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June 4, 2017

Jun 04 06:44

Creators of the Faked Planned Parenthood Videos Charged With 15 Felonies, Sentenced to Prison

Two of the individuals responsible for the anti-abortion and anti-planned parenthood recordings of Planned Parenthood employees have been charged with 15 felonies, according to The Associated Press. The two were heavily involved in the recordings that attempted to expose what they believed to be damning evidence against the very popular healthcare organization, although many view their efforts as a bid to mislead and smear the company.

Jun 04 06:29

Remember Clinton & Lynch Secret Tarmac Meeting? It Was Recorded!

By now, many people would have already forgotten about the infamous tarmac meeting between Hillary Clinton and then Attorney General Loretta Lynch; a conversation that they claimed was purely about grandchildren and golf. But not the folks at Judicial Watch, who have doggedly filed FOIA requests regarding the Clinton-Lynch communications. Turns out that because all conversations on government planes are recorded, the NSA does in fact have a record of said conversation. But they won’t release it.

Jun 04 05:44

Rents Deflate in the Hottest US Cities, Soar in Cheaper Cities

Honolulu rents plunge 19%. Landlords scramble.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jun 04 03:18

London Bridge: Fatalities Reported After Two Terrorist Attacks in Capital

London is reeling after armed police scrambled to respond to two incidents that have been declared as acts of terrorism — with more than one person reported to have been killed and a number of left injured less than a week before the election.

June 3, 2017

Jun 03 22:46

Jack Posobiec: Why does CNN cover-up Antifa?

Double-plus ungood. Try it yourself. Seems odd to me.

Jun 03 21:35

Soros is Funding an Enormous Network of Anti-Trump Groups; Shocked? (Video)

As we have said many times before, Trump’s election have sent the globalists into a frenzy. With his nationalist ‘America first’ policies that he is determined to enact, the globalists have been foaming at the mouth as they try to take him down. And none other than billionaire globalist George Soros has been leading the charge from behind the scenes, fueling his money into anti-Trump leftwing political activist groups.

In the following video, Right Wing News takes a look at the Center for Popular Democracy Action Fund, which openly admits to receiving funds from Soros. The fund also announced at a spring gala that it would be heading up the new $80 million anti-Trump network that will span 32 states and have 48 local partners. And its sister organization, the Center for Popular Democracy, was founded in 2012 and consists of old chapters of ACORN. As always, the globalists are relentless in their quest to bring Trump down; but will they succeed?

Jun 03 19:15

US State Department official’s 19 seconds of stupefied silence after questioned why Iran’s democracy is criticized when US supports Saud family dictatorship claiming to own a whole country, joining 3 previous tragic-comedies attempting to hide US empire

*hyperlinks/videos live at source*

Career “diplomat” and twice US Ambassador to Middle East countries, 58-year-old Assistant Secretary of State Stuart Jones took 19 seconds to invent an “official” response to a press conference question of how the US can criticize Iran’s democracy while praising the dictatorial Saud family who claims to own a country. Video with James Corbett’s analysis:

Truthstream Media’s 8-minute analysis, including a history of such State Department official double-speaks:

Context: President Trump lies for more illegal Wars of Aggression on Syria, Iran

Trump, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, and Stuart Jones traveled to Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Rome. President Trump addressed the Saud family and associated vassal states on in a literal fire and brimstone speech that repeated criminal threats on Iran and Syria:

Jun 03 18:07

Draghi confesses: Eurozone needs ECB cash

Jun 03 17:57

Zbigniew Brzezinski — Paul Craig Roberts

June 2, 2017 ~ ...Brzezinsky understood how easy it was for mistakes to launch a nuclear holocaust. He wanted to end the Cold War for the same reason that Ronald Reagan wanted to end the Cold War. To make Brzezinsky and Reagan the villians, as the left-wing does, when the real villians are the Clinton, George W. Bush, and Obama regimes that have convinced Russia that Washington is preparing a nuclear first strike on Russia, is a form of ideological idiocy.

But idiocy in the West is what we live with. The question is: how much longer can we survive our idiocy?

Jun 03 15:54

3 Suspected Terror Incidents in London ---BREAKING

London Bridge: Van mows down pedestrians, witness says

Jun 03 15:51

Van Rams Into Pedestrians On London Bridge Followed By Knife Attack

In what appears to be a repeat of the deadly March 22 terrorist attack on Westminster Bridge in London, on Saturday night a white van rammed into as many as 15-20 pedestrians as "several people mowed down" on London Bridge in central London in what has been dubbed a "major incident." The incident happened at 10.30pm on Saturday. According to preliminary reports there have been at least 6 victims, and a cab driver on the bridge has reported he saw a stabbing man. About five people were being treated for injuries after the vehicle mounted the pavement and hit them, she said.

Jun 03 15:48

LA Mayor Worried: “Immigration Crackdown Could Spark Riots!” (Video)

The sad reality of the immigration debate in this country today is that a significant portion of the population feels that federal law shouldn’t be enforced and that illegal immigrants should not be deported. With President Trump making good on his promise to crack down on illegal immigrants and ICE being empowered to actually do their job for once, there are very real concerns that the whole situation could quickly turn violent.

In the following video, Right Wing News examines statements by LA Mayor Eric Garcetti who feels that his city could be tinderbox following increasing ICE enforcement. Sadly, regardless of Garcetti’s own pro-illegal immigration liberal views, he is not wrong. The situation is indeed very volatile and there is a very real possibility that violent riots could ensue. But will it happen, and how soon?

Jun 03 14:58

Police Departments Preparing For Riots To Combat DNC’s Summer of Rage (Video)

The political divide in America has never been starker, and the simmering tensions between both sides may soon boil over into all out violence. Already we see left-wing protestors more and more inclined to use violence and intimidation to get their message across, which naturally results in similar push-back from the other side. And it’s not just the activist groups that are gearing up; all across the country, police departments are getting ready.

Jun 03 13:32

One America NewsSpeaks with Judicial Watch --- Investigation into Murder of Seth Rich

While One America News conducts its in depth investigation, Judicial Watch is also taking action

Jun 03 12:52

Haunting Photos of #Carmageddon: Hyundai Gets Crushed, as GM, Ford, Others Struggle

Factory-fresh Hyundai cars stored on vast new gravel lots near the Mexican border.

Jun 03 12:20

China’s next step to destroy the dollar

Jun 03 11:28

Study finds CBD greatly slashes seizures in severe epilepsy cases

The researchers found that the CBD group exhibited a staggering 39 percent reduction in seizure frequency — and five percent of the patients stopped having seizures altogether. As the team explained in their research, which was published in the New England Journal of Medicine, patients in the trial who took CBD went from having an average of 12 seizures per month to about six.

“Quite remarkably, 5 percent of the children in the active treatment group with CBD were completely seizure free during the 14 weeks of the trial,” Devinsky noted.

“And these were kids who were often having dozens of seizures, if not many more than that per week,” he added.

Jun 03 11:24

Less Than Zero: How The Fed Killed Savingby Tyler Durden

The other day I was in my local branch of a Too Big To Fail bank where I have a few accounts. One of them is a savings account in which I keep some of my "dry powder" cash stored.

It had been a while since I had checked what kind of return the savings account offered. I knew it was pretty low, but there have been a few Fed rate hikes since the last time I had checked. So I asked the teller to look up the current rate the account was yielding.

Any guesses?

It's 0.06%.

Not 0.6%. And definitely not the 6% I remember receiving when I was a teenager. 0.06%.

As in, put $100,000 into your savings account and get back a whopping $60 per year.

Jun 03 11:15

Escalated US War on Syria Likely

In March 2011, Obama launched war on Syria, using ISIS, al-Nusra and other terrorists as imperial foot soldiers.

The aim then and now is destroying Syrian sovereignty, ousting Assad, replacing him with a pro-Western puppet, eliminating an Israeli rival, isolating Iran ahead of a similar scheme against its government, and claiming another US imperial trophy.

That’s what the war is all about, orchestrated by Hillary Clinton as secretary of state. There’s nothing civil about it – one of many Big Lies about what’s going on.

Russia’s good faith efforts to resolve things diplomatically are consistently undermined by Washington and its rogue allies – NATO, Turkey, the Saudis, Israel and others.

NATO’s announced escalated “fight against terrorism” beyond its current involvement in Syria and elsewhere, along with the enormous arms deal Trump arranged with Riyadh is bad news for hoped for Middle East peace.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I don't know what the Vegas odds are concerning US/Russian military starting to trade fire in Syria, but were I a betting person, I would bet that those odds are pretty good for something like this happening, and soon, unfortunately.

I have a really hard time believing that the senior NATO Command really wants a war with Russia over Syria, but apparently, and most unfortunately, this is where things appear to be headed right now.

Jun 03 11:03

Mattis calls North Korea's threats 'clear and present danger,' criticizes ally China

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said in no uncertain terms Saturday that North Korea presented a "clear and present danger," while also criticizing China for ratcheting up the tension over contested islands in the South China Sea.

His sharp words for both countries suggested he believed China would, out of self-interest, pressure North Korea to halt its nuclear and missile programs even as Washington pushes Beijing to change course in the South China Sea.

Speaking at an international security conference in Singapore, Mattis said the Trump administration was encouraged by China's renewed commitment to working with the U.S. and others to rid North Korea of its nuclear weapons. He also said he thought Beijing ultimately would see Kim Jong Un's regime as a liability rather than an asset.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I cannot tell you the number of huge military aircraft which we can hear coming over the island of Oahu; but those flights have been very intense, of late.

I am expecting the war drums to heat up regarding North Korea in a very short time, and have to wonder if President Trump will give Chinese President Xi Jingping the "100 days to sort the problem" that he promised him, which would theoretically end at the end of this month.

I hope we are not also headed toward a war with China, because Mike and I are situated very close to a first-strike target here!

Jun 03 11:02

South China Sea row at boiling point: US warns Beijing over 'unacceptable' military action

Speaking at a security conference in Singapore, Defence Secretary James Mattis said such moves undermined regional stability and would not be tolerated.

China's territorial claims in the South China Sea - through which about £3.9trillion in ship-borne trade passes each year - are contested by Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

In his speech at the annual Shangri-La Dialogue forum, General Mattis said: "We oppose countries militarising artificial islands and enforcing excessive maritime claims.

"We cannot and will not accept unilateral, coercive changes to the status quo."

Jun 03 10:58

Hannity Claims He Is ‘Making Progress’ On the DNC/Seth Rich Case (Video)

Anyone who has examined the real facts behind the murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich knows that there is something fishy afoot. WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange himself has even implied that Seth Rich was the infamous DNC leaker. Sadly, anyone who even dares question the official narrative behind the murder has been slapped with the all too common ‘conspiracy theorist’ label; a label that is too often used nowadays to silence dissent and destroy credibility. But Sean Hannity isn’t having it.

In the following video, Right Wing News looks at Hannity’s recent statements in which he teases that he has been making progress in discovering the actual truth behind Rich’s murder. Despite pressure from corporate advertisers and even Rich’s family themselves, Hannity understands that the implications behind the truth of Rich’s murder is too important for him to be silent. After all this time, will the truth finally be revealed?

Jun 03 10:50

The Atrocious U.S.-Backed War on Yemen Continues

Horrific conditions in Yemen continue to grow worse:

Cholera deaths in war-torn Yemen have surged into the hundreds, more than a quarter of Yemenis face famine, and parents are selling girls into marriage to buy food, the United Nations said on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US-enabled, Saudi-led occupation of Yemen has produced human tragedy, death, and disease in monumental proportions.

Mr. President, I am singularly, morally uncomfortable with my country being complicit in war crimes, as it is in Yemen.

And sir, do you happen to remember how many names were on the ballot when Al-Hadi, the corrupt, former President was "elected" ?!?

Only one; that of Al-Hadi.

Jun 03 10:42

Weather Channel Founder Backs Trump, Tells The TRUTH About Global Warming…

Listen to Weather Channel Founder on How the HOAX Began.

It turns out that the government has been manipulating climate computer models. This means that the American tax payers are being charged $4.7 billion a year in taxes that are being used to fund organizations that carry out meaningless studies based on bad science. Basically, the American people are paying fake scientists to lie to them.

Government actions to counter “carbon pollution” have raised the cost of fuel, electricity and food by an average of $1000 per year for an average American family of four. If that family of four would only open their Internet browsers and see that the Antarctic Sea is at an all time high and sea levels are rising at an “alarming” rate of around 6 inches per century, they would feel outraged that they’re being taken advantage of, at least one would hope.

Jun 03 10:29

Maxine Goes Ballistic (Yes... Again!)...

Two words are most appropriate to describe Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters: "batsh** insane." On any given day, "Unhinged" normally works well too! Already when called out on live TV about her previous statements, which are on record (and linked below), Maxine has gone on to emphatically deny them despite all evidence to the contrary, including the videos of her making the statements. Instead of focusing on helping her constituents, Maxine is only focused on one thing: getting Trump impeached.

Jun 03 09:28

US resupplies PKK/PYD terrorists in northern Syria

A convoy of 70 trucks carrying military equipment set out from a U.S. airbase in Syria’s northeastern Hasakah province on Thursday, according to information received by an Anadolu Agency.

The convoy, which is currently en route to the northern city of Raqqah, reportedly includes several 4x4 vehicles.

The U.S. military has continued to support the PKK/PYD terrorist group on the pretext that it is fighting the Daesh terrorist group.

Jun 03 09:23


Around the time of the 2016 election, President Donald Trump sparked controversy by suggesting that millions of illegal immigrants and non-citizens were illegally casting ballots, undoubtedly swaying elections in the close “swing states” where elections can be decided by rather slim margins.

Jun 03 09:12

EMBARRASSING: Huffington Post Loses Its Mind With Headline Over Trump Paris Accord Pullout

he Left lost its mind following President Trump's press conference yesterday announcing the United States' withdrawal from the Paris Accord. As Daily Wire's Aaron Bandler wrote yesterday, organizations like the ACLU and leftist hacks like Deray McKesson responded to the announcement in their usual melodramatic manner.

Jun 03 09:10

Father Tries To Teach Son Lesson By Doing Heroin, Almost Dies

A father of a drug addict nearly died from an overdose Wednesday in New York City after shooting up his son’s stash of heroin in an attempt to teach him a lesson.

Jun 03 08:34

WTC 7 Evaluation

WTC 7 Evaluation is a study at the University of Alaska Fairbanks using finite element modeling to evaluate the possible causes of World Trade Center Building 7's collapse. The final report is scheduled for release in August 2017.

Jun 03 08:32


Jun 03 08:29

Putin: "We Should Be Grateful To President Trump: In Moscow It's Cold And Snowing"

Despite the critism that has been heapened upon Trump by other world leaders since he announced his decision to leave the accord last night, Putin said that he "wouldn't blame Trump" for leaving the accord, though he hoped the White House would set its own climate rules.

“By the way, we should be grateful to President Trump. In Moscow it’s raining and cold and even, they say, some snow. Now we could blame this all on American imperialism, that it’s all their fault. But we won’t.”

And though he said he hopes that US sanctions against Russia would soon be lifted, he noted that they did have some positive effects. "We had to use our brains," Putin said. "Not rely on oil and gas dollars."

Jun 03 08:14

New Jersey Becomes the 12th State to Consider Right to Repair Legislation


New Jersey assemblyman Paul Moriarty knows that his office is about to get a lot of calls from the tech industry's biggest lobbyists.
"I assume it goes something like this—people introduce legislation, the industry hires lobbyists that descend upon the statehouse, they kill the bill," Moriarty told me. "If we're the 12th state, they have a well-oiled machine on how to tackle this, but I'm used to that."

Jun 03 08:11


Jun 03 08:10


“I have already spoken to three US Presidents. They come and go but [US] politics stay the same. Do you know why? Because of the powerful bureaucracy. When a person is elected, they may have some ideas. Then people with briefcases arrive, well-dressed, wearing dark suits, just like mine, except for the red tie, since they wear black or dark blue ones.

“These people start explaining how things are done. And instantly, everything changes. This is what happens with every administration.

“Changing things is not easy, and I say this without any irony. It is not that someone does not want to, but because it is a hard thing to do.

Jun 03 08:05

Europe’s Demographic Suicide

Anyone following world events knows that most of the countries of Europe are staring a major demographic problem in the face. Most have low and declining birth rates and they are being swamped by immigrants, a large percentage of whom are refugees from wars and chaos in the Middle East and North Africa, which, in turn resulted from the military action of the United States and its European allies. This war-induced immigration and Europe’s low birth rate are the twin elements of what one might call Europe’s looming demographic disaster, and because the war policies have by-and-large been supported by Europe’s leaders and because many of those same leaders, with Germany’s Angela Merkel in the forefront, have welcomed the resulting refugees with open arms, the “demographic suicide” charge might well apply to both elements.

Jun 03 08:04

The Fed's $16 Trillion Bailouts Under-Reported

The audit of the Fed’s emergency lending programs was scarcely reported by mainstream media - albeit the results are undoubtedly newsworthy. It is the first audit of the Fed in United States history since its beginnings in 1913. The findings verify that over $16 trillion was allocated to corporations and banks internationally, purportedly for “financial assistance” during and after the 2008 fiscal crisis.

Jun 03 08:04

Kathy Griffin & Hillary Clinton Are Losers, Not Victims

Kathy Griffin, an alleged comedian, has received immense backlash for a stunt she pulled earlier in the week. Griffin apparently thought it would be a great idea to pose with a blood soaked effigy of President Donald Trump’s decapitated head.

Now, after making the incendiary, and some may say threatening, photograph, she is attempting to turn the narrative around claiming to be a victim of “bullying”.

Similarly, Hillary Clinton is blaming a conspiracy of 1000 Russian agents working against her, fake news, Twitter bots, and misogyny for her election loss. She makes no mention of the fact that it was clear the Democratic voters wanted Bernie Sanders, not her, and that simply not being Donald Trump was not a good enough reason to vote for her.

Jun 03 08:03

Over 60 US Mayors Pledge to Uphold Paris Climate Deal Despite Trump's Decision

Mayors of 61 US cities have issued a pledge to implement the Paris climate deal despite the decision of President Donald Trump to withdraw the country from it, according to their statement they issued on Thursday.

Owl 3
Jun 03 08:03

Germany Faces Wave Of Muslim Honor Killings

The trial of a Kurdish man who tied one of his three wives to the back of a car and dragged her through the streets of a town in Lower Saxony has drawn attention to an outbreak of Muslim honor violence in Germany.

Jun 03 08:02

Education Official Got Secret Cash Bonuses as Office Lost Billions to Fraud, Corruption

Under Runcie’s leadership there was pervasive fraud and corruption at the FSA, government sources tell Judicial Watch, including skirting federal rules to hire friends and family and hefty off-the-books cash bonuses despite the FSA’s documented transgressions. Just last week the Education Department Inspector General told Congress that the FSA made an astounding $6 billion in improper payments in 2016 alone as part of federal student aid programs. The figure includes $2.21 billion in improper Pell Grant payments and $3.86 billion as part of the Direct Loan program. These are disbursements that either shouldn’t have been made, went to the wrong recipient, were for an incorrect amount or were not properly documented. Each year the problem gets worse, according to Kathleen Tighe, Inspector General for the Education Department.

Jun 03 08:01

Chelsea Handler Wants Ivanka Trump to Tell Her ‘F*cking A**hole’ Father He Should Support Abortion

Handler hosted Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards and comedienne Sarah Silverman on her Netflix show to continue the “war on women” narrative and to challenge Ivanka Trump to change her father’s mind about what she believes women want.

“I know all women feel this way toward Ivanka right now, but I’m like, ‘You need to tell that f—ing asshole this is an unacceptable way to treat women,’” Handler said. “We’re moving backward.”

Jun 03 08:01

Michael Bloomberg offers to pay $15m that UN stands to lose after Donald Trump quits Paris Agreement

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg has said he will personally make up the $15m in funding that the United Nations will lose after Donald Trump pulled the US out of the Paris climate accord.

The US would have been required to contribute that amount towards efforts to prevent catastrophic climate change under the historic agreement between 195 countries to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“Americans are not walking away from the Paris climate agreement,” Mr Bloomberg said on Thursday, according to the Washington Examiner.

Jun 03 08:00

Ex-FBI Director James Comey Must Cease And Desist In His Treason Against The United States Of America – Those Who Have Aided And Abetted Him Must Be Held Accountable.

Do you think it is harsh of me to demand, as a United States citizen and voter, that Ex-FBI Director James Comey cease and desist in his treason against the United State of America? I will offer evidence to show why I demand such a thing of a delusional and treasonous agent working to undermine the government of the United States.

Jun 03 07:59

'The EU is the Soviet Union under a blue banner' Teen WRECKS EU flag in Polish parliament

The teen declared the EU is a replica of the dictatorship of the Soviet Union but under a blue banner, as his audience applauded his speech.

The boy, Michal Cywinski, was speaking at a children’s parliamentary session, for children’s day, in Poland, this year’s topic: “De-Communizing Public Spheres”.

He blast: “We find ourselves in the Sejm of the Polish Republic. In this place, where on a daily basis those who are responsible for our state’s functioning are in session.

“We sit in the same place as the people who took us out from under the Soviet banner and put us under the blue banner of the European Union.

Jun 03 07:58

Anti-Russia Hysteria in US ‘Repressive, Immoral’ - Wall Street Analyst

Wall Street analyst and Trends Research Institute head Gerald Celente says that the hysterical hatred and distrust of Russia being force-fed to the US public by politicians and the media is immoral and preparing the way for new attempts at repression.

Jun 03 07:56

The Bankers Behind the Financial Crisis Actually Got Promoted

By now it's well known that no senior bank executives went to jail for the fraudulent activities that spurred the financial crisis. But a new study shows many of the senior bankers most closely tied to pre-crisis fraud didn't suffer one bit in the aftermath. They mostly kept their jobs, enjoying the same kinds of opportunities and promotions as their colleagues.

Jun 03 07:53

NJ teacher arrested after allegedly using hidden camera to take pictures up female students’ skirts

A New Jersey high school teacher was arrested Wednesday for allegedly using a hidden camera to capture pictures and video underneath the skirts, dresses, and even loose fitting shorts of female students in the school hallways.