Graphic Video: US Resource Officer Fired for Bodyslamming Middle School Boy | WHAT REALLY HAPPENED

Graphic Video: US Resource Officer Fired for Bodyslamming Middle School Boy

An investigation has been launched into a school resource officer following the emergence of surveillance footage which showed the man dragging and slamming a child under the age of 12 to the ground multiple times.

A Vance County Sheriff’s deputy has been fired and an investigation has been launched by the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation after the officer appeared to literally take a student’s disciplinary matters into his own hands earlier this month.

The footage, which was released publicly on Friday, showed the unidentified resource officer leisurely strolling down the hallway at Vance County Middle School with the student by his side. Seemingly unprovoked, the deputy then picks the boy up and slams him to the ground twice before dragging him down the hallway.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think that the larger question here which must be answered, is why do such events keep happening in US public schools?!?

Is there a collective "screw loose" in the brains of Resource Officers, that it causes them to snap, and sometimes create extensive injuries for the kids in these schools?!?

Because we are not talking about an "isolated incident"; we are talking about way too many of these events, happening in our public schools, and this violent behaviour on the part of these officers has to stop, and right now.


My unified studies teacher.....

Ethan Allen and...

threw a NAZI ceremonial dagger(sheathed)at me in my 7th grade unified studies class for talking to another student(a girl of course) during his lecture. Hit me in the head and left quite a knot. My step dad noticed the bruise and lump at dinner that night and asked me what happened. Next day teacher was really nice to me. In fact he was nice for the rest of the year. Dad went to school that morning and caught him in the parking lot getting out of his car. Dad slammed his door on his legs,pinning him in the car and had a talk with him. Next time you hit my kid I will beat the crap out of you. The teacher said I will call the police on you. My father is the police photographer. Dad's reply;"My Dad's City Attorney and his best friend is the Police Chief and my son caddies for both of them at the country club". The rest of the year was a breeze.

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