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April 19, 2016

Apr 19 08:07



Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US links 9-11 to every nation it wants to invade. First it was Afghanistan, then Iraq (after which George W. Bush admitted on TV Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11).

Saudi Arabia now finds themselves in the croshairs of the US war machine!

To find out if you are being lied to, look for what should be there and isn't, and what isn't there is a motive for Saudi Arabia to attack the United States on 9-11. Saudi Arabia has grown very rich off of the United States with the petrodollar deal. And they have invested much of that money in the United States. Why would Saudi Arabia do anything that would risk having the United States confiscate that money or end the lucrative petrodollar arrangement? Especially without some compelling reason? And as the Saudi threat confirms, if Saudi Arabia really did want to harm the United States they would not need to crash airplanes into buildings, all they need do is take their investment funds back and the US economy would implode. The resulting economic devastation would make the loss of the World Trade Towers seem like a minor inconvenience in comparison! And it would be perfectly legal for Saudi Arabia to do so.

And let us be honest, it wasn't Saudis who were arrested for cheering and clapping while the towers came crashing down, it was Mossad agents. Israeli owned companies like Odigo received advance warning of the attack. Saudi companies did not.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice (or thrice) shame on me!

Apr 19 08:01

More ‘Boots On The Ground’ As Obama Again Bolsters Endless Iraq War

Signaling further escalation of U.S. military force in Iraq, U.S. Secretary of Defense Ash Carter announced Monday that 217 additional troops would be deployed to Iraq and that the U.S. will also be supplying Apache helicopters and millions in aid to Kurdish Peshmer

Apr 19 08:01

FOX: Diebold Electronic Vote Fraud Confirmed

Apr 19 08:00

Obama Embraces the Bomb

President Obama hosted an international conference a couple of weeks ago on measures to tighten controls on the spread of nuclear weapons and possible theft of nuclear materials by terrorist groups. This harks back to an early theme of his Presidency whereby he set the goal of a sharp reduction of the world’s inventories of these weapons. Yet, a few months back Obama announced a $1 trillion program to upgrade the American nuclear arsenal. What’s going on ?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"You misunderstood me. It's all those other nations that must limit nuclear weapons. Their nuclear weapons are bad. Our nuclear weapons are good. So of course we build more of them!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 19 07:58

WV Vote Flipping Caught on Tape

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"It's just a calibration problem. Honest! Just a calibration problem. Nothing more. No intent to steal elections going on here!"

Apr 19 07:58

Brooklyn man busted for bribing cops to expedite gun permit applications as part of probe into NYPD corruption

Lichtenstein, who has his own gun permit, is a member of the Borough Park Shomrim, the Jewish volunteer patrol. He was arrested Sunday at his Pomona, Rockland County, home.

He would charge members of the Orthodox community between $5,000 and $25,000 to expedite their gun permit requests, community sources said.

The process typically takes at least a year and candidates with low-level criminal offenses are almost always nixed.

One applicant approved for a gun permit in 2013 had a long criminal history, the feds said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apparently, gun control is only for the goyim!

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Apr 19 07:51

George H.W. Bush attends Wake For Slain Waco ATF Agent, Says He Was Killed By "weird cultists"

In 1995 Bush angrily resigned from the NRA and wrote "I was outraged when, even in the wake of the Oklahoma City tragedy, Mr. Wayne LaPierre, executive vice president of N.R.A., defended his attack on federal agents as "jack-booted thugs." To attack Secret Service agents or A.T.F. people or any government law enforcement people as "wearing Nazi bucket helmets and black storm trooper uniforms - wanting to "attack law abiding citizens - is a vicious slander on good people.
... In 1993, I attended the wake for A.T.F. agent Steve Willis, another dedicated officer who did his duty. I can assure you that this honorable man, killed by weird cultists, was no Nazi.
... your broadside against Federal agents deeply offends my own sense of decency and honor"

Apr 19 07:50

NJ Judge Didn't Review Cruz Docs

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The judge didn't even look at the evidence!!!!!!

Apr 19 07:49

Once Ahead By 60 Points, Clinton National Lead Over Sanders Has Dwindled To Zero

Though all political eyes in the U.S. are now focused like a laser beam on Tuesday’s New York primary, the national trends remain startling when it comes to the intense competition between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Apr 19 07:47

The Battles of Lexington and Concord, 1775

By April 1775, reconciliation between England and the thirteen colonies had failed. Two months earlier, Parliament had declared Massachusetts to be in a state of rebellion, and on April 14 General Thomas Gage received secret orders from England to suppress the rebels. On the night of April 18, Gage sent 700 British soldiers to Concord to seize patriot supplies there. At dawn the British reached the town of Lexington, just east of Concord, where they found seventy American militiamen waiting for them on the village green.

Warned of the British troops’ movements, the Lexington patriots had assembled in an effort to halt British progress toward Concord. Both sides stood their ground, and in a tense moment, a shot was fired. Though it’s unclear which side, British soldier or American patriot, fired that first “shot heard ’round the world,” history remembers it as the start of the American Revolutionary War.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

On this date, April 19th, in 1775, we kicked out the last batch of tax-happy bastards who wouldn't listen to the people.

Apr 19 07:43

The Oklahoma City Bombing - Were there additional explosive charges and additional bombers?

There are many problems with the official story of the bombing. Let's start with McVeigh's whereabouts on
April 17.

bordercolor="#111111" cellspacing="0">

McVeigh had been filmed by a security camera at a nearby McDonald's 24 minutes before the
time stamped on the truck rental agreement, wearing clothes that did not match either of the men seen at

There is no plausible explanation of how he traveled the mile and a quarter from McDonald's to
the rental agency, carless and alone as he claims, without getting soaked in the rain.


Webmaster's Commentary: 

On this day, April 19th, 1995, the Murrah Federal Building was destroyed in a massive bomb blast. Blamed on domestic terrorists, the explosion was used to push forward Bill Clinton's anti-terror agenda involving more warrantless spying on law-abiding Americans.

The bombing was very convenient for the government, because Congress was about to hold hearings on the Waco Massacre, and the BATF had assembled all the documentation of that event in the Murrah building, where it was destroyed, effectively ending the inquiry.

Apr 19 07:38

Activist Stephen Ruth has disabled so many red light Cameras he's called the Red Light Camera Robin Hood

Stephen Ruth, the famous “Red Light Camera Robin Hood”, has been arrested – again - in Suffolk County, New York for disabling dozens more red light cameras.

“I will single-handedly tear down the red light camera program with no fear of jail time,” said the 43-year-old Ruth.

Apr 19 07:37

Corporations Are Defaulting On Their Debts Like It’s 2008 All Over Again

The Dow closed above 18,000 on Monday for the first time since July. Isn’t that great news? I truly wish that it was. If the Dow actually reflected economic reality, I could stop writing about “economic collapse” and start blogging about cats or football.

Apr 19 07:36

FLASHBACK - WACO - Who Shot First?

Contrary to the image of a dangerous gun nut put out in the media in an effort to justify the burning of the church, official BATF records prove that David Koresch was rather harmless, so much so that the BATF agents invited him to go shooting with them just 9 days before they raided the church. Koresch supplied the ammunition. The BATF agents allowed Koresch to try out their weapons.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

On this day, April 19th, in 1993, the FBI gassed a church full of women and children to death with a poison gas that is illegal to use on enemy troops in time of war. This was done to cover up a major botch-up by the BATF, which had sought to salvage their already damaged public image with a spectacular raid on the Branch Davideans, who funded their religious commune with a gun repair business. The BATF had hoped to garner headlines with a spectacular show of seized weapons, even though all the guns owned by the Branch Davideans were legally owned. But all the working guns were absent from the church that day, away at a gun show. All that was left were guns waiting repairs or being stripped for parts, and were still in storage at the church after the fire.

Branch Davidean leader David Koresch was tipped off to the coming raid by one of the reporters invited along by the BATF, and opened the front door of the church, intending to allow the BATF to inspect the weapons owned by the church as part of their gun repair business. But someone shot Koresch in the groin the moment he opened the door, leading to the standoff.

Four former Clinton bodyguards, Steve Willis, Robert Williams,,Conway LeBleu, and Todd McKeehan, had all been transferred to the BATF just before the raid and died of execution-style gunshots to their left temples. Paul Wilcher, an attorney who was investigating Waco, was found dead on June 22, 1993. Carlos Ghigliotti, a thermal imaging expert hired by the House Government Reform Committee to review tape of the siege at Waco, Texas, was found dead on April 28, 2000.

Apr 19 07:28


New Yorkers will go to the polls on April 19 to cast their votes in a primary that is of crucial importance to both parties. For the Republicans, it could make the difference in Donald Trump’s quest to win the necessary delegates ahead of the convention.

Yet, tens of thousands of newly registered voters in New York City may not show up to vote. Why? Because of the vague wording on a postcard.

The card from the New York CIty Board of Elections informed voters that “the” primary would be held in September.

Apr 19 07:26


Thanks to the arcane voter registration rules of New York’s closed primary and various mess-ups by election officials, a lot of New York voters might be in for a long day.

One major problem is that the Empire State’s primary is closed, which means that only New Yorkers specifically registered as either a Democrat or Republican will be allowed to vote. Even worse, New Yorkers who wanted to switch their party affiliation — for example, from the Working Families Party, a force in New York progressive politics that backs Bernie Sanders, to Democrat to vote for the Vermont senator or from “Independent” to “Republican” to vote for Donald Trump — had to do so last October in order to be allowed to cast a ballot.

In other words, if you were registered as anything other than a Democrat on October 9th of last year and you want to vote for Sanders, you are out of luck.

Apr 19 07:25

NY Voters File LAWSUIT alleging SWITCH of Party Affiliation! "Threat to their Democratic Process"

Apr 19 07:24

NY Primary Voting Problems Should Be Reported to Hotline

Anyone who has a problem at the polls for the primary Tuesday, April 19 is urged to call a special hotline.

Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman announced that his office established a toll-free number to help troubleshoot and resolve issues voters may be having trying to vote.

He said voters experiencing problems or issues at the polls should call 1-800-771-7755 or email civil.rights@ag.ny.gov at any time between 6 a.m. and 9 p.m.

The hotline will be staffed by attorneys and staff in the office’s Civil Rights Bureau.

“Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy, and my office is deeply committed to ensuring equal access for all eligible voters on election day,” Schneiderman said in a prepared statement.

Apr 19 07:20

Visit to the Mount Carmel Branch Davidian (Waco) Massacre Site - Video

I first visited the site of the Branch Davidian Massacre in 2008. My wife and I were in the Waco area this morning so we stopped by once again and took some video of the current site of the 'Waco' tragedy, for a virtual tour of what the place looks like 21 years after the siege. Upon our arrival we were greeted by two very nice labs.

Apr 19 06:38


Webmaster addition: Sanders has been leading Clinton for weeks, and all of a sudden, she leaps ahead in the polls?

I smell a big Clinton rat!

Apr 19 06:36

Gary Johnson - People want to vote FOR someone, instead of AGAINST someone

Apr 19 03:25

Ex-member of Dutch parliament poses as Clinton supporter

A few months ago, one of our D'66 members of parliament, backbencher Wassila Hachchi, suddenly disappeared. Once touted as a paragon of integration she quit her job with little explanation: she was moving on, she said in a letter to parliament. Days later she showed up in New York, apparently applying for a job in the Clinton campaign, though the campaign leader denied knowing anything about her. Subsequently, her party threw her out. She is now 'retired' from parliament and on parliamentary welfare, receiving 6801 euro a month. So her presence at Clinton rallies is not really a surprise, but here in the Netherlands we wonder how the leech dares to show her face in public - without a staying permit she should have been thrown out of the States by now. See also http://www.geenstijl.nl/mt/archieven/2016/02/uncle_sam_needs_you_but_n...

April 18, 2016

Apr 18 19:54


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PART 5: A SUGGESTION (this article)


Apr 18 19:19

NYPD: No Arrests For Subway Swipe In Manhattan, But Fines Remain As High As $50

Under new rules, New York police officers in Manhattan will stop arresting people that are swiped through the subway turnstile by a fellow passenger. The act is still considered a violation, however, and can command fines as high as $50.

Apr 18 19:19

Donald Trump hires top GOP lawyer for delegate fight

Donald Trump has made another new significant hire as he prepares for the possibility of a contested convention, bringing William McGinley, a prominent Republican political attorney and a veteran of past delegate battles, into his campaign.

McGinley is expected to advise the Trump campaign on both delegate selection battles in the upcoming states and possible challenges to the credentials of delegates to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, according to people familiar with the hiring.

Apr 18 18:45

“Syrian Opposition” Ends Peace Talks, Launches New Offensive In NW Syria

By Brandon Turbeville

As most expected they would from day one, the Syrian ceasefire agreement and Geneva peace talks have been broken, signaling a return to full-scale fighting on the ground in Syria.

An announcement made by the representation of the “Syrian opposition” members taking part in the Geneva talks made clear that the “opposition” was halting formal peace talks with the Syrian government and that the “moderate” terrorists will resume combat operations against the Syrian military...

Apr 18 18:17

Can Social Media Seize Control Of Our Elections?

Americans don’t trust the media. In fact, studies show that we like, really, really, really don’t trust the media.

A new survey from the Media Insight Project, for examples, shows that just 6 percent of Americans “say they have great confidence in the press.”

Apr 18 18:12

Americans Spend More On Taxes Than On Housing, Food And Clothing

According to the latest report by the Tax Foundation, in 2016, Americans will pay roughly 20% more for their federal, state and local taxes than they will spend on housing, food and clothing combined.

Apr 18 18:09

Dozens Of Large Earthquakes Strike As Speculation Mounts That Japan's Southern Island May Split

A new study finds there were more than twice as many big earthquakes in the first quarter of 2014 as compared with the annual average since 1979... “We have recently experienced a period that has had one of the highest rates of great earthquakes ever recorded..."

Apr 18 18:03

GMO Mushroom Gets Clearance From USDA

The US Department of Agriculture has said that it will not regulate a genetically modified mushroom designed to be more resilient and resistant to browning. The GMO shroom was created using the gene-altering tool CRISPR.

Owl 2
Apr 18 17:06

Gunboat Diplomacy: UK Is Sending More Soldiers To Its Embassies

Britain is militarizing embassies and pouring money into its Defence Attaché (DA) network, despite recent controversies including personnel “going native” in Yemen and being arrested photographing military equipment in Russia.

Apr 18 16:51

US To Send 200 More Troops, Apache Helicopters To Iraq To Fight ISIS

The US will deploy 217 troops and Apache helicopters to Iraq as part of operations against jihadist group Islamic State, according to US defense officials. The additional troops will bring the US solider level in Iraq to 4,087.

Apr 18 15:53

Dissociative Disorder: Netherlands Could Torpedo Ukraine-EU Agreement

The Netherlands could refuse to ratify the Ukraine-EU association agreement, according to a diplomatic source.

BRUSSELS (Sputnik) — Dutch Foreign Minister Bert Koenders notified his EU counterparts on Monday that he does not rule out that the Netherlands will refuse to ratify the Ukraine —EU association agreement, a EU diplomatic source said.

"He [Koenders] said that the Dutch government cannot ratify the agreement in light of the current situation…they are pressed for time, including by the Constitution," the source told reporters in Brussels.

"A large group in the parliament has asked the government not to ratify the agreement and he [Koenders] cannot rule this out. They want to resolve this issue by the summer," the source said.

A total of 61 percent of Dutch people who cast their vote a consultative referendum on the EU-Ukraine association agreement on April 6 rejected the deal's ratification.

Apr 18 15:35

Oil falls on failed output freeze

Oil falls on failed output freeze; Dow above 18,000

In Qatar, some 18 oil-exporting nations, including OPEC members, failed to agree to stabilise output at January levels until October 2016. A pact fell apart after Saudi Arabia demanded that Iran join in.

Crude oil ended well off the day's lows, however, with a strike in Kuwait slashing the country's oil output by more than half.

Brent crude LCOc1 settled down 19 cents, or 0.4 percent, at $42.91 a barrel, after falling $3 earlier in the session, while U.S. WTI crude CLc1 closed down 58 cents, or 1.4 percent, at $39.78 a barrel, after hitting $37.61 earlier.

Apr 18 15:31

SoT – Jeff Brown In Beijing: Why Does The West Fear China?

There are some serious heavy-weight challenges to the Bretton-Woods economic stranglehold on the world that are happening right now. A lot of events are percolating up right now…that should lead to a more equitable use of the world’s

Apr 18 15:31

Revealed: Colorado Lawmakers Who Voted to Scrap Election Are Ted Cruz Delegates

In May of 2015, four Colorado Senate Republicans killed an initiative “to create a presidential primary in 2016,” reported the Denver Post. “Under the bill, Colorado would have held a presidential primary in March that ran parallel with the state’s complicated caucus system… when it came before the Senate Appropriations Committee, four Republicans voted to kill the bill with three Democrats supporting it.”

The four Republicans who voted against the initiative were Sen. Kevin Grantham, Sen. Kent Lambert, Sen. Laura Woods, and Sen. Jerry Sonnenberg.

On Cruz’s campaign website, Sens. Woods, Grantham, and Lambert are all listed as Cruz supporters and as declared members of Cruz’s “Colorado Leadership team.”

Apr 18 15:20

Government Officials Admit to ECONOMIC False Flag Operations

False flag attacks don’t just involve physical deaths and wars …

They also involve faked economic events and financial casualties.

Owl 3
Apr 18 15:20

America Has Been At War 93% of the Time – 222 Out of 239 Years – Since 1776

Below, I have reproduced a year-by-year timeline of America’s wars, which reveals something quite interesting: since the United States was founded in 1776, she has been at war during 214 out of her 235 calendar years of existence. In other words, there were only 21 calendar years in which the U.S. did not wage any wars.

To put this in perspective:

* Pick any year since 1776 and there is about a 91% chance that America was involved in some war during that calendar year.

* No U.S. president truly qualifies as a peacetime president. Instead, all U.S. presidents can technically be considered “war presidents.”

* The U.S. has never gone a decade without war.

* The only time the U.S. went five years without war (1935-40) was during the isolationist period of the Great Depression.

Apr 18 15:16

Protesters acquitted of blockading London arms fair

A judge has acquitted eight protesters who blockaded the entrance to an arms fair, accepting their argument that they acted to stop illegal weapons trading.

Apr 18 15:13

Psychologists urged to examine complicity in supporting abusive systems of torture in U.S. criminal justice system and covert government programs

Psychologists for Social Responsibility (PsySR), the group which led the call to end the involvement of American psychologists in the CIA Torture program at Guantanamo and took the American Psychological Association (APA) to task last summer for their “highly permissive” ethics through which the APA had colluded with the Departm

Apr 18 15:11

Mark Wahlberg was filming at the Boston Marathon finish line this morning

He donned a Boston police uniform for Patriots' Day.
Patriots’ Day chronicles the story of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Wahlberg will star as a police officer who is central to the investigation, and the subsequent manhunt that shut down the city.

Apr 18 15:01

Democrats March Toward Cliff

As Democratic-insider “super-delegates” give Hillary Clinton a seemingly insurmountable lead for the presidential nomination, the former Secretary of State’s negative ratings continue to soar to stunning levels, hitting a net 24-point unfavorable in the new NBC-Wall Street Journal poll.

Apr 18 14:53

Pam Geller’s Islamification

beware - algebra, algorithms, astronomy, surgery, soap, shampoo, bathing, coffee, and other Islamic threats! :-)

Apr 18 14:52

Civil Disobedience Planned On Capitol Hill To Cap Week With More Than 900 Arrests

More than 900 people have been arrested over the past week on Capitol Hill in a series of unprecedented protests against the influence of big money and corporate lobbying in politics. More civil disobedience is scheduled for today. The arrests began last Monday during an event organized as part of a wave of actions dubbed Democracy Spring. Another protest began on Saturday under the banner of Democracy Awakening. We speak to one of the key organizers of Democracy Awakening, the Rev. William Barber, president of the North Carolina chapter of the NAACP.

Apr 18 14:44

Globalists Freak Out As Storm Clouds Gather Over World Economy

Financial leaders from the Group of 20 major economies scrambled on Friday for a way to keep global growth from stalling amid concerns about a drop-off in international trade and the waning effectiveness of loose monetary policy.

Apr 18 14:31

15 Saudi ‘hijackers’ were CIA agents working for US: Scholar

Fifteen of the 9/11 “hijackers” from Saudi Arabia were CIA agents working for the United States government, which was seeking to destroy the Middle East for Israel and to double the American military budget, says Dr. Kevin Barrett, an American academic who has been studying the events of 9/11 since late 2003.

Apr 18 14:31

US can't keep pace with Russian submarine deployments - top Navy official

The US Navy is facing better and more numerous Russian submarines capable of taking out aircraft carrier groups. The service can’t ensure full awareness of Russian sub activity, CNN reported, citing American admiral.

"The submarines that we're seeing are much more stealthy," Adm. Mark Ferguson, commander of US Naval Forces in Europe, told the news channel. "We're seeing [the Russians] have more advanced weapons systems, missile systems that can attack land at long ranges, and we also see their operating proficiency is getting better as they range farther from home waters."

Apr 18 14:28

Koh-I-Noor Diamond Was Not Stolen By Britain, It Was A Gift – New Delhi

Britain’s most famous crown jewel was a gift to Queen Victoria and was not stolen, the Indian government has told its supreme court, which is to rule on a lawsuit seeking the diamond’s return.

A group of patriotic Indians say the legendary Koh-i-Noor – once the world’s largest diamond – was stolen by Britain during India’s colonization.

Apr 18 14:22

School Accused of Ignoring “White Student’s Claims of Racial Harassment” Settles Case

There’s no doubt that many wrongs have been done in the name of racism.

But, two wrongs don’t make a right.

As originally reported, pupil Giovanni Micheli was repeatedly attacked, assaulted, and abused for being white in the majority nonwhite school. Repeated requests for help directed to the school authorities by Giovanni and his parents were ignored by the school staff.

Read more at SHTFplan.com

Apr 18 14:07

Arrests Made At Democracy Awakens Protest Against Money In Politics

The first arrests have been made at the Democracy Awakens protest at the US Capitol. Police had made at least two warnings before detaining demonstrators, who are calling on Congress to get money out of politics and restore the Voting Rights Act.

Apr 18 14:02


NEW! Updated for Hillary's 2016 run!

My thanks to everyone who took the time to write and suggest corrections. Many changes have been made to this list based on the info sent in and more will be added in the very near future.

In compiling this list I have tried to find as much photographic evidence as I can, but surprisingly (or maybe not so surprisingly) these people in many cases seem to have been erased from the internet!

The following is a partial list of a large number of persons who have recently met their demise in suspicious circumstances who appear to have some connection to the Clintons. I stress partial because new additions are coming in faster than closets can be found to hide the bodies in!

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WRH Exclusive
Apr 18 13:58

UK In Talks To Deploy Up To 1,000 Troops To Libya As Hammond Arrives In Tripoli

European defense officials are to discuss sending thousands of troops to Libya. The talks come as UK Foreign Secretary Philip Hammond pays an unannounced visit to Tripoli in a show of support for the country’s new UN-backed government.

Apr 18 13:53

NY Voters File Lawsuit On Eve Of Primary Alleging ‘A Threat To The Democratic Process’

Hundreds of voters in New York are expected to file a lawsuit against the state Monday claiming their party affiliation was changed without their consent and they cannot vote in Tuesday’s hotly-contested primary.

Apr 18 13:43

China introduces the death penalty for officials involved in corruption cases involving more than £300,000 

Corruption cases involving more than £300,000 - or three million yuan - could incur the death penalty in future, Chinese authorities have ruled.

Under President Xi Jinping the country has waged a much-publicised anti-corruption campaign however no Communist Party official is known to have been put to death for the offence since Xi took office.

The Supreme People's Court and China's national prosecuting body said that bribes or embezzlement totalling three million yuan or more will be considered 'extraordinarily huge value' and could incur the death penalty, or a life sentence without parole.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Good for China! We need that here.

Apr 18 13:37

‘Like Italian Mafia’: German Gangs Recruit New Members From Asylum Seekers – Police Chief

German gangs are recruiting new members from asylum seekers, the head of the German police union told RT, adding there are cases when a few days after a refugee camp is set up, “black limousines” apparently containing gang recruiters were spotted.

Apr 18 13:31

The Steep Cost of Tax Dodging

The old saying goes that there are two things certain in life: death and taxes. But do taxes actually apply to the rich and powerful?

US corporations enjoy US infrastructure, talent and other resources, but they're not giving back financially. Over the last 50 years, the corporate share of federal revenues has dropped from a high of almost 40 percent in 1943 to less than 9 percent today. And while corporations pay less, ordinary Americans are called upon to make up the difference. Individual income taxes will account for nearly 49 percent of all federal revenues in 2016. If you add payroll taxes, individual taxes will make up more than 80 percent of US government revenues this year.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 18 13:29

Yen Long Positions Hit Record

Apr 18 13:27

Has A Double Agent Compromised £3bn UK Spy Plane Before It Even Enters Service?

Questions have been raised about the UK’s multi-billion P-8 Poseidon spy plane deal after a US Navy expert on the aircraft’s capabilities was charged with espionage. It is feared he may have sold secrets to China or Taiwan.

Apr 18 13:18

Sanders closing in on Clinton, national poll shows

US Democratic presidential contender Bernie Sanders has nearly closed the gap with his party rival Hillary Clinton, a new national poll shows.

The Wall Street Journal/NBC News survey released on Monday showed that the Vermont senator has 48 percent support among Democratic voters, virtually tying with the former Secretary of State’s 50 percent.

Sanders picked up four percentage points since last month’s survey while Clinton’s support slipped.

The results mark a significant turnaround for Sanders who was 20 percent behind Clinton in January and 60 points behind her in June last year.

Apr 18 13:17

Clintons part of US oligarchy ‘squeezing’ working class: Journalist

US Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders is accurate in comparing Bill and Hillary Clinton to the country’s oligarchy who are ruling the US and “squeezing” the middle and lower class households, an investigative journalist in Washington says.

“Senator Sanders has hit the nail on the head; Hillary Clinton and her husband do represent an oligarchy,” said Wayne Madsen, an author and columnist specializing in intelligence and international affairs.

“These are the upper one percent of the one percent in the United States who are doing quite well and the rest of the country isn’t,” Madsen said during a phone interview with Press TV on Monday.

Apr 18 12:55

IRS Agents Says : $50,000 reward to show a law requiring to pay federal Income tax

Apr 18 12:38

Why Bill Clinton is Full of Shit

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton has been making the rounds to defend his policies while in office to support his wife’s run for President. The close working relationship that he and Hillary Clinton have infers a symbiosis that other ‘First Couples’ wouldn’t be jointly held accountable for. And in contrast to the oft offered argument that Mrs. Clinton isn’t responsible for her husband’s policies, she has taken responsibility (links below) for her role in developing, promoting and implementing the omnibus crime bill of 1994 that led to the massive buildout of the carceral state (mass incarceration) and for her use of the term ‘super-predator’ as racist slander against Black children.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Bill Clinton is Full of Shit. But then, aren't all politicians?

Apr 18 12:37

Australian Govt Forces Johnny Depp and Amber Heard to Record Creepy Hostage Apology Video for Bringing Undeclared Pets Into the Country

Whatever you do, don’t forget to declare your pet dogs when you visit Australia.

If you do, you might be held hostage in a torture camp, brainwashed, and forced to record an awkward, creepy “hostage” video apologizing like this one featuring Johnny Depp and Amber Heard...

(read more)

Apr 18 12:35

Just GROSS: Company Makes “period Panties” so Feminists Can Bleed on Ted Cruz or Donald Trump’s Face

This has got to be one of the most disgusting things I have ever written about, and I’m a girl.
This will be brief (no pun intended).
Then again, this is one of the most bizarre hot garbage fires of an election I’ve ever witnessed in my entire life, so I guess in a sick way, it is fitting… but really, really sick.

(read more)

Apr 18 12:29


Greedy for Lockheed corporate support, the Pentagon offers outside countries special sales deals on pre-production jets.


The Pentagon has reported US foreign military sales (FMS) agreements with three countries which are not F-35 partners. Israel, Japan and Korea have agreed to purchase F-35 pre-production aircraft at a total value of over $15 billion. These contracts will include offset agreements which financially reward the countries for their purchase. The current low rate F-35 production lot (LRIP-8) plane count is 29 US, 8 Partner , and 6 FMS.

Apr 18 12:28

Poland: A New Route for ISIS Weapons Smuggling Operations?

After bringing Ukraine to the stage of complete disintegration, the country has fallen into mired corruption, ruled by oligarchs and extremist groups. This all brings Ukraine towards the final steps of ‘democracy’ and closer EU and NATO structures. Namely, it changes Ukraine into an open mafia territory where one of the primary forms of trade is selling weapons (about 2 million weapons have recently been acquired by the Ukrainian Maidan extremists) to ISIS cells in Western Europe. Poland at this stage will be the territory of smuggling routes and logistics. Paradoxically, precisely because of being a smuggling route, Poland will be able to enjoy, for as long as possible, relative calm since groups of terrorists smuggling weapons from Ukraine will not want to be noticed by local intelligence services in Poland.

Apr 18 12:21

Israeli-Palestinian shouting match at UN Security Council

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said in an address that Israeli demolitions of Palestinian buildings in the West Bank were continuing at "an alarming rate," reasserting that settlements are illegal.
Note: What part of ILLEGAL (and immoral) does Israel not understand!

Apr 18 12:19

GOP Spokesman Insists "Game Is Not Rigged" Against Trump - As Cruz Continues to Steal Delegates

The Republican Party insists that the game is not rigged against Donald Trump. Ted Cruz has operatives in several states working to steal Trump delegates won during primary elections. The GOP is fine with this.

Apr 18 12:02

Israeli ultra-Orthodox Jews 'harass' 8-year-old girl over dress

Apr 18 12:00

Aidan Quinn Opens Up About His Vaccine Damaged Autistic Child


Apr 18 11:27

FLASHBACK - The Death of Vincent Foster

On July 20, 1993, six months to the day after Bill Clinton took office as President of the United States, the White House Deputy Council, Vincent Foster, told his secretary Deborah Gorham, "I'll be right back". He then walked out of his office, after offering his co-worker Linda Tripp, the leftover M&Ms from his lunch tray.
That was the last time Vincent Foster was seen alive.

Contrary to the White House spin, Vincent Foster's connection to the Clinton's was primarily via Hillary, rather than Bill. Vincent and Hillary had been partners together at the rose law firm, and allegations of an ongoing affair had persisted from the Little Rock days to the White House itself.

Optional Banner: 
WRH Exclusive
Apr 18 11:19

U.S. Preparing To Launch Submarine Drones Into Disputed Territory Of The South China Sea

By Nicholas West

An ongoing territorial dispute in the South China Sea over a stretch that comprises more than 750 reefs, banks, and shoals known more generally as the Spratly Islands continues to heat up.

Late 2015 saw a severe escalation when the United States announced that it would send warships directly into a zone which China believes it lays claim to. The U.S. has continued to counter China’s claim to sovereign territory, which (officially) dates from 2009, with a series of military maneuvers that many believe could spiral dangerously out of control...

Apr 18 10:44

Janet Yellen Meets With Obama In Emergency Meetings As Crises Erupt Worldwide

Apr 18 10:37

Phone transcript proves Hillary lied about Benghazi attack

A transcript of a telephone conversation released by The State Department proves once and for all that Hillary Clinton knowingly lied about the Benghazi attack on the American diplomatic compound there in 2012.

The transcript, obtained under a FOIA request by Judicial Watch, details a call immediately after the attack between the then-secretary of state and then-Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil.

“We know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film,” Clinton told Kandil. “It was a planned attack – not a protest.”

Kandil responded “You’re not kidding. Based on the information we saw today we believe that group that claimed responsibility for this is affiliated with al-Qaida.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When Patricia Smith, mother of one of the Benghazi victims, reported that Hillary had told her the attack had nothing to do with the video immediately after the attack, Hillary called her a liar on national TV.

The State Department transcript proves Hillary was the liar.

Think Hillary is still a champion for women?

Think Hillary can be trusted?

Apr 18 10:37

Clinton Shifts Blame For Bombing Libya To Obama & Libyan People

Since NATO’s intervention in Libya to topple Colonel Gaddafi in 2011, the country has suffered instability and political chaos.

Apr 18 10:26

Obama Sends More Troops To Iraq; Authorizes Use Of Apache Helicopters; Gives $415 Million To Local Army

Back in 2014 Obama promised that as part of the US war against ISIS, there would be "no ground troops in Iraq." Moments ago U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter gave the latest confirmation that Obama was not being exactly "honest", when during a visit to Baghdad in which he met U.S. commanders, Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, and Iraqi Defence Minister Khaled al-Obeidi, he announced that the US would send another 200 additional troops, raising the number of U.S. troops in Iraq to about 4,100.

This follows a report two weeks ago according to which the US would "greatly increase" the number of special forces deployed to Syria under the same pretext: to fight the same Islamic State, which only exists due to a CIA operation to destabilize and overthrow Assad's regime in Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The questions no one appears to be asking in Foggy Bottom are:

1. What happens in Iraq when the Shiite Cleric Muqtada Al Sadr decides he will not brook anymore foreign (read: US) military intervention, organises a popular revolt, and sweeps the existing government out of office?!?

2. What happens in Syria when Putin, who has assured Al-Assad that he will not lose this civil war, decides to permanently install Russian troops on the ground, to prevent any US military decap strike against Al-Assad?!?

It is feeling to me that the US is pushing the rest of the world toward World War III.

Ever had one of those dreams where you can see two trains about to collide, and there is nothing you can do to stop it?!?

That is precisely what the geopolitical landscape appears to be right now.

Apr 18 10:20

Changes Are Coming To Cuba, But What Will Those Changes Bring?

A few weeks back, President Barack Obama became the first US president to visit Cuba since Calvin Coolidge made the trip 88 years ago. The Rolling Stones recently played a free concert called the Concert for Amity at Havana’s Ciudad Deportiva de la Habana, the first time a British rock band has played in Cuba, and Major League Baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays recently played the Cuban national baseball team in an exhibition game at Estadio Latinoamericano in Havana, the first time an MLB team has visited the country in 17 years.

Apr 18 10:09

Defaults Hit Highest Level Since ’09 Bust

Apr 18 10:09

Goldman Sachs Prospers at Taxpayers' Expense

If prudent investors can make only 0.5% on short-term assets, how does Goldman Sachs prosper?

Robert Rubin was a very powerful man. After 26 years and rising to the level of co-senior partner, he left Goldman Sachs in 1994 to become Treasury Secretary in the Clinton administration. His first major undertaking was during the Mexican bailout of 1995.

... Rubin drew criticism in Congress for using a Treasury Department account under his personal control to distribute $20 billion to bail out Mexican bonds, of which Goldman was a key holder.

Apr 18 10:03

Syria says Israel collaborating with militants in Golan Heights

Syria's envoy to the United Nations says Israeli regime has been collaborating with the Takfiri Daesh terrorists and al-Qaeda linked militants in the occupied Golan Heights.

Bashar Ja'afari made the remarks during a press briefing after meeting the UN's special envoy for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, at peace talks in the Swiss city of Geneva on Monday.

The Syrian official also denounced as "provocative" an Israeli cabinet meeting recently held in the occupied region.

"It is an irresponsible provocation committed by Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister of the Israeli occupation force," Ja'afari said, noting, "This Israeli provocation ... confirms without any doubt the cooperation between Israel and terrorists of Daesh and Nusra Front on the demarcation line between where the Golan is and UN troops are positioned."

Apr 18 10:00

Clinton Delegate Lead Down to 194, Even as Dramatic Miscounting of Delegates

In just the past week, Sanders has cut Clinton's delegate lead by 20 -- by 12 in Colorado (Sanders +6, Clinton -6) and by four each in Nevada and Missouri (Sanders +2, Clinton -2) -- without a single statewide primary or caucus being held, and even Nate Silver and his crew haven't been able to amend their usually accurate delegate tallies fast enough. That's understandable; it's easy to fall behind in reporting on a candidate who's beaten Hillary Clinton eight Election Days in a row -- President Obama having never lost more than two in a row in 2008 -- when you also have to publish esoterically misleading stories like "Clinton Is Winning the States That Look Like the Democratic Party" and "Bernie Sanders Is Even Less Competitive Than He Appears".

Apr 18 09:49


My thoughts are simple. Five times every day, including weekends with the family in the Hamptons, Tim Mayopolous should be forced to bow his head in prayer and thanks to the American taxpayer. We saved you when no one else would.

He can kiss our collective asses. We own these bastards.


Apr 18 09:43

‘This Is What Democracy Looks Like’: 27 000 Rally For Sanders In NYC Ahead Of Key Primary

Almost 30-thousand people marched through Manhattan in support of Bernie Sanders’ candidacy before the big primary.

Apr 18 09:35

How The American Neoconservatives Destroyed Mankind’s Hopes For Peace

When Ronald Reagan turned his back on the neoconservatives, fired them, and had some of them prosecuted, his administration was free of their evil influence, and President Reagan negotiated the end of the Cold War with Soviet President Gorbachev. The military/security complex, the CIA, and the neocons were very much against ending the Cold War as their budgets, power, and ideology were threatened by the prospect of peace between the two nuclear superpowers.

Apr 18 09:34

Donald Trump To Protester - 'That Guy Is A Professional Agitator!'

Webmaster addition: Not even President yet, and already Trump is creating jobs! :)

Apr 18 09:25

Free Syrian Army Warn Ceasefire on Brink of Collapse

A legal adviser of the Free Syrian Army (FSA) told Sputnik on Sunday that the ceasefire in Syria was on the verge of collapse and the FSA may withdraw from the negotiation process.
"Intensity of ceasefire violations by the regime is increasing, particularly in Aleppo, from the southern suburbs, where Iranian and Afghan fighters get together… This decision [to exit the negotiation process] requires consideration, perhaps the Free Syrian Army leadership will summit to decide whether or not to continue to participate in the negotiations," Osama Abu Zeid said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How convenient for the US, which is looking for any excuse, any justification for engineering a massive invasion, and decap strike against Al-Assad in Damascus.

There is just one little, itsy-bitsy problem here; and that is, What will Russia do when that happens?!?

Please remember, as reported yesterday in the independent.co.uk:

Vladimir Putin has personally assured Bashar Al-Assad that Russia will not let the Syrian government lose the civil war, according to a senior MP who recently met the Syrian dictator. During a visit to Damascus as part of a fact-finding mission, the Conservative MP David Davis held face-to-face talks with President Assad. He told the BBC’s Andrew Marr Show that the Syrian leader discussed the motives behind President Putin’s partial withdrawal of military forces from the country, after Russian troops proved instrumental in turning the tide of the war in favour of the regime.

War with Russia?!? Over Syria?!?

Forgive me, but a short memo to the reality challenged in Foggy Bottom, AKA those in the bowels of power in Washington DC: this is a really, spectacularly lousy idea.

And why?!?

Because at this point in its history, the American military does not have the troop strength, the weaponry, the money, or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war with Russia.

Apr 18 09:21

Most Racism Is Mundane

This spring, the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus has been the site of several heinous acts of racism: An Asian student was spat on and a black student received a note with obscenities and racial slurs slipped under her door.

The university is, of course, taking it seriously. Zero-tolerance policies for the N-word and assaults like spitting are the norm these days.

Apr 18 09:17


Apr 18 09:16

US Government Report Admits Poisoning Drinking Water Of Millions

The US Government Accountability Office (GAO) has issued a shocking report that says drinking water across the United States is being knowingly contaminated with dangerous poisons by the federal government.

According to the GAO, the Environmental Protection Agency has failed to protect underground drinking water supplies from oilfield contamination, and been grossly negligent in allowing companies to dump wastewater into aquifers – putting the health of millions of citizens at risk.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Look, if you can get cheap safe water out of your faucets, then you won;t buy the more expensive bottled water sold by our campaign donors! So, by letting your water become dangerous, we force you to spend MORE money for water, and that is good for the economy (and for those of us who own stock in those bottled water companies)! See how it works?" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 18 09:06

Here Come The Unregulated GMOs

People are arguing about whether genetically modified foods should carry labels. But the next generation of GMOs might not only be unlabeled—they might be unregulated.

Apr 18 09:06

Panama and the Criminalization of the Global Finance System

Within a week the 11 million documents called the Panama papers, published by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists, has become a household name. The documents are connected to the Panama law firm Mossack Fonsesca that helped establish offshore accounts for some of the wealthiest and most powerful leaders to launder money and evade taxes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 18 09:04

Japanese supermarket shelves are left completely empty as panic buying takes hold after deadly earthquake

Images show empty supermarket shelves as Japanese locals panic buy supplies, leaving many to queue up for food and water after two deadly earthquakes.

A 6.4 magnitude quake struck Thursday followed by a 7.3 magnitude earthquake early on Saturday.

The two shocks are thought to have killed at least 41 people. Both quakes happened close to the city of Kumamoto, causing huge damage to roads, bridges, tunnels, homes and buildings.

Apr 18 08:57


What once started as rumors is now becoming fact: Donald Trump is beating all of his Republican primary opponents soundly… and getting more delegates than Hillary Clinton!

The election results now confirm that Trump outshines all other candidates of either party. This just shook the political establishment to the core:

Trump has:

** More primary wins (17)
** More overall state wins (20)
** The highest percentage of primary wins (81%)
** The highest percent of overall state wins (63%)
** The highest percent of primary delegates (65%)
** The highest percent of overall delegates (58%)
** And Trump ties Hillary for the highest percent of overall votes (57%).

Apr 18 08:54

GOP plans to strip Trump of Delegates in Indiana and Wyoming too

First, Colorado changed the rules in order to hand all of its delegates over to Ted Cruz without a traditional primary vote, then told the people, “It’s the rules” (after they were changed without explanation).

Apr 18 08:52

Simple Mosquito Trap Made With Old Tires 7 Times More Effective Than Other Means

By Justin Gardner

With summer approaching and concerns over Zika virus growing, a study performed in Guatemala is providing a timely and cost-effective solution to mosquito control.

Researchers developed a highly effective mosquito trap, called an ovillanta, using nothing more than 20-inch cut tire pieces hung in a certain fashion with a pheromone-laden non-toxic solution poured into the bottom, and a piece of floating wood or paper where female mosquitoes are drawn to lay their eggs...

Apr 18 08:52

Royal Privilege: UK Govt Wins Legal Battle To Keep Talks Between Prince Charles & Ministers Secret

The UK government has won the right to withhold information on secret talks between Prince Charles and ministers.

Government lawyers blocked access to the confidential papers in a taxpayer-funded legal challenge following an 18-month battle by the Mail on Sunday to make details of discussions public.

Apr 18 08:51

Drug Companies & Doctors: A Story of Corruption

Recently Senator Charles Grassley, ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, has been looking into financial ties between the pharmaceutical industry and the academic physicians who largely determine the market value of prescription drugs. He hasn’t had to look very hard.

Take the case of Dr. Joseph L. Biederman, professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School and chief of pediatric psychopharmacology at Harvard’s Massachusetts General Hospital. Thanks largely to him, children as young as two years old are now being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and treated with a cocktail of powerful drugs, many of which were not approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for that purpose and none of which were approved for children below ten years of age.

Apr 18 08:50

University Pays $175.000 To Bury ‘Pepper Spray’ Cop Internet Searches

Officials at University of California at Davis have reportedly spent $175.000 trying to digitally suppress the memory of the time campus police indiscriminately pepper sprayed Occupy protesters – to no success.

Apr 18 08:50

Sanders's criticism of Israel is long overdue

Bernie Sanders is not only taking on the Washington establishment in his campaign for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, he is also challenging many of the received truths that make up the ideological foundations upon which its power rests.

Of those received truths one of the most sacrosanct is America’s unconditional support for the state of Israel, with the penalty for anyone in US public life who dares question that support, dares question Israel, instant and immediate career death. The fact that Sanders, who also happens to be Jewish, has departed from this ironclad consensus and dared criticize Israel while campaigning for the highest office in the land, this only adds more significance to it.

Apr 18 08:49

Tax day is annoying for Americans, and hell for Palestinians

Tax Day can be aggravating for those of us who file and pay taxes without benefit of lawyers, accountants, family foundations or secret offshore accounts. For opponents of illegal Israeli settlements, apartheid and population removal generally, it is also a day of outrage. Palestinians may legitimately feel terror and despair at what this day signifies for them.

For Tax Day is the day that pro-Zionist Americans get to take off their 2015 contributions to any of the US pro-Israel charities that everyone, including the US Treasury, knows are funneling money to establish and support illegal Jewish settlements and consequently the terror inflicted upon Palestinians by armed and violent settlers. (Of course, it is also the day that each of us contributes our tax dollars to funding the weapons used to enforce Israel’s occupation.)

Apr 18 08:48

Bundesbank Defies Elites: Warns That "Plans To Abolish, Criminalize Cash Out Of Line With Freedom"

With everyone from ivory tower academics to sin-street hookers proclaiming the need for and benefits of a "war on cash" to save the world from criminals and tax-evaders (oh yeah and to stop NIRP-driven savers from hording cash and crushing central planners' dreams), it is perhaps shocking that Bundesbank board member Carl-Ludwig Thiele warned at an event this week that the attempt to abolish and criminalize cash is out of line with freedom. He said that citizens should continue to decide how and in what form they want to use their money.

Apr 18 08:48

Ecuador quake caught on video, 7.8

As of now at least 272 people are reported to be dead and another 2,500 are reported to be injured from Saturday’s earthquake which shook the region.

Apr 18 08:47

The Long Sordid Tale of the American Income Tax

It's the time of year again when most Americans will be filing their income taxes. As if that's not painful enough all by itself, here's a little more salt for your wounds.
First, some history: In 1913 the U.S. federal individual income tax was enacted following the passage of the 16th Amendment, which granted Washington the authority to take a piece of citizens' paychecks. According to the Tax Foundation, the top tax rate that year (adjusted for inflation) was 7 percent on income above $11.5 million; the lowest rate was 1 percent on income under $463,826.

Apr 18 08:47


“It was pretty glowing about us,” one person who watched the event said. “It’s so far from what she sounds like as a candidate now. It was like a rah-rah speech. She sounded more like a Goldman Sachs managing director.”

– From the post: What Clinton Said in Her Speeches – “She Sounded More Like a Goldman Sachs Managing Director”

We’ve seen bits and pieces emerge from Hillary Clinton’s infamous $225,000 speech to Goldman Sachs in October 2013, but an article published by the Huffington Post yesterday adds some additional perspective. In a nutshell, the author believes that a release of these transcripts would be so damaging it would end her bid for the presidency.

Apr 18 08:47

Stephen Hawking, Breakthrough Initiatives Tout 100 Million MPH Plan to Reach Alpha Centauri

Um ... it would be a very brief visit if it can't slow down.

Apr 18 08:46

Clinton's Neocon Ties Could Mean More Regime Change on the Menu

With the battle for the hearts and minds of the Democratic Party entering the eleventh hour, the biggest question for non-Americans observing the election cycle is: 'What will candidate x do when it comes to policy toward my country?' In Hillary Clinton's case, the answer, for anyone outside the Western world, doesn't seem all that appealing.

Apr 18 08:44

Netanyahu vows Golan will ‘forever’ remain Israel’s at 1st ever cabinet meeting in occupied land

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Tel Aviv will never withdraw from the Golan Heights, a strategic area captured from Syria in 1967, claiming it has been in Israeli hands “since antiquity.”

Apr 18 08:40

Virus Fakery: My Conversation With a White House Insider; And Another Conversation With a Virologist

By Jon Rappoport

There are a number of cases in which a virus is said to be the cause of a disease—but the evidence doesn’t stand up.

I first realized this in 1987. I was writing my book, AIDS INC., Scandal of the Century.

Robert Gallo, who claimed he had found the cause of AIDS, hadn’t done proper work. From everything I read, he had discovered HIV in 35 to 60 percent of AIDS patients he had studied.

He should have been able to isolate HIV in virtually every patient.

Then there was the fact that the most popular tests for HIV, the Elisa and Western Blot, were fatally flawed. They could register positive for a whole host of reasons that had nothing to do with HIV.

And no one had found sufficient quantities of HIV in humans to justify claiming it caused any kind of illness...

Apr 18 08:39

Homeland Security warns Windows PC users to uninstall Quicktime

The Department of Homeland Security and a top cybersecurity firm have advised Windows PC users to uninstall Apple's Quicktime video player immediately after two new bugs were found in the software.

In a blog post published Thursday, the Trend Micro security firm said that Apple was no longer issuing security updates for Quicktime for Windows, despite the presence of the bugs. Trend Micro said the bugs could be used to launch attacks on PCs if users visit a compromised web page or open a tained file.

Trend Micro said it was not aware of any cases where the bugs had been exploited by hackers. The warning does not apply to Quicktime on Mac operating systems.

DHS's United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) put out a similar alert Thursday warning that Windows PC users were vulnerable to viruses and other threats due to the security flaws.

"The only mitigation available is to uninstall QuickTime for Windows," US-CERT's alert said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

What the DHS just admitted to is something I have been saying all along. Despite the bluff and bluster of the NSA/FBI/CIA, etc. the government cannot find cyber criminals. Obviously, hunting these slimes down and crucifying them on live TV would actually solve the problem, but the US Government's official; recommendation is to stop using any compromised software. Today it is Quicktime. But what happens as more software, poorly written to inconsistent standards and released with known bugs, becomes compromised by cyber-criminals? Are we to uninstall more software until bit by bit our computers are whittled down to useless doorstops?

Or is this announcement by DHS payback for Apple's fight against the FBI over the San Bernardino iPhone (which turned out not to have any useful information on it after all the fuss)?

Quicktime has become a ubiquitous standard. Apple makes a great deal of cash porting their products to Windows, such as iTunes, which sells music and videos from the iTunes store as well as supporting their line of phone and tablet products. This DHS announcement will no doubt have a major impact on Apple's revenue.