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"Well, first of all, the Federal Reserve is an independent agency, and that means, basically, that there is no other agency of government which can overrule actions that we take. So long as that is in place and there is no evidence that the administration or the Congress or anybody else is requesting that we do things other than what we think is the appropriate thing, then what the relationships are don't, frankly, matter." -- Alan Greespan, responding to a question by Jim Lehrer


DNDO (Domestic Nuclear Detection Office)

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Feb 19 08:45

University Of Texas To Allow Concealed Guns In Classrooms

On Tuesday a Turkish official called on the United States and its allies to take part in a joint ground operation in Syria, saying it would be impossible to stop the war without a greater effort against a Moscow-backed Syrian government offensive.

Feb 19 08:44

Turkey Says Ground Troops Are The Only Solution To Syria Conflict

On Tuesday a Turkish official called on the United States and its allies to take part in a joint ground operation in Syria, saying it would be impossible to stop the war without a greater effort against a Moscow-backed Syrian government offensive.

Feb 19 08:43

How many of our banks are real life zombies?

As we travel through the credit crunch era we have the fear that we will repeat the experience of Japan and find ourselves experiencing what has become called the “lost decade” which began in the early 1990s and is still ongoing. We have seen a reminder of that only this morning as the Japanese economy shrunk again (by 1.4% annualised as they measure it) in the last quarter of 2014.This provides the link to today’s topic which is the banks and what we have failed to do. Back in the day when I was knee-high to a grasshopper in financial market terms I worked in Tokyo for a time and continued to work on Japanese issues when I returned to the UK. At that time the health of the Japanese banks was on everyone’s minds and as the Nikkei 225 equity index fell we were told that they were fine at the following levels. It started at 26,000 the 24,000 then 22,000 then 20,000 then 18,000 then 16,000 and so on.

Feb 19 08:03

“US Tied to Global Security Role” – Shameless and Blatant BBC Propaganda

By Graham Vanbergen

Mark Urban is the diplomatic and defence editor of BBC’s Newsnight that goes by the strap-line “This is where the global struggle for peace and security gets incisive, informed, coverage.”

He has just written and headlined with “US remains reluctantly tied to global security role” – categorised under US/Canada that illustrates the depths of state propaganda...

Feb 19 07:54

Huuummmmmm... President Obama to skip Scalia's funeral

White House press secretary declines to answer questions on whether president will be golfing instead

Feb 19 07:24

Why not let a business man run it for once?

Why not let a business man run it for once?

Feb 19 07:21

As Russia Bombs Terrorists In Syria, NATO Members Repeat Calls For “No-Fly Zone” and War

By Brandon Turbeville

As both the rhetorical and military situation begins to heat up in Syria, Turkey and the NATO powers appear to be doing everything in their power to launch yet another direct invasion of a sovereign nation. In the shadow of U.S. airstrikes, Turkish shelling of Syrian positions, and the massing of Saudi “troops” and aircraft inside Turkey, the concept of a “No-Fly Zone” is once again being trotted out as a legitimate solution to the Syrian crisis...

Feb 19 07:04

Donald Trump Barrages World With Photos Of Vatican Fortress Walls

After Pope Francis had the nerve to say that Donald Trump was "not a Christian" for advocating a border wall, the Pontiff's absurd statement has not only generated scorn and disdain nationwide, but has prompted people across the world to post countless photos of the massive Vatican walls and fortress-like security measures, painting the pope as a hypocrite on this issue.

Feb 19 06:50

Rich Tech Guy Wants ‘Riff Raff’ Off the Streets: “I Shouldn’t Have to See Despair of Homeless”

Is it surprising how out-of-touch the rich are becoming to the problems of the poor, who are sinking further into trouble as millions join their ranks, and a great wealth gap permanently divides the country?:

The city needs to tackle this problem head on, it can no longer ignore it and let people do whatever they want in the city.

The wealthy working people have earned their right to live in the city. They went out, got an education, work hard, and earned it. I shouldn’t have to worry about being accosted. I shouldn’t have to see the pain, struggle, and despair of homeless people to and from my way to work every day.

Read more at SHTFplan.com

Feb 19 06:48

WOW, Trump Throws Down The Gauntlet on 9/11: "Now that George Bush is campaigning for Jeb(!), is he fair game for questions about World Trade Center? Careful!"

Donald Trump gave this ominous warning to the Bush cabal a few days ago. This is absolutely great stuff. I have been very leery of Trump in the past, given his history of sucking up to Israel and support for some gun control, etc. But over time, with the increasingly fascinating developments and Trump's penchant for truth, I have studied this guy and everything he says very carefully. Anyone of Trump's stature who has the balls to call out Bush on 9/11 is OK in my book. I hereby endorse Donald J. Trump for President. :-)

Feb 19 06:45

'Gaza, this uninhabitable planet... I want to run away from this madness'

"I want to run away from this madness. And I know that hundreds of thousands of Gazans want to leave as well. We are cold not only physically but also metaphorically. Actually; I’m not sure about the accuracy of my name Hope because I’m also hopeless. I sometimes ask why I wasn’t killed during one of the wars. If the heaven is the final abode, so it is the big reward for all the suffering that we have witnessed. If it is Hell, there is no big different from the hell of Gaza.

Feb 19 06:38

Russian Protest Video: Obama Kills 875 People Per Week

Meanwhile, this is what protest videos look like in Russia right now…

Owl 1
Feb 19 06:36

“Sex Jihad”: Top German Prosecutor Angrily Confirms Majority of New Year’s Eve Rapists WERE Refugees

Cologne lawyer Ulrich Bremer angrily condemned false stories that only three of the men accused of mass sexual assaults in Cologne, Germany on New Year's Eve were refugees.

The stories, like this one in known propaganda factory Think Progress, were reportedly disinformation spread online by proponents of immigration, including a senior United Nations official, to downplay the severity of the situation and take the focus away from asylum seekers.

Mr. Bremer blasted the lies, noting the “overwhelming majority fall into the general category of refugees”...

(read more)

Feb 19 06:13

Vaccines, Dead Doctors, and Depopulation: If You Haven’t Seen This Video, You Should

Autism has now skyrocketed to ONE IN 45 in this country. That means if you walked down your street right now, it’s highly likely you wouldn’t even have to go a full block before you will have passed a home with at least one autistic child living in it.

What you are about to hear may be why.

Feb 19 06:02

Ted Cruz ‘Birther’ Case Heads To Court

Ted Cruz ‘Birther’ Case To Be Heard In Chicago Court Friday: Reports

The Circuit Court of Cook County in Chicago has agreed to hear a lawsuit challenging Republican presidential hopeful Ted Cruz’s eligibility for presidency. According to media reports, Lawrence Joyce, an Illinois voter who objected to Cruz’s placement on the Illinois primary ballot next month, will have his case heard Friday.

Joyce has challenged Cruz’s right to be president because of his birth in Canada while similar objections have been previously raised by GOP rival Donald Trump.>>> http://whatreallyhappened.com/content/careful-what-you-wish

Feb 19 05:51


Hungary’s central bank, already facing criticism for a spending spree ranging from real estate to fine art, is now beefing up its security force, citing Europe’s migrant crisis and potential bomb threats among the reasons. The National Bank of Hungary bought 200,000 rounds of live ammunition and 112 handguns for its security company, according to documents posted on a website for public procurements.

Feb 19 05:43


Mystery black rain hits Michigan town: Tar-like substance falls from the sky and leaves residents bewildered as it covers cars, porches and driveways

Feb 19 05:38


Mark Urban is the diplomatic and defence editor of BBC’s Newsnight that goes by the strap-line “This is where the global struggle for peace and security gets incisive, informed, coverage” He has just written and headlined with “US remains reluctantly tied to global security role” – categorised under US/Canada.

Feb 19 05:29

Trump And Sanders Are Forcing A Debate About The Declining Prospects Of Most Americans.

It's Just a Matter of Time Before This Deepening Economic Decline Crashes Into the 2016 Election
What Trump and Sanders are forcing is a debate about the declining prospects of most Americans.

If this bizarre election year needed one thing twist, it is now likely to play out against a deepening economic crisis. Advantage: Trump and Sanders.

The global economy is weakening, due to a perfect storm of a cratering economy in China, a crash of oil prices, slower growth in the Third World and a realization by central banks that they can't fix what's broken. There is a lot of whistling past the graveyard that the U.S. can somehow continue our (rather tepid) recovery, but in a global economy, no country is an island.

Feb 19 05:15

Trump: "You will find out who REALLY knocked down the World Trade Center"

Wow man, this is some incredible stuff.

Feb 19 04:45

Nevada Was Supposed to Be a Firewall for Hillary

Nevada Was Supposed to Be a Firewall for Hillary to Stop Bernie, But There's Clearly a Shift Underway on the Cusp of the Caucuses
On the ground in South Nevada, a visit to events for Sanders and Clinton show two very different energy levels.

Feb 19 04:24

Obama appointee gave $100,000 to Jeb Bush’s super PAC

Sam Palmisano is undoubtedly a technology expert. As CEO of IBM (IBM) from 2003 to 2011, he presided over a tech giant during the formative years of the digital revolution. That makes him a logical choice to be vice chairman of a new White House panel on cybersecurity, an appointment President Obama announced this week.

Palmisano is also a Republican who gave $100,000 last March to Jeb Bush’s super PAC, Right to Rise.

(*All the coming and going of Palmisano could explain why The Jeb! campaign Looks Like An Unmade Bed !)

Feb 19 03:46

How the South Carolina ‘Firewall’ Fell Apart

For thirty years, the GOP relied on the Palmetto State to weed out insurgents. It was a brilliant strategy—until it collapsed.

The next major Republican primary will take place in South Carolina on February 20. “If you are not ready to play,” Sen. Lindsay Graham told an audience while introducing Jeb Bush at an event in the state this week, “don’t come to South Carolina.”

He was talking about the Republican candidates, of course, but he might as well have been talking about the Grand Old Party itself. Saturday’s South Carolina primary race will be not just a test to see who is the strongest candidate in the pack but also a test of how strong the party establishment still is—or perhaps more accurately, just how weak it has become.

Ever since 1980, and up until 2012, South Carolina had been a Republican “firewall” of sorts—>>>

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Feb 19 03:29

State: Food industry lobby engaged in 'egregious' money laundering in 2013 vote

The Grocery Manufacturers Association concealed the source of $11 million spent to fight a 2013 ballot initiative, and internal documents reveal how it was done, state Attorney General Bob Ferguson charged in a court motion disclosed Wednesday.

Ferguson is suing the Washington, D.C.-based lobby over a fund it set up to conceal food companies donating to the defeat of Initiative 522. I-522 would have required labeling of all genetically engineered foods and seeds sold in Washington.

"GMA's conduct was so egregious that it ranks among the worst in state history," said the AG's motion for summary judgment.

"GMA worked to 'shield' the actions of major food companies from the very public entitled to know who was trying to influence their vote on Initiative 522."

The initiative was narrowly defeated after a TV ad blitz paid for by millions of dollars from the food industry and such agribusiness giants as Monsanto.

Feb 19 03:20

Frustration and Anger as Syria Prevails

Turkish Weekly: As the Syrian army advances on Raqqa and seals off supply routes to the armed gangs inside Aleppo, no surprise that there is another spike in the propaganda war, this time directed against Russia.

Frustration and anger is driving Turkish cross-border shelling of Kurdish and Syrian army positions. Yet in many respects Turkey only has itself to blame. In helping to destroy the authority of the Syrian government, it created a power vacuum that was filled in the north by takfiri armed groups and the Kurds. Had Turkey not joined the effort to destroy the government in Damascus it would not be in this position. It thus therefore shares the responsibility for what it is now calling a threat to Turkey’s security.

Feb 19 00:19

U.S. has asked Russia not to attack special forces in Syria: military

By Yeganeh Torbati
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The United States has told Russia broad areas in which U.S. special forces are operating in Syria and asked them not to strike there, U.S. military officials said on Thursday.

Broad areas? Our guys are all over Eastern Syria. Please don't bomb Eastern Syria President Putin!

Feb 19 00:08

FLASHBACK: Washington Accuses Putin. Russian Airstrikes are Targeting “Our Guys” in Syria: CIA Operatives, Military Advisers, Mercenaries, Special Forces, … Instead of ISIS Terrorists

This article was first published in October 2015. Are we gearing up for a war between US-NATO-Turkey-Saudi Arabia and Syria-Russia-Iran?

US-NATO operatives are already on the ground inside Syria. In fact they have been on ground within “opposition” militia from the very outset in March 2011.

Russian Airstrikes are Targeting “Our Guys”:

The Western media quoting US officials has reported that the Russian Air Force is not really targeting ISIS terrorists.

They are targeting CIA sponsored operatives inside Syria.

According to a US official in an interview with Fox News:

‘Putin is deliberately targeting our forces. Our guys are fighting for their lives.’

February 18, 2016

Feb 18 20:50

“The Burn Pits” reveals how a Dick Cheney-connected company got rich while U.S. soldiers got poisoned

So what are the “burn pits”? When the U.S. military set up a base in Iraq or Afghanistan, instead of building incinerators to dispose of the thousands of pounds of waste produced each day, they burned the garbage in big holes in the ground. The garbage they constantly burned included “every type of waste imaginable” including “tires, lithium batteries, asbestos insulation, pesticide containers, Styrofoam, metals, paints, plastic, medical waste and even human corpses.”

Here’s where the story gets even more infuriating. As a result of the privatization of many aspects of military operations, the burn pits were operated by Kellogg, Brown, and Root (KBR), a former subsidiary of Halliburton, the company where Dick Cheney was CEO before ascending to the White House. During the Bush administration, Halliburton made nearly $40 billion from lucrative government contracts (despite many corruption scandals), Dick Cheney and his corporate allies got incredibly rich, and the soldiers whose lives have likely been destroyed by this reckless operation… are pretty much screwed.

Feb 18 19:08

Hey Trump & Pope Francis, Get This: U.S. Catholic Bishops Official Document States The "Duty of Government Is To Secure One's Border And Enforce The Law For The Sake Of The Common Good."

I must say that as a lifelong practicing Catholic, I am really disappointed and disgusted at what Pope Francis said about Donald Trump, claiming that he's not Christian for wanting to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico. That is outrageous and dishonest, especially given the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops own official document on this matter, as well as the official teaching on immigration outlined in the Cathechism of the Catholic Church! In an official August 2013 document, The U.S. Bishops stated, in part, that "The Catholic Catechism instructs the faithful that good government has two duties, both of which must be carried out and neither of which can be ignored... The second duty is to secure one's border and enforce the law for the sake of the common good. Sovereign nations have the right to enforce their laws and all persons must respect the legitimate exercise of this right... Enforcement: The U.S. Catholic Bishops accept the legitimate role of the U.S.

Feb 18 17:46

Firm with Saudi ties works on Air Force One, other VIP jets

WASHINGTON — A company owned by a Saudi investor works on Air Force One and other VIP aircraft that fly Cabinet secretaries and other dignitaries around the world, USA TODAY has learned.

GDC Technics has been servicing President Obama's jet as a contractor for Boeing, according to the Air Force. This is the first time the Pentagon has acknowledged that a contractor from a business with foreign ties has worked on Air Force One.

Feb 18 17:40

Turkey's work on new constitution stutters as opposition pulls out

Turkey is headed for civil war and partition and dismemberment.

Two Turkish opposition parties have pulled out of a commission meant to draft a new constitution, in protest at attempts by the ruling AK Party to strengthen the role of the presidency, something keenly sought by President Tayyip Erdogan.

Feb 18 17:34

Bush, 9/11, and Iraq: Trump Gets It Right

by Sheldon Richman, February 18, 2016

Donald Trump, for all his obnoxious demagoguery, is adding value to the presidential campaign by calling former President George W. Bush to account for 9/11 and the Iraq war, which set in motion the growth and spread of al-Qaeda and the rise of the Islamic State. Former U.S. rulers rarely face consequences for the horrible things they do in office. Condemnation is considered impolite.

So good for Trump. Unfortunately, he shows no sign of having done his homework; so his charges against Bush are little more than soundbites, allowing Bush defenders to dismiss Trump as a kook. But this time he is not a kook.

Owl 3
Feb 18 17:16

Ten Saudi Major Generals Decry Riyadh's Syria Deployment Plan

TEHRAN (FNA)- The military top brass in Saudi Arabia wrote a letter to the crown prince and interior minister, Mohammed bin Nayef, to warn him against dispatching troops to Syria, saying the plan entails dire repercussions for the Kingdom.

Ten Saudi Major Generals and marshals have signed the letter which foresees definite defeat and failure for Riyadh if the Arab monarchy sends forces to Syria following its failure in the nearly-one-year-long war on Yemen, the NTHNEWS news website reported on Thursday.

According to the report, the text of the letter has been released in different Yemeni media and gone viral on the social media.




Feb 18 16:45

Israel rocketed military checkpoints in Syria

Location is targeted with three missiles, which have caused material damage - the report said the observatory.

It is also said that "does not know whether they were members of Hezbollah within the site or not."

It is specified that the attack occurred on the road leading to the province of Dara, but does not mention the extent of the damage.

Pro Asad military source denied the report, claiming that there was no Israeli military strikes inside Syria on Wednesday, but no official response.
Hezbollah TV station A-Manar also denied the report.

Israel has previously been accused of being rocketed targets in Syria, belonging to the Syrian army and Hezbollah, Assad ally.

- If the reports are true, then it was the second attack Israel since Russia launched an air campaign in the country where a civil war is raging - said the Israeli list haArec who actually calls the Reuters report.

Feb 18 16:41

School Kids Under Police Investigation for Posting an “Unpatriotic” Photo to Facebook

By Matt Agorist

In the famous Supreme Court case of Texas v. Johnson in 1989, a five-justice majority ruled that desecrating the American flag was protected speech under the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

Despite this ruling, Americans from sea to shining sea continue to call for the arrest, or even death, of those who’d dare express their opinion through the use of the Old Glory...

Feb 18 16:37

CCTV: Moment of Ankara blast caught on security camera

At least 28 people have been killed nad 61 injured in a car explosion in Ankara, Turkey’s Deputy Prime Minister said.

Feb 18 16:32

White Couple VS Black Muslim Migrants - You Have to See This!

According to a Russian source on this video: ‘this takes place in Germany at a public skating rink. The man standing with his wife takes offence when a muslim brushes his hand against his wife. Hilarity ensues as the fellow puts on a martial arts display par-excellance, opening up a steaming can of whoop-ass on these migrant racists who thought they could have a great day beating up a white guy after molesting his lady friend.’

Feb 18 16:17

The Apprentice (U.S. TV series)

The Apprentice is an American reality game show that judges the business skills of a group of contestants. It is closely associated with real estate magnate, businessman, and television personality, Donald Trump, who hosted 14 seasons of the show from its inception in January 2004 until 2015.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

14 seasons?

That sounds like a successful TV show to me!

I dare Obama to try to take a show through 14 years!

Feb 18 16:04

The Walking Dead–Donald Trump as an enemy of ‘Greater Israel’ living every day of his candidacy in Netanyahu’s crosshairs

Feb 18 16:03

Key Ohio Democratic delegates remain behind Clinton

Some key Ohio Democrats who were committed to Hillary Clinton in the presidential race are unshaken by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders’ early good showing against her, an Associated Press survey shows.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Once bought, they stay bought!

Feb 18 16:00

Russia Is Fed up With NATO-MSM Complex False Flag Attacks

Just imagine, Russia offers the US and NATO cooperation, even supplying mission details and targeting maps, yet in return have one of their pilots shot out of the sky and US A-10s bombing behind Russia's back only to be blamed for it all after the fact.

RMoD Press Spokesman Major General Igor Konashenkov delivered a brilliant run down of their ‘Western partners’ at a press briefing on their actions in Syria held on February 6, 2016. Interestingly, the culprits are starting to be called out by name.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"I never believe anything the government says!" -- George Carlin

Feb 18 15:30

CLIMATE BEX ALERT - Photographer captures heartbreaking image of an Arctic polar bear which 'starved to death as a result of climate change' 

A photographer has captured a heartbreaking image of a dead polar bear which he claims starved to death as a result of climate change.

Sebastian Copeland was trekking in the Canadian Arctic when he came across the animal's emaciated corpse surrounded in molted fur on a patch of rocky ground.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There is no evidence to indicate what the bear died of. The bear could have become ill, or simply died of old age.

This is just more climate bovine excrement to trick you into a carbon tax.

Feb 18 15:16

Ex-Security Chief: Russia to Launch Airstrikes on Turkish, Saudi Troops in Syria

Former Head of Russia's Federal Security Service Nikolai Kovalyov warned Turkey and Saudi Arabia against sending ground troops to Syria, saying that Russian warplanes are likely to launch airstrikes on their positions if they deploy in the war-torn country.

Feb 18 15:05

Dozens of Turkish military vehicles cross Syria border, dig trenches – report

Turkish military vehicles have crossed into a Kurdistani area in Syria, Afrin, just over the border, a Kurdish news agency reported adding that the troops started to dig a trench near Meidan Ekbis, a town in Aleppo province.

Feb 18 15:03

Revealed: Clinton is winning the 'secret election' with massive lead in Democratic 'superdelegates' - despite crumbling poll lead and New Hampshire disaster

Bernie Sanders won big in the state of New Hampshire, but Hillary Clinton is still adding to her wide lead in the delegates who will decide the Democratic Party's presidential nominee.

Over the past week, Clinton has picked up the endorsements of 87 more party insiders known as superdelegates, according to a new Associated Press survey. Sanders added just 11 superdelegates.

If these delegates to the party's national convention continue to back Clinton overwhelmingly — and they can change their minds — Sanders would have to win the remaining primaries by a landslide just to catch up. He would have to roll up big margins because every Democratic contest awards delegates in proportion to the vote, so even the loser can get some.

Feb 18 14:48

Why Do Police Have to Remind People Not to Burn Their Houses Down by Sleeping on Charging Cell Phones?

No, this isn't satire.

The sad part is that some people have to be warned by police to not do things that might cause them to die because common sense is largely dead.

(read more)

Feb 18 14:45

Lead in Flint man's blood is 5 times what's toxic

Stinson, 39, said Genesee County Health Department officials told him a Feb. 4 test showed he has the highest lead-blood levels of any adult that has been tested in the county to date. Stinson's results, reviewed by the Free Press, revealed that he has blood-lead levels of 27 micrograms per decileter of blood (27 ug/dl), five times the level considered toxic. Levels above 5 micrograms are considered toxic, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The CDC recommends intervention for anyone with elevated blood levels above 5 micrograms in order to remove lead sources.

Feb 18 14:17

FLASHBACK - RFK assassination witness tells CNN: There was a second shooter

As a federal court prepares to rule on a challenge to Sirhan Sirhan's conviction in the Robert F. Kennedy assassination, a long overlooked witness to the murder is telling her story: She heard two guns firing during the 1968 shooting and authorities altered her account of the crime.

Nina Rhodes-Hughes wants the world to know that, despite what history says, Sirhan was not the only gunman firing shots when Kennedy was murdered a few feet away from her at a Los Angeles hotel.

"What has to come out is that there was another shooter to my right," Rhodes-Hughes said in an exclusive interview with CNN. "The truth has got to be told. No more cover-ups."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"YES, more cover-ups! Cover-ups are what we DO! Always more cover-ups! You will BELIEVE the cover-ups! You will LOVE the cover-ups! If you don;t believe the cover-ups, the terrorists will win!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Feb 18 13:58

Canadian Citizenship Act 1946

Acquisition and loss of citizenship, 1947-1977[edit]
In addition to those people who became Canadian citizens upon the coming into force of the Act (popularly known as the "1947 Act" due to the year it came into force), citizenship afterwards was generally acquired as follows:

- birth in Canada (except where either parent is a representative of a foreign government, their employee, or anyone granted diplomatic privileges or immunities AND neither parent is a citizen or permanent resident)

- naturalization in Canada after five years' residence as a landed immigrant

- grant of citizenship to a foreign woman married to a Canadian man after one year's residence as a landed immigrant

- grant of citizenship to women who lost British subject status prior to 1947 upon marriage to a foreign man or his subsequent naturalization

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Ted Cruz is Canadian by birth. Deal with it.

Feb 18 13:45

Idiots Kill Baby Dolphin by Pulling It out of the Sea to Pose for SELFIES with It

And now for what is probably the dumbest thing you will see today that will make you lose your faith in humanity just a tiny bit more (if that's even possible at this point)...

A bunch of morons got together and pulled a baby dolphin out of the sea and passed it around just TO TAKE SELFIES WITH IT, even as it DIED because they pulled it out of the sea to take selfies with it.

(read more)

Feb 18 13:32

Pope, Who Lives in a Walled Citadel, Just Called Trump 'Unchristian' for Wanting to Build a Wall on the U.S.-Mexico Border

The elite want Donald Trump gone. Bad. So bad in fact they have called in the Pope to publicly condemn Trump for wanting to build a wall on the U.S.-Mexico border.

The Pope said:

"A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the Gospel."

Funny, isn't it? How much of a dog and pony puppet show this is? Now they've tapped the Pope to come out against Trump with about the weakest argument the Pope could make pretty much ever.

(read more)

Feb 18 13:22

Syria rebels arrive from Turkey to fight in Aleppo

Group of 500 opposition fighters is in border town of Azaz after arriving from Turkey through Bab al-Salama crossing to join frontlines in Aleppo province against Kurdish militia.

Feb 18 13:22

Scalia Dies…Jew Control Arises

WITH THE DEATH OF ANTONIN SCALIA, Jewish hopes for total control of all legislative powers arise.

And this is what the Supreme Court has become: A Jewish venue for legislating from the bench.

If abortion could not be legalized by Congress, or if it was not possible to make homosexual ‘marriage’ a law by the states…the Supreme Court does it for us and against the peoples’ will.

Using the power of ‘judicial review,’ new laws are imposed simply by redefining them as a constitutional right.

Feb 18 13:16

Tajiks fear weaker Russian presence will open the way for ISIS

Locals in Tajikistan are worried about the possible reduction of Russian servicemen in the country, as the Islamic State militant organization grows in strength in neighboring Afghanistan. Tajiks have expressed concern about the possible reduction of servicemen at Russia's 201st base, which is located in Tajikistan, fearing that it could open the way for Islamic State militants to enter the country from neighboring Afghanistan. This contingent is the main stabilizing factor for Dushanbe and if the militants ever invaded Tajikistan, it is likely the country would fall apart. The redeployment of the Russian divisions became public in the middle of November when the Central Military District announced that the 149th motorized regiment would be moving from the town of Kulyab to a suburb of the capital Dushanbe (the Lyaur firing range)...

Feb 18 13:04

The Us Economy Has Not Recovered and Will Not Recover

The US economy died when middle class jobs were offshored and when the financial system was deregulated.

Jobs offshoring benefitted Wall Street, corporate executives, and shareholders, because lower labor and compliance costs resulted in higher profits. These profits flowed through to shareholders in the form of capital gains and to executives in the form of “performance bonuses.” Wall Street benefitted from the bull market generated by higher profits.

However, jobs offshoring also offshored US GDP and consumer purchasing power. Despite promises of a “New Economy” and better jobs, the replacement jobs have been increasingly part-time, lowly-paid jobs in domestic services, such as retail clerks, waitresses and bartenders.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The economy is working great! We have all the money!!!!" -- Money Junkies

Feb 18 13:01

Russia Sympathizers in Germany Are Gaining More Confidence

The managers and entrepreneurs in Germany are not in the mood for any legal wrangling, nor do they want to spit hairs politically. They want to have a dialogue. They want to do business. They want to push their factories to full capacity and employ their staff. The support that Bavaria's Minister-President Horst Seehofer received from business circles during his trip to Moscow last week speaks volumes. Politicians and journalists sharply criticized him — both professions that don't have to worry about incoming orders being key to economic success. Gernot Erler, a government contracted coordinator for Russian affairs, even accused Seehofer of having "an unquenchable desire for attention." Klaus Mangold, a businessman who’s specialized in Russia for years, was interviewed at the weekend by the German Frankfurter Allgemeinen Sonntagszeitung (FAS).

Feb 18 12:51

Mohamed Heikal's Lesson

What's the lesson? It is that great powers – and most international affairs pundits – think the great powers always control their clients. But they're wrong: as this story shows, the clients frequently manipulate the great powers. The reason is that for the great powers it's a sideshow, for the clients it's the only show... Just because, for example, Ankara is a "client" of Washington, doesn't mean that Ankara always follows the script written in Washington. And we certainly know that Israel and Saudi Arabia have invested a great deal of effort and money to influence, if not altogether create, the script that Washington reads from in the Middle East. The tail often wags the dog; maybe even more often than not.

Feb 18 12:47

The Latest From Western MSM: Putin May Justify War on Poland on Behalf of Its 5,000 Lithuanians

Did you know there is a region of Poland that is home to 5,000 Lithuanians? Did you know it's a border region vulnerable to invasion? Well then Putin may very well, certainly, possibly, plausibly, perhaps, maybe, maybe not, use the former to justify the latter. Don't ask us how. Newsweek makes the claim, then takes 1300 words to explain how Lithuanians and Poles do not like each other and how there are some Lithuanians in Poland – but crucialy without explaining how could that possibly benefit Putin and his alleged territorial ambitions. Still, Newsweek suggests, we would do extremely well to monitor the situation there, because you know. Having annexed all those 15 million Russians left outside Russia's 1991 borders Putin is sure to be interested in provoking World War III to be able to annex an obscure Poles-filled mini-region home to precisely zero Russians.

Feb 18 12:44

A Gas Station With Nukes? Why UK Fits the Bill Far Better Than Russia

There is currently a heated debate going on in Britain whether the country should renew its trident nuclear missiles. Conservatives claim the modernization will cost no more than £31 billion and insist it should be done. Corbyn's labourites on the other hand want to give them up asserting UK is better off without. Last week US Defense Secretary Ash Carter joined the debate offering that UK should definetely renew its nukes in order to "continue to play that outsized role on the global stage that it does because of its moral standing and its historical standing." Carter couldn't be more right or more wrong. Great Britain is indeed a former global power and its nukes are a reminder of that. However, the truth is also that UK has given up the role of a power long ago and will not recap it either with nukes or without. To be a great power a state must first be an independent power - something that the UK is empathically not...

Feb 18 12:39

Aleppo Residents Back Assad: 'We Don’t Need Help From Turkey' (Video)

Aleppo is the biggest Syrian city, the industrial center of the country and a melting pot of ethnicities and religions. Almost 2,5 million people lived there before the war, but now there is hardly a million. The city is divided into two parts, the east and south held by governmental forces, the west and north by jihadists. Life on either side of the ragged boundary can hardly be called normal. The water system hasn’t worked for a long time, the pumping station is broken and cannot be repaired because it is located in ISIS territory. The same is true of electricity: only diesel generators operate. For the locals’ reaction to Erdogan’s promise “to come to their rescue”, watch the video.

Feb 18 12:37

Ankara Bombing: A False Flag to Justify Erdogan's Invasion of Syria?

In March 2014 tape recordings of a meeting between the Turkish then Foreign Minister Davutoglu, the chief of the Turkish intelligence MIT Hakan Fidan and others leaked to the public. They talked about a false flag attack on Turkey to be used as a justification form a Turkish attack on Syria. The new was mostly ignored by the "western" main stream media. As I wrote about the tape: The major points from my view: Turkey has delivered 2,000 trucks of weapons and ammunition to the insurgents in Syria. There are plans for false flag attacks on Turkey or Turkish property to justify an attack from Turkey on Syria. The Turkish military has great concerns going into and fighting Syria. The general atmosphere between these deciders is one of indecisiveness. Everyone seems to be unclear what Erdogan wants and is waiting for clear orders from above. Shortly before the meeting the U.S. military presented fresh plans for a no-fly zone over Syria.

Feb 18 11:56

Russian Germans ask Aksenov to help them to resettle in Crimea

Russian Germans living in Germany asked the head of the Crimea Sergey Aksenov with a request to help them to resettle in the Crimean region of residence, reported RIA Novosti Deputy Prime Minister of the Crimean government Ruslan Balbek. According to him, a letter addressed to the head of the Crimea came from communities of Russian Germans living in Bavaria. The document brought a German delegation consisting of four people, who are paying a visit on the Peninsula. "The letter contains a request to the head of the Republic of Crimea to assist in the relocation to permanent place of residence of Russian Germans. To move mainly want the representatives of the working class, small business owners, electricians, plumbers". Balbek emphasized that in a personal meeting, the German delegation argued the desire to resettle in Crimea on the basis of personal security.

Feb 18 11:53

It's said that "A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words" -- Take a look at this one! NATO Has a MAJOR Problem now!

In the photo below, look at the flags on the flag pole outside the ISIS terrorist tents in Latakia, Syria: The black ISIS Flag is on top; directly above the flag of . . . . . . Turkey.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 18 11:44

Michigan’s Water Wars: Nestlé Pumps Millions of Gallons for Free While Flint Pays for Poisoned Water

As Flint residents are forced to drink, cook with and even bathe in bottled water, while still paying some of the highest water bills in the county for their poisoned water, we turn to a little-known story about the bottled water industry in Michigan.

Feb 18 11:36

Kurds warn Turkey of ‘big war’ with Russia if invades Syria

Russia has promised to protect Kurdish fighters in Syria in case of a ground offensive by Turkey, a move that would lead to a "big war," the Syrian group's envoy to Moscow said in an interview on Wednesday.

"We take this threat very seriously because the ruling party in Turkey is a party of war," Rodi Osman, head of the Syrian Kurds' newly-opened representative office said in Kurdish via a Russian interpreter. "Russia will respond if there is an invasion. This isn't only about the Kurds, they will defend the territorial sovereignty of Syria."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

IF in fact this information is true, we may be looking at an intense escalation of this war, happening in a heartbeat.

As reported in consortiumnews.com today:

When President Barack Obama took questions from reporters on Tuesday, the one that needed to be asked – but wasn’t – was whether he had forbidden Turkey and Saudi Arabia to invade Syria, because on that question could hinge whether the ugly Syrian civil war could spin off into World War III and possibly a nuclear showdown. If Turkey (with hundreds of thousands of troops massed near the Syrian border) and Saudi Arabia (with its sophisticated air force) follow through on threats and intervene militarily to save their rebel clients, who include Al Qaeda’s Nusra Front, from a powerful Russian-backed Syrian government offensive, then Russia will have to decide what to do to protect its 20,000 or so military personnel inside Syria. A source close to Russian President Vladimir Putin told me that the Russians have warned Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan that Moscow is prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons if necessary to save their troops in the face of a Turkish-Saudi onslaught. Since Turkey is a member of NATO, any such conflict could quickly escalate into a full-scale nuclear confrontation. Given Erdogan’s megalomania or mental instability and the aggressiveness and inexperience of Saudi Prince Mohammad bin Salman (defense minister and son of King Salman), the only person who probably can stop a Turkish-Saudi invasion is President Obama. But I’m told that he has been unwilling to flatly prohibit such an intervention, though he has sought to calm Erdogan down and made clear that the U.S. military would not join the invasion..

However, Obama may not have the luxury of not participating; because Turkey is a NATO member, if it does, in fact, get attacked, the US government would have no choice but to defend it through NATO.

Let us pray that saner, cooler heads will prevail here.

Feb 18 11:33

Strangling the Israel Boycott

Brushing aside the free-speech rights of Americans, Sen. Mark Kirk and other members of the U.S. Congress are pushing Zionist-demanded legislation to stifle a boycott movement aimed at pressuring Israel to stop oppressing Palestinians, as Lawrence Davidson explains.

Feb 18 11:29

Syria: Army Finds More Proof of Turkey's Aid to Terrorists in Aleppo

Field sources in Masqan village said that the Syrian army's surprise attacks on terrorists' positions in the region made the militants flee the battlefield and facilitated the freedom of Masqan and Ahras villages. They added that the terrorist groups had turned a school in Masqan into their medical center in which a large number of Turkey-made medical packages and drugs were found, a proof of Ankara's logistic support for the militants. The Turkish Army, worried about the imminent collapse of terrorist-held lands in Northern Syria, has sent more military equipment and troops to one of the Turkish border cities near Syria following the recent victories of the Syrian army and Kurdish fighters against the militants in the provinces of Aleppo and Lattakia, Turkish media disclosed on Wednesday.

Feb 18 11:26

Syrian Army Seizes Israel-Made Mines, Ammo Cargo of Militants in Sweida [PHOTOS]

Syrian army soldiers, tipped off by intelligence agents on Wednesday, ambushed a vehicle fully laden with Israeli-made mines and artillery shells on a road in the western part of Sweida province and seized its illegal cargo.

Feb 18 11:25

500 Terrorists Enter Syria via Turkey

"At least 500 militants have crossed the Bab al-Salam border crossing on their way to the town of Azaz to help other terrorists in the face of the gains made by Kurdish forces in the Northern parts of the province," Rami Abdel Rahman, the head of the so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, was quoted as saying by Lebanon Debate news website on Thursday. The monitoring base also said on Wednesday that the crossing of terrorists was carried out under the supervision of the Turkish officials. The Wednesday's crossing was the second time a large group of militants have crossed the Turkish border and entered Syria in less than a week. On Sunday, 350 heavily armed terrorists entered Syrian territories via the Atme border crossing with Turkey. A senior political analyst warned on Wednesday that Turkey will officially launch military invasion of Syria if the strategic town of Azaz in the Northern province of Aleppo is won back by the Syrian Kurds.

Feb 18 11:21

Senior Saudi Army Commanders Oppose Sending Ground Forces to Syria

Senior Saudi commanders in a letter to the crown prince and interior minister, Mohammed bin Nayef, underlined their opposition to the dispatch of ground troops to Syria, warning of its dire consequences. Ten Saudi Generals have signed the letter which foresees definite defeat and failure for Riyadh if the Arab monarchy sends forces to Syria following its failure in the nearly-one-year-long war on Yemen, the NTHNEWS news website reported on Thursday. According to the report, the text of the letter has been released in different Yemeni media and gone viral on the social media.

Feb 18 11:15

Operation Barbarossa 2.0: US Military Occupation of Eastern Europe Intensifies, America Threatens to Attack Russia

There is no need to enter once again into the real history of events in Ukraine, Syria, Europe, Asia, Africa and all the places in the world where American and European meddling have wreaked havoc and loosed Chaos with the dogs of war. The history is well known by those who are interested. But there is a need to comprehend the meaning of what the United States is doing by announcing that it will increase its military budget for eastern Europe by 400%, from a current budget of $789 million to $3.4 billion in 2017. Since the Russians are not the threat in the region, but the United States and NATO are, the placement of military hardware to support a full armoured combat brigade in the region, and right on top of Russia’s borders can have only one other purpose, aggression.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just because something is the most ham-fistedly, pig-headedly stupid thing for the US government to do is, unfortunately, no guarantee that won't do just that; and war with Russia certainly falls into this category.

The US economy is contracting, big time, and the offshoring/outsourcing of jobs continues apace. People are living in their cars, if they are lucky, with many more homeless, on the streets, disenfranchised and unempowered.

Those in the bowels of power think a new world war would be a really great thing, because it would distract Americans from their economic misery by attempting to blame that misery on the war.

However, they miss a couple of salient points in their support of this.

First, during World War I and II, neither China nor Russia had the atomic bomb.

Secondly, at this point in their history, the US military does not have the weaponry, the troop strength, the money, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war with Russia, and that is what makes the military scenario so scarily dangerous.

It has become painfully clear to me, over the last 20 years, that the US government is pathologically incapable of indulging in good faith negotiations with which to resolve geopolitical disputes, and has simply fallen back on militaristic bullying to get its way.

And We the People have become disposable, and irrelevant to those in power along the way, and that is a really dangerous for a country which is, allegedly, a democratic republic.

Feb 18 11:14

Erdogan's son faces prison

The office of public Prosecutor of the Italian city Bologna took a criminal case against Bilal Erdogan. He is suspected of money laundering. President's son moved to Italy last year, ostensibly to obtain a doctoral degree at a University. The police became interested in Bilal Erdogan after the statements of Turkish businessman, by the way, the political opponent of the current President of Turkey. He appealed to Italian authorities to find out the origin of money, which Bilal had brought with him. Similar accusations against Erdogan's Jr. sound not for the first time. Earlier the Turkish Prosecutor's office suspected Bilal in fraud.

Feb 18 11:10

Angry French farmers hold tractor protest as agro-prices continue to fall

Farmers staged a demonstration against falling food prices following Russian sanctions against EU agro-products in France, Wednesday, making fires and dumping rubble in front of an agricultural insurance building.

Feb 18 11:07

Turkish doctors question PM Erdogan’s mental state

‘We are terribly worried, for him, his family and the entire country,’ says Turkish Medical Association.

The Turkish Medical Association announced publicly on Sunday it was worried about the “emotional well-being” of the country’s scandal-ridden Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

In a written statement, the association, which includes a majority of the country’s doctors, said Erdogan’s use of “polarizing, excluding and ‘otherifying’ language” suggested the premier was unwell.

The association noted Erdogan’s recent comments about 15-year-old Berkin Elvan, who died last week after a nine-month coma cause by being hit in the head by a tear gas canister shot by a police officer last summer.

Feb 18 11:05

Meet the Flint Official Whose Bid to Restore Safe Drinking Water Was Blocked by an Unelected Manager

To learn more about how how Flint ended up with an unelected emergency manager, we spoke with Flint City Councilmember Eric Mays.

Feb 18 11:03

Ukraine has officially demanded to give Crimea back to it

The requirement contained in the petition of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to parliamentarians of foreign states. The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted an appeal to foreign parliaments, in which it demanded that Russia "immediately leave the Crimea and Sevastopol". The appropriate appeal published on the website of the Ukrainian Parliament. Recall, the Crimea was reunited with Russia following a referendum in March 2014. However, Ukraine doesn't agree with the decision of Crimean population.

Feb 18 10:58

False Flag Terror in Ankara: Turkish PM Accuses Syria “Of Being Directly Responsible”, Accuses Russia of Supporting Kurdish YPG against Turkey

On Thursday, Press TV reported Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu accusing Syria “of being directly responsible for” Wednesday’s Ankara blast.

“The premier also accused Russia of using (Kurdish) YPG (fighters) against Turkey,” Press TV added.

Erdogan intends using Wednesday’s incident as justification for continued cross-border shelling – perhaps a ground invasion to follow, a reckless act if launched, risking war with Russia.

Heavy shelling continues for the sixth day, targeting northern Syrian YPG positions, reports indicating government strongholds attacked, trying to slow down steady anti-terrorism advances.

On Thursday, Syrian and YPG forces seized control of Kensaba, the last terrorist stronghold north of Latakia province, along with the Shellef fortress, used by their forces

Retired Lebanese General Amin Hoteit calls Russia’s anti-terrorism campaign a major turning point after nearly five years of war.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These accusations, after this obvious false flag attack, represent desperation on the cusp of madness, on the part of Edrogan.

What worries me is what is the next step, after this shelling, that Edrogan will actually take.

Feb 18 10:54

Ukraine still considers airspace above Crimea closed — Infrastructure Ministry

Ukraine still believes that airspace above Crimea and territorial waters remain closed for aircraft flights, the Ukrainian Infrastructure Ministry said in a comment on the decision by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA). "The EASA conclusion only speaks of routes in airspace above the Black Sea," the statement said. According to the Ukrainian side, the airspace above the peninsula and adjacent water area "remains closed for flights of aircraft." On February 17, EASA reported in a news bulletin that airlines may consider the possibility of flights above separate parts of Crimea, which had earlier been closed. EASA recommended for use two air routes (L851 and M856) above the western part of the Black Sea, proposed by Ukraine in a set of measures to restore the use of air routes in that area.

Feb 18 10:52

Cushing Is Denying Storage Requests: Some Troubling Data From Genscape And Goldman

Yesterday, one of the best-known providers of energy market intelligence thanks to its massive private and patented network of land, sea, and satellite monitors, Genscape, held a webinar titled the "Current state of the global oil market" in which it covered all the core aspects that investors in the oil space find concerning, among which the following:

While some the key topics discussed focused on the most followed issue, namely total US supply and commercial oil stocks, which as can be seen are now at a record high and rising...

Further, Genscape adds that when looking specifically at Cushing, the storage facility is virtually operationally full (or at 80%) with just 4-5 more months at current inventory build left until the choke point is breached, and as we have reported previously, storage requests for specific grades being denied however the silver lining is that there is a lot of open pipeline space from Cushing to gulf coast (their full presentation can be watched here).

Feb 18 10:44

Citizen Scientists to Test 100+ U.S. Cities for Lead in the Water: EPAwatch.org

Feb 18 10:37

Latvians are selling their organs to pay off debts

In Latvia you can find a donor among young people for the amount of 6 thousand euros. Sellers are willing to give up their kidneys or other organs to pay off debts. According to the newspaper Diena, in an official turn to change are only a few dozen people, but the Network is full of people willing to sell their organs for an amount of 6 to 20 thousand euros. Their wish to be a donor young Latvians explain that they intend to invest in a startup, cover wedding expenses or to pay debts. It is noted that in accordance with the applicable country laws the sellers of their own body parts do not face criminal liability. The law threatens only those active in the illegal removal of organs.

Feb 18 10:36

What Did GM & the Governor Know? GM Stopped Using Flint Water Over a Year Before Emergency Declared

In October 2014, General Motors recognized the Flint water was corroding its engines.

Feb 18 10:31


It says there very clearly that it remains a Union objective to stick with monetary union and that the currency is the euro. As the single biggest problem the EU faces is an inflexible single currency, why should we stay in an take on a suicide case as our leading trade partner?

Feb 18 10:30

Canada officially refused to bomb Iraq and Syria

Canada officially ended its participation in the air strikes of terrorists positions in Iraq and Syria. Six aircraft of the Canadian air force, participating in air strikes, gradually leave the region in the next few weeks, the military Department of the country said. It is noted that the canadian forces will continue to assist the international coalition, making air reconnaissance, observation missions and refueling in flight.

Feb 18 10:27

Debunking the "The Saudis did 9-11" nonsense!

Saudi Arabia does not have a history of dirty tricks, nor a demonstrated ability to carry out such deceptions. More to the point, Saudi Arabia has no motive to attack the United States. The Saudi princes have grown very rich indeed through the Petrodollar arrangement. Saudi Arabia buys many American products and weapons ($61 billion in 2011), and unlike Israel, the American taxpayer does not have to give them the money first with which to buy those weapons. Whereas Israel constantly takes money out of the US, the Saudis pour it in! Private Saudi investment in the US economy is over $400 billion. Saudi Arabia is a major creditor to the US Government. Exact figures are hard to find but Saudi Arabia has loaned the US Government hundreds of billions of dollars.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am gratified that Donald Trump is willing to question the official narrative of 9-11, but alarmed that once again he is displaying a dangerous politically naivete. Donald has fallen for the "we have secret papers that prove Saudi Arabia did 9-11."

Bush had papers he claimed proved Iraq was buying yellow cake uranium.

So I am reposting this article to lay to rest the idea that Saudi Arabia would have been the mastermind behind 9-11. They had nothing to gain and everything to lose!

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WRH Exclusive
Feb 18 10:11

Reporter: According to foreign diplomats, Erdogan mentally ill

According to the chief editor of Politics First Marcus Papadopoulos, the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan is mentally ill. And numerous diplomats of other states According to him, also agrees with it , with whom he managed to speak. About this journalist said in an interview with RT. "In my opinion and in the opinion of many foreign diplomats in London, with whom I spoke, in fact, President Erdogan is mentally ill. And I say this in all seriousness, this is not some figure of speech. Erdogan suffers from megalomania and believes in his Messianic destiny. As head of state he represents for the region an extreme danger," said the journalist. According to Marcus Papadopoulos, Recep Tayyip Erdogan must be so or otherwise removed from power, which he's too dangerous to have in the region.

Feb 18 09:59


Feb 18 09:49

See Marco Run

Since his relatively strong third-place showing in Iowa, the ups and downs of Senator Marco Rubio’s GOP presidential campaign are getting more attention. And so are the lefts and rights.

Feb 18 09:47

We Can Now Hear the Universe

Scientists say they can now "hear the universe" at a news conference in which they confirmed they have detected gravitational waves, as predicted by Albert Einstein a century ago.

Feb 18 09:42

CBS Files Copyright Claim on Comical Brady Bunch Measles Episode, Yanks Vid After Public Mocks Measles/Vaccine Hysteria

It's still available on the internet though. This video features clips from The Donna Reed Show, (the doctor in a white lab coat tells the measles-ridden patient "it's not serious,") The Flintstones, and also includes the aforementioned 'memory-holed' clip from The Brady Bunch.

Feb 18 09:41

Russian Foreign Ministry Suggests Plot for New BBC Documentary

The official representative the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, Maria Zakharova, invited the BBC to make a new film about how Britain is harbouring fugitives in their country. Zakharova stated this during a briefing on Thursday afternoon. According to the representative of the Foreign Ministry, the refusal of the British authorities to extradite perpetrators of crimes in Russia does not look favourable on London. "The British side does not trouble themselves with detailed and compelling legal justification for such failure. Only formulaic references to the fact that these people who escaped to the UK, de jure, have a special immigration status or that their issue in Russia will result in the violation of human rights", – said Maria Zakharova. "We are waiting for the plot of the new film," she added. Maria Zakharova also stressed that Britain is harboring fugitives and is sending the wrong signal to other criminals.

Feb 18 09:33

Diplomat: Russian citizens’ extradition by third countries upon US requests unacceptable

The diplomat commented on Norway’s recent decision to extradite to the United States Russian citizen Mark Vartanyan who has been under arrest since 2014. Vartanyan is accused of spreading more than 50 files through the Internet to install computer virus Citadel and control the infected computers. Zakharova said this "has nothing in common with the true interests of justice and means that norms of the international law are ignored." "If this was indeed the need to curb the criminal activity, it would be right to send a respective request to Russia, a country whose citizen Vartanyan is." The lawyers of Vartanyan plan to appeal against the decision that will be considered by Norway’s authorities, she said. "We hope that eventually an unbiased approach will prevail that meets the generally recognized criteria of justice."

Feb 18 09:22

Turkey plans another major provocation to invade Syria?

Is there a possibility for a direct military confrontation between Russia and Turkey? What global plans does Turkish President Erdogan harbor? Russia has publicly announced its knowledge of Turkey's plans. The Turkish side said that despite the fact that Russia had all the intelligence information, Turkey will not give up its intentions. In fact, this is a conflict already. Turkey wants to take control of a major channel, a road that was used to supply the terrorist group in Aleppo with weapons and ammo. This will be a ground operation, definitely. Turkey may also want to create a corridor for the Aleppo group to escape to Turkey - they may want to do it to keep the groups of militants that Turkey was maintaining and training for long. Saudi Arabia says that it would send a limited contingent of 2,000 to Syria - this is a very small amount for such military operations.

Feb 18 09:20

Obama Sends F-22 Raptor Jets to South Korea to Back Up Defense Pledge

The US Air Force has confirmed that it has increased its combat force in South Korea, sending a flight of four F-22 Raptor jets over the country in what local media said was a show of force on Wednesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

4 planes. Big show! Have they fixed the problem with the pilots not being able to breath yet?

Feb 18 09:19

How Far Will The U.S. Go If Turkey Invades Syria?

The Government of Turkey has now put itself in a position whereby it must act rapidly and precipitously to avoid moving to an ultimately losing strategic position in the war against Syria, which could result in being forced back to fight a full-scale civil war to prevent the break-up of the State into at least two components, one being a new Kurdish state.

Turkey’s leadership, in insisting - in 2011-12 - on sponsoring a proxy war to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has already led to a refugee crisis of irreversible strategic damage to Europe, but Turkish Presisdent Reçep Tayyip Erdogan, the Saudi Arabian military-political leadership, the U.S. Barack Obama administration, and the Qatari Emir now find themselves with nowhere to go except to escalate further in the hope that the Syrian revival, backed by Russia and Iran, will collapse.

Feb 18 09:18

Hillary Clinton and the Syrian Bloodbath

In the Milwaukee debate, Hillary Clinton took pride in her role in a recent UN Security Council resolution on a Syrian ceasefire:

But I would add this. You know, the Security Council finally got around to adopting a resolution. At the core of that resolution is an agreement I negotiated in June of 2012 in Geneva, which set forth a cease-fire and moving toward a political resolution, trying to bring the parties at stake in Syria together.

This is the kind of compulsive misrepresentation that makes Clinton unfit to be President. Clinton's role in Syria has been to help instigate and prolong the Syrian bloodbath, not to bring it to a close.

Feb 18 09:17

FLASHBACK - Bush Caught in a LieAbout the 9/11 WTC Attacks

President Bush has stated on two occasions that he saw a plane hit World Trade Center 1:

There is a problem with the above statements. There was no live video coverage of the first plane hitting the tower. There couldn't be. Video of the first plane hitting the tower did not surface until AFTER the second plane had hit World Trade Center 2.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, Donald Trump is correct; George W. Bush was lying. but the real reason the GOP is panicking is that Trump v Bush is making 9-11 a current topic again and they were all hoping that evidence of US/Israel involvement was fading from the public memory!

Feb 18 09:11

Israel Demands Governments Regulate Social Media & Ban “Anti-Semitism”

Following up on a recent blog post highlighting the ADL’s collaboration with the social media giant Twitter, we have yet another example of the organized Jewish community’s concerted efforts to censor the Internet and crack down on “anti-Semitism,” i.e., criticizing and/or exposing Israels' government!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Feb 18 09:08


Two back to back M4.8 earthquakes have struck the dormant volcanic fields near Big Pine, California. (One event now downgraded to M4.3)

The earthquakes struck very close to Crater Mountain Volcano.

Feb 18 09:07

Jewish man arrested 'after posting swastikas on doors'

A Jewish man was under arrest on hate-crime charges on Monday, accused of making anti-Semitic telephone calls to his mother and other elderly women and putting swastikas on apartment doors, police said.

Feb 18 09:05

New Research: Earth is Made Up of Two Planets Fused Together

Previously, scientists proposed that Theia, a planetary embryo, simply side-swiped Earth, blasting the Moon into orbit and then continued off into space.
Now, new research from the University of California at Los Angeles suggests that instead of a side-swiping, a head-on collision occurred between Earth and Theia, which made the planetary embryo a part of our own planet.

Feb 18 09:01

Hillary Clinton, With Little Notice, Vows to Embrace an Extremist Agenda on Israel

Former President Bill Clinton on Monday met in secret (no press allowed) with roughly 100 leaders of South Florida’s Jewish community and, as The Times of Israel reports, “he vowed that, if elected, Hillary Clinton would make it one of her top priorities to strengthen the US-Israel alliance.” He also “stressed the close bond that he and his wife have with the State of Israel.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No government can serve two masters, and a government that serves Israel cannot, does not, and will not serve the American people. A friend of Israel is no friend of America. In these dark times America needs leaders who will put America first, second, and third!

Feb 18 09:00


According to Courthouse News (CN) article, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson warned law enforcement of a new breed of terrorism that sees people “self-radicalize.” “As I have said many times, we are in a new phase of the global terrorist threat, requiring a whole new type of response,” Johnson said. “We have moved from a world of terrorist-directed attacks to a world that includes the threat of terrorist-inspired attacks.”

Feb 18 09:00

‘Dogs allowed, Bankers forbidden!’ French restaurateur bites back over expansion loan denials

A young French restaurateur has banned bankers from eating in his establishment as his way of getting back at the industry which treated him “like a dog” by repeatedly denying a loan for expansion despite strong economic performance of his venue.

Feb 18 08:57

Netanyahu asks Germany to mediate to return bodies of Israeli soldiers in Gaza

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asked German Chancellor Angela Merkel to mediate to return the bodies of the Israeli soldiers held in Gaza, PalSawa.com reported Israeli radio saying yesterday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which is kind of weird, because back when Netanyahu was dropping bombs on Gaza he insisted no Israeli soldiers were captured or killed inside Gaza!

Feb 18 08:53

Turkey's gamble

We are experiencing an extraordinarily dangerous moment in history. The possible illegal ground invasion of Syria by Turkey and Saudi Arabia could ignite a conflict engulfing the great powers that would be difficult to control. Can Washington manage its erratic anti-Assad coalition?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It hasn't so far!