Brexit: The Death Knell For Further EU Integration Or An Opportunity? | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Brexit: The Death Knell For Further EU Integration Or An Opportunity?

Authored by Steven Guinness,

With the UK still engaged in the process of leaving the European Union, you might consider it a strange paradox that Brexit could eventually lead to Britain integrating deeper into the EU project. On the face of it the country looks as far away now as it ever has from taking the next step on assimilating fully into the union – that being the abandonment of sterling and adoption of the Euro.

In 2015 when David Cameron’s Conservatives secured a majority in the general election, it was on a promise that the Tories would deliver the referendum to the British people. Just thirteen months later the vote was held and the UK opted to leave. Ever since then the conversation has been geared towards the ‘future relationship‘ between Britain and the EU. Not factored into this conversation is how the Euro could potentially play a part.

To build the case for why Brexit may prove a vehicle for further EU integration, consider the words of former Labour government minister Lord Andrew Adonis. Here is an extract from a speech he made last year at Chatham House in London on the subject of a ‘disorderly‘ Brexit:

"We and our children will pay a steadily greater price in economic, diplomatic and possibly security vulnerability until, as we surely will in the next generation, either by our own initiative or through a European crisis, we once again take our place in the EU."