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Re-Legitimizing America?

Many millions of Americans, and literally billions of human beings outside the United States, are right now hoping the election of Barack Obama, the first American of significant color to be elected to be President of the United States, will somehow re-legitimize the promise of the ethic of the America experience.

Black Americans of every shade are waking up this morning pinching themselves, wondering what it all will mean.

Many youthful Americans of every color too are stirring from their slumber, and saying to themselves, Yes! Yes! Yes!

The country's common glow right now is perhaps best described as being similar to having our team win the homecoming game or the State Championship.

There are greater challenges ahead.

And there are malcontents spread thinly throughout the country too. They are awaking angry, feeling as if the ground is shifting from underneath their feet.

The reality is perhaps better seen from each of our own personal perspectives.

The world that exists between each of our ears individually seems to have changed somewhat. This foggy experience is the only world any of us will ever know. And we should perhaps wait a day or two, just to see if there really has been any significant change to the way the blood courses through our veins up around our temples. Or, if there is any change in the way the light pierces into our eyes in the morning when it is again time to wake up and slog through yet another day in the 21st Century, days set between the two eternities that mark the beginning and end of our personal experience in this world.

Better? Is anything better?

There are 200,000 children born into the world every day, another 70 million every year.

Counter to our ethic, we might note just how lucky we all are most of these newborns die before they enter the race we see as unjust among the survivors. Otherwise those that remain would have their world smashed with overpopulation.

In China they have a one child policy. Here in the U.S. we spend fantastic amounts of public money attempting to prolong the lives of children born on the very edge of life.

Our population here in the U.S. is equal to that of China less than one hundred years ago.

At the same time malnutrition, pollution related poisonings and overcrowding are reducing the quality of life for an ever greater swathe of those living the American dream.

And we think ourselves civilized because we shit into our water.

An article recently associated Autism with rainfall pointing strongly toward environmental factors relating to catastrophic quality of life issues.

We must wonder were we so stricken in our own personal experience, what would the election of Barack Obama mean to us?

Life expectancy is falling most everywhere in the world, including in significant pockets of the U.S.

Those Congressional members who voted for the bailout will insist that Paulson's larceny was necessary to keep credit flowing.

They each voted for the bailout despite knowing all credit is inflationary driving up the cost of all the necessities of life, and thus placing these even further out of the reach of an increasing slice of the American population.

The country and the world face stunning changes in the near term future, changes that will wear thin the novelty and pride in Barack Obama's election.

The economic stresses will not abate due to the frantic efforts we are witnessing. They cannot be abated.

Economics as it has evolved is not a science of the future. Economics is a science of the past. The control of growth, not the expansion of it, will be the economic science of the future.

The country's economists are attempting to fix a leaking boat with the only tools they know how to use, the common weapons of war and safe-blowing.

Barack Obama unfortunately has merely a pollutive Harvard education. That is not good enough.

A Harvard education is most likely a severe detriment that will hinder his limited ability to envisage the dynamics of the world in which we live.

Barack Obama too can only understand, or even attempt to understand the world that exists between his ears.

It is all a fiction.

Reality is infinitely complex.

Each of our minds are finite. And none of us has any chance of fathoming reality even in its shallower waters.

Barack Obama will bring to his Administration the best and the brightest minds in an attempt to address overwhelming obstacles to improving or even surviving the challenges the country and the world face.

That is not going to prove to be good enough either.

History has shown us the quality of life for every human being is declining year in and year out, and this has been the case since well before the last century.

Modernization is simply life threatening. Science itself is species theatening.

It is the Western scientific conception of the world and what is good for it that is faltering.

The Western scientific conception of the world must stop long enough to understand for the benefit of all humanity, the only thing that matters now, is the future.

The election of Barack Obama is already part of the long ago past.