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Our Wheel of Fortune America.

Watching a Barack Obama television ad just now, an ad aired just before Wheel of Fortune, I was quite suddenly inspired by the half-black, Harvard graduate from Illinois.

No, I'm not inspired by any controversy incurred by the campaign of this polite, half-black, candidate. Barack Obama brought an incidental controversy to this election season, a reverse sort of race-baiting that seems to be enticing plenty of supporters to a candidacy that is otherwise ill-defined.

I would assert this is what brought Barack Obama to the top of the Democratic ticket, this and the almost universal repugnance of Hillary Clinton who apparently thought because she had had sexual relations with that man, Bill Clinton, even if a long time ago, that she was therefore somehow qualified to be President of the United States.

It's an odd election, again this year. We vote so close to Halloween, why not?

During the primary race, one simply must assume the starry rise of the hybrid candidate roundly described and animately fleshed out for us by so many pro-Obama pundits, was not entirely due to a dazzling political performance, or the sheer charisma they fabricated about this politician, but that it was in at least part due to the worry of a few Republican grandparents who switched parties during the primary to vote for Barack Obama in order to ensure their grandchildren were not going to get another sordid lesson in the sexual habits of the deviant political prawns from Arkansas.

There are though apparently voters who are actually voting for a candidate, not merely against another candidate as voters usually vote.

I'm no more comfortable with this election than the last two.

I am aware most of us, including myself, sound pathetically deluded about what generally is and gets discussed publicly in this new millennium. But that isn't going to make me or anyone else shut up. Round and round the May Pole we go.

A lot of voters also voted for George W. Bush, as opposed to against Al Gore or John Kerry, which was no doubt in the stupor of a half-blind hindsight a more viable if not reliably cogent reason.

Those voters who voted for George W. Bush ostensibly voted for him because he was a good Christian. The notion almost seems to liable Christians now, though perhaps deservedly so.

I'm not inspired by Barack Obama's modest association with Bill Ayers, though Bill could be any one of a number of guys I met in Boston in those days when the patriots in this country fought the Vietnam war in the trenches of urban America and on much different college campuses that existed at that time.

For one thing you had to know how to spell words like "hypocrisy" back then. We were no smarter. We had just had a lot more crap beaten into our heads during long hours of impatiently sitting through rote-taught college preparatory school lessons.

The majority of college students today get their college preparatory classes given to them in college these days. The drugs are much more dangerously pharmaceutical, and the term safe sex has been dropped on the whole scene like a drag net intended to destroy the id of our idyllic youth.

The expression you're only young once has lost all its meaning for our youth, and is quickly escaping the lexicon of the old who seem to want to think it isn't true anymore.

I'm not inspired because Barack Obama has apparently politically out-gunned the Top Gun John McCain, a little man who looks like Spencer Tracy but whom I wouldn't vote for for Dog Catcher if he was the only candidate on the ticket and promised to serve without pay or any dog bias.

I'm not inspired by Barack Obama because he's politically more closely aligned to Al Gore or John Kerry each who lost an election to George W. Bush.

Why do so many Senators seem to run for President? I think being a Senator is good enough reason not to vote for someone, even in a Senate race.

No... I know, had Al Gore been handed the mantle of President eight years ago, or John Kerry four years ago, we'd be voting those sententious bastards out of office this election season with as great a glee as we are finally disposing of George W. Bush.

That's the democratic process coming up short of wheeling in the guillotines instead, even though that more traditional transitional methodology all too often seems far more appropriate.

No, I'm not inspired by any particular thought I've heard come out of either man's mouth this election season.

I am though, inspired by the task Barack Obama has probably unwittingly defined for the country in the TV ad I just saw.

I'm not impressed he said what he said. Candidates will say anything to get elected, so they don't have to have any sense about what they say, might mean.

But I am impressed with the notion behind the words Barack Obama merely mindlessly mouthed as campaign rhetoric, or so I must assume because these words are so earth-shakingly dangerous by their appearance, if not their arrogance.

I don't even think Barack Obama heard the words he mouthed. But any Barack Obama supporter here, could set me straight on this count by defining what the words he mouthed meant.

In this ad I just saw, Barack Obama says, he will work to "[...] restore our common sense of purpose."

I was stunned.

It was as if I'd been given a new way of looking at the world.

But are we all going off half-cocked singing an unknown happy tune?

I don't have any doubt this is a line that was force fed to the Democratic candidate for President, force fed for him to regurgitate before the TV cameras.

Someone too smart for their own good thought up this political campaign blurb.

But just the same, I'm quite honestly inspired, inspired to think and try and understand what everyone else has heard and understood about this strange new concept politically born this campaign season.

Step up HERE to the WRH SOAPBOX and PLEASE give us ALL an outline of our common sense of purpose!

For the importance of this notion, if nothing else, it is surely the most important new idea I have ever heard during an election season, or in any of hundreds of years of political thought I have read through over these many years.

What could be our common sense of purpose?

Please! I thirst anxiously for this knowledge!