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Pakistanis protest civilian deaths in U.S. drone attacks

Victims of U.S. drone attacks in Pakistan took to the streets for the first time here Friday, as a new report claims that there are significant numbers of civilian casualties from the strikes and a lawsuit seeks hundreds of millions of dollars in damages from the CIA for those mistakenly injured or killed.

Fifteen people injured in the attacks or who claimed to have had family members killed in the bombardment appeared in public Friday and officially joined the $500 million lawsuit that began last month with just one claimant in the Pakistani courts.

"Muslim blood has become a business," said Samiullah, a 21-year-old student who goes by one name and is from a village near Mir Ali, in North Waziristan, part of the militant-plagued tribal area. "If they really were killing extremists, the deaths from drone strikes would be lessening the insurgency, which it isn't."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I hope the Pakistani people can express their rage in their Parliament, by forcing a "snap election" (if possible) to get rid of the current, corrupt cabal of rogues in their government; these people have no problem with getting handsomely compensated by the US for allowing innocent people to be killed through US airstrikes.