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Macron's European Army Idea: The View From Poland

French President Emmanuel Macron has sparked a continental debate after calling for the creation of a pan-European army to defend against Russia, China and even the United States. Speaking to Sputnik, Krzysztof Podgorski, a Polish political and military observer, explained why the proposal, while an interesting one, is Western European-centric.

Speaking ahead of Remembrance Day commemorations last week, French President Macron announced that Europe needs a "real army" to reduce the continent's military dependence on the United States, and to strengthen continental defence against would-be aggressors.

Speaking to Sputnik about the idea, author, journalist and Sputnik Poland contributor Krzysztof Podgorski began by pointing out that Macron's initiative was nothing new. "This is not a new initiative. It appeared several years ago, and has two of the European Union's main states – France and Germany, behind it. This is how the so-called Eurocorps initiative was formed," the observer explained, referring to the experimental ten-state military corps created in Strasbourg, France in 2009.