was at $110 per barrel. Saudi Arabia coordinated the move with approval from Washington and to a point, Tel Aviv to drive down oil prices which would affect Venezuela domestically thus opening the door to violent protests against the Maduro government. Washington knew that Venezuela’s economy that provides social programs is mainly based on oil exports.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The American Deep State understood full well the consequences of what this precipitous drop in oil prices would do the both the Venezuelan and Russian economies; look at it as a form of destabilisation of regimes it doesn't particularly like.

Russia is recovering, economically, rather nicely, because its economy was diversified, which Venezuela's economy was not.

So now, regime change has been greenlit in Venezuela, courtesy of the US government. This horrific pattern persists, no matter who is in the White House.

That Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is seriously considering running for office, demonstrates, very clearly, the absolute figurehead nature of the position; the people really running the country are the American Deep State, and the US military.


The 'Trump' administration ?


(*insinuates that the President , in this case , Donald J Trump , is affiliated with the action , but readers of this web-site know , that can't be , unless , of course , the unintended consequences turn out favorable for Venezuela , which seems unlikely , but in the event , Trump would be credited , but as of this writing , the insinuation of Trump involved in anything negative , is an oddity , on this web-site , and the author of this article needs to check his 21st century political grammer . Around here we say Deep State or The Establishment , or The Political Elite , when we attempt to illustrate Trump .
The Trump Administration , in this case , is deceptively incorrect .
Who then is to blame ? No one is reporting anything other then deep state , establishment , and political elites.
Still , standing by this lack of accountability amounts to nothing short of Patriotism , somehow .)

The Synchophantry for Trump....

Ethan Allen and...

is tremendous in most of the now controlled alternative media. DISGUSTING!

Every time Trump gets in trouble and his poll numbers go down, the attacks on him start and eventually peter out when the poll numbers go back up.
I was told on Breitbart by the pro Trump trolls that I should worship Trump and prostrate myself at his feet. The Constitution is of no-account to these Trump supporters.

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