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April 2, 2015

Apr 02 08:34

Israeli army admits aiding al-Qaeda in Syria

Apr 02 08:30

Israel resigned to possibility of Iran strikes

A senior Israeli official said this week that the immediate implication of a completed deal will be increased Israeli surveillance of Iran's nuclear installations and the threat of a military attack if there is proof that it is in breach of the agreement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And Israel will always claim to have proof when they attack. They claimed they had proof that Iraq was building a nuclear weapons when they destroyed the power station at Osirak. Israel claimed to have proof that Egypt attacked the USS Liberty. Israel claimed to have proof Syria was building a bomb when they attacked that country. Of course, we never see the proof; only an anti-Semite would doubt Israel's word on anything, after all!

Apr 02 08:26

Saudi Dictator’s US-Coordinated Terror-Bombings in Yemen: Updates

As the Saudi dictator continues his US-coordinated aggression against Yemen:

“Erich Ogoso, a spokesman with the United Nations’ humanitarian agency, reported 182 dead and hundreds more wounded just between last Wednesday and Sunday. Some 75,000 people have been displaced in the past week…

Saudi Arabia’s navy now controls all Yemeni ports” (CNN)

The UN human rights office in Geneva reports that more than half of those killed are civilians, and UNICEF found that at least 62, or about a third, are children.

As he bombs, the Saudi dictator is blocking humanitarian relief from entering Yemen:

“One day after Saudi warplanes killed scores of civilians in an attack on a refugee camp in Yemen, the Red Cross has confirmed that the Saudi military is now preventing the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Yemeni capital city of Sanaa.

Apr 02 08:25

Yemen warns of crushing response to enemy ground offensive

A member of Yemen's popular Ansarullah movement confirmed disembarking of the foreign troops at the Aden Port, and underlined that the country's army men along with his forces are resolved to defend their nation against any aggression by the enemies.

Apr 02 08:24

Yemen Revolutionary Forces Seize Aden Presidential Palace: Security Official

Huthis forces seized Thursday Yemeni President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi's palace in his former southern refuge Aden, a senior security official told AFP.

"Dozens of Huthi fihters and their allies arrived in armoured troop carriers and entered Al-Maashiq presidential palace," said the official, who witnessed their advance into the complex.

Hadi fled to Saudi Arabia last week as the huthis bore down on Aden.

Apr 02 08:24

New Report Debunks 'Myth' That GMOs are Key to Feeding the World

The biotechnology industry "myth" that feeding billions of people necessitates genetically engineered agriculture has been debunked by a new report out Tuesday by the nonprofit health organization Environmental Working Group.

Apr 02 08:22

Ohio Town Declares War on Charity, Man Found Guilty of Helping the Needy

What started as just another ordinance in the war on the homeless and poor took a bizarre turn when journalist Virgil Vaduva sought to test the new rule that banned panhandling in the small town of Xenia, Ohio. The court decided that charities are prohibited from soliciting funds almost everywhere in the city.

Apr 02 08:22

Chinese rail stocks soar on AIIB optimism

China’s New Silk Road has prompted a surge in Chinese railway stocks, with China Railway Group (HK ticker 390) up from HK 5.96 last week to HK 8.58 overnight. China Southern Rail is suspended pending news.


Apr 02 08:21

Sen. Cotton: Israel Able to Take Out Iran's Nuke Facilities

Israel is capable of taking out Iran's nuclear facilities through airstrikes if necessary, Sen. Tom Cotton told CNN.

On "The Situation Room" on Wednesday, host Wolf Blitzer asked Cotton whether Israel's air force has the ability to destroy Iran's underground facility in Fordo.

Cotton replied, "I will simply quote something that a former Israeli Defense Forces general said to me when I asked him this question many months ago: It can be done."

Apr 02 08:21

Israel tests U.S.-backed missile shield as Iran nuclear talks churn

A new Israeli air defense system being developed in partnership with the United States met all its objectives in a series of recent live interception tests, U.S. and Israeli officials said Wednesday, putting it on course for deployment by next year.

The system, David's Sling, shot down targets simulating longer-range missiles like Scuds that could be fired at Israel from Syria and by Lebanon's Iranian-backed Hezbollah guerrillas.

Apr 02 08:20

Republicans see Obama as more imminent threat than Putin: Reuters/Ipsos poll

A third of Republicans believe President Barack Obama poses an imminent threat to the United States, outranking concerns about Russian President Vladimir Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Apr 02 08:19

Obama Using Your Tax Dollars to “Resettle” Central Americans in the United States

Judicial Watch reports today the Obama administration is offering to move illegal minor aliens from Central America to the U.S. and will provide free transportation.

The administration has assigned a new title for Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC). They will be known by a more politically correct name: Central American Minors (CAM).

Apr 02 08:15

Mexico Is Arming Itself With U.S. Military Hardware

It’s not just money, of which the U.S. has provided $2.5 billion since 2008. The U.S. continues to supply Mexico with battle rifles, Humvees, helicopters and gobs of night vision gear. It all comes during an internal conflict that’s killed tens of thousands of people and is still extremely violent.

The country’s largest drug cartels have fragmented. Some cities?—?such as the border town of Ciudad Juarez?—?are considerably safer than a few years ago. However, rural areas continue to deteriorate, with smaller and more decentralized drug gangs kidnapping, extorting and killing with impunity.

But Mexico had been wary of buying weapons from the United States.

Apr 02 08:09

Key Facts to Understand Why Yemen Has Become a Political Flashpoint

Brandon Turbeville
Activist Post

With the recent military operations on the part of the Arab League against the Yemeni Houthi rebels, much has been made of the operation in the mainstream media outlets. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of information provided regarding this act of military aggression is inaccurate, skewed, or an outright falsehood...

Apr 02 08:02

The Hidden History Of Vaccination

As the national conversation ensues concerning vaccination, health rights researcher and advocate Catherine J. Frompovich is this week’s guest on Real Politik. A frequent contributor to ActivistPost, Frompovich discusses the steadfast pharmaceutical corporate and regulatory agenda moving toward mandatory vaccination policies in the US.

Apr 02 07:53

If Anyone Doubts That We Are In A Stock Market Bubble, Show Them This

The higher financial markets rise, the harder they fall. By any objective measurement, the stock market is currently well into bubble territory. Anyone should be able to see this – all you have to do is look at the charts. Sadly, most of us never seem to learn from history.

Apr 02 07:47

GPS units meant to slow speeding sheriffs turned off

"I mean that's for not only the protection of our fleet, but also the protection of our sheriffs, the detainees that we transport all over the province, and the general public," said Lifford.
Stephen Horsman

Justice Minister Stephen Horsman, right, says his department is working to resolve the GPS issues. (CBC)

The system would send an automatic alert if the vehicle was being driven at excessive speeds.

The software was brought online, but deactivated again after two days "due to numerous issues," CBC News has learned.

Apr 02 07:46

Drug companies accused of blocking access to cheap drugs

Access to cheap drugs which can prevent blindness is being blocked by pharmaceutical companies, a BMJ investigation has alleged.

Drug manufacturers are accused of attempting to derail trials which would show that a drug which costs just £65 a dose works just as well as current treatments sold to the NHS for more than ten times as much.

Apr 02 07:45

125,000 sign petition to try and stop Britain's oldest prisoner of war being evicted from his home

Britain's oldest prisoner of war is being forced out of his home of more than 50 years because a council says his care is too expensive

Apr 02 07:45

If Greece leaves, can Portugal stay? Measured by all metrics Portugal looks most vulnerable to Grexit contagion.

Apr 02 07:45

Top UK MP Brands Netanyahu War Criminal as Palestine Joins ICC

‘Sir Bob Russell, who tabled a motion in parliament last January that called for the state of Palestine to be recognised by the UK, welcomed Palestine’s accession to the International Criminal Court (ICC) on April 1, 2015, saying it was the first step on the road to the end of the oppression of the Palestinians.

“The fact that they are subject to Apartheid, ethnic cleansing and — wickedly — a breach in international law and the Geneva Convention and United Nations resolutions by the government of Israel,” he told Sputnik in an exclusive interview.

“Israel cannot go on behaving in the way it has in the last 20 to 30 years. The current leader of Israel [Benjamin Netanyahu] is a war criminal. Anyway you look at it, he is a war criminal.”‘

Apr 02 07:44

One in five of the businessmen who signed pro-Tory letter were given honours by David Cameron and one third are Tory donors

One in five of the businesspeople who signed a letter supporting Tory economic policy were given honours by David Cameron in the last few years, while one third have donated money to the Conservative party, an analysis by the Independent shows.

Among the 103 signatories of the letter, published on the front page of the Daily Telegraph this morning, are four Conservative members of the House of Lords – all ennobled by David Cameron.

Apr 02 07:42

Australia's immigration department bans email autocomplete after G20 leak

Australia’s immigration department implemented a new email policy just weeks ago after learning the Guardian was aware of an embarrassing blunder that exposed the personal details of world leaders.

On Monday the Guardian reported an employee of the department had inadvertently disclosed the passport numbers, visa details and other personal identifiers of the world leaders attending the G20 summit in Brisbane after an email was mistakenly sent to an organiser of the Asian Cup football tournament because of an autocomplete function.

World leaders including US president Barack Obama, Russian president Vladimir Putin, Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and German chancellor Angela Merkel were among those affected by the breach.

Apr 02 07:40

Poroshenko Keeps his Word: Donbass Children Don’t Go to School

It will be recalled that last October, Petro Poroshenko contrasted the prospects for Ukrainians with those for people from the Donbass during a speech in Odessa. In particular, the President promised: “Our children will go to schools and kindergartens, while theirs will be holed up in basements!” Thus far, the Ukrainian government has been doing its best to keep its word. Here is one of the children sitting in a basement in accordance with the Ukrainian President’s will.

Apr 02 07:39

Dozens of Foreign Troops Disembark at Yemeni Aden Port - Reports

Dozens of foreign troops reportedly disembarked at the Yemeni Aden port hours after Houthi rebels advanced into the southern Yemeni city.

Earlier Saudi-led coalition which has been trying to stop Houthi advances said it controls the waters around Aden.

Apr 02 07:39

Man Plays 'Iceberg Golf' on Lake Michigan Using a Paddle Board as Golf Cart

Seth Haley and Josh Nowicki decided to stray from the norm and do something that has never been done before: golf on Lake Michigan.

Apr 02 07:36

Germany’s Merkel Comes Out as Basically a U.S. Agent

On Wednesday, April 1st, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet approved a measure to bring fracking (the patents for which are owned mainly by “large American companies, including Halliburton, Baker Hughes and Schlumberger”) into Germany. This is a prelude not only to U.S. President Obama’s secret Trans-Atlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) pact with Europe to subordinate national laws and regulations to trans-national mega-corporate panels that will be dominated by U.S. firms and that will override the participating nations’ environmental and labor regulations and consumer protections (and harm European economies generally), but it is also a major step toward removing Europe from Russia’s energy-market, and bringing U.S. and European oil companies to dominate there instead.

Apr 02 07:34

Amnesty International Whitewashes Venezuelan Opposition Abuses

“The Amnesty International report documents events of February 2014 when thousands of anti-government protesters took to the streets, resulting in the death of 43 people, including eight law enforcement officials,” Amnesty said in a press release accompanying the release of the report's executive summary.

While the full report was unavailable online at the time of writing, the executive summary unequivocally laid the blame for 2014's violence at the feet of state security forces, but ironically chose to shy away from actually admitting how those 43 people died.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Shades of Ukraine!

Apr 02 07:31

Senator Menendez indicted on corruption charges

United States Senator Robert Menendez (D-New Jersey) has been indicted on federal corruption charges, federal authorities have announced, including eight counts of bribery. He denied any wrongdoing and insisted that he is not going anywhere.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 02 07:31

BEX Alert - "Belgium insurer refuses cover for Jewish kindergarten over anti-Semitic attack risk"

A Belgian insurance company has refused to renew the policy of a Jewish kindergarten in Brussels. They cited the recent growth of anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish organizations, adding that the risk of insuring the school was too high.

The European Jewish Kindergarten is located in the same Brussels district as the European Union headquarters and it normally enrolls around 20 to 30 children per year. The decision by the Belgian insurance firm not to renew the school’s insurance policy was taken in relation to a marked increase in the number of terrorist and anti-Semitic attacks on Jewish institutions over the last few years.

Apr 02 07:30

Filipino farmers flatly reject GMOs being forced on them by agricultural imperialism

A Filipino agricultural organization has soundly rejected a move by a pro-GMO rice group to introduce the genetically modified crop in the Asia Pacific nation.

According to a press release posted on Facebook, the Filipino organization, Masipag, has managed to thwart Allow Golden Rice Now! in its efforts to get the Philippine government to back GMO golden rice production.

Apr 02 07:27

Even After Walmart Got Busted in Court for Stealing Workers' Wages, It's Trying Not to Pay Up

Walmart employees have over $187 million in damages they can collect from a successful wage theft lawsuit, but the company is arguing that each victim should get their own lawyer.

At the end of the 2014, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court affirmed lower court rulings which dictated Walmart was required to pay $151 million in unpaid wages and damages. This sum is supposed to go to an estimated 186,000 employees who worked for the company from 1998-2006. Including attorney fees, the total actually reaches over $187 million.

Apr 02 07:27

Study: Pharmaceuticals Kill More Teens Than Illegal Substances In The US

Combine the number of overdose deaths caused by heroin and cocaine, and you still haven’t matched the number of deaths caused by pharmaceutical prescription medications each year in the United States. In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website, pharmaceutical abuse was responsible for about 23,000 deaths in 2013 — that’s more than half of the overdose deaths in the U.S. that year.

Prescription drugs have a disproportionately large effect on teenagers. A recent study published in Journal of Public Policy and Marketing sheds light on this issue, which the CDC has labeled an “epidemic.”

Apr 02 07:26

Irate Democratic titans say Obama ‘screwed up’ and gave rise to China’s new bank

U.S. efforts to head off a new China-sponsored development bank for the booming Asia region ended in abject failure this week as organizers announced nearly four dozen countries — including some of America’s closest Asian and European allies — have applied to membership, amid growing criticism of how the Obama administration handled the entire episode.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Obama does not get the blame for this one, other than that he shares the blame with every other President going back 60 years who used the dollar, the Federal Reserve and the IMF as a tool of oppressive foreign policy, which has led to resentment around the world and a willingness to seek alternative banking systems.

Apr 02 07:19

Renewed Efforts Target US Surveillance State with Legislative Roll Backs

If the US public were polled in depth about the loss of privacy that has taken place since 9/11, chances are there would be a significant percentage of people that would resist the trade-off.

Likewise, if people were polled in depth about the globalized warfare that the US is conducting and expanding, many would rather, as former Congressman Ron Paul once said, "turn around and march back out."

Apr 02 07:19

U.S. Citizen Who Claims Surveillance Ruined His Life Denied Full Access to F.B.I. File

An asylum-grantee who claimed he has been detained, harassed, held in solitary confinement, and asked by federal agents to become a snitch was denied access to his full FBI file.

A federal judge in Washington DC ruled Friday that the Justice Department properly withheld information about Amine Touarsi in response to Freedom of Information Act requests filed by the Algerian-born US citizen.

Touarsi had attempted to get about 350 pages of redacted files unclassified to learn more about his case, according to court filings. He wanted the information because he suspected the US government had improperly mistreated and spied on him even after concluding that he had no ties to terrorists, as it initially suspected. Touarsi alleged that the government’s behavior has hurt both his professional and social lives.

Apr 02 07:18

US hegemonial policies hindering Iran nuclear talks: American journalist

The “hegemonial” policies of the United States, and the influence of the Israel lobby, are hindering the nuclear talks with Iran, preventing a comprehensive agreement, American historian and investigative journalist Gareth Porter says.

Apr 02 07:17

100s of Greek pensioners stage anti-austerity protests

Hundreds of Greek pensioners have taken to the streets in several cities across the country to show their anger at austerity measures in the debt-ridden nation.

Apr 02 07:14

EAEU Currency Union and De-dollarization

A currency union has become the logical conclusion of establishing a single integrated union of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus within the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). It will move the Eurasian economy to a new level. The single currency, that will possibly be called altyn, will become the basis for the formation of a single market and perhaps even a single economy.

The Russian president Vladimir Putin came up with the proposal of creating the currency union during a working visit to Astana. The Russian leader believes that introduction of the new currency in the next year will help protect the economy of the EAEU.

Apr 02 07:13

Kiev Commits Energy Hari Kiri

What the insane Washington-orchestrated civil war in Ukraine has not yet destroyed in Ukraine over the past year, now the conditions demanded by the US Treasury-controlled International Monetary Fund will. Kiev on March 13 received the first $5 billion tranche of a $17.5 billion three year IMF loan. It desperately needs the cash to avoid insolvency. However, in typical IMF policy, the aim of the money is to act as a poisoned “carrot” to force the victim country to undertake draconian “reforms” whose only effect will be to open the doors to foreign banks and multinationals to further rape and plunder what’s left of their economy. Now Kiev is about to commit energy Hari-Kiri to please the IMF and the US-imposed American-born Finance Minister, Natalie Ann Jaresko.

Apr 02 07:12

Clueless In The Middle East

"The Iran that we're currently crippling with sanctions and periodically threatening to bomb is now our...I don't wanna say ally," Stewart said. "Battle buddy?"

At the same time, America supported a coalition led by Saudi Arabia striking Iranian-backed fighters in another Middle Eastern nation, Yemen.

"Holy shit!" Stewart said. "It took decades of destablizing conflict, but we finally figured out how to wage a proxy war against ourselves."

Apr 02 07:11

Sixteen [Palestinian] Legislators Currently Imprisoned By Israel

The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) has reported that Israel is currently holding captive sixteen democratically elected legislators, including Khalida Jarrar, who was kidnapped earlier Thursday.

Apr 02 07:07

US Navy Joined the Strikes Against Houthi Positions on Monday

US warships joined Saudi fighter jets in the strikes against Houthi rebels in Sanaa on Monday. On March 25, a ten-country coalition led by Saudi Arabia began firing air-to-ground missiles on Houthi positions upon the Hadi’s appeal for help.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Because when we install a US puppet ruler over your country, you by GAWD obey him!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Apr 02 07:00

Pirate Bay Clone Offloads Banking Trojan via Wordpress Blogs

A new report from Malwarebytes reveals that various badly maintained WordPress blogs are being injected with an iframe that points to thepiratebay.in.ua. The Pirate Bay clone, which uses the popular Open Bay script, was found to offload an exploit kit to unsuspecting visitors.

Apr 02 07:00

George Soros Prepared to Invest $1 Billion in the Country He Helped Destroy

Since at least January of this year, billionaire George Soros has been calling for the West to invest 50 billion euros of aid in Ukraine, to stabilize the country and to undermine Russian influence in the region. Earlier this week, he announced that he would be willing to contribute $1 billion to that fund, if Western governments agree to pay for the rest.

Apr 02 06:56

Jade Helm 15 – To “operate undetected amongst civilian populations”

The other day I was wondering aloud if we should be worried about the upcoming Jade Helm 15 Special Ops training operation scheduled to take place very soon in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado and yes, glorious Texas.

I concluded that we should be worried because it seemed to me that the operation was going to be very different from regular training exercises in that it was going to be extremely covert with Special Ops guys infiltrating communities looking to them to rat out the undesirables and forming groups who could be trusted to help them round those people up and get rid of them.

You know, basically what Special Ops does in other countries routinely.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Or worse, to infiltrate the patriot groups in order to stage a false-flag revolt, justifying a government crack down!

Apr 02 06:55

Judge: Navy's Hawaii, California training plan inadequate

A federal judge on Tuesday said the National Marine Fisheries Service violated environmental laws when it approved the Navy's plans for training in waters off Hawaii and Southern California.

Apr 02 06:54

New Indiana law takes us pre-civil rights era

Despite objections from Indiana's business leaders, GOP Gov. Mike Pence signed a new law in Indiana will allow public businesses to discriminate based on their personal convictions.

This could greatly hurt the states economy, as well as create a hostile environment in the business community.

As Ana Kasparian points out, shouldn't we have freedom "from" as well as "of" religion?

Or have we re-eneterd the 1950s?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Actually, we have re-entered the 1500s!

Apr 02 06:52

"Market" Hits A New Low: Algos Fall For An April Fool's Joke, Send TSLA Surging On Massive Volume

Clearly, the above was an April fool's joke as anyone who reads more than just the headline would immediately guess. The problem is that Bloomberg's fast response team did not have the time, and immediatley blasted the following:


What happened next was laughable. The algos, on massive volume, spiked TSLA stock higher by nearly 1% before realizing they all bought first, and asked questions milliseconds later by responding to a blatant, purposeful and utterly humorous, lie.

Apr 02 06:52

With Gratitude for ‘Most Tenacious Public Servant,’ Nevada Brothel Offers to Host Harry Reid’s Retirement Party

A brothel that benefited from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) support of the state’s legalized prostitution industry has offered to throw his retirement party.

Apr 02 06:52

Summary of False Flag Operations and False Flag Terrorism

"False flag terrorism" occurs when elements within a government stage a secret operation whereby government forces pretend to be a targeted enemy while attacking their own forces or people. The attack is then falsely blamed on the enemy in order to justify going to war against that enemy. - See more at: http://www.wanttoknow.info/falseflag#sthash.IpBiFxLs.dpuf

Apr 02 06:50

Iceland Stuns Banks: Plans To Take Back The Power To Create Money

Who knew that the revolution would start with those radical Icelanders? It does, though. One Frosti Sigurjonsson, a lawmaker from the ruling Progress Party, issued a report today that suggests taking the power to create money away from commercial banks, and hand it to the central bank and, ultimately, Parliament.

Apr 02 06:48

Iran talks stretch into another day; deal seen close but elusive

Negotiators talked until 6 a.m. (0400 GMT) on Thursday in the Swiss city of Lausanne, breaking off for three hours to rest. There were differing accounts of the extent of progress, with Iran's Foreign Minister Mohamad Javad Zarif calling it 'significant' but a Western official describing it as 'limited'.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Keep in mind that the actual final deadline is July 1.

Apr 02 06:47

US Imports Collapse Most Since Lehman

Anyone scratching their head how it is possible that in an environment of a soaring dollar the US trade balance just tumbled, and printed its smallest monthly deficit since 2009, here is the answer: in January, US imports (with the delta entirely in the goods, not services, column) plunged from $232 billion to $222 billion, a whopping $10.2 billion or 4.4% drop, and the biggest monthly decline in US imports since the peak of the financial crisis in the aftermath of the Lehman collapse.

Apr 02 06:43

Shaken baby syndrome used to imprison parents to cover up vaccine damage

Every year, hundreds of U.S. parents are tried and convicted in criminal court for supposedly killing their babies by shaking them. But the nebulous condition known as "shaken baby syndrome," or SBS, appears to be a grand misnomer contrived for the sole purpose of covering up the real causes of SBS death, which include vaccine damage.

The presupposition is that if a deceased child exhibits things like bleeding at the back of the eye, bleeding from the protective area around the brain or brain swelling, then he must have been vigorously shaken by someone prior to his death. But this may or may not actually be the case, especially with new research suggesting that most humans aren't capable of shaking an infant hard enough to produce the symptoms commonly associated with SBS.

Apr 02 05:40

Video: Max Blumenthal on the ways Zionism exploits anti-Semitism

The perverse and counterintuitive relationship between Zionism/Israel and anti-Semitism is a difficult thing to articulate. Blumenthal does a great job of illuminating this very dangerous, and very real, relationship. He’s got an uncanny ability to articulate out loud, and very directly, the connections and concepts which many of us have difficulty expressing and can only intuitively feel. Since these truths are rarely spoken in public platforms, for me it’s very powerful to witness Blumenthal illuminate this concept so concisely. Just when you think he couldn’t possibly make a more critical point or make things any clearer, he makes another key observation/analogy. And he does it consistently and off the cuff. He’s a special cat, he’s an epiphany distributor.

Apr 02 05:31

The Jewish establishment has banned these four valiant Jews. Why?

The four American Jews above are on a national campus tour. All in their 70s, they are veterans of the civil rights movement; they went south 50 years ago to help free our country from Jim Crow, risking their lives for equal rights. But they have been banned from speaking at Hillel, the Jewish campus organization, because they have come out in favor of Palestinian human rights.

Apr 02 04:41

Jade Helm: Republican Congressional candidate warns militias on high alert over martial law fears

Jade Helm 2015 rumors continue as former Congressional candidate warns of American militias on high alert in preparation for possible martial law

Apr 02 01:01

America, Land of the Free?

Ahhh, in what imaginary realm? Yes, this is an enduring myth, just like the one about Americans being freedom loving, even though America has been in the endless business of war, for almost 200 out of its 235 years of existence and almost everyone of them the US started.

Apr 02 00:43

The Collapse Of The “American World” By American Journalist

The transfer of control over financial flows from Wall Street and the City to new development banks and funds in China – a fait accompli, leaving behind US efforts to preserve existing world order, says the American journalist.


April 1, 2015

Apr 01 21:58

The Future of Food (Documentary film)

Filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia examines agribusiness' aggressive push for genetically modified food.

Charles Benbrook, George W. Bush, Ignacio Chapela, Exequiel Ezcurra Director: Deborah Koons Writer: Deborah Koons

THE FUTURE OF FOOD offers an in-depth investigation into the disturbing truth behind the unlabeled, patented, genetically engineered foods that have quietly filled U.S. grocery store shelves for the past decade. From the prairies of Saskatchewan, Canada to the fields of Oaxaca, M

Apr 01 21:27

Yemen Echoes of 1930s Aggression and Descent into Barbarism

The latest Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen, overseen by Washington, has been condemned by Iran, Russia and China.

Both the Arab League and the United Nations have fully transformed themselves into the ill-fated League of Nations that more than 70 years ago disgraced itself into oblivion when it failed to condemn foreign aggressions that eventually led to the cataclysm of World War Two.

As delegates gathered in Egypt’s resort city of Sharm el-Sheikh for the Arab League last weekend, nearly half of its member states were at the same time openly engaged in an aerial blitz on one of the League’s weakest countries – Yemen.

Apr 01 21:24

In Yemen, and Middle East, U.S. Needs to Learn When to Quit

Author’s note: The New York Times’ Room For Debate poses the question “Is Yemen America’s fight?” and asks whether the United States should be involved in regional efforts to fight the Houthis in Yemen.

Here’s my short essay on why the US has no business being there – and why Washington needs to rein in the Saudis before they embroil us all in an even bigger mess.

At the rate the Saudis are escalating, any full-on war in Yemen will cripple the entire Arabian Peninsula, and that would be a disaster for all key U.S. policy interests in the region.

Apr 01 21:18

District Attorney charges Albuquerque police officer who kneed man in groin

The victim of the kick lost his testicle.

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – The Bernalillo County District Attorney says APD officer Pablo Padilla committed a felony when he kneed a UNM law student in the groin last April.

The district attorney filed charges in state District Court on Tuesday, alleging Padilla committed aggravated battery with great bodily harm when he kicked Jeremy Martin hard enough to rupture one of his testicles. The DA also charged Padilla with another felony, tampering with evidence, for allegedly deleting video of the incident from a cellphone.

Apr 01 20:16

Dimitry Orlov: The USA's License to Kill

....Americans like their weapons, and they like handing them out as a show of support. But more often than not these weapons end up in the wrong hands: the ones they gave to Iraq are now in the hands of ISIS; the ones they gave to the Ukrainian nationalists have been sold to the Syrian government; the ones they gave to the government in Yemen is now in the hands of the Houthis who recently overthrew it. And so the efficacy of lavish military spending has dwindled too. At some point it may become more efficient to modify the US Treasury printing presses to blast bundles of US dollars in the general direction of the enemy.

With the strategy of “destroying in order to create” no longer viable, but with the blind ambition to still try to prevail everywhere in the world somehow still part of the political culture, all that remains is murder. The main tool of foreign policy becomes political assassination: be it Saddam Hussein, or Muammar Qaddafi, or Slobodan Miloševi?, or Osama bin Laden, or any number of lesser targets, the idea is to simply kill them.

Apr 01 19:40

Keiser Report: Occupy Rupert Murdoch

In this episode of the Keiser Report, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss occupying Murdoch with a Trews awning. They examine the economic and financial reasons the population should look beyond porn - both property porn and the Page 3 sort - to see what disinformation, misinformation and more is being pushed on them by a media in bed with political and corporate elites. In the second half, they look at Deutsche Bank considering closing down their retail operations because, in this new QE and Zirp managed world, they lose money on depositors.

Apr 01 18:44

Flashback: Allegations of Government Human and Biotech Experiments at a Deep Underground Military Base near Dulce

MKUltra, the CIA’s post-World War II mass mind control experiment conducted on the populous at large all over the nation, included everything from giving LSD to babies to satanic sex abuse rituals and torture of children and others in order to “crack their minds” for control in what some victims were allegedly told was “an aid of national security.”


Apr 01 18:30

American police killed more people in March (111) than the entire UK police have killed since 1900

Yeah. Those numbers are real. A total of 111 people were killed by police in the United States in March of 2015. Since 1900, in the entire United Kingdom, 52 people have been killed by police. Don't bother adjusting for population differences, or poverty, or mental illness, or anything else. The sheer fact that American police kill TWICE as many people per month as police have killed in the modern history of the United Kingdom is sick, preposterous, and alarming

Apr 01 18:18

How to Woship the State

Apr 01 15:45

Russian consulate in Aden damaged by coalition airstrikes – embassy source

The Russian Consulate General in the Yemeni sea port of Aden has been hit Saudi-led coalition airstrikes, a source in the Russia embassy in Yemen told Sputnik.

“There is not a single intact window left,” the source said.A possibility of consulate closure and the evacuation of Russian nationals is currently under review, the source added.

Earlier on Wednesday a Russian plane charted for the evacuation of Russian citizens caught in the conflict had been diverted to Cairo, after the coalition denied it landing in the Yemeni capital Sanaa.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Somehow I don't think that was an accident!

Apr 01 15:34

Military and Police in Florida Practice Detaining Citizens

If you live in South Florida, the black military helicopters buzzing over your city were not in your imagination — regardless of what the increasingly discredited establishment press has been claiming for years. A controversial military training drill took place last week in downtown Fort Lauderdale, Florida, that spooked more than a few residents, as well as analysts. Featuring Special Forces from various branches of the military working with local law enforcement, the drill involved, among other elements, rounding up civilians. And now, the training is coming under fire from locals and national media commentators as everything from an inconvenience and safety hazard to an ominous sign of trouble to come.

Apr 01 15:00

Hacking group may be NSA in disguise

evidence uncovered by security researchers suggests that a dangerous hacking collective is actually the National Security Agency (NSA).

The so-called Equation Group,

Apr 01 14:46

Over 100 People Were Killed by Police in March.

Have Police Gotten the Post-Ferguson Memo Yet?

Apr 01 14:46

In The Army, Now! Ukraine Officials Raid Dorms to Draft Students

Seventy percent of young people in some regions of Ukraine are evading military service as they are afraid of being sent to the conflict zone in the southeastern regions of the country.

Apr 01 14:33

Germany’s Merkel Comes Out as Basically a U.S. Agent

Eric Zuesse
RINF Alternative News

On Wednesday, April 1st, German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s cabinet approved a measure to bring fracking (the patents for which are owned mainly by “large American companies, including Halliburton, Baker Hughes and Schlumberger”) into Germany. This is a prelude not only to U.S. President Obama’s secret Trans-Atlantic Trade & Investment Partnership (TTIP) pact with Europe to subordinate national laws and regulations to trans-national mega-corporate panels that will be dominated by U.S. firms and that will override the participating nations’ environmental and labor regulations and consumer protections (and harm European economies generally), but it is also a major step toward removing Europe from Russia’s energy-market, and bringing U.S. and European oil companies to dominate there instead.

Apr 01 14:32

The Pro-GMO Lobby In Retreat

It has been such a tough period for the pro-GMO lobby that it’s difficult to know where to begin. But let us start by looking at two pieces of recent research that strike at the very heart of the pro-GMO argument, namely:

1) GM crops are needed to feed the world.

2) The GMO agritech industry is based on sound science and reasoned argument.

Apr 01 14:29

Fleece Force: How Police And Courts Around Ferguson Bully Residents And Collect Millions

the problems with municipal courts in St. Louis County extend far beyond Ferguson.

Apr 01 14:24

Sen. Robert Menendez indicted on corruption charges

"Robert Menendez, a U.S. senator, and Dr. Salomon Melgen, a Florida ophthalmologist, were indicted today in connection with a bribery scheme in which Menendez allegedly accepted gifts from Melgen in exchange for using the power of his Senate office to benefit Melgen's financial and personal interests,"

Apr 01 14:19

Asthmatic man, 24, dies during traffic stop in Detroit

Clark, who said he’s retained an attorney and is considering suing the city, speculated his son was driving erratically because he had trouble breathing.

“We’ve had to put him on (breathing) machines, and he couldn’t play sports because of his condition,” he said, adding his son was likely “grasping for air or reaching for his inhaler, which is why they said he was weaving.”

Clark said the morning after his son’s death, a Detroit Police lieutenant phoned and read to him the officer’s report, which said his son was handcuffed during the encounter.

“The officer said after he cuffed my son, he told him ‘I can’t breathe,’ and that they gave him his (inhaler),” Clark said. “He told them, ‘it’s not working; call EMS.’ Then my son dies right there.”

Apr 01 14:17

Iran Wants Removal of Crude, Banking Sanctions in First Step

Iran's deputy lead negotiator Seyed Abbas Araqchi underlined Tehran's irreversible demand for the termination of all sanctions under any possible deal with the six world powers, reiterating that his country insists on the removal of all economic, financial and crude embargoes in the first step.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Which is perfectly reasonable.

Apr 01 14:08

Raw Awakening: Prospects for Ukraine’s EU Integration Slipping Away to Vanish beyond the Horizon

The Maidan revolution involved grassroots into the process of power change. The integration with the European Union was promulgated as one of the main goals. The association agreement was a step on the way. It was signed on March 21, 2014. A year has passed, but there are no tangible results. The prospects for integration have become even murkier than they were back then.

Apr 01 13:44

Will Yemen kick-off the 'War of the two Blocs?'

This is not just a regional fight – it is a global one with ramifications that go well beyond the Middle East. The region is quite simply the theatre where it is coming to a head. And Yemen, Syria and Iraq are merely the tinderboxes that may or may not set off the conflagration.

Apr 01 13:37

Gulf of Mexico oil rig explosion leaves four workers dead

Four oil rig workers were killed and 16 injured when a fire broke out on an oil production platform in the Gulf of Mexico early on Wednesday morning, Mexico’s state-run petro-giant Pemex has said.

Apr 01 13:34


April 25 will mark 100 years since the Allies – the UK, Australia, New Zealand, and France – made their ill-fated landing on Turkey’s Gallipoli peninsula during WW1. Having barely gotten off the beaches after months of fighting, the Allies withdrew in defeat leaving over 44,000 dead and 97,000 wounded. As in recent years, thousands will flock from the Allied countries and elsewhere to Gallipoli for the Turkish-led April 24-25 commemorations. Numerous world dignitaries, including Australia’s and New Zealand’s prime ministers and Prince Charles, will also attend.

Apr 01 13:32

Ukrainian saboteurs preparing provocations — DPR Defense Ministry spokesman

The self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) has data on subversive groups who, under the guise of militiamen, will stage provocations and open fire on Ukrainian positions, DPR Defense Ministry spokesman Eduard Basurin said Wednesday.

"Our intelligence service has obtained a document confirming these plans. This is an electronic version of the Plan of special operation in sector B obtained by our agent. The document has been signed and is effective now," Basurin said.

He cited a few excerpts from the document, which in particular say that "the key efforts during the special operation are focused on discrediting the governing bodies of the terrorist organization ‘Donetsk People’s Republic’ and convincing the population of Donetsk that ‘separatists’ are unable to ensure security in the city."

Apr 01 13:31

Amnesty International Whitewashes Venezuelan Opposition Abuses

Amnesty International's latest report on Venezuela calls for justice for the dozens of people killed during the unrest that shook the country a year ago, while using sleight of hand to deflect attention away from those responsible.

Apr 01 13:26

Deescalating the Conflict in Ukraine

What could you say about the recent statement by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on the recent de-escalation of the conflict in Donbass? Is this really happening? Will Kiev fully comply with the Minsk agreements? We hear continuous reports that Ukraine is building up its military strength with Western help. Will you, please, comment on the EU and US roles in this respect.