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August 2, 2017

Aug 02 08:19

The North Korea Problem Lies in Washington, Not Pyongyang

Washington’s refusal to act responsibly is the root cause of its longstanding hostility toward the DPRK - targeted for its sovereign independence, not for any threat it poses.

Russia and especially China are fed up with America shifting its own policy-making failures onto them over resolving Korean peninsula issues.

On Monday, Russia’s Foreign Ministry said “(w)e consider attempts of the US and some other countries to shift the responsibility in what is happening (on the Korean Peninsula) onto Russia and China, and to almost blame Moscow and Beijing for ‘conniving in’ North Korea’s nuclear missile ambitions, as baseless.”

“We call on all sides involved to refrain from any steps that could lead to further escalation of tensions.”

On the same day, China’s UN Ambassador Liu Jieyi said reducing tensions and resolving Korean peninsula issues lies in Washington and Pyongyang, not Beijing.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

An attack against North Korea by the US military risks war with China.

And right now, the US military is not ready for a war with China, because it does not have the troop strength; the money; the weaponry; or the manufacturing to insure a successful outcome to a conventional war against China.

It would be both geopolitical madness, coupled with a cynical, unequivocal demonstration that everyday citizens, working and struggling to make ends meet in this country, are completely expendable and irrelevant to the elites of the Unhinged Surveilled States of America.

Aug 02 08:10

3,799 Killed in Iraq During July; Kurds Believe Casualties Are Much Higher

Antiwar.com has found that at least 3,799 were killed during July in Iraq. Another 366 were wounded. These figures are lower than the 4,928 killed and 1,630 wounded reported in June. With the liberation of Mosul complete, Iraqi forces have paused major operations against the Islamic State militants. In the coming weeks, Tal Afar and locations in Anbar are expected to be targeted.

Of those killed, 946 were civilians; 141 were security personnel; 2,698 were militants; and 14 were members of the Kurdistan Workers Party, who were killed by Turkish air or artillery strikes. Significantly fewer reports of wounded surfaced during the month. Only 174 civilians were reported wounded. Another 130 security personnel and 62 militants were known to have been injured.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think that these estimates are probably very much on the low side; but it is a stark reminder of the real carnage that the US occupation of Iraq has created.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Aug 02 08:07

Cop Shares Racist Facebook Post, Will Resign After Public Outcry (5 Pics)

An officer with the Estherwood, La., Police Department came under fire Monday after he shared a racist post on Facebook. After deflecting and attempting to defend the post several times, the officer has reportedly decided to tender his resignation to the department Tuesday night.

Aug 02 08:06


Have y’all been watching the White House? Donald Trump has not been phased one tiny bit this week despite the media’s best efforts. In fact, President Trump has a new surprise for all of you: a brand new News Network with one MASSIVE Twist…

Aug 02 08:05

Collateral Damage

Do they know what they are doing? When the U.S. Congress adopts draconian sanctions aimed mainly at disempowering President Trump and ruling out any move to improve relations with Russia, do they realize that the measures amount to a declaration of economic war against their dear European “friends”?

Whether they know or not, they obviously don’t care. U.S. politicians view the rest of the world as America’s hinterland, to be exploited, abused and ignored with impunity.

The Bill H.R. 3364 “Countering America’s Adversaries Through Sanctions Act” was adopted on July 25 by all but three members of the House of Representatives. An earlier version was adopted by all but two Senators. Final passage at veto-overturning proportions is a certainty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF Congress was, collectively "too stupid" to understand that such a draconian suite of sanctions wasn't ultimately going to have severe unintended consequences, and bite the US economy in some very tender places, they are too stupid to be re-elected, period, end of discussion.

We are talking about the potential for trade wars coming up, with those trade wars becoming preludes to "hot wars".

Aug 02 08:05

Comedian suggests he’d kill a sex partner who turned out to be transgender: ‘I can’t deal with that’

Comedian Lil Duval suggested he’d kill a sex partner who turned out to be a transgender woman.
“This might sound messed up, but I don’t care, she dying,” he said Friday on New York-based radio talk show the “Breakfast Club,” the Washington Post reported. “I can’t deal with that. No, I can’t do that.”

Aug 02 08:05

'Parasites! Stop wasting our taxes' Outrage after EU politicians release anti-Brexit video

AN ANTI-BREXIT video message released by a pro-EU political group in the European Parliament has sparked outrage online after it highlighted the plight of Britain’s Remainers.

Aug 02 08:04

DIESEL CRISIS: Merkel holidays as German officials make desperate bid to save car industry

It comes as Angela Merkel is looking to retain power in parliamentary elections in less than two months’ time.

But despite the huge pressure the chancellor is facing, she hasn’t bothered to return to Germany for the make-or-break talks - which could have a huge impact on her bid to retain the chancellorship.

The politicians present must strike a balance between standing up to the companies accused of unethical behaviour for allegedly failing to acknowledge the seriousness of air pollution, while also maintaining relations with an industry that employs around 800,000 people and is widely considered a source of national pride.

Aug 02 08:00

The Dawn of an Orwellian Future

It seems that The New York Times can’t let a good lie lie. Even after being pushed into running an embarrassing correction retracting its false claim that there was a consensus of all 17 U.S. intelligence agencies that Russia hacked Democratic emails and made them public to help Donald Trump defeat Hillary Clinton, the Times is back suggesting exactly that.

New York Times building in New York City. (Photo from Wikipedia)
The Times’ current ploy is to say the Russian hacking claims are the “consensus” judgment of the U.S. intelligence community without citing a specific number of agencies. For instance, on Friday, the Times published an article by Matt Flegenheimer about the U.S. Senate vote to prevent President Trump from lifting sanctions on Russia and deployed the misleading phrasing:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The New York Slimes has only one minor problem, at this point in its history; no intelligent individual can ever take them seriously anymore.

The American people understand that they have been lied to, in order to support various domestic and international agendas, and just won't be lied to anymore; that is why the presstitutes and whorespondents are so completely terrified of the independent media, that they are doing everything in their power to shut us down, but it just won't happen.

WRH experiences an average of 10-20 hack attacks per day; but what the consummate idiots attacking our server do not understand is that Mike, because of his programming and computer animation background, can "talk to the bare metal", and can ultimately circumvent any attack they choose to perform.

We, and the rest of the independent media, are not going away any time soon; so, New York Slimes, DEAL WITH IT!!

Aug 02 07:51

Ron Paul Warns: Millions Could Die in Trump Wars

Dr. Paul writes: "...So whom will Trump attack first? Let’s hope nobody, but with continuing pressure from both Democrats and Republicans over the unproven “Russiagate” allegations, it increasingly looks like he will seek relief by starting a “nice little war.” If he does so, however, his presidency will likely be over and he may end up blundering into a much bigger war in the process. Although Trump’s bombastic rhetoric on Iran and North Korea has been pretty consistent, the American people voted Trump because he was seen as the less likely of the two candidates to get the US into a major war."

Aug 02 07:51

Saudis Block Fuel for UN Aid Flights in Yemen

The humanitarian situation has been growing ever worse in northern Yemen for months, with a Saudi blockade keeping aid out of the only port still controlled by the Shi’ite Houthis. The UN has been trying to get emergency aid into the capital city of Sanaa through the airport, but that seems to be no easier.

That’s because UN officials revealed today that Saudi Arabia is preventing, as part of the blockade, any shipments of jet fuel into Sanaa, meaning there’s no way for the UN planes to fly in, deliver aid, and still have enough fuel to fly out again.

UN officials warn the situation is increasingly bleak, with no real ability to get vital aid into parts of the country that are afflicted with a huge cholera epidemic, and are now on top of that facing an outbreak on meningitis.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Saudi Arabia's Prince Salman, the architect of this horrific war against the Yemeni people, is proving himself to be an absolute monster; unfortunately, he is a monster whose actions in Yemen have the the absolute blessing, support, and enabling by the government of the Unhinged Surveilled States of America.

I am profoundly disgusted to be a citizen of a country which is colluding with Saudi Arabian war crimes in Yemen. Both Mike and I are too old, and too broke to immigrate right now.

But the one thing I can do, is to bear Christian witness to these atrocities, and attempt to shine a light on the moral insanity of what this government is doing, in enabling Saudi war crimes in Yemen.

Aug 02 07:49

It turns out the iPad was just too expensive after all

It seems that people love everything about Apple's tablet -- except the price.

Aug 02 07:46

Woman sues Pret A Manger for $5.5MILLION claiming the sandwich chain is tricking customers into ‘paying for air’ by using oversized packaging

Sandwich shop Pret A Manger is being sued in federal court for allegedly tricking customers into 'paying for air' by selling snacks with less content than advertised.

Yee Ting Lau filed a suit against the company on Monday in the US District Court for the Southern District Court of New York.

Lau said she filed the claim after stopping in to a Pret A Manger store on East 39th Street and Madison Avenue to pick up a Chakalaka Wrap on June 12, only to find her promised snack advertised as being nine inches long was a measly eight.

The wrap cost $7.49. Lau claims the chain is liable for $5.5million in damages for violations of New York's Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act and false advertising law.

Aug 02 07:44

This October, Trump Will Try to Start a War with Iran

Something extraordinary has happened in Washington. President Donald Trump has made it clear, in no uncertain terms and with no effort to disguise his duplicity, that he will claim that Tehran is cheating on the nuclear deal by October—the facts be damned. In short, the fix is in. Trump will refuse to accept that Iran is in compliance and thereby set the stage for a military confrontation. His advisors have even been kind enough to explain how they will go about this. Rarely has a sinister plan to destroy an arms control agreement and pave the way for war been so openly telegraphed.

Aug 02 07:44

'We don't WANT to go' EU snubbed by its OWN staff as they want to STAY in UK after Brexit

BRUSSELS was facing a humiliating mutiny from its own staff today as three quarters of workers at the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said they want to stay in Britain rather than move to its new EU base.

Aug 02 07:43

German MEP savages EU for 'breaking their own rules' to save crumbling eurozone

Hans-Olaf Henkel, vice-president of the European Parliament’s third-largest group the European Conservatives and Reformists, launched the furious tirade at Brussels leaders after they allowed Italian banks to be bailed out to save their single currency.

The German accused the European Commission, headed up by its president Jean-Claude Juncker, of breaking its own rules to keep the euro afloat while it faces difficulties due to faltering economies across its southern states.

Speaking during an exclusive interview with Express.co.uk, Mr Henkel also scorned Mr Juncker and co for not offering the same level of flexibility to keep Britain inside the European Union and avoided Brexit.

Aug 02 07:43

They Did It – Deleted Benghazi Emails Recovered!

FBI investigators recovered 30 emails from Hillary Clinton’s wiped server which discussed Benghazi, government lawyers said in federal court. The disclosure was made during a hearing before U.S. District Court Judge Amit Mehta in a case involving a lawsuit filed by the watchdog group Judicial Watch.

Aug 02 07:42

Kuwait Rejects Reuters Report on Smuggle of Iranian Weapons to Yemen through Kuwait's Territorial Waters

Kuwait dismissed reports by the Reuters news agency claiming that Iran has used Kuwaiti waters to deliver arms and military assistance to Ansarullah movement in Yemen. Kuwait's KUNA state news agency quoted a source at the Kuwaiti Foreign Ministry as saying on Wednesday that the country's waters are under the full control of the Kuwaiti navy and coast guards, adding that there were no reports of suspicious marine movements or activities. The ministerial source called on media outlets to investigate matters more thoroughly before releasing any news on the matter. Reuters had quoted unnamed sources as claiming on Tuesday that Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps has started using a new route across the Persian Gulf to funnel covert arms shipments to their Houthi allies in Yemen's war. "Using this new route, Iranian ships transfer equipment to smaller vessels at the top of the Persian Gulf, where they face less scrutiny.

Aug 02 07:41

‘You stupid f***in’ bigots’: Bridal shop allegedly threatened after not serving lesbian couple

The shop in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, caught widespread attention in 2014 when an employee told a lesbian couple looking for wedding gowns that the owner “[does] not service same-sex couples.”
“We feel we have to answer to God for what we do,” store owner Victoria Miller, a Christian, told The Press Enterprise in Bloomsburg. “And providing those two girls dresses for a sanctified marriage would break God’s law.”

Aug 02 07:41

Tillerson: US Wants Dialogue With North Korea, Not Regime Change

Taking positions seemingly opposite to President Trump’s on every point, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson discussed North Korea at a policy briefing today, saying that the US is not North Korea’s enemy, and that they seek dialogue with the North Korean government.

Tillerson also said the US does not blame China for the lack of progress so far, despite President Trump literally blaming China mere days ago, complaining that China was “doing nothing” to help the US.

Tillerson’s comments were contrary to Trump’s on several other marks, of course, as only yesterday Ambassador Haley declared the “time for talk is over,” and President Trump has repeatedly condemned the concept of diplomacy with North Korea as a failed policy of the past.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have to wonder; in dialogue with his Chinese counterparts, over what the real costs to attacking North Korea would be (including China coming in on North Korea's side of such a conflict), did Tillerson just blink a bit here?!?

Because from where I am sitting, that appears to be just what actually happened.

Owl 1
Aug 02 07:41

When In Doubt, Nuke China

The current collapse of the unipolar world, with the inexorable emergence of a multipolar framework, has enabled a terrifying subplot to run amok – the normalization of the idea of nuclear war.

Aug 02 07:40

Woman Writes Hilarious Facebook Post Trying To Get Rid Of 'Jerk' Rooster

Animals are just like humans. For every loving one, there's a jerk. A few months back, an animal shelter in Melbourne, Australia, went viral when they wrote a brutally honest personal ad for Mr. Biggles, a cat they described as "an utter utter utter bastard."

And now, Denell McCaul from Clarksville, Michigan, has gone viral doing the same thing to get rid of her "jerk" rooster. McCaul, who owns several chickens, took to Facebook to try and get rid of the rooster, and her hilarious Facebook post has since gone viral.

Aug 02 07:40

Galloway: ‘Law is an ass’ for blocking Iraq War prosecution of Tony Blair

The High Court ruling that Tony Blair cannot be prosecuted for taking Britain into the Iraq War gives immunity to any “two-bit hustler” in power in Britain and proves the “law is an ass,” Respect Party leader George Galloway said.

On Monday, Britain’s High Court dismissed an application for a judicial review to overturn a 2006 ruling by the House of Lords that there is no such crime as the “crime of aggression” under English law.

Aug 02 07:39

Germany starts testing face recognition surveillance amid criticism

Germany has test launched a new face recognition surveillance system at one of Berlin’s railway stations. Security officials say the system would contribute to anti-terrorism efforts while data protection bodies warn against human rights violations.

Three CCTV cameras, each equipped with different face recognition software, have been installed at the Berlin’s Suedkreuz railway station as part of the test project run jointly by the German federal police, the interior ministry and German Railways.

Aug 02 07:39

Disney hopes new face-reading tech will tell them what the audience wants

Facial recognition technology has been tested by the Walt Disney Company to determine whether audience members are enjoying a film or thinking about walking out.

Disney, the makers of the latest episodes of Star Wars and hit franchises like Pirates of the Caribbean, are gearing up to better understand what their audience wants by monitoring facial expressions while they watch the screen.

Aug 02 07:38

Top Security Official Warns of US Plot to Discard N. Deal at Iran's Expense

Secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani warned that Washington has hatched plots to make Tehran pay the costs of the US withdrawal from the 2015 nuclear deal. "The US is after withdrawal from the nuclear deal at Iran's expense and certainly we will not give this opportunity to the country. Of course, this doesn’t mean maintaining the nuclear deal at any cost," Shamkhani said on Wednesday. He underlined that the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the nuclear deal) is valuable if all sides respect and implement it and the deal bears the same benefits to all signatories. "In the political field, 5 countries (Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany) have practically stood against the US and all of them have clearly or implicitly consider the US as violator of the nuclear deal and this is a political achievement for Iran gained at the lowest cost".

Aug 02 07:36

Square in Warsaw prepared according to Ukrainian recipe The plan to overthrow the IPRs on 16 counts of political consultants of the Euromaidan

The publication writes that in Poland we are already implementing specific scenarios for change of power and has a rigorous plan to destabilize the country of 16 points, which is the head of the Council of the Foundation "Open dialogue" Bartosz Kramek posted on his page in Facebook.
Foundation "Open dialogue" was founded in 2009 in Poland a Ukrainian girl Lyudmila Kozlovska, who is currently its President, and civil wife Bartos Kramek.

According to Polish media, the organization has dubious funding sources, from her statements show that she has about 900 donors, mostly anonymous.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Basically, regime change is coming to Poland.

Aug 02 07:36


As the Syrian military moves farther east and clinches yet more territory from America’s terrorists, the United States establishment is now moving to escalate its provocations in another part of the world – Ukraine. Of course, despite the fact that Russia has launched a massive military operation to protect its strategic interests in Syria, the U.S. terror establishment is attempting to provide more arms and equipment to fascists in Ukraine in a clear effort to push NATO literally up to the Russian border.

It is currently being reported by numerous corporate outlets such as The New York Times that both the Pentagon and the State Department are proposing a plan to the White House that would see the U.S. supply Ukraine with anti-tank missiles and other arms. The transfer would also include antiaircraft systems described as “defensive weaponry.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Putin, rightly, will see such a transfer of weaponry to the Ukraine military as tantamount to a declaration of war against it, by NATO and the Unhinged, Surveilled States of America.

Aug 02 07:36

Leaked Audio: Seymour Hersh Says Seth Rich Was Wikileaks Source, DNC Made Up Russia Story

Veteran journalist Seymour Hersh can be heard in a newly leaked audio tape saying Seth Rich was Wikileaks source, the DNC made up the Russia hacking story and "Trump's not wrong to think they all f*cking lied about him."

Aug 02 07:36

Iraqi VP: Referendum to Harm Kurds

The Iraqi Vice-President, Nouri al-Maliki, warned of the consequences of a referendum on independence in the Iraqi Kurdistan region, stressing that it will first harm the Kurds. "Referendum in the Kurdistan region is a big and serious mistake and the Kurds will be harmed more than others," Maliki told MNA on Wednesday. "Referendum in Kurdistan region is illegal and will violate the constitution of integrated Iraq". Warning that certain figures want to seize the opportunity to introduce themselves as saviours of the Kurdish people, Maliki said, "Principally, the referendum will have no good benefit and will instead add to problems." In relevant remarks on Tuesday, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi also underscored serious opposition to Kurdistan region's bid to arrange a referendum for independence, describing it as illegal and a big mistake.

Aug 02 07:35

Report: DOJ Civil Rights Division Will Target Discrimination Against Whites

President Trump's Department of Justice headed by Jeff Sessions is moving against the cultural Marxists who've hijacked our nation's universities.

Aug 02 07:34

Graham: Military options are 'inevitable if North Korea continues'

When asked about the US government's strategy on handling North Korea, GOP Sen. Lindsey Graham suggested Tuesday military options could be used to halt threats from the country.

"There is a military option to destroy North Korea's (missile) program and North Korea itself," Graham said on NBC's "Today" show. "If there's going to be a war to stop them, it will be over there. If thousands die, they're going to die over there, they're not going to die here and (President Donald Trump) told me that to my face."

Aug 02 07:33

Israeli Forces Detain 21 Palestinians, PLC Deputy, in West Bank Raids

Israeli forces detained at least 21 Palestinians, including a deputy of the Palestinian Legislative Council (PLC), in raids across the occupied West Bank, according to Palestinian sources. Local sources told Ma’an that Israeli forces raided the Asira al-Shamaliya town in the Nablus district and detained PLC deputy Husni al-Bourini, former prisoner Munadil Saada who spent 15 years in Israeli jails, former prisoner al-Sheikh Darar Hamadna, and former prisoner Adham al-Shawli, Ma'an reported. Israeli raids in Palestinian towns, villages, and refugee camps are a daily occurrence in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, with a biweekly average of 95 search and detention raids carried out over the course of 2016, according to UN documentation. According to prisoners rights group Addameer, as of May, there were 6,200 Palestinians being held in Israeli prisons, including 12 PLC members...

Aug 02 07:33

US Anti-Tank Missiles for Ukraine: Will It Just Be the Beginning?

Aug 02 07:32

Iran May Start Giving Drugs To Addicts In Effort To End Illegal Drug Trafficking

Defying Western perceptions, however, the Middle Eastern nation recently announced its plans to move toward decriminalizing drugs in order to combat addiction and weaken the power of drug traffickers. If the plan receives final approval, the country will join a handful of other nations that have opted to help addicts rather than punish them.

The Independent reports that “[b]y allowing the government to give out diluted drugs to addicts, the proposal aims to cut the relationship between drug addicts and drug traffickers.”

The plan would allow the government to distribute methadone to addicts in place of heroin, cannabis, and other commonly used drugs in Iran. It would also allow the government to provide addicts with diluted forms of these commonly used drugs to help wean them off the substances.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is both an enlightened and humane policy.

Neither the US, or the UK, however, will ever adopt such a policy, as drug money fuels the political machines in both countries.

HSBC pays record $1.9 bn fine to settle US money-laundering accusations

Hillary Clinton, posing for a picture with convicted drug felon, Jorge Cabrera

And I have to ask myself; why in the world would Clinton pose for a picture with a convicted drug felon at a Christmas party at the White House, unless there was some benefit for her and Bill from this relationship?!?

Aug 02 07:30

Where is the Tiangong1 Space Station that is crashing to Earth? - Size of a bus!

Aug 02 07:25

Peter Kuznick: US Solves Problem of 'Collateral Damage' in Drone Attacks

A leading political analyst says the United States has found a solution to the problem of collateral damage in drone attacks, by assuming that 'any male of military age in a war zone is a militant and worthy of execution'.
US Airstrikes Are Killing Far More Innocent People Under Trump http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13960510001918

Aug 02 07:25

Tillerson Spurns Funds to Fight Propaganda

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson “is resisting the pleas of State Department officials to spend nearly $80 million allocated by Congress for fighting terrorist propaganda and Russian disinformation,” Politico reports.

Aug 02 07:25

The Real Reason Wheat is Toxic (it’s not the gluten)

Common wheat harvest protocol in the United States is to drench the wheat fields with Roundup several days before the combine harvesters work through the fields as the practice allows for an earlier, easier and bigger harvest.

Pre-harvest application of the herbicide Roundup or other herbicides containing the deadly active ingredient glyphosate to wheat and barley as a desiccant was suggested as early as 1980. It has since become routine over the past 15 years and is used as a drying agent 7-10 days before harvest within the conventional farming community.

Aug 02 07:23

Pro-Trump mayor of sinking island questions Al Gore on CNN

An enthusiastic supporter of the president who is mayor of a Virginia island that's sinking into the Chesapeake Bay got a chance to challenge former Vice President Al Gore on climate change during a town hall Tuesday night.

Tangier Island Mayor James "Ooker" Eskridge told Gore that erosion is the real culprit for his shrinking island, not sea level rise.

Aug 02 07:22

Body Organ Trafficking: Militants Focus on Children Now

Terrorist groups in Northern Aleppo have formed several criminal gangs in close cooperation with Ankara to smuggle children's body organs to Turkey, Kurdish media reported on Tuesday. The Kurdish-language Hawar news quoted a local source as saying that a group of mercenaries have embarked on kidnapping children and trading their body organs. The source told Hawar news that seven children have been kidnapped in the town of Qabaseen near the town of al-Bab in the last seven days, and evidence and proofs indicate that they have been abducted by the same group that operates with Turkey's help. The report further mentioned that some other children had also been taken earlier in similar cases and no one knows anything about their fate. The source told Hawar news that the gangs use females to deceive and kidnap children from Kurdish villages and sell their body organs to Turkish traders.

Aug 02 07:20

Tens of Civilians Killed, Injured in US Air Raids in Northeastern, Eastern Syria

The US-led coalition fighter jets continued to bomb towns and regions in the provinces of Raqqa and Deir Ezzur, killing and injuring over 90 civilians, including children. The warplanes targeted Bousaraya region in Raqqa, killing and wounding 30 civilians. Also, the fighter jets bombed the village of al-Kashkiyeh in Southeastern Deir Ezzur, leaving a child dead and several more wounded. In the meantime, US air raids left a sum of 60 civilian casualties in the villages of al-Kashma, al-Showayt, al-Dawayer and al-Asharah. Relevant reports said on Tuesday that the US-led coalition warplanes bombed more towns and villages in Eastern Deir Ezzur, killing or wounding over 80 civilians. The fighter jets pounded al-Dowayer and al-Asharah in Eastern Deir Ezzur, leaving 22 civilians dead and 40 more injured. In the meantime, 18 civilians were killed in the US airstrike in the town of al-Showayt.

Aug 02 07:20

Thanks Sanctions! Russian Food Security at Record Level Thanks to Restrictions

The share of imports in the Russian retail sector dropped to 36% in the first quarter of 2017, hitting lows unseen since 2008, when measurement of the indicator first started. Food imports have dropped even further, down from 34% in 2014, to 24% in 2017, according to the Russian Ministry of Industry and Trade.
Fresh figures from the Russian state statistics agency Rosstat show that the share of imports in Russian retail trade have dropped steadily over a three year period, from 43% in Q1 2014, to 41% in Q1 2015, to 38% in Q1 2016, to 36% in Q1 2017. The agency says the indicator is at its lowest level since 2008, when measurement first began.

Speaking to Russia's Izvestia newspaper, the press service of the Ministry of Industry and Trade explained that a number of factors account for the decrease in the share of imports. The main factor, according to the Ministry, is the drop in food imports, where imports account for just 23% of the total.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In short, these sanctions against Russia backfired, spectacularly

Aug 02 07:15

White House Looks at Afghanistan Pullout as an Option

After months of the Pentagon failing to sell a concrete plan of escalation to the White House, officials now say that the administration is considering getting back on track with a drawdown headed for a full pullout from the country after 16 years.

This is happening for the same reason the Pentagon hasn’t been able to sell the escalations, that a number of officials are unconvinced that the escalation is going to accomplish anything, and that they don’t think there’s a clear strategy for victory.

The Pentagon was more or less uniform in arguing escalations, albeit of varying sizes, and are said to be objecting to the proposed pullout as a “minority viewpoint,” warning that it does not meet the goals of the conflict.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The withdrawal of US and NATO troops, as quickly as is safely possible, is the only sane option left to the US government, coupled with negotiating with whatever "government" is left standing in Kabul for the oil pipelines and mineral rights.

Aug 02 07:11


A third of Britons want former Prime Minister Tony Blair to be tried over his decision to invade Iraq alongside the US back in 2003.

According to the latest YouGov poll, 33 percent of respondents said the former Labour leader “knowingly misled Parliament and the public” and should therefore be prosecuted as a “war criminal.”

The poll comes just after a High Court ruling blocked an Iraqi general’s bid to prosecute Blair over his decision to intervene in Iraq.

Abdul Wahed Shannan Al Rabbat sought a private prosecution against Blair, who he accused of committing a “crime of aggression.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It was a bloody shame that Mr. Al Rabbat, who attempted to get Tony Blair prosecuted for a crime of "aggression", which does not exist in either British or Welch law, was not better schooled in British jurisprudence before he brought the lawsuit forward, and did not come after Blair with a charge which was prosecutible under British law.

Aug 02 07:07


We are living in the greatest debt bubble in the history of the world. In 1980, total government and personal debt in the United States was just over the 3 trillion dollar mark, but today it has surpassed 41 trillion dollars. That means that it has increased by almost 14 times since Ronald Reagan was first elected president. I am searching for words to describe how completely and utterly insane this is, but I am coming up empty. We are slowly but surely committing national suicide, and yet most Americans don’t even understand what is happening.

According to 720 Global, total government debt plus total personal debt in the United States was just over 3 trillion dollars in 1980. That broke down to $38,552 per household, and that figure represented 79 percent of median household income at the time.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I read, recently, that the average household is over $16,000.00 in personal debt.

One of the smartest things all of us can do right now, is to get personal debt down as low as humanly possible, because we know that it is only a matter of time before the Fed raises the interest rates again, which affects all personal credit in this country.

Aug 02 07:05

The Irish Crimean: Lack of 'capital tyranny' as basis of Russophobia

...Russians have a much deeper conception of "freedom" - building a conception of freedom around a principle like "property-rights" would seem absurdly trivial to them. And apart from its absurd triviality, it should be obvious to anyone, whether they were Russian or not, that building a conception of "freedom" around property-rights would mean freedom only for the rich. Anybody who wasn't deliberately obtuse would see that. Yes, Russia has oligarchs, but this point was key in Yakov's view - Russia has no trans-national corporations. In Russia, the most sublime level of power has never been commercial or financial power, but political power. And that, in Yakov's view, is most centrally why there has been an ongoing project to dismember Russia harboured by Russia's westerly neighbours. This project has been ongoing for 200 years or more. We can trace it at least to the early 19th century, and possibly all the way back to the 16th century...

Aug 02 07:03


The global corporatist economy works differently from business transactions at your neighborhood convenience store. Ostensibly, the International Monetary Fund was set up to allow the G20 nations to umpire the ground rules to play nice in macro trade. Platitudes about promoting job growth or third world development are the realm of public relations for the central banks. The impact of the IMF on virtually all countries, vividly seen in every crisis whether real or contrived, always has a political objective that underpins the economic functions. As confidence in national currencies falter, the big sugar daddy loves to intervene, provided they pull the strings.

The use of SDRs is one tool used to paper over insolvency. Investopedia explains 'Special Drawing Rights - SDR' in the following manner.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In using the SDRs, the IMF has only one profitability about which it is concerned; its own.

Owl 3
Aug 02 06:59


THE GCSB lost control of its surveillance technology and wasn’t aware its systems continued spying on Kim Dotcom, according to new documents from the spy bureau.

It claimed that it turned off all surveillance systems targeting Dotcom and others but found out more than a year later that surveillance continued without its knowledge.

The details in the documents have led Dotcom to state that there is now evidence the United States’ National Security Agency was carrying out surveillance on him.

Dotcom, who should have been protected from GCSB surveillance as a New Zealand resident, said the GCSB did not know because its equipment was being used by the NSA, which was “directly involved”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"...lost control of its surveillance technology...", MY ASTROLABE!!

Aug 02 06:58

Death Penalty for corruption proposed in Donetsk

The leader of the People's Democratic Republic of Donetsk, Alexander Zakharchenko, announced the need to impose the death penalty for corruption. Such a statement was made on the TV program "Donetsk format." "In the near future I'm going to do it - toughen the laws that deal with corruption ... You know well that we have a decree on the use of the death penalty as the supreme measure of justice. And, I think, corruption will fall under this definition. Depending on the harm caused to society, corruption will be punished by the laws of wartime deprivation of life. I have already held a number of negotiations with the People's Council, I have received full understanding. Only in a few nuances, the wording of the law, was disagreed with, but this is a technical issue, we must solve them," Zakharchenko said. "Without a doubt, corruption is a disease of any society. There is no specific drug for this disease. Approaches to eradicate all of its, in the DPR are very rigid.

Aug 02 06:56

The Arctic Could Be the Next South China Sea, Says Coast Guard Commandant

Rich with energy resources, minerals and strategic positioning, the warming Arctic is ripe for territorial disputes, Adm. Zukunft warns.

No one’s creating and arming islands in the Arctic today, but that doesn’t mean territorial disputes couldn’t soon heat up in those waters, the commandant of the U.S. Coast Guard warned today.

“As I look at what is playing out in the Arctic, it looks eerily familiar to what we’re seeing in the East and South China Sea,” Adm. Paul Zukunft said Tuesday at an event at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

That means first, audacious territorial claims, Zukunft said: “Russia has claimed most of the Arctic Ocean, all the way up to the North Pole and as a signatory of the Law of the Sea Convention has filed this claim.”

Aug 02 06:53

US Army Boosts Spending on Genetically Engineered Spider Silk for Body Armor, Underwear

What’s almost as tough as Kevlar, as flexible as silk, has the DNA of a spider but comes from a worm? Something the Army is looking to buy for as much as $1 million.

The U.S. Army is upping its investment in genetically engineered spider silk for body armor. Last year, the service paid almost $100,000 to Kraig Biocraft Laboratories, which makes spider silk that can be produced at scale — with silkworms. On Wednesday, the company announced that the Army will move to the second phase of the contract and will look to Kraig to produce a customized strain of the silk for “high-performance fibers for protective apparel applications.” That is: flexible body armor made from genetically engineered spider silk. The total contract amount would reach $900,000 if parameters are met. Army representatives said that interested in the material purely from a research perspective, for now.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

WOW; science fiction becomes science fact a lot more quickly than it used to!!

Silk was discovered and used by the Chinese to prevent the penetration of arrows in combat; what it has become, in the 21st century, courtesy of DNA manipulation, would amaze its earliest discoverers.

Aug 02 06:48

Running from Ukraine has become an epidemic - Ukrainian millionaire. Illusions kill more people than wars

"In Poland, there is a huge, overwhelming, shocking number of Ukrainian workers. In any restaurant, taxi, shop, office, hotel ... We talked with many, they say Ukrainian employees are appreciated. They are unpretentious, professional, working for money, much smaller than any Pole. For them, local authorities immediately came up with work permits, even taxes already paid in Poland. They transport families for, children are sent here for training in Polish schools, universities are happy to take students from Ukraine. By my impression, 5-6 million people have moved to Poland from Ukraine recently. All very bored and cursing with obscenities on what is happening at home, trying to sell apartments, houses but no one wants to buy at any price ", - says a Ukrainian millionaire businessman, Evgeny Chernyak. "Normal people are fleeing from the Ukraine, taking their families with them, taxes and their brains.

Aug 02 06:41

Sandy Hook shooting mothers’ average age giving birth = 36 years old. Odds of 20 such elderly mothers in one group = 109,418,989,131,512,370,000 to 1 (109 quintillion, 418 quadrillion, 989 trillion, 131 billion, 512 million, 370 thousand to 1)

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

KateSlate11’s strong catch in 3-minutes:

The alleged Sandy Hook shooting of December 2012 included 20 1st grade children with stated ages of 6 and 7 years old (only four at age seven). From public information,* the average age of those mothers in 2012 is 42.25; meaning their average age giving birth is 36. Some 1st grade students’ mothers will be 36 or older, but what are the odds of a random group of 20 such mothers averaging 36 years of age?

What are the odds?

According to the CDC, the percentage of US mothers giving their first birth at age 35 or older for 2006 is ~8%; about 1 in every 12. Pew Research Center reports that American mothers’ age 35 or older for any birth is 14%. Therefore, let’s estimate the percentage of 1st grade students’ mothers ages being 36 or older at 11%: about 1 in every 9. Age 36 is nine years above CDC average of age 27 for mothers with any number of children giving birth in 2006.

Aug 02 06:32

The Presidential Tweet That Is Shaking the War Party

Most of the Donald’s tweets amount to street brawling with his political enemies, but occasionally one of them slices through Imperial Washington’s sanctimonious cant. Indeed, Monday evening’s 140 characters of solid cut right to the bone: The Amazon Washington Post fabricated the facts on my ending massive, dangerous, and wasteful payments to Syrian rebels fighting Assad... Needless to say, we are referencing not the dig at the empire of Bezos, but the characterization of Washington’s anti-Assad policy as "massive, dangerous and wasteful". No stouter blow to the neocon/Deep State "regime change" folly has ever been issued by an elected public official. Yet there it is – the self-composed words of the man in the Oval Office. It makes you even want to buy some Twitter stock!

Aug 02 06:28

Indiegogo Bans Journalists Sympathetic to Donbass Rebels After BBC Article

The BBC has been doing everything it can to foment the ongoing bombing of civilians in East Ukraine. The idea of said dirt poor civilians getting some charity from well-wishers in the West makes their editors gnash their teeth at night, so they did what they could to put a stop to it...

Aug 02 06:27

NATO Jets Accidentally Invade Neutral Finland While Intercepting Russian Planes

Finland reports NATO jets were violating Finnish airspace for about a minute. This puts NATO's accusations that Russia's interceptions of western planes in the Baltic are often "unprofessional" in an interesting perspective. We can't remember an incident where Russian interceptors chasing NATO planes got lost an ended up in a neutral country, so who is the amateur here? Also; the two F-18 fighter jets belong to the Spanish Air Force. We're not surprised. Screw ups is exactly what you can expect when you uproot your air force and send it to "defend" skies 3,000 kilometers from home.

Aug 02 06:16

Tillerson Forced to Clarify US Policy (Again) After Nikki Haley Demands North Korean Pancakes

Like the ocean's tides, Nikki Haley's Twitter feed goes through peculiar phases that are impossible to explain. She'll spend an entire week posting dainty family photos and inspirational quotes from Bridget Jones's Diary, and then, seemingly out of nowhere, Nikki will announce her own foreign policy and demand immediate action against Russia, Iran, Syria, Venezuela, North Korea and probably other countries too if she knew that other countries existed. Haley was previously reprimanded for announcing on television that the United States was seeking regime change in Syria at the exact same time that her supposed boss, Rex Tillerson, was telling the press the exact opposite. But it appears Nikki is still struggling to control her passion for unnecessary, inaccurate statements that will probably get us all killed. For example, here is her latest Security Council statement about North Korea...

Aug 02 06:10

Venezuela: Is the West that ignorant or just plain evil?

The whole idea behind the National Constituent Assembly is to create the conditions for Venezuela to be governable, since at present the Opposition elements in the legislative bodies are blocking the country's economy, forcing it into stagnation, disrupting chains of supply to create mayhem and blame the Government of the PSUV (United Socialist Party of Venezuela). The National Constituent Assembly (NCA) is covered and provided for under the Venezuelan Constitution, whose Article 347 states "The people of Venezuela are the holders of the original constitutional power. In the exercise of this power the people can call a National Constituent Assembly with the objective of transforming the State, creating a new juridical order and drawing up a new Constitution"; Article 348 states clearly that it can be set up by the Executive or by not less than 15 per cent of the electorate. Article 349 prohibits the President and other State Bodies from blocking the deliberations of the NCA...

Aug 02 06:04

China opens its first army base overseas

A ceremony to open China's first overseas military base was held in Djibouti, East Africa. Chinese officials stated that the base would be used for peacekeeping operations in the region. The ceremony was timed to the 90th anniversary of the People's Liberation Army of China. More than 300 people took part in the opening ceremony, including Tian Zhong, deputy commander-in-chief of the Chinese Navy, RBC reports. According to Xinhua News Agency, the base was built for China's military participation in peacekeeping operations in the region, as well as for humanitarian assistance in Africa and Western Asia. China started building the base in 2016. More than 2,000 troops will serve on the base. First Chinese servicemen arrived at the base on July 11.

Aug 02 05:45

Pence’s visit to Montenegro seeks to stir up anti-Russian hysteria

US Vice President Michael Pence’ tour of Estonia, Georgia and Montenegro aims to add fuel to an anti-Russia propaganda campaign and sends a signal to the regional countries that the policy of sanctions will continue, Montenegrin politician Marko Milacic, one of the leaders of the country’s political opposition told TASS on Tuesday. Milacic, a journalist by profession leads the Resistance to Hopelessness political movement, which the incumbent Montenegrin authorities view as pro-Russian, pro-Serbian and anti-NATO. Pence arrived in Montenegro on a two-day visit on Tuesday... "It’s quite obviously that Pence’s tour of Estonia, Georgia and Montenegro seeks to boost the anti-Russian sentiments in these territories and to pin the NATO flag to the map of the country in the case of Montenegro," Milacic said. "The timing of Pence’s visit is not at all accidental. It fell on a period when the U.S. is working hard to toughen the sanctions against Russia.

Aug 02 05:35

Moscow notes SS collaborators gathering in Estonia contradicts EU’s anti-racism decision

The July 29 conference of Estonia’s Waffen SS division is a "shameful practice" that contradicts EU Council decisions aimed against racism and xenophobia, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Tuesday. The ministry is convinced that Tallinn "embarked upon the deliberate promotion of Nazism," which is inadmissible for a modern European nation and a country that holds the rotating EU Council presidency. Conferences of former members of the 20th Waffen Grenadier Division of the SS are held in Estonia on an annual basis. This year, the event took place on July 29 in the northeastern Estonian village of Sinimae.

Aug 02 05:32

Ukraine prepares to sue Russia over Kerch Strait bridge project

Russia launched the project to build a bridge connecting Crimea with mainland in February 2016 and had to introduce temporary limits on navigation via the Kerch strait starting from the second half of August. Russian Transport Minister Maxim Sokolov assured the restrictions will be minimal. Ukraine’s deputy minister of infrastructure, Yuri Lavrenyuk, said his country would seek compensation for the move in court. "We are currently preparing a lawsuit and calculating the amount of profits lost by the Mariupol and Berdyank trade ports," the ministry’s press service quoted Lavrenyuk as saying. The deputy minister added that this "political issue" is being handled "together with the Foreign Ministry and the Council on National Security and Defense." Ukrainian Justice Minister Pavel Petrenko said in October 2016 that his country would initiate a litigation over alleged violation of maritime borders at the UN International Court of Justice.

Aug 02 05:29

American embassy cutbacks may push US diplomats out of cars and into subway

American envoys continue to analyze the aftermath of the Kremlin’s decision to cut US diplomatic staff in Russia. In their desire to issue a tit-for-tat response to Washington’s December expulsion of 35 diplomats from the US, Moscow apparently planned to make daily operations for the US diplomatic mission as difficult as possible, Nezavisimaya Gazeta writes... Former US Ambassador to Russia Alexander Vershbow confirmed in an interview with the paper that staff reductions will primarily affect Russian employees. The Americans will have to dismiss the bulk of their Russian staff. He stressed that, since many drivers are also Russians, the embassy staff is likely to use taxis or the subway to travel to business meetings. Simultaneously, some administrative and financial functions will have to be transferred to US diplomatic missions in neighboring countries, such as Latvia and Finland, which have Russian-speaking staff.

Aug 02 05:21

NATO fighter jets intercept Russian aircraft over Baltic

NATO said earlier that its fighter jets of the Baltic air-policing mission had intercepted three Russian planes over the Baltic Sea. Two Spanish F-18 fighter jets took off from the Estonian airbase in Amari to intercept the Russian planes. Notably, Finland, which is not a NATO member, also sent its warplane to the area. "While the Russian planes were flying over neutral waters of the Baltic Sea, NATO’s F-18 fighter jet approached the Russian aircraft and followed them at a safe distance for about one minute. Later, it changed its course and flew away towards the airspace of the Baltic state," the ministry said, adding that the flight of the Russian aircraft was performed in strict compliance with the international rules of the airspace use and air border of other countries were not violated.

Aug 02 04:45

Fmr. Obama Aide Ben Rhodes now a person of interest in unmasking investigation

Former Obama White House National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes is now an emerging as a person of interest in the House Intelligence Committee’s unmasking investigation, according to a letter sent Tuesday by the committee to the National Security Agency (NSA). This adds Rhodes to the growing list of top Obama government officials who may have improperly unmasked Americans in communications intercepted overseas by the NSA, Circa has confirmed.

Aug 02 04:26


What’s almost as tough as Kevlar, as flexible as silk, has the DNA of a spider but comes from a worm? Something the Army is looking to buy for as much as $1 million.

Aug 02 02:16

CLINTON EMAIL BREAKING NEWS: Clinton Emails Sidney Blumenthal While Working for Another Country

The head of the Senate Judiciary Committee has turned the tables, yet again, on Democrats going after President Trump's associates over foreign ties by reintroducing a key player from the Clinton email scandal and questioning whether he made similar missteps.

Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, raised the case of Clinton confidant Sidney Blumenthal in hearings this week. He asked why Blumenthal did not register as a foreign agent while working as an “off-the-books” intelligence resource for then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, while simultaneously working on behalf of a foreign entity—a political party in the country of Georgia.

“If the Justice Department thought Mr. Blumenthal’s activities on behalf of foreign interests did not require registration under the law, it should say so,” Grassley said.

Aug 01 18:19

Tillerson's State Department Drops Stated Mission to Promote Democracy

In keeping with a recent trend of abandoning key tenets of its stated mission, State Department is rewriting its statement of purpose without any mention of promoting "justice" and "democracy."

According to internal State Department emails obtained by the Washington Post, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has ordered the department to redefine its stated mission. A draft that was circulated within the department on Friday read, "We promote the security, prosperity, and interests of the American people globally" and said the department will strive to "lead America's foreign policy through global advocacy, action and assistance to shape a safer, more prosperous world."

This contrasts with the department's mission statement from 2016, which defined its purpose as shaping and sustaining "a peaceful, prosperous, just, and democratic world and foster[ing] conditions for stability and progress for the benefit of the American people and people everywhere."

Aug 01 18:14

US would welcome North Korea talks, says Tillerson in contrast with Trump

US secretary of state says Washington does not seek regime change in Pyongyang and does not blame China for crisis, despite president’s tweet