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UK election – victory for English Nationalism under the banner of Brexit

Overnight the electoral map of the UK has changed significantly. Scotland is once again bathed in a sea of yellow, as England has been shrouded in blue. With the Scottish National Party obtaining 45% of the vote north of the border, and the Conservatives only 25% it is clear not only is there no mandate for Brexit in Scotland, but as leader Nicola Sturgeon has said, there is now very much a mandate for holding a second referendum on Scottish Independence.

England, on the other hand has put its support resoundingly behind Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his mantra of ‘Get Brexit Done’. With a remarkable 364 seats, as opposed to Labour’s 203 – its worst performance since 1935 – he proclaimed that a ‘political earthquake’ had occurred and that he would end all the squabbling of the last few years he would take the country out of the EU ‘no ifs and no buts’. This was a message that appealed to the majority, clearly sickened by the deadlock of Brexit. Despite the radical spending programme proposed by the Labour party, this election ended up being, as it was promoted, all about Brexit.




This is misleading. The SNP in Scotland took 45% of the 38% who voted - in many constituencies many are disillusioned because the Unionist vote is split between three parties, allowing the SNP to take the seat in some cases by only a couple of hundred votes. And all the Highlands and Islands are outvoted by the population heavy belt that runs across the Lowlands from Glasgow to Dundee. The actual breakdown of votes for the Parties show that there is virtually no change in the voting pattern from the 2014 Referendum when the SNP's push for Independence was thrown out by some 55% to 45%.

Also "England" includes a large number of Scots - the 3rd largest Scottish city in the kingdom is London with over a million Scots - and Welsh.

Am fear a thug buaidh air fhèin, thug e buaidh air nàmhaid.
He who conquers himself, conquers an enemy.

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