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Video: Cold War vs. modern day US propaganda

Most propaganda images from the Cold War look outdated now, but the idea of embedding a message in Cold War style could be more relevant than ever in propaganda of the modern.

What do Cold War and modern day propaganda have in common?

"The two are connected to one another. What we’ve seen is the continuation of Cold War propaganda under new conditions," said Rutgers University professor Norman Markowitz.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The problem with all governmental propaganda now, however, is that the internet has become the viable battleground for vetting information; if any government's alleged "facts" are wrong, the truth will be available in a heartbeat.

People are tuning out the corporate media in droves, and getting their information on line, which is why we will be seeing a lot of pressure coming from various governmental entities around the world (the US leading the charge after the Wickileaks kerfuffle) to censure the net as much as possible.

OF course, intelligent netizens will manage to keep information flowing, no matter what! :-)