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June 12, 2015

Jun 12 09:21

Sanders to Clinton: The Time to Come Clean on TPP, Fast Track is 'Right Now'

With former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton about to formally kick off her presidential campaign with a rally in New York this weekend, rival for the Democratic nomination Bernie Sanders is demanding she make her positions on critical issues—especially pending trade agreements—more clear.






Jun 12 08:54

Obama Does Have a Strategy in Iraq: Escalation

Almost nine months after President Obama admitted that “we don’t have a strategy yet” to challenge the Islamic State – and just days after he said he still has “no complete Iraq strategy” – the non-strategy suddenly has a name: escalation.

According to reports in the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, the Obama administration is poised to send 400 to 500 additional troops to Iraq immediately, and to build a new U.S. military base in restive Anbar province to house them – and potentially many more.

Jun 12 08:51

Behind the scenes of the largest annual meeting of global warming contrarians

On Thursday, a group of people gathered in Washington D.C. to kick off one hell of a hootenanny. The two-day "International Climate Change Conference" brought together all manner of mainly old white guys to talk about how continued fossil fuel use could, in fact, save our planet and all of its impoverished people. None of the speakers said global warming is much of a problem at all, if it even exists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That the author of this piece is biased towards the official view of global warming is obvious, but the photos are worth seeing. The author is trying to ridicule the fact that a lot of very smart people are realizing that there are significant problems with the claims made by the global warming hoaxsters.

Back on March 20, 2000 the UK Independent ran the banner headline "Snow is now a thing of the past." WE have had several record-setting winters since then. Al Gore predicted the arctic would be ice free by summer of 2014. The polar caps are currently at 1970s levels. As a corollary, Al Gore claimed that because the ice was shrinking, Polar Bears would drown and go extinct. Polar Bears swim. Polar Bears can float while asleep. And not too surprisingly, Polar Bears have grown in numbers to where they are considerted pest animals rather than endangered!

Back in 2008, the head of Greenpeace, Gerd Leipold, predicted Greenland would lose all of its ice in twenty years. We are now three years from that deadline and Greenland actually has more ice than it did back then. The summer melt-rate is only 1/3 of the normal average.

Did I mention we actually had a blizzard here in Hawaii this last winter?

Perhaps the most obvious giveaway that this is a hit piece on those who refuse to admire the Emperor's New Warming is the claim that solar output is not the dominant control of Earth's climate, as if shutting the sun off might be only a minor convenience. As a matter of fact solar output is currently at a 100 year low, and not surprisingly we have had these harsh winters as a result, a clear repeat of the Maunder Minimum and the Little Ice Age.

Jun 12 08:48

Iowa GOP cancels 2015 Straw Poll amid waning interest from candidates

The Republican Party of Iowa’s State Central Committee dealt the final fatal blow to the 2015 Iowa Straw Poll, unanimously voting Friday morning to cancel the event.

The party had been working to overhaul the format of the event, an Iowa staple since 1979 that has presented an unofficial kickoff to the presidential campaign season in the early caucus state.

Jun 12 08:47

US senator Portman amends defense bill to support Ukraine

U.S. Senator Rob Portman (R-Ohio) on Wednesday urged passage of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for Fiscal Year 2016 and discussed the need to address growing national security threats around the world, including continued Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine, according to the official Web site of the senator.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Russia is not the aggressor here. The whole Ukraine debacle began with the US-backed coup and installation of a puppet Junta in January of last year.

Jun 12 08:45

Ex-Gitmo inmate stopped from boarding flight to Montreal that overflies U.S.

A former Guantanamo prisoner who was invited to address a conference on youth radicalization in Montreal says he was prevented from boarding a flight in France because the aircraft would fly through U.S. airspace.

Mourad Benchellali, who addresses youth groups in Europe in a bid to dissuade them from joining the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or other groups waging holy war in Syria and Iraq, was not allowed to board the Air Transat flight from Lyon to Montreal.

Air Transat said because the flight flies through U.S. airspace its personnel had to, and applied the provisions of a U.S. security program known as Secure Flight — a program that checks passengers against the U.S. No Fly list.

Benchellali, 33, who was released from the U.S. naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in July 2004, said in a telephone interview he was unaware he was on the U.S. list.

Jun 12 08:45

US soldiers raped at least 54 Colombian children with immunity

US soldiers and military contractors sexually abused more than 54 children in Colombia between 2003 and 2007, according to a recently released historic document on the country’s conflict. The suspects have allegedly not been prosecuted due to immunity clauses in bilateral agreements.

Jun 12 08:44

Iraq on the brink

On 28 June 2004 former Iraqi prime minister Ayad Allawi was all smiles. “In a few days, Iraq will radiate with stability and security,” he promised when he was made prime minister, according to the UK journalist Patrick Cockburn months after Allawi was chosen as prime minister of the Iraqi interim government.

But on 5 June 2015, Lise Grande, the UN humanitarian coordinator for Iraq, was quoted as saying aid operations in the country were at severe risk without urgent funds, while the UN has launched a new $500 million appeal to address worsening humanitarian conditions in Iraq.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"What is WRONG with those Iraqi people?!? Don't they understand that once we conquer them, they are supposed to STAY conquered?!?" -- Official White Horse Souse

Jun 12 08:42

White House issues a clarification about Obama "ignoring Abadi

The White House denied the rumors today that President , Barack Obama deliberately ignores Iraqi Prime Minister ,Haider al-Abadi during at G7 summit held in Germany.

Television scenes showed Obama sitting with the General Director of the International Monetary Fund ,Christine Lagarde and Italian Prime Minister ,Matteo Renzi on the sidelines of the summit meetings when the Iraqi prime minister, approached and sat to the left of Obama as US President to turn his back on this side.

Although Abadi seemed like trying to attract the attention of Obama, but the latter finished his talk with Lagarde and Renzi

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Puppet rulers should not expect respect from the puppet master.

Jun 12 08:41

Italian Lawmaker Put on Putin T-Shirt at EU Parliament Session

The leader of Italy’s northern regional party Lega Nord caused a commotion ahead of the European Parliament session in Strasbourg when he turned up for the meeting wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with the profile of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Jun 12 08:39

Cartier boss with $7.5bn fortune says prospect of the poor rising up 'keeps him awake at night'

The multi-billionaire owner of luxury jewellery company Cartier has revealed his greatest fear – robots replacing workers and the poor rising up to bring down the rich.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

My recommendation to keep that from happening is to not let the poor get too poor or the rich too rich, but I am sure Johann is thinking more about killing off the poor ... since they can't afford to shop in his stores anyway!

Jun 12 08:34

Grand Jury Indicts VA Officer That Shot Mentally Ill Man Nine Times

On Thursday, a Virginia grand jury chose to indict a Norfolk police officer for the fatal shooting of a mentally ill man that took place last year.

Officer Michael Carlton Edington Jr. was indicted on one count of voluntary manslaughter, by jurors who began deliberating Monday, in Norfolk Circuit Court.

Edington shot 35-year-old David Latham nine times, including in the chest and back, during a June 6, 2014 confrontation after the man refused to immediately comply with the officers order to drop a knife while standing in his doorway.

Jun 12 08:33

A Chinese Ebola Drug Raises Hopes, and Rancor

After a nurse who contracted Ebola in Sierra Leone was discharged Wednesday from a Rome hospital, a doctor there described the experimental treatments the patient had received as “absolutely miraculous.”

They included MIL77, a product from China that was also given to a British Army nurse who recovered from Ebola at a London hospital in March. It is a near copy of what many believed was the most promising Ebola therapy: a cocktail of antibodies known as ZMapp, the result of a collaboration between the United States and Canada.

Jun 12 08:32

How Philadelphia seizes millions in ‘pocket change’ from some of the city’s poorest residents

Each year, Philadelphia cops take millions of dollars in cash from city residents under the state's civil asset forfeiture laws. Roughly one-third of these residents -- 1,500 of them -- are never convicted of a crime. And much of their money -- about $2.2 million a year -- goes directly into the coffers of the Philadelphia district attorney's office, which oversees the forfeiture process.

Jun 12 08:31

House Votes To Change Law Due To Trade Agreement, While Insisting That Trade Agreements Don't Change Laws

Two weeks ago, the House Agriculture Committee voted 38-6 to repeal country-of-origin-labeling. (COOL), and now it's the full House's turn. In a 300-131 vote yesterday the "country of Origin Labeling Amendments Act" (HR 2393) passed with the support of a significant number of Democrats as well as the majority of Republicans.

The bill's prompting and passage came after the World Trade Organisation ruled in favor of Canadian farmers, who sued claiming it was "discriminatory" and thus in violation of Free Trade Agreements. The problem? Cattle bought from abroad would have to be segregated from domestic cattle, increasing costs and making imports less desirable.

With Fast Track coming up for a vote -- perhaps even today -- it's curious to see this snippet in the Associated Press report on the vote by the Speaker of the House:

Jun 12 08:30

Obama Visits Congress Ahead of Key Trade Bill Vote

President Barack Obama went to Capitol Hill Friday to make a last minute appeal to fellow Democrats to support his ambitious Asia-Pacific free trade agenda, ahead of a key vote in the House of Representatives on whether to extend crucial "fast-track" negotiating authority to the White House.

Jun 12 08:30

Bernie Sanders pressures Hillary Clinton to take a stand on trade deal

Sen. Bernie Sanders, the independent senator from Vermont who's running for the Democratic presidential nomination, has been saying for weeks that Hillary Clinton should take a stand on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the 12-nation trade agreement currently under negotiation.

This week, ahead of Friday's House vote on giving the president trade promotion authority, Sanders turned up the heat on Clinton.

"I frankly don't understand how you could be a major candidate for president of the United States -- Hillary Clinton, or anybody else -- and not have an opinion on that issue," he said in an interview with Bloomberg's Al Hunt on the Charlie Rose Show on Thursday. Asked if Clinton's stance amounts to a "cop out," Sanders said yes.

Jun 12 08:29

Paul Ryan: ‘We Have the Votes for Trade Promotion Authority

On Friday’s “Squawk Box” on CNBC, Rep. Paul Ryan, one of the more outspoken proponents of the controversial Trade Promotion Authority, told “Squawk Box” co-host Joe Kernan that he believed the House has the votes for the measure.

Jun 12 08:26

Behind Bilderberg, Trilateral: the Globalists have a major problem

You can roll up Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the World Trade Organization, NAFTA, and the several current trade treaties nearing completion… you can insert all these Rockefeller Globalist forces into one great corporate agenda, and…

Jun 12 08:24

Inferno reported near Israeli ‘nuke center’

An inferno has reportedly broken out in central occupied Palestinian territories near the reported site of Israel’s nuclear weapons production.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We don't have nuclear weapons! And if you say we do then you are a Jew-hating anti-Semite who wants Hitler to come back and gas Jewish babies slowly to death! It's a textile mill. Honest! They make ... bed sheets there. If you will excuse me, I have to go down into my bunker now." -- Nodding Yahoo

Jun 12 08:21

War Criminal Dynasty: The Last Jeb Killed for Slavery, The Last Bush Killed for Oil

Presidential elections should be limited to as short a time period as possible and are generally the biggest drain and distraction going. I have two excuses for looking into Jeb Bush. One is that I’ve been collecting the evidence that Hillary cannot be a lesser evil than any living human, and campaigning for No More Bushes or Clintons. The other is that I only read Jeb Bush: Outed because I’ve long liked the author, Stephen Goldstein.

Jun 12 08:20

President Lindsey Graham Would Go To War in Iraq AND Syria

If you want to avoid war, Lindsey Graham has some news for you – do not bother voting for him.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wasn't planning on it. My vote is for any pro-peace candidate who isn't kissing Israel's ass!

Jun 12 08:18

Reporters "Mug Shots" on Checkpoint Wall

As reporters Rob Dew and Josh Owens went through the Buchen checkpoint, Rob noticed that both of their passport photos and Paul Joseph Watson's were the only three mounted on the wall along with a picture of the rental car license plate. Of course there should be pictures of the criminal globalist meeting at Bilderberg 2015 on the wall so we will see what we can do about that.

Jun 12 08:18

"Insanity": Critics React to the Troop Increase in Iraq

The Real News spoke to former Army Lt. Col. and Iraq vet Daniel Davis, journalist Dahr Jamail and policy expert Stephen Miles about the recent decision to build a new military base and send some 500 'advisors' to the Anbar province.

Jun 12 08:17

Coalition ‘not over’ until UN resolution takes effect: GCC

The Saudi-led coalition bombing Iran-backed Houthis in Yemen for more than two months will continue until a UN resolution calling for a rebel pullback takes effect, Qatar's foreign minister said on Thursday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That the same UN that pussied-out and gave Israel a free pass for all the kids they murder? Why is anyone even listening to them?

What Saudi Arabia is saying is that they are going to go on bombing the Yemen people (including children) until Yemen accepts their US-puppet ruler Hadi back!

Jun 12 08:14

Florida cop shoots dead homeless man in front of up to 50 children attending a summer school

Dozens of children attending a summer camp were left traumatized after watching a police officer shoot dead a homeless man in the middle of a Miami park.

Fritz Severe was shot in Gibson Park, in the Overtown area, on Thursday morning in front of as many as 60 witnesses - including children.

The officer, named as Antonio Torres, who has been in the force for 20 years, is said to have discharged his weapon after Mr Severe refused to drop his weapon.

But when Miami Police Chief Rodolfo Llanes was pushed for details later, he said he could not confirm whether the pipe was brandished during the confrontation.



Jun 12 08:07

Country singer Randy Howard killed during shootout with bounty hunter

Country singer Randy Howard was killed at his home in Lynchburg, Tenn., on Tuesday night during a shootout with a bounty hunter, according to Fox News.

The report says the bounty hunter was attempting to detain Howard, who was a member of country music's "Outlaw" movement, on a DUI charge. The bail bondsman was also shot during the encounter, but is expected to live.

The Washington Post reports Howard, 65, is known for songs like "All-American Redneck," and he performed with Willie Nelson, Hank Williams Jr., Waylon Jennings and more during his career.

Jun 12 08:04

Is This The Most BIZARRE Thing Israel’s Netanyahu Has Ever Said?!

The recently re-elected Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu has accused activists who have launched boycotts of Israeli products of ‘hypocrisy’.

He said that, “they boycott Israel but they refuse to boycott Isis. That tells you everything you want to know about the [boycott, divestment and sanctions] movement”.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I haven't seen anything at the local supermarket marked "Made by ISIS." Netanyahu is losing it!

Jun 12 08:01

US recon aircraft intercepted by Russian fighter jet over Baltic - Pentagon

An American RC-135U reconnaissance aircraft was buzzed by a Russian Sukhoi Su-27 fighter jet over the Baltic Sea near Russia’s Kaliningrad Region, according to the Pentagon, which accused the Russian pilot of coming dangerously close to the US aircraft.

“On the morning of April 7, a US RC-135U, flying a routine route in international airspace, was intercepted by a Russian Su-27 Flanker in an unsafe and unprofessional manner,” the Washington Free Beacon (WFB) cited Pentagon spokeswoman Eileen M. Lainez as saying.

“The United States is raising this incident with Russia in the appropriate diplomatic and official channels,” she added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"How DARE you interfere with our spying on your country! How dare you DARE ... to dare..." -- Official White Horse Souse

Jun 12 07:59

Source: ISIS blowing up officials' homes in Ramadi

The Islamic State [ISIS] is enacting revenge on Iraqi authorities, soldiers, and other officials who are suspected of fighting the extremists by blowing up their homes in Ramadi, a provincial official told Rudaw.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In WW2, as France kicked out the Nazis, those French officials who had collaborated with the Vichy Government were targeted for revenge, including the destruction of their homes. Women who had "consorted" with the Nazis were publicly shamed by having their heads shaved, but that one backfired as men quickly learned that the short-haired girls were a likely "great date." Eventually all French girls wore their hair short so as not to stay home alone on the weekends.

Jun 12 07:56

Shaq's site outs him as a 9/11 'Truther': Report

The former NBA superstar's nicknames range from "Superman" to "The Big Aristotle" to "The Diesel." Now his own website says he's a 9/11 "Truther," the New York Post reported.

The term "Truther" refers to the 9/11 Truth movement, which consists of conspiracy theorists disputing the accounts of the terrorist attacks carried out almost 14 years ago.

The website posted an entry on Thursday about the 9/11 terrorist attacks possibly being an "inside job" while at the same time asking "Are we getting the truth?," the report added. The entry also included a slow-motion video of the second jet crashing into the south tower of the World Trade Center.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let's be honest; at this stage the only people who are not 9-11 truthers are those on government and media paychecks (and probably most of them are closet-truthers who stay silent to keep their jobs).

Jun 12 07:43

NCAAP leader Rachel Dolezal is actually white, her family claims: ‘It’s a farce’

Controversy is swirling around one of the Spokane region’s most prominent civil rights activists, with family members saying the local leader of the NAACP has falsely portrayed herself as black for years.

Rachel Dolezal is president of the Spokane chapter of the NAACP, chair of the city’s Office of Police Ombudsman Commission, and an adjunct professor at Eastern Washington University.

The Spokesman-Review reported Thursday that questions have arisen about her background and her numerous complaints to police of harassment, of which the authorities say they have found little evidence.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

FBI is scraping the bottom of the barrel for agents provocateurs, it would appear! :)

Jun 12 07:35

U.S. House panel undecided on aid levels for the Caucasus

U.S. House Appropriators prioritized aid for Syrian relief, but remained largely silent on specific Fiscal Year 2016 (FY2016) aid levels for the Caucasus, underscoring the pivotal role that pending Senate consideration of this measure will play in addressing Armenian American concerns, reported the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).

Jun 12 07:34

Israel exonerates itself over Gaza beach killings of four children last year

Israeli investigation says missile attack that killed boys aged between nine and 11 was ‘tragic accident’ in findings contradictory to journalists’ reports from scene

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We thought they were Egyptian horse traders! Honest! And if you don't believe me then you are a filthy Jew-hating anti-Semite who wants to bring back Hitler so he can gas Jewish babies!" -- Nodding Yahoo

Jun 12 07:34

Globalism and the push for mandatory universal vaccination

By Jon Rappoport

In many previous articles, I have established a number of facts about vaccines.

They are not safe. They are not effective. They were not responsible for the major decline in so-called contagious diseases...

Having established these points, it’s possible to assess the real reasons for the push to vaccinate every human on the face of the Earth.

Among these reasons, you will recognize the controlling hand of elite Globalists, for whom planetary empire is the goal...

Jun 12 07:14

Video: London Guardian Reporter Raided In Hotel Room

London Guardian reporter Charlie Skelton talks about his experience with the Bilderberg “police force”.

Jun 12 07:10

MERS Outbreak Affects South Korean Economy

South Korea is plagued with a rising death toll in its third week as the MERS virus spreads throughout the country. Analysts believe the outbreak will worsen the economy, as tourists stay away and locals remain at home.

Jun 12 07:10

GM Moths Field Release near New York Causes Outrage

Environmental, advocacy and organic farming organizations have sent a letter Thursday to New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Agriculture Commissioner Richard Ball along with Cornell University President David Skorton and Agricultural School Associate Dean Susan Brown, urging them to release information to the public about the field release of genetically engineered (GE) diamondback moths at Cornell’s agricultural experiment station in Geneva, New York and to stop any outdoor trials until more adequate information is available...

Jun 12 07:09

German Companies Stop Sales of "Roundup"

According to Swiss supermarkets, German companies have announced halting sales of Monsanto’s glyphosate herbicide.

In 1971, Monsanto patented glyphosate. Today its glyphosate (“Roundup”) constitutes two billion US dollars in annual sales.

Jun 12 06:51

Armored Vehicle Joins Stingray Jammers At Bilderberg

Jun 12 06:51

Unlike launching a missile - we ‘ll never know who’s behind cyber attacks’

A new generation stealth virus was used to eavesdrop on the Iran nuclear program talks in Switzerland in April.

Jun 12 06:20

3-minute video: Tell the truth now, or be ridiculed/ridiculous after ‘Emperor’s New Clothes’ trance breaks

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

hat tip: TheSOTTReport (and here)

3-minute video, Still You Believe by Osama and the Bin Ladens:


The Emperor’s New Clothes is the story of current wars and central “monetary” policy: “official” stories easily and completely refuted by anyone caring to look at the facts. All three are tragic-comedies because even children see the truth with just a few moments of attention.

This was the theme of a conference paper; full professional explanation and documentation here.

In The Emperor’s New Clothes story, upon public initial conversations of the facts, the emperor continues the pretense, along with “officials.” However, the illusion is shattered within moments as the “whole town” began speaking about what was clear for everyone upon minimal attention.

Jun 12 04:35

Mike Wallace Interviews Margaret Sanger on Eugenics, Her opposition to the Catholic Church, 1957

With Hillary Clinton recently admitting that she admires Margaret Sanger, this 1957 interview of Sanger by Mike Wallace is very interesting watching. Wallace asks Sanger her motivation is not based on opposition to the Church. Sanger's mother was Catholic from Ireland, and had 11 children. "The population question is a great concern today", Sanger opines. They spend a great deal of time discussing the Catholic position on artificial birth control, in a very interesting interview the likes of which would probably not be aired on secular TV today. Wallace then focuses on Sanger's history of publicly opposing the church. As Wallace confronts Sanger on her past statements, she gets fidgety, blinking, rubbing her face, and darting out her tongue.

June 11, 2015

Jun 11 22:16

Texas wants its gold back from the Federal Reserve

Jun 11 22:03

Lies the government is telling you

Last week, Republicans and Democrats in Congress joined President Obama in congratulating themselves for taming the National Security Agency’s voracious appetite for spying. By permitting one section of the Patriot Act to expire and by replacing it with the USA Freedom Act, the federal government is taking credit for taming beasts of its own creation.

Jun 11 22:00

Washington Post Plays Ukraine’s Lapdog

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Yatsenyuk and Finance Minister Jaresko are on a U.S. trip to drum up weapons and money to crush the ethnic Russian resistance in the east – and they are finding a lapdog U.S. press that won’t ask them tough questions.

Jun 11 21:57

Varoufakis: Greece's creditors have turned negotiations into a war

Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis has criticised Greece's creditors for making "no concessions" and turning the negotiations "into a war". In an interview with Germany's Tagesspiegel he explains why a plan for debt restructuring is a Greek prerequisite for an agreement.

Jun 11 21:53

The Fox and the Henhouse

Mr Cameron’s apparent concern about corruption is truly heart-warming, but given that the City of London is widely recognised as the global centre of dirty money-laundering, and given that the City of London is rather influential in who occupies 10 and 11 Downing St, one has to wonder how deep Mr Cameron’s concern really is.

Jun 11 21:46

Shocking words of Israeli leaders read aloud in Irish parliament

Irish lawmaker Richard Boyd Barrett reads out some of the more shocking, violent and racist statements recently made by Israeli ministers and military officials.


Jun 11 17:48

Criminalizing Criticism: A Zionist Project - An Analysis by Dr. Lawrence Davidson

“the Israeli electorate is still dominated by hyper-nationalist, in some cases proto-fascist, figures. It is no way inclined to make peace. It has given a clear mandate for policies … that will further deepen Israel’s colonial venture.”

Jun 11 17:02

The story of Derek Medina

UPDATE: June 11, 2015, 5:29 pm.
The Derek Medina interrogation video has been completely taken down from the CBS4 Miami website (http://miami.cbslocal.com/). As of yesterday it was up and running as it had been for the last 8 months. What is seen instead in this: "Configuration Error"

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the blog of the last caller on today's radio show, whose step-son is being charged with murdering his wife. The question is, why are the police ignoring the wife's use of a street drug known as "bath crystals" which can trigger extreme violence, and denying the possibility that the step-son acted in self defense?

Jun 11 16:57

Gowdy to Obama: No Hillary Clinton Benghazi documents, then no 2016 funding

The Obama White House on Wednesday slammed GOP lawmakers in the House of Representatives for their threats on Tuesday to delay funding for the scandal-ridden State Department. The lawmakers said they would take the action as a way to force the Secretary of State John Kerry's cooperation with their Benghazi select committee's investigation into the Sept. 11, 2012 Islamist attacks in Libya, according to several reports.

Jun 11 16:25

Grandfathers in WW1, fathers in WW2; we’ll have arrests of today’s War Criminals or WW3

*hyperlinks/video live at source*

hat tip: StormCloudsGathering


At least since the Roman Empire, Earth has been overrun by .01% psychopathic oligarchs looting in the lies of “self-defense”:

“It is no use trying to escape their arrogance by submission or good behavior. Robbers of the world, having by universal plunder exhausted the land, their drive is greed. If the enemy be rich, they are rapacious; if poor, they lust for domination. Neither rule of the East nor West can satisfy them. Alone among men, they crave with equal eagerness poverty and riches. To plunder, slaughter, seize with false pretenses, they give the lying name ‘empire.’ And where nothing remains but a desert, they call that ‘peace.’ ” – Tacitus, The Agricola and the Germania (analyses here, here)

Jun 11 15:46

Pilot Who [previously] Flew The Airplanes That Crashed On 9/11 Blows The Whistle

“I flew the two actual aircraft which were involved in 9/11; the Fight number 175 and Flight 93, the 757 that allegedly went down in Shanksville and Flight 175 is the aircraft that’s alleged to have hit the South Tower.

I don’t believe it’s possible for, like I said, for a terrorist, a so-called terrorist to train on a [Cessna] 172, then jump in a cockpit of a 757-767 class cockpit, and vertical navigate the aircraft, lateral navigate the aircraft, and fly the airplane at speeds exceeding it’s design limit speed by well over 100 knots, make high-speed high-banked turns, exceeding — pulling probably 5, 6, 7 G’s.

And the aircraft would literally fall out of the sky. I couldn’t do it and I’m absolutely positive they couldn’t do it.”

Jun 11 15:36

MERS Outbreak Affects South Korean Economy

South Korea is plagued with a rising death toll in its third week as the MERS virus spreads throughout the country. Analysts believe the outbreak will worsen the economy, as tourists stay away and locals remain at home.

Jun 11 15:35

Italian Parliament Representative Speaks Out About Bilderberg Elites

Italian Parliament Rep. Paolo Bernini arrived at the front gates of the elite secret meeting Bilderberg 2015.

Jun 11 15:33

See the Bilderberg Apex of Evil

While conducting recon at the local golf course we get within two stones throws of the Interalpen Hotel site of Bilderberg 2015.

Jun 11 15:33

Something Far More Dangerous Than Measles

California bill SB277 passed another major hurdle on the way to outlawing informed consent.

Jun 11 15:31

Moscow is concerned about possible US use of force in space — Russian Foreign Ministry

Moscow is concerned about the persistent refusal of the United States to participate in the negotiation of international agreements on the prevention of the deployment of weapons in space, the Russian Foreign Ministry said on Thursday in a commentary on the US State Department’s annual Report on Adherence to and Compliance With Arms Control, Nonproliferation, and Disarmament Agreements and Commitments.
"The US persistent refusal to participate in the negotiation of international agreements on the prevention of the deployment of weapons in space is causing major concern," the ministry said. "Washington continues to be guided in this issue on its national conceptual considerations. The latter, in particular, provide for the possibility of applying preventive force measures even in case of suspected hostile actions by other states, which in itself is contrary to international law."

Jun 11 15:29

Oil depot near Kiev could have been set on fire by owners - Ukraine top security official

Investigators are considering the version that the BRSM-Nafta company’s oil depot in the Vasilkovsky District near Kiev was set on fire by its owners to destroy oil products involved in the criminal case, Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council Secretary Alexander Turchinov said Thursday.
"The oil depot was built by the inner circle of [ex-Ukrainian President] Viktor Yanukovich illegally and without any permits," Turchinov claimed. "Moreover, investigators are considering the version that the arson was not accidental but designed to hide oil products the Interior Ministry investigated."
A fire broke out on Monday evening (June 8) at the BRSM-Nafta company’s oil depot some 30 kilometers (19 miles) from Kiev. One fuel tank caught fire, then flames embraced other tanks as well. Four people were killed, 14 were injured as a result of the accident. Prosecutors launched criminal proceedings.

Jun 11 15:26

Ukraine's border service confirms foreign military equipment crossing country's border

"As you know, joint Ukrainian-American exercises are currently being conducted at the Yavorivsky range (Lviv region) and the equipment of the units involved in the maneuvers has entered Ukraine," State Border Service spokesman Oleg Slobodyan told TASS, answering a request to confirm or deny this information.
According to him, about 10 pieces of equipment have crossed the border with Hungary. Slobodyan also said that "after the exercise is over, it [the equipment] must leave the territory of Ukraine."

Jun 11 15:19

Rebel attack in Colombia leaves 300,000 in the dark

Colombian officials are blaming rebels for an attack on the country's energy infrastructure that left hundreds of thousands of people without power.

President Juan Manuel Santos said Thursday that the guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia had blown up an energy pylon and blacked out much of the southern region of Caqueta Wednesday night.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Sounds better than admitting Columbia's electrical system has been allowed to deteriorate to junk.

Jun 11 15:16

Behind Bilderberg, Trilateral: the Globalists have a major problem

By Jon Rappoport

A gaping hole in the economic matrix...

Stay with me on this one. You’ll see what the powers-that-be are really worried about.

You can roll up Bilderberg, the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations, the World Trade Organization, NAFTA, and the several current trade treaties nearing completion… you can insert all these Rockefeller Globalist forces into one great corporate agenda, and…

There is a problem. A problem for Globalism. This is, behind the scenes, what the titans of control are whispering about...

Jun 11 15:03

Disabled CA Boy's Testimony to SB277 Lawmakers: "I Love Going To School. Please Don't Take That Away From Me."

Otto was born a healthy little boy and was on target at every wellness check we had with our pediatrician. We got him all the recommended vaccines on schedule. Then, when Otto was 17 months old, he received four shots containing six different vaccines. At that time, he was walking, running, and climbing, just like his same-aged peers. One morning, not long after those 6 vaccinations, I entered his room and Otto was in major distress because he couldn't stand up. We immediately took him to the E.R. Over the next few days, Otto endured a painful spinal tap, a brain scan, and an M.R.I. It was discovered that Otto had an autoimmune reaction called Transverse Myelitis. It was explained to my wife and me that his immune system had gotten confused and had started attacking his own spinal cord causing severe damage.

Jun 11 15:02

'US Drawing Europe Into Crusade Against Russia, Against Our Interests' – Ex-French PM

“Today, Europe is not independent… The US is drawing us [the EU] into a crusade against Russia, which contradicts the interests of Europe,” Fillon told the BFMTV channel.
The ex-French prime minister, who served in Nicolas Sarkozy’s government from 2007 till 2012, lashed out at Washington and its policies.
Washington, Fillon said, pursues “extremely dangerous” policies in the Middle East that the EU and European states have to agree with.
He accused German intelligence of spying on France “not in the interests of Germany but in the interests of the United States.”

Jun 11 15:02

Sexual Exploitation by UN Peacekeepers in Haiti

UN Blue Helmets are supposed to restore order, maintain peace and security and help troubled nations transition to stability.

Instead, they operate as imperial enforcers creating more conflict than resolution – including committing horrific human rights abuses against vulnerable people they’re mandated to protect.

Jun 11 15:00

Ireland's "bad bank" writes off massive debts of up to 40 fat cats in deals costing taxpayer €1billion

The full scale of debt write-downs approved by the former Anglo Irish Bank could even be as high as €1.2 billion.

Jun 11 15:00

Harper's Visit to Ukraine Pointless and Counter-Productive

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s recent visit to Ukraine was yet another counterproductive and pointless gesture of unwavering Canadian support for the current government in Kyiv. No doubt Harper’s anti-Russian rhetoric would be welcome words to the ears of President Petro Poroshenko, as he tries to drown out the shouts of protest from his own disenfranchised citizenry.
It has been more than a year since Russia annexed Crimea following a referendum. Even a poll conducted by the Canadian government revealed that an overwhelming majority of Crimean residents are still happy with their chosen change of nationality.
Despite similar referendums in the eastern Ukraine breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk, which also sought to become part of Russia, President Vladimir Putin declined the request. As a result, the two Ukrainian entities are in limbo and now refer to their joint territory as “New Russia.”

Jun 11 14:55

Swiss corruption investigators have pronounced their verdict on Ukraine

In May 2015, the Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva published a major study on the state of corruption in Ukraine. They worked on this 180-page document from September 2013 until January 2014, based on material from previous years, and it is in many respects already outdated because of the drastically altered political situation in the country after the overthrow of the government. However, the study’s authors worked hard to identify the reasons why Ukraine has become the utterly corrupt state that it is today, and the investigators also looked into the history of how corrupt ties have developed in Ukrainian society.

Jun 11 14:55

East Ukraine Rebels Made Autonomy Proposal Knowing Kiev Would Reject It

Today, the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), Aleksandr Zakharchenko, told Life News ‘I do not envision the DPR being part of Ukraine.’ ‘For me personally, the DPR’s future is as a free, independent state,’ he said, adding that, ‘the blood which our compatriots have shed cannot be forgotten. There can be no talk with Ukraine about any type of autonomy.’
This, of course, completely contradicts the suggestions for constitutional reform put forward by the DPR’s representative to the so-called ‘Contact Group’, Denis Pushilin.
How can we explain this contradiction? According to Pushilin today, the DPR has no intention of rejoining Ukraine, ‘This would, of course, be for us a form of suicide … nobody intends to go in this direction. But negotiations within the framework of international process is possible and is not excluded.’

Jun 11 14:54

RAW: Firefighters battle huge oil depot blaze in Ukraine nr Kiev, gas pipeline in danger

Firefighters die combating massive blaze at fuel storage facility near Kiev.

Jun 11 14:54

Big Oil’s Ethical Violence

International attention has once again turned to the murky record of BP’s oil operations in Colombia. The High Court in London is to hear a case against BP, filed on behalf of Gilberto Torres, a former trade unionist who was kidnapped and tortured by state-linked paramilitaries in 2002. In a trial in Colombia, the kidnappers said that they took direct orders from pipeline operator Ocensa, in which BP had a 15% stake. They stated that Ocensa paid them an extra $40,000 for the job.

Jun 11 14:51

Why Russia Won't Cede Southern Kuril Islands to Japan

Japan and Russia are still in a technical state of war, since the countries have not yet signed a World War II peace treaty. The bone of contention between the Asia-Pacific neighbors is a chain of islands between Russia’s Sakhalin and Japan’s Hokkaido.
Besides emotive issues and natural resources, the Southern Kuril Island chain holds immense strategic value and is one of Russia’s main naval gateways to the Pacific Ocean...

Jun 11 14:47

'Infrastructure? Who Cares,' Says GOP-Led House as it Slashes Amtrak Budget

Cuts come month after deadly Philadelphia crash put spotlight on need for increased transportation funding.

Jun 11 14:46

BSE: Suspected 'mad cow' disease case found on Republic of Ireland farm

A suspected case of "mad cow disease" has been identified in the Republic of Ireland, the Irish government has said.

Further tests are being carried out, but if confirmed, it would be the first case of BSE (Bovine spongiform encephalopathy) in Ireland since 2013.

Jun 11 14:43

Argentina Appeals New Ruling in Favor of Vulture Funds

Argentine Economy Minister says vulture funds “do not hesitate in using all means necessary to extort” the country.

Jun 11 14:39

The Money Junkies And The Cause of Social Inequality

Last week the New York Times released the results of an opinion poll, conducted in collaboration with CBS News, showing overwhelming and growing popular opposition to social inequality in the United States.

The details of the poll are striking. Asked whether “In today’s economy, everyone has a fair chance to get ahead in the long run,” for example, 61 percent of participants said that “just a few people at the top have a chance to get ahead,” compared to 35 percent who said that “anyone can get ahead.” Significantly, the percentage of people who chose the latter response has fallen by 17 percentage points since a similar poll conducted in early 2014.

Jun 11 14:39

The Secret Attack on Net Neutrality the Media Won't Tell You About

On Wednesday, Rep. Ander Crenshaw (R-Fla.) introduced riders to an appropriations bill that would prohibit the Federal Communications Commission from using its budget to implement the Open Internet rules and protect Net Neutrality. The riders in the House financial services subcommittee’s appropriations bill, which funds the FCC and other agencies, would prevent those rules from going into effect until after the current court cases challenging them have been decided. The riders would also interfere with the FCC’s rule-making process and undercut the agency’s ability to enforce the rules.

Jun 11 14:38

UK Housing Prices to Jump 25% by 2020 as Homelessness Increases

While housing prices continue to rise, aid groups are also warning of a resurgence in homelessness. According to a study by charities Crisis and the Joseph Rowntree Foundation earlier this year, England alone saw a 9 percent rise in homelessness between 2013 and 2014, with over 280,000 people now estimated to not have a roof of their own.

Jun 11 14:29

Obama Finds Vicious Way to Get Revenge on School That Ditched Michelle’s Horrible Lunches

President Barack Obama is a petty and vindictive man who not only endlessly berates his political opponents, but also punishes schools that reject his wife’s horrible lunches.

Jun 11 14:26

Against 'hasbara': Explaining ourselves to death

The Israeli obsession with showing ‘our side’ of the story not only guzzles financial and human resources — it is a conscious attempt to distract the world from policies of occupation.

Jun 11 14:22

The Rise of “Criminal Capitalism” - Pillage and Class Polarization

Mega-swindles define the nature of contemporary capitalism. The profits and power of financial capital is not the outcome of ‘market forces’. They are the result of a system of criminal behavior that pillages the Treasury, exploits the producers and consumers, evicts homeowners and robs taxpayers.

Jun 11 14:19

UK Conservatives - "Turn benefits into repayable loan"

Young unemployed people should be forced to repay their benefit money when they get a job, an influential group of Conservative MPs has said.

Jun 11 14:19

‘You’re Fired – Now Train Your Much Cheaper Foreign Replacement’

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"So, you're my replacement. Okay, sit down here at the console. Now login as 'root.' And then 'cd /' then 'rm -rf * &' logout and go to lunch! Enjoy your new job!"

Jun 11 14:13

Stingray Spying Goes World Wide

There are secret cell towers in London that fool phones into giving up private call data.

Jun 11 14:13

Treatment of East Jerusalem Palestinians: Profile of Israeli Viciousness

Longstanding Israeli policy leaves East Jerusalem Palestinians deeply impoverished, viciously persecuted and denied fundamental rights everyone deserves.

A mid-May Association for Civil Rights in Israel (ACRI) report on East Jerusalem “paints a (disturbing) picture of persistent neglect and increasing (Israeli) violence,” the organization said.

Jun 11 14:13

The Bilderburglars

The Bilderberg Group has long been the subject of speculation. But what do we really know about the secretive international meetings between top politicians and bosses?

We know where the meetings are held

The location of the meetings is now public. Last year, the Danish capital of Cophenhagen was the venue of choice.

Jun 11 14:06

Lawmakers demand end to secret corporate deals

A bipartisan group of lawmakers unleashed a last-ditch effort on Wednesday to, at the very least, force the administration of President Barack Obama to publicly reveal the contents of corporate-friendly trade deals before attempting to ram them through Congress via controversial Fast Track legislation.

Jun 11 14:06

Obama hints at escalation of Iraq-Syria war

President Obama ended the G7 summit in Bavaria Monday with a press conference where he took several questions on the deepening crisis in the Middle East and North Africa, and dropped hints of an impending US escalation of the war against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

Jun 11 14:03

A Brief Statement regarding the various ‘theories’ involving the death of Mike Piper

I have been asked now by a few people what my response is to the latest ‘theories’ concerning Mike having been murdered, so here it goes–
The speculation that Mike was ‘murdered’ originated with Gordon Duff, a lunatic in his own right, who has based such speculation on no facts whatsoever other than that–

a. Mike is an exceptional and outspoken critic of Israel, and

b. that he died.

THIS is the pool of ‘evidence’ that Duff (who once stated live on a radio program that ‘40%’ of the material posted on his website Veterans Today is ‘deliberately false’) uses in forming his ‘theory’.

Jun 11 13:48

Austerity policies work, claim ECB economists

Economists at the European Central Bank have claimed that government austerity works, saying policies of the sort imposed by the troika on weaker euro-area member states lessen the longer-term pain associated with high levels of government debt.

Jun 11 13:47

The F-35 Just Catches on Fire Sometimes

And the Pentagon knew that for years

Jun 11 13:46

11-Year-Old Boy Played in His Yard. CPS Took Him, Felony Charge for Parents.

One afternoon this past April, a Florida mom and dad I'll call Cindy and Fred could not get home in time to let their 11-year-old son into the house. The boy didn't have a key, so he played basketball in the yard. He was alone for 90 minutes. A neighbor called the cops, and when the parents arrived—having been delayed by traffic and rain—they were arrested for negligence.

They were put in handcuffs, strip searched, fingerprinted, and held overnight in jail.

It would be a month before their sons—the 11-year-old and his 4-year-old brother—were allowed home again. Only after the eldest spoke up and begged a judge to give him back to his parents did the situation improve.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When I was 11, I wandered through the forests of New Hampshire around my town all on my own and this was considered perfectly normal! The nanny-state is out of control.

Jun 11 13:44

IMF withdraws team from Brussels, criticises Greece. Stock markets hit by IMF withdrawal

Serious news from Washington. The International Monetary Fund has announced that its negotiating team in Brussels is heading home!

Jun 11 13:43

Despite Global Recognition, the Plight of Guantánamo’s Best-Selling Author Worsens

Mohamedou Ould Slahi’s 13th year of captivity in Guantánamo has been remarkable in many ways.

“Guantánamo Diary,” his story of torture and unlawful detention by the United States, was finally published and has become a best-seller, earning rave reviews around the world and a Hollywood movie deal. Readers continue to marvel at a book that’s been called a “masterpiece” and “literary magic,” written by a man whose “unfailing humanity is the constant thread throughout.” Celebrities like Jude Law and Benedict Cumberbatch are reading Mohamedou’s work for a global audience. Almost 50,000 people have signed the ACLU’s petition calling for his freedom.

Jun 11 13:43

Revealed: Fake 'phone towers' that covertly spy on the British public

More than 20 fake phone poles, which are said to be tools to spy on public communications, have been found in the United Kingdom, according to a new investigation.

The investigation was conducted by the UK-based Sky News, and its findings were released on Wednesday.

Jun 11 13:39

Adelson’s Anti-BDS Event Links Money To Action

The “secret” Vegas weekend focused on planning for, and funding, a campaign to kill BDS in its academic cradle.

With U.S. billionaires both funding and setting up its top down strategy with Israeli-inspired organizations on American campuses, Israel’s successful invasion of U.S. institutions takes another major step toward “occupying” American institutions.

Four days after the Salon posting appeared, The New York Times buried two paragraphs about the Vegas event inside a longer story which featured the success Israel was enjoying in gaining anti-BDS support in state legislatures in South Carolina and Illinois.

This campaign against American supporters of Palestinian freedom, was prompted by the alarmed awareness among Israeli leaders, and their U.S. allies, that the BDS movement is rapidly gaining ground.

Jun 11 13:32

US and allied coalition conduct 29 airstrikes on ISIS targets

The US led allied coalition has conducted airstrikes on ISIS targets across Iraq and Syria. The coalition campaign is fighting to defeat ISIS gains.

The 16 air strikes in Syria and 13 in Iraq hit various Islamic State fighting positions, fighting units, vehicles, buildings and other targets, the task force said in the statement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The lesson of Vietnam was that you cannot win a ground war from the air. Apparently some lessons get lost.

Jun 11 13:26

UK cops turn music festival into an Orwellian spy paradise

As if being ankle deep in muddy field, surrounded by pretend hippies seemingly re-enacting highlights of the Battle of Waterloo was bad enough, attendees of the aptly named Download Festival will be subjected to a new police facial recognition system, and surveillance of their onsite location and expenditure via the debut of RFID wristbands.

Jun 11 13:17

A Rapprochement Or Just Wishful Thinking?

Iranian people have no problem with a rapprochement with the United States...…?Iran could prove to be a powerful strategic partner to the United States, as long as its independence and regional influence are not threatened.

While Mr. Obama had, realistically speaking, no better alternative in choosing the timing for his administration’s foreign policy reorientation, a meaningful follow-through to implement his vision after his term in office expires would need a new Chief Executive with similar convictions; and, as things appear now, that prospect seems somewhat in doubt.

The current jockeying by potential candidates for the 2016 presidential elections is a perfect example of how true national interests are sacrificed for the sake of personal gains.

Jun 11 13:11

Obama’s Stupid Propaganda Stuff

President Barack Obama must know better regarding the crisis in Ukraine, but he insists on reciting the propaganda lines drafted by his neoconservative and “liberal interventionist” advisers blaming everything on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Perhaps, Obama just doesn’t have the nerve to go against Official Washington’s “conventional wisdom” no matter how misguided it is. The last time that Obama went against the grain in a decisive way was when he objected to the Iraq War in 2002, but then, of course, he was just a state senator in Illinois.


Jun 11 12:54

Don't Expect Clinton, GOP Candidates to Work for Social Justice

My car’s bumper sticker reads “I’m ready for Oligarchy: the choice is clear. There is none.” It’s a truism that under our system, no one can be nominated or can win the presidency who isn’t a shill for the billionaire class. Hillary Clinton, the presumptive Democratic nominee, will campaign as a populist in the primaries as Wall Street winks and says, “We totally understand the charade you need to perform to attain the White House. We’ll even act annoyed if that helps.” In the general election, she will move to the center and, after her likely coronation, govern from the right. Always cozy with the military-industrial complex, Clinton voted to authorize President George W. Bush’s criminal war in Iraq, which ended the lives of 4,000 U.S. service members, cost more than a trillion dollars, brought untold death and destruction to the Iraqi people and spawned the Islamic State.

Jun 11 12:54

Cooking the Books

Just like the hit series “Scandal” in which a political “fixer” delves into the manipulation, deceit and obfuscation that prevails in the dark corners of Washington, D.C., so to has Wall Street’s earnings. From time to time, I analyze the previous quarters earnings for the S&P 500 to reveal the “quality” of earnings rather than the “quantity” as focused on by Wall Street.

Jun 11 12:53


In Vermont And New York Hundreds of law enforcement officers swept through the small Adirondack foothills town. Searchers walked shoulder to shoulder, wearing bulletproof vests and carrying sidearms as they went through hilly woods, fields and swamps, checking every home, garage, shed and outbuilding, then yelling, “Clear!” when there were no signs of the inmates.

Jun 11 12:51

Israel razes Palestinian land in Wadi Fuqeen to prepare for new Jewish squatters project

The Israeli Wehrmacht on 11 June razed Palestinian-owned agricultural land in the village of Wadi Fuqeen, west of Bethlehem, to pave the way for an expansion of nearby Jewish squatter colonies, the Palestinian news agency WAFA reports.

According to the head of the village council, Ahmad Sokar, Israeli Wehrmacht troops, accompanied by bulldozers, arrived in the early morning of 11 June and razed nearly five acres of land located between the illegal Jewish squatter colonies of Beitar Illit and Tzur Hadassah.>>

Jun 11 12:37

U.S. Weighing More Military Bases in Iraq to Fight ISIS, Top General Says

The United States is considering establishing a new network of American military bases in Iraq to aid in the fight against the Islamic State, senior military and administration officials said Thursday, potentially deepening American involvement in the country amid setbacks for Iraqi forces on the battlefield.

Webmaster's Commentary: