Yellow vests: Saturday in Paris, the police had a secret weapon | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Yellow vests: Saturday in Paris, the police had a secret weapon

Another finding, despite calls not to protest in Paris, the mobilization of yellow vests has grown from one week to another. The message sent by the Elysee, according to which some "came to kill," failed to reverse the trend. No weapons were seized during the police checks. "Dramatization has not prevented the world, of the order of 10,000 people," admits an official. This December 8, the yellow vests were visible clusters of Bastille to Etoile through Republic and the Grands Boulevards, when the previous weekend, they were concentrated only on the Star. "All the more reason to congratulate ourselves on our device"slips a trade unionist who hopes, without much believe, "that the tension will now fall". "If this Saturday we had done like the weekend before, we would have had another day of chaos, " he said. But I do not know how many consecutive Saturdays we still hold like this . " Faced with the 136,000 yellow vests recorded throughout France, this December 8, the Ministry of the Interior had deployed 89,000 police. Not to mention the number of municipal agents to put away and reinstall street furniture, and the efforts of traders to barricade and unload their windows.