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"American capitalism, based as it is on exploitation of the poor, with its fundamental motivation in personal greed, simply cannot survive without force - without a secret police force. Now, more than ever, each of us is forced to make a conscious choice whether to support the system of minority comfort and privilege with all its security apparatus and repression, or whether to struggle for real equality of opportunity and fair distribution of benefits for all of society, in the domestic as well as the international order. It's harder now not to realize that there are two sides, harder not to understand each, and harder not to recognize that like it or not we contribute day in and day out either to the one side or to the other." -- Philip Agee, CIA Diary, p597



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Jun 20 15:55

3 NYPD Commanders, Including Deputy Chief, Arrested On Corruption Charges

Three ranking officials with the New York Police Department have been arrested and charged with violating federal corruption rules, as part of a federal investigations of Mayor Bill de Blasio’s campaign fundraising.

Jun 20 15:53

Gilad Atzmon on Vinny Eastwood Show

Jun 20 15:33

FDA Just Approved A Weight-loss Device That Sucks Food Out Of Your Stomach! (Redsilverj)

Jun 20 15:33

Hillary's Scandals

Jun 20 15:31

Use Of Government Watch Lists To Remove Rights Is Unconstitutional And Dangerous

“Here’s the short version. Whatever power you give politicians and bureaucrats to use against other people will eventually be used by future politicians and bureaucrats against you.” –Michael Boldin, Tenth Amendment Center.

Jun 20 15:29

Republican National Committee Member Calls For Trump Staffers To Be ‘SHOT IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD’

Ash suggested the executions on Saturday during an interview on Tucson AM talk radio station KVOI as he was criticizing Trump staffers for failing to prevent the appointment of former Utah Congresswoman Enid Mickelsen to the rules committee at the 2016 Republican National Convention in Cleveland.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Jun 20 15:25

Equal Access To The Draft Is Equality Not Worth Having

The New York Times recently reported that the Senate has voted to require women to register for the draft, with few Senators in opposition. This bill comes as no surprise given the military has been increasingly opening its doors to women.

Jun 20 15:19

US Police Officer Stamps On Head Of Restrained Suspect On Camera (Warning: Disturbing Video)

A Chicago Police officer has been caught on camera stamping on the head of a restrained suspect. You may find the following video disturbing.

Jun 20 15:16

Russia To Work With Any Elected US President: Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin says Moscow is ready to work with any president that the people in the United States elect.

Putin said in an interview with CNN aired on Sunday that Russia will “work with any president that the American people will vote for.”

Jun 20 15:13

US Strategy For Russia - Wage War But Not Declare It

Putin said as much at last week’s St. Petersburg meetings: “People feel no danger and that is alarming for me. Why can't we see that we are dragging the world into an utterly new dimension? This is the problem.” “I am not interested in laying blame now. I simply want to say that if this policy of unilateral actions continues and if steps in the international arena that are very sensitive to the international community are not coordinated then such consequences are inevitable.” By consequences, Putin meant war, undeclared by the US against Russia, compelling Russia to forestall in its defence. “If we continue to act according to this logic, escalating [tensions] and redoubling efforts to scare each other, then one day it will come to a cold war”. Cold is not the kind of war Putin means. “I don't know where it [the deployment of the U.S. missile defense system in Europe] might lead to but I know for sure that we will have to respond”...

Jun 20 15:04

Smartphone Users Are Paying For Their Own Surveillance

In the movie Sneakers, a motley gang of security experts chase after a little black box that can crack any form of encryption. Though the idea of a digital skeleton key may seem like the stuff of Hollywood thrillers, there are researchers at the University of Michigan who’ve recently created just that. They’ve built a stealthy hardware back door that can be inserted into the blueprints of a computer chip to give intruders complete access to a system after executing an obscure series of commands.

Jun 20 14:56

Tonight's the night for a special 'strawberry moon'

As the sun sinks below the horizon tonight, eyes will be fixed on the sky – with spectators admiring a rare astrological event. For the first time since 1967, the longest day of the year – known as the summer solstice – will coincide with a 'strawberry moon.' Despite the name, the moon will not appear pink or red. It is the name given by Native American tribes to the June full moon which they believed signalled the beginning of the strawberry picking season. This year – in a rare occurrence – it will coincide with the summer solstice, already a day steeped in significance for many. Around 25,000 people are expected to gather at Stonehenge in Wiltshire to celebrate the solstice.
It is a tradition which has its roots in pagan times, when Midsummer Day was considered to have power. Of those who attend, many are druids, but some are tourists looking to soak up the atmosphere...

Jun 20 14:55

US Supreme Court Turns Down Challenge To Assault Weapons Ban In 2 States

The US Supreme Court declined to hear a challenge to laws in two states that restrict ownership of semi-automatic firearms.

Jun 20 14:51

Video: ‘US System Has No Credibility’: Washington Sends Mixed Messages Over Fate Of Assad

Dozens of US state department officials have signed an internal memo calling on Barack Obama to carry out strikes against Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Jun 20 14:49

Lynch Dodges Question About Special Counsel For Hillary

She has an obvious conflict of interest in this case. Good job Chuck Todd, for once...


Jun 20 14:23

Jeep that killed Star Trek actor Anton Yelchin was recalled for rollaway risk

SUV that rolled down driveway and killed him was recalled because gear shifters confused drivers, causing the vehicles to roll away unexpectedly, records show

Jun 20 14:22

Syria - Russian Surprise Attack Blows Up Kerry's Delaying Tactic

The U.S. is unwilling to stop the war on Syria and to settle the case at the negotiation table. It wants a 100% of its demands fulfilled, the dissolution of the Syrian government and state and the inauguration of a U.S. proxy administration in Syria.

After the ceasefire in Syria started in late February Obama broke his pledge to separate the U.S. supported "moderate rebels" from al-Qaeda. In April U.S. supported rebels, the Taliban like Ahrar al Sham and al-Qaeda joined to attack the Syrian government in south Aleppo. The U.S. proxies broke the ceasefire.

Two UN resolutions demand that al-Qaeda in Syria be fought no matter what. But the U.S. has at least twice asked Russia not to bomb al-Qaeda. It insists, falsely, that it can not separate its "moderates" from al-Qaeda and that al-Qaeda can not be attacked because that would also hit its "moderate" friends.

Jun 20 14:18

The #stolenreferendum. How Cameron & Co have ruthlessly exploited the murder of MP Jo Cox to save their skins and the EU project

Britain’s vote on Europe looks set to go down in history as the ‘Stolen Referendum’. As the Remain campaign’s ruthless exploitation of the appalling murder of MP Jo Cox continues, big business, banks and other Remain enthusiasts are increasingly confident of coming out on top in Thursday’s historic poll. Yet such a victory will have been bought at a terrible price – a blatant triple fraud against the democratic process, perpetrated with the enthusiastic support and involvement of all three leaders of the UK’s old established governing political parties and of the overwhelmingly dominant political force in Scotland. The damage such a consensus for deceit and election rigging will do to faith in the democratic process is incalculable.

Jun 20 14:09

In order for NATO to oppose Russia it has to revise the Montreux convention

Interview conducted by Antoinette Kiselincheva with Peter Vodenski, diplomat, former ambassador of Bulgaria to Turkey, Moldova and Cyprus, Colonel of the Bulgarian military intelligence. Originally appeared at A-specto, translated by Borislav exclusively for SouthFront...



Jun 20 13:52

Fighting Continues In Fallujah; 240 Killed Across Iraq

Although victory was declared in Fallujah on Friday, Islamic State militants continue to fight and hold ground in northern neighborhoods. Between 50 and 70 percent of the city is in government hands.

Jun 20 13:52


In the Mid-Atlantic state of Delaware in the United States, seven former social workers have been indicted for stealing more than $959,000 in federal funded Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) cards. The indicted employees’ were put before a court of law after an internal audit at the Delaware Department of Health and Social Services. The audit revealed the employees’ had used a clandestine means to divert funds intended for welfare in the state, into their private pockets. All seven charged, are women.

Jun 20 13:32

BREAKING: Obama Admin. Releases Unredacted Orlando 911 Call After Outcry

The Department of Justice and the FBI has released the unredacted version of the Orlando shooter’s 911 call after tons of outcry for redacting references to ISIS.

Republicans by the score ripped the White House over politically correct concerns, and Paul Ryan demanded the unredacted version be released.

Here’s the full transcript, without the omissions:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And if you believe this transcript is any more honest than the last one, I have some of Saddam's nuclear weapons to sell you!

Jun 20 13:29

Iran's Quds Force Commander Qassem Soleimani Warns Bahrain to Stay Away from Sheikh or Wait for Overthrow

Bahrain's Interior Ministry announced in an statement on Monday the country's top Shiite cleric was stripped of his citizenship. In a rare statement issued on Monday, General Soleimani warned the Manama regime that in case of any insult or disrespect for Sheikh Qassim, "the toppling of the regime will only be a small part of the repercussions that will also include armed resistance". The General blasted the Manama regime for its "unacceptable and inhuman oppression, discrimination, injustice and humiliation" against the Muslim Bahraini nation, and said people on the tiny Persian Gulf island have so far tolerated the Al-Khalifa regime's apartheid and heavy pressures and continued their uprising peacefully despite the fact that a number of their political and religious leaders have been arrested, their women and children have been imprisoned and tortured, some others have been stripped of their citizenship and undergone intensifying pressures with their rights trampled upon.

Jun 20 13:29

Charlie Rose And CBS Discard Objectivity On Gun Control

Second Amendment media bias on display from Charlie Rose and his CBS co-hosts...


Jun 20 13:24

Iran's N. Program Resolved: When Will that Time Come for Israel's Nuclear Warheads?

Author and Director of Conflicts Forum Alastair Crooke speaks on the Islamic Revolution, the Iran nuclear deal (JCPOA) and the neo-cons vs neo-liberals in Middle Eastern politics. In an interview with Khamenei.ir author and Director of Conflicts Forum Alastair Crooke* answers questions: on the Islamic Revolution, JCPOA and the neo-cons vs neo-liberals in Middle Eastern politics. The following is a full text of the interview...

Jun 20 13:21

NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton Promises "Not If, But When" Another New York Terrorist Attack

New York is the "number one terrorist target in the world. We are focused on preventing it to the best of our ability. It's not a matter of if, it's a matter of when" terrorists strike again, Bratton warned. He noted that as a child, he feared a 'nuclear holocaust' and participated in drills at school, hiding in the basement surrounded by asbestos, which posed a greater danger than nuclear war. He tied that in with today's fear of terrorism, ironically advising that people should not give in to fear and surrender their liberties, the very thing which Bratton and his ilk have been promoting for nearly two decades. "We can't let fear dominate our lives, we are Americans.. we can't let fear start dictating loss of freedom that we enjoy."

Jun 20 13:18

‘American ISIS Fighter’ Releases Video Praising Orlando Shootings

A man identified as an American Islamic State fighter has released a chilling video praising the Orlando nightclub shooting that took place a week ago. A total of 49 lives were claimed, making it the deadliest American mass shooting.

Another propaganda fake from SITE Intelligence Group and Rita Katz!

Jun 20 13:14

Syria: ISIL Fails to Open New Supply Line to Terrorist-Held Regions West of Raqqa

The Syrian army troops repelled ISIL's continued attacks to open a new supply route from Southeastern Aleppo and Northeastern Hama to save its under-attack forces in Western Raqqa. The ISIL attacks on the government forces' positions along the road connecting Ithriya in Hama to Khanasser in Aleppo were repelled by the Syrian soldiers. The ISIL tried hard to access chunks of this road to transfer foodstuff, fuel, ammunition and arms to its forces in al-Tabaqa via al-Badiyeh region.
Syrian Army Takes Full Control over ISIL-Held Oil Well West of Raqqa - http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13950331000282
Raqqa: ISIL Continues to Retreat from more Positions in Al-Tabaqa Region - http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13950331000500

Jun 20 13:14

Video: How Erdogan Consolidates Power In Turkey By Eliminating The Kurds

Baris Karaagac explains the history of the Turkish state’s repression of the leftist and Kurdish movements.

Jun 20 13:00

Read This Before The US Government Uses the Orlando Shooting to Start Another War

Late Thursday evening, the Wall Street Journal reported, 51 State Department officials signed a statement condemning U.S. policy in Syria in which they repeatedly call for “targeted military strikes against the Damascus government and urging regime change as the only way to defeat the Islamic State.”

“In other words,” as Zero Hedge summarized,

“over 50 top ‘diplomats’ are urging to eliminate [Syrian Pres. Bashar al] Assad in order to ‘defeat ISIS’, the same ISIS which top US ‘diplomats’ had unleashed previously in order to … eliminate Assad.”

Jun 20 12:59

British Banks Shutting Their Doors to Poor

Britain's best known high street banks began disappearing from poor parts of the country while expanding in wealthy areas of London, according to new data. "We are witnessing the creation of a dual financial system. One for the middle class and wealthy and another for the poor," said Fiona Travers Smith, of Move Your Money, which campaigns for ethical banking, Sputnik reported. Travers Smith was reacting to an analysis by Reuters of data from the Office for National Statistics on average incomes in areas where bank branches have closed since 2015. Reuters found that more than 90 percent of the closures were in areas of the UK where the average household earns less than US$39,042 (£27,600) a year. HSBC, Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays and Lloyds Banking Group are among banks that have cut 600 branches from April 2015 to April 2016.

Jun 20 12:56

Israeli Firm Helping S. Arabia in Yemen War

Newly-leaked documents have uncovered close ties between the Israeli and Saudi regimes in the latter's war against Yemen. Based on the documents, the Saudi defense minister has recently written a letter to the commander of border guards in the southern parts of the kingdom decreeing that security in the region should be handled by an Israeli company. The Israeli company has been mandated to deal with cross border retaliatory attacks carried out by Yemen's Ansarullah, al-Waght news website reported. A report by Yemeni Najm al-Thaqeb website revealed that, following the failure of Saudi-backed forces in their attack on Yemen and after it became apparent that some Saudi frontier regions might fall into Yemeni forces and Ansarullah fighters' hands, the Saudi regime contracted an Israeli company known as Al Majal Group to oversee security in the Southern region. The Israeli company has already obtained 45 million US dollars to plant landmines and put barriers in the border region.

Jun 20 12:54

Israel Plans to Destroy Only Water Source in West Bank Village

Media and informed sources revealed Israel intends to demolish a water-holding reservoir which serves 20 Palestinian Bedouin families and their livestock in the Ain al-Hilweh area in the Northern Jordan Valley on the pretext of unlicensed construction. The sources said a flood last year destroyed another holding tank that served the families, also blocking the spring’s exit, Middle East Monitor reported. The families are concerned that destroying the current holding tank will once more block the spring, which is their only close water source, they explained. Israeli media said the simple structure collects water coming out of a natural spring while a rubber hose attached to it runs for a few dozen meters to a plastic trough that serves the Um Al-Jamal community which owns about 1,000 cattle. The Civil Administration delivered a final notice to demolish the reservoir in April 2012, without implementing it.

Jun 20 12:52

Putin: ‘EU is Russia’s friend; NATO is the problem’

Vladimir Putin used a keynote address in his home city of St. Petersburg this weekend to outline his belief that America uses NATO to drive a wedge between the EU and Russia. Instead, he offered an alternative vision for European unity.

Jun 20 12:51

Israel Reportedly Constructing Underground Wall around Gaza

Several media reported on Monday that Israel is planning to tighten the siege of the Gaza Strip by building a 96 km wall that will stretch across the border surrounding the enclave. Already, Palestinians in Gaza are suffering under a blockade that is slowly draining their resources and has stretched thin their livelihoods but clearly this is not enough for the Israelis, Alwaght reported. Israeli and US Media revealed that Tel Aviv is planning to build a massive concrete barrier which will extend both below and above ground under the pretext of preventing Hamas-built tunnels from crossing into the occupied territories. The project is expected to cost US$568 million. But the price for the Palestinians will be much higher. Indeed the plan will be financially costly for the Israelis but more so for those trapped in Gaza...

Jun 20 12:50

Iraq: 6 Beautiful Female Refugees Turn out to Be ISIL Men

"The Iraqi police have taken 6 ISIL terrorists who were wearing women's clothes and trying to flee Fallujah city," the Arabic-language media outlets quoted an unnamed security source as saying on Monday. The Iraqi security source also said that the police forces also discovered women's dresses in one of ISIL's bases. "They used women's dresses and cosmetic make-ups to flee Fallujah city," the source added. On Sunday, a senior popular forces commander announced that the ISIL terrorists had disguised as ordinary people in Sharqat front in the Northern part of Salahuddin province as Iraqi forces were making rapid advances there.
Iraqi Volunteer Forces Demining, Defusing Bombs in Northern Fallujah City - http://en.farsnews.com/newstext.aspx?nn=13950331000930
The Iraqi army troops walk in the streets of the city of Fallujah in Anbar province after it was freed from the ISIL Takfiri terrorists' control. [PHOTOS] http://en.farsnews.com/imgrep.aspx?nn=13950331000360

Jun 20 12:42

Liberty & Drug Tests For All: Lawmaker Seeks To Drug Screen The Rich

While some lawmakers want to require drug screening and testing for welfare and other assistance program applicants, this idea has inspired one US congresswoman to call for the rich to be drug tested if they wish to take advantage of tax deductions.

Jun 20 12:39

Republicans Consider ‘Conscientious Objector’ Rule for Convention Delegates

Members of the GOP Convention Rules committee are planning to consider an amendment to allow delegates a way out of voting for Trump on the first ballot—an effort that in an extreme could be used to deny him the nomination.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Basically, the GOP leadership just gave the finger to Republican voters ... and put Hillary in the White House!

Time to invest in tar, feathers, ropes, rails, pitchforks, and torches!

Jun 20 12:36

North Korea threatens to strike US bases in case of provocations

North Korea (DPRK) is ready to deliver a strike on the American bases in the region in case of provocations, a representative of the DPRK National Defense Commission (NDC) said in a statement released by the North’s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) on Monday. According to him, the US facilities, including the Anderson Air Force Base on Guam where B-52Hs bombers are deployed and naval bases for nuclear submarines "have long been put into the range of the Korean People’s Army precision strike"...

Jun 20 12:35

Dollar falls against ruble amid Brexit decision anticipation, oil price rise

The dollar fell to 63.98 rubles in the course of trading session on Moscow Exchange on Monday for the first time since June 9. Thus, the price of Brent crude oil futures contract with August delivery rose by 1.9% to $50.09 per barrel, coming back to the level of June 13, 2013.
The UK is due to hold a referendum on whether to stay in the EU on June 23. It will be the third nationwide plebiscite in the country’s history. In 1975, the British voters backed the UK’s membership in the European Economic Community (EEC). In 2011, a vote was held on changing the country’s voting system.

Jun 20 12:34

'Why shouldn't we enjoy ourselves just because the country is burning?' Super-rich Socialists quaff champagne in Venezuela country club while middle class mothers scavenge for scraps in the gutter... and even the DOGS are starving

Venezuela's super-rich are enjoying lavish parties and gourmet cuisine, while middle-class people are forced to scavenge for food as the Socialist country's economy collapses.
In the opulent Caracas Country Club, where membership costs an astonishing £77,000 – 458 times the average Venezuelan salary – glamorous women in cocktail dresses were seen relishing a banquet of beef and lobster, followed by a colourful selection of puddings.
Meanwhile, in the Petare slum a few miles away, home to 370,000 Venezuelans, ordinary middle-class people were rummaging in stinking piles of rubbish for rotten cabbage leaves, desiccated limes and scraps of fetid meat.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Pay very careful attention to what is happening in Venezuela because it will happen here in the US!

Jun 20 12:32

Russians to be stripped of citizenship if hired by foreign special services — bill

An amendment proposed for the second reading of a package of anti-terror bills in the lower house of Russia’s parliament will strip Russians of their citizenship for their hire for work with foreign special services, according to information posted on the State Duma’s website on Monday. In particular, a provision will be introduced into the law on citizenship to the effect that Russian citizenship may be terminated as a result of exiting from it pursuant to the voluntary expression of a person’s will made in writing as per the established form and also "the voluntary expression of a person’s will made in the form of committing acts stipulated by this law." A person, in particular, will be deemed to have lost Russian citizenship "as a result of enrolling for military service, work with security bodies or law enforcement bodies, including in courts, of a foreign state from the day of enrolment for such service".

Jun 20 12:30

Minister: Lebanese army needs Russia’s support in anti-terror fight

Lebanon expects additional support of Russia in the fight against terrorism, Lebanon’s Finance Minister Ali Khalil said at the meeting with Russian Federation Council lawmaker Konstantin Kosachev. "You backed our security forces and our army a long time ago, and now we would like this effort to be increased and to get additional support from you for our armed forces," the Lebanese minister told Kosachev, who heads the upper house’s foreign affairs committee. Khalil said Lebanon is waging war on terrorists, including the Islamic State and Jabhat al-Nusra groups in the country’s north and east. "The Lebanese army is fighting against them almost on a daily basis. In this regard, the army needs the support," he said.

Jun 20 12:28

Militia source reports shelling of Donetsk outskirts

A source in the law enforcement agencies of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic has reported 87 shells fired at the northern suburb of Donetsk, Yasinovataya and Dokuchayevsk late on Sunday and overnight to Monday. The forces shelled an area of the Yasinovatsky roadblock, the villages of Mineralnoye, Spartak and Zhabichevo, the Donetsk airport’s territory and Dokuchayevsk from 9.50 p.m. on Sunday.
The Ukrainian security forces over the past 24 hours have eight times opened fire on the positions of the people’s militia of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People's Republic (LPR), the republic’s Defense Ministry told the LuganskInformCenter agency on Monday. - http://tass.ru/en/world/883476

Jun 20 12:25

Kiev signs $260 mln contract with US bank to finance nuclear sector project — minister

The agreement was reached during a recent US visit by a Ukrainian government delegation led by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman. "An agreement was signed, including by the ministry, with an American bank worth 260 million U.S. dollars, which provides for a possibility to diversify flows and supplies of nuclear fuel elements to replace them by Westinghouse, and nuclear waste too". President of Ukraine’s NPP operator Energoatom Yuri Nedashkovsky said earlier bigger use of fuel from US Westinghouse Company at Ukrainian nuclear power plants does not breach Ukraine’s contractual obligations with Russia on fuel delivery by Russia’s TVEL. However TVEL Fuel Company Vice-President Oleg Grigoryev said Russia had not received any official notice from Ukraine on loading Westinghouse fuel into the reactors of the South Ukraine NPP.

Owl 3
Jun 20 12:21

Russian lawmakers indignant at possible suspension of Russian team from Rio Olympics

"Members of the Russian State Duma are indignant at this idea - to ban our team take part in the Olympic Games. Tomorrow we will discuss that issue at our session and will obviously pass a corresponding resolution"...
Lawmaker says unfair, illegal war declared against Russian athletes - http://tass.ru/en/sport/883520
Russian athletics body seeks foreign lawyers’ assistance when filing lawsuit to CAS - http://tass.ru/en/sport/883487
Russian athletics chief says he was suspended from IAAF Council - http://tass.ru/en/sport/883464

Jun 20 12:21

Syria: Change The (Dissent) Channel

The US State Department’s “Dissent Channel” is a mechanism through which department personnel may disagree with administration policy without fear of job retribution.

Jun 20 12:20

When Kodak Accidentally Discovered A-Bomb Testing

Two thousand miles away from the U.S. A-bomb tests in 1945, something weird was happening to Kodak's film.
By Matt Blitz
Jun 20, 2016

The ground shook, a brilliant white flash enveloped the sky, and the world changed forever. Code name "Trinity," the bomb test at dawn on July 16, 1945 in Alamogordo, New Mexico was the first large-scale atomic weapons testing in history. Only three weeks later two atomic bombs were dropped on Japan.

More than 1,900 miles away from Alamogordo, at the Rochester, NY headquarters of Eastman Kodak, a flood of complaints came in from business customers who had recently purchased sensitive X-ray film from the company. Black exposed spots on the film, or "fogging," had rendered it unusable. This perplexed many Kodak scientists, who had gone to great lengths to prevent contaminations like this.
Read full article here:

Jun 20 12:19

Kazakhstan calls to stop sanction confrontation

Kazakhstan calls for abandoning sanction policies, the country’s foreign minister, Yerlan Idrisov, said on Monday. "The head of state has been repeatedly saying this and has been repeating his call on the world leaders to abandon the short-sighted politicized sanction policies that are harming ordinary people," he said. Kazakhstan’s economy, in his words, also feels adverse impacts of the sanction confrontation between Russia and the Western countries. "Naturally, the sanction are telling on us. Our businessmen and our economy feel it".


Jun 20 12:17

French FM says extension of anti-Russian sanctions should be discussed

"Sanctions are to be prolonged by six months, but there must be a discussion to understand that if there is some movement forward. Then a reciprocal step may be taken," he said. "I would like the forthcoming meeting of the European Council to hold a discussion, because the feasibility of these sanctions will be determined at the level of the heads of state and government. We don’t like automatic prolongation of sanctions, we want a discussion".

Jun 20 12:11

Boeing Jets To Get Costlier If Foreign Sales Slump: US Navy

The US Navy has warned that the cost of buying new Boeing aircraft is slated to rise unless the government approves more foreign sales.

Jun 20 12:10

Something Big That Always Happens Right Before The Official Start Of A Recession Has Just Happened

What you are about to see is major confirmation that a new economic downturn has already begun. Last Friday, the government released the worst jobs report in six years, and that has a lot of people really freaked out. But when you really start digging into those numbers, you quickly find that things are even worse than most analysts are suggesting. In particular, the number of temporary jobs in the United States has started to decline significantly after peaking last December. Why this is so important is because the number of temporary jobs started to decline precipitously right before the last two recessions as well.

You see, when economic conditions start to change, temporary workers are often affected before anyone else is. Temporary workers are easier to hire than other types of workers, and they are also easier to fire.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When you add the number of working age Americans that are “officially unemployed” (7.4 million) to the number of working age Americans that are considered to be “not in the labor force” (an all-time record high of 94.7 million), you get a grand total of 102.1 million working age Americans that do not have a job right now.

Jun 20 12:07

General Staff: It is Russian patience, not US’, that is waning over Syria

"If anyone’s patience on Syria is waning, it is our patience, not the United States’. We are in full compliance with our obligations to maintain ceasefire and ensure national reconciliation in Syria. In the meantime, the American side always has problems with the ‘opposition under its control," Gerasimov said. "Whenever we hear claims from the Pentagon we use communication lines not professionally, it gets clear that they are either ignorant of the existing channels of interaction or get wrong information"...

Jun 20 12:06

Supreme Court gives police more power to stop and question people

The Supreme Court on Monday gave police more power to stop people on the streets and question them, even when it is not clear they have done anything wrong.

In a 5-3 ruling, the justices relaxed the so-called exclusionary rule and upheld the use of drug evidence found on a Utah man who was stopped illegally by a police officer in Salt Lake City.

The court, in an opinion by Justice Clarence Thomas, said that because the man had an outstanding arrest warrant for a traffic violation, the illegal stop could be ignored.

Jun 20 11:57

The 18 scariest computer viruses of all time

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And the NSA didn't do a thing about any of them!

Jun 20 11:49

Morsi and Al Jazeera journalists sentenced for 'spying: 'Death sentences upheld for six defendants, as ex-president and aides receive 25-year jail term in controversial trial.

An Egyptian court has handed down its final ruling in the trial of 11 people, including toppled president Mohamed Morsi and Al Jazeera journalists accused of leaking state secrets to Qatar.

The court on Saturday confirmed a ruling from May 7, when six of the defendants were sentenced to death.

After that initial verdict, the Cairo court had to seek the advice of Egypt's Grand Mufti Shawqi Allam, the highest religious leader in the country, to be able to finalise the verdicts.

Egyptian law requires the mufti to sign off on death sentences. His opinion is not binding but usually respected by courts.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Do not EVER travel to Egypt, as a tourist or journalist; this can be extremely hazardous to your health, particularly if you are attempting to tell the truth about the current government or Egypt's economy, which is in a really sad state right now.

Jun 20 11:42

Brits Better Off Outside Of EU: Trump

The presumptive US Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has renewed a call on Britons to leave the European Union.

Trump has told the British daily, the Sunday Times, that he thinks the UK would be better off outside of the European bloc.

Jun 20 11:40

Palestinian shot in the back by Israeli forces last month succumbs to wounds

A young Palestinian man died on Sunday evening after succumbing to wounds he sustained when Israeli forces shot him during clashes in his hometown of Sair in the southern occupied West Bank, his family told Ma’an.

Arif Jaradat, 22, who had Down syndrome, was shot by Israeli soldiers with a live bullet to his abdomen on May 4 when clashes erupted after Israeli forces stormed the Ras al-Aroud area of Sair in Hebron.

Ma’an reported at the time that Jaradat had sustained “moderate” injuries, and was taken to al-Ahli Hospital in Hebron city for treatment.

The Jaradat family said on Sunday that his funeral would be held on Monday at the “martyrs” cemetery in Sair.

Jaradat is one of more than 200 Palestinians, including at least a dozen residents of Sair, to be killed by Israeli forces or settlers since October, many of whom were killed while carrying out individual attacks on Israeli military and settlers, while others died during clashes or unconfirmed circumstances.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

WOW! It takes a REALLY "manly" IDF soldier to shoot a kid with Downs Syndrome in the back, and assassinate him!!

I would bet this soldier will be up for some kind of award for "bravery", for doing this, because, after all, serial genocide against Palestinians is what the Israeli government is all about right now!

And to the State of Israel, I have a terrific slogan for your Tourist Board:

Come to Israel: the Assassination Nation!!

Jun 20 11:34

Netanyahu agonistes

Benjamin Netanyahu’s days are numbered. There is near unanimity among people that matter from the hawkish right to the left that Benjamin Netanyahu remaining Prime Minister is the biggest national security threat to the state of Israel. For the first time there will be recognition by all PM wannabees that egos must be put aside toward the goal of removing Netanyahu. They will use draconian language to emphasize the threat Netanyahu and the “settlers” pose to the Zionist enterprise and terrify the Israeli center.

And while they may sound like the neocons here warning the country about Trump and Fascism, unlike the neocons in America the people issuing the warnings in Israel are not viewed as if they have their own agenda and shouldn’t be trusted. The Israeli Jewish public won’t be able to ignore the many former close allies of Netanyahu who now insist that one more term of Netanyahu is the real existential threat to Israel.

Jun 20 11:33

The Gold to Silver Ratio is Bullish for Both Gold and Silver

How does the Gold to Silver ratio indicate future prices? Examine the chart (below) of the ratio and silver. You can see a negative correlation between the ratio and the price of silver (gold also but not shown). When gold and silver prices are high, such as in 2011, silver has moved up a much larger percentage than gold, so the ratio drops into the 30 to 50 range. When prices are low, such as in December of 2015, silver has fallen far more than gold so the ratio is high – near or above 80.

Jun 20 11:30

Muslims stoning people and their businesses in Holland

Violent actions of Muslim youths (especially of North African origin) toward persons and property belong to the Ramadan tradition in the Netherlands, as much as the Mathãus Passion of J.S. Bach to the days before Easter.

In the night between Saturday and Sunday (12 – 13 June) were city busses in the Dutch city of Haarlem pelted by heavy paving stones.

Jun 20 11:24

‘God will finish the job’: Texas pastor prays for injured Orlando survivors to die

In the wake of the attack on the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida last week, many right-wing Christian religious leaders have celebrated the shooter’s actions, but a Texas pastor is taking that to a whole new level.

Pastor Donnie Romero of Stedfast Baptist Church in Fort Worth told his flock he agrees “100 percent” with Baptist Pastor Roger Jimenez, who made news with his sermon advocating that the government should use a firing squad to “blow their brains out.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, this man does not know the difference between being a pedophile, and being LGBT.

A pedophile acts out their desires and uses the power of an adult over a child , and many times, are absolutely straight.

As reported at huffingtonpost.com in February of 2016:

child molesters often exert power and control over children in an effort to dominate them. They do experience sexual desire for adults but molest children episodically, for reasons apart from sexual desire, much as rapists enjoy power, violence, and controlling their humiliated victims. Indeed, research strongly suggests that a child molester isn’t any more likely to be homosexual than heterosexual. In fact, some research shows that for pedophiles, the gender of the child is immaterial. Accessibility is more the factor in whom a pedophile abuses. This may explain the high incidence of children molested in church communities and fraternal organizations, where the pedophile may more easily have access to children.

Being LGBT is dictated biologically; it is not a "lifestyle choice"

But the person desperately in need of prayers here is Pastor Romero, who seems to have completely sidestepped the true lessons of Christianity, which, to a Christian like myself, are: be loving, and don't judge. Should Pastor Romero actually pick up a Bible, and read the New Testament, he will find those injunctions by Jesus, no matter the translation.

I am, frankly, appalled by these statements, and have to wonder at Baptist leadership which believes, in the 21st century, that this message of hate is a fine message to be delivered by one of their ministers.

Jun 20 11:22

FLASHBACK - FBI asked Tsarnaev to work as informant before Boston bombing, defense claims

Tamerlan Tsarnaev, one of the suspected bombers behind the Boston Marathon bombing last year, was approached by the FBI because of his extremist views and asked to work as an informant, according to court records filed by Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s defense team.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Jun 20 11:18

CIA: No direct link between Orlando shooter and terrorist organizations

Orlando shooter Omar Mateen may have supported terrorist groups like ISIS, but top intelligence officials are now saying the Orlando shooter had no direct connection to any terrorist organization.

According to Reuters, CIA Director John Brennan told a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing Thursday, June 16, that the agency "has not been able to uncover any direct link" between Mateen and terrorist groups.

Jun 20 11:13

U.S. Sets Stage for Libya-Like Regime Change in Eritrea, “Africa’s Cuba”

The United States is methodically setting the stage for a so-called “humanitarian” military intervention against the small northeast African nation of Eritrea, under legal pretexts much like those used to justify NATO’s war of regime change against Libya, in 2011. As in Libya, the U.S. has hijacked the United Nations human rights apparatus to claim a “responsibility to protect” (R2P) Eritrea’s citizens from alleged abuses by their own government. War and regime change are the intended result.

Jun 20 10:58


I’ve always believed that one should not speak ill of the dead – and especially someone so brutally murdered as was Jo Cox MP on Thursday. But when that dead person is being deified out of all proportion– rather as Princess Diana was after her death – by a mainstream media hand-in-glove with a prime minister who is desperate to create false hysteria in order to sway the most important decision of our generation – our vote in the EU referendum – then something has to be said, and it is this:

Jun 20 10:58



Jordana Cutler, also chief of staff at the Israeli embassy in Washington, has joined Facebook’s Israel office to oversee the planning and execution of measures taken to combat BDS campaigns.

Cutler’s new post was applauded by the minister of public security Gilad Erdan, who announced on Thursday a series of legislative measures taken by his government against promoting the boycott of Israel.

“If we want to convince the world that de-legitimation of Israel is something wrong and that there should be consequences, we must start here in Israel,” Erdan was quoted by Israeli media as saying during a conference in Herzliya.

“There will now be a real price to pay for someone working […] to isolate [Israel] from the rest of the world. I set up a legal team, together with the ministry of justice, that will promote governmental legislation on the matter,” Erdan said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The response to this is very simple; just don't post anything on Facebook, EVER AGAIN, even if it doesn't pertain to Israeli apartheid against Palestinians.

Jun 20 10:55

Judge Nap: 'Hard to Believe' Lynch & Obama Haven't Discussed Hillary's Emails

Judge Andrew Napolitano said this morning that he finds it very hard to believe that the Justice Department and the White House haven't discussed the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private emails.

The Fox News senior judicial analyst was asked for his take on the Fox News Sunday interview in which Attorney General Loretta Lynch maintained that she's never discussed the case with the president or anyone at the White House.

Jun 20 10:55

The US Navy Is Dumping Billions into New Aircraft Carriers—It Could Be a Disaster

The U.S. Navy has fallen into a troubling pattern of designing and acquiring new classes of ships that would arguably best be left as single ship?—?or at most in limited numbers. It’s also building several types of new aircraft that fail to meet specifications.

The Navy is developing a new class of supercarriers that cannot function properly, and has designed them to launch F-35 fighters that are not ready to fly their missions. This is all happening during an era of out-of-control budgets, which bodes poorly for American sea power and leadership ahead.

That the Navy is concentrating larger percentages of its total force structure on large, high signature and increasingly vulnerable ships endangers America’s future.

Jun 20 10:52


USA Today's TC Palm reports in an article titled, "Exclusive: PGA Village residents want answers from security firm," that (emphasis added):

The FBI launched an investigation into Mateen after Sheriff's Office officials reported the incident to the agency. As part of its investigation, the FBI examined Mateen's travel history, phone records, acquaintances and even planted a confidential informant in the courthouse to "lure Omar into some kind of act and Omar did not bite," Mascara said. The FBI concluded Mateen was not a threat after that, Mascara said.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

OK, so everything we have been told about the "incident" at the Pulse club in Orlando is an absolute, complete lie; what now, America?!?

When are you going to get angry enough to give every politician in this country, at the national level, a much-needed pink slip, and get them our of power?!?

Because if THIS is what they condone as the FBI's "cost of doing business", the radicalization of American Muslim toward their being blamed for some massive assassination event, when there is massive evidence that the man didn't act alone, the cost is too great for this country to bear.

The FBI, CIA, and NSA leadership need to be sacked, and immediately; the NSA should be disbanded; Loretta Lynch, our country's AG should also be sacked, for lying to the American people yesterday, because on all of her TV appearances, she indicated that the FBI "didn't know" about Mateen until he started his killing spree at the club in Orlando.

Officials lying to the American public CANNOT BE TOLERATED as an expression of free speech; it needs to be dealt with in the most peaceful, strong way possible, which is to throw all the bums out of DC this November who condone this behaviour on the part of the FBI.

Jun 20 10:45

Supreme Court Rules Cops Can Break the Law to Enforce the Law

By Matt Agorist

In another devastating blow to the 4th Amendment, on Monday, the Supreme Court ruled that evidence of an alleged crime can be used against a defendant even if police did something inappropriate or even illegal to obtain it.

In a split 5-3 decision, the justices voted to reinstate the drug-related convictions of Joseph Edward Strieff. In the case of Strieff, he was illegally detained during a “concededly unconstitutional detention,” which eventually led to the discovery of drugs inside his vehicle.

In Strieff’s case, a trial court judge later found that the officer did not have enough evidence to initially stop and question him. But the judge ruled that Strieff’s subsequent arrest on an outstanding traffic warrant justified the search — implying that the use of criminal behavior to catch criminal behavior is just...

Jun 20 10:36

LRAD’s, steel batons and armored personnel carriers: Cleveland cops stocking up before GOP convention

Anticipating massive demonstrations in the streets during the Republican National Convention in mid-July, Cleveland police authorities are using emergency funds to stock up on the latest in crowd control equipment — armoring themselves as if they are going to war.

According to the Washington Post, Cleveland officials are using a $50 million “security grant” to beef up security around the convention, but are not tipping their hand on everything that they have purchased which is alarming some civil liberties groups concerned about the rights of protesters.

Local police will be overseeing what they describe as “event zones,” where rallies, marches and other protests will be allowed to take place, with the Secret Service responsible for the “secure perimeter,” nearest to the convention hall.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is painfully clear to me that the America I thought I understood exists no more.

Political conventions and the voting process gives Americans the illusion they are still in control of their country, when they are absolutely not.

Look for massive election fraud this November, with an amazing number of discounted, or altered ballots.

Generally, by the time candidates on the national arena are "vetted" by the corporations which own them, those corporations have made absolutely certain that they will have delivered by their purchased politicians, whatever their agenda may be, and no matter how bad that agenda may be for We the People; this is why Trump poses such a threat to the "Business as Usual" Republicans, because he cannot be bought.

The coming riots in Cleveland will be bought, paid for, and engineered by those in the Republican party who will do anything to prevent a Trump nomination, and potential presidency, and those Democrats who understand that it will be very hard for a swimming-in-baggage Clinton to defeat Trump in a fair Presidential run.

And I do mean...ANYTHING, including a possible assassination attempt on Trump, something disturbingly common on the American political scene.

And I would like to politely point out to the Cleveland police that these IS NO SUCH THING AS A FREE SPEECH ZONE identified in the Constitution or Bill or Rights; politicians just made this fantasy up out of thin air.

Jun 20 10:33

Anna Lindh

At the time of her death, Lindh was the main figure for the Yes vote in the Euro referendum, working the campaign trail almost fulltime, and smiling at voters from posters. She was more popular than her party. The campaign strategists understood that she upstaged Goran Persson as a vote-catcher in the tough struggle to convince her countrymen and women, who are almost as sceptical of the EU as the British.

Jun 20 10:20


In the ongoing war of words between president Obama on one hand, who has repeatedly said that Orlando shooter Omar Mateen was "self-radicalized" and was not influenced by Islamic elements, and Donald Trump prominently on the other, where the Republican presidential candidate has repeatedly alleged that Mateen's actions were provoked by "radicalized Islam" which has prompted Trump to renew his calls for a temporary ban on Muslim immigrants as well as profiling Muslims already in the US, it appears that the president is about to get some much needed help from none other than the Department of Justice, which will step into the debate, by releasing Mateen's 911 transcripts however only after heavy edits which censor and remove all references to Islamic terrorism.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is absoflippinglutely unbelievable!!

So, I have a memo for AG Lynch: just don't release the transcripts, if you have been ordered by the administration that you cannot release them without these idiotic redactions.

Whatever shred of credibility you might have had with a small minority of the American people, you have just self-destructed, in this move, because it makes absolutely zero sense.

We can never believe anything you say, henceforward, because of these redactions.

Jun 20 10:13

Unredacted Version of Orlando Shooter’s Calls to 9-1-1 Leaked by CNN

By Claire Bernish

...Not only has the Department of Justice imposed a delay in the public release of Mateen’s 911 calls, but audio will not be released — worse, Attorney General Loretta Lynch told NBC’s Chuck Todd the FBI has heavily edited the written transcripts to remove potentially key elements.

“What we’re not going to do is further proclaim this man’s pledges of allegiance to terrorist groups, and further his propaganda,” Lynch explained. “We’re not going to hear him make his assertions of allegiance [to the so-called Islamic State].”

However, in a live broadcast preview immediately prior to the press conference, CNN made the stunning decision not to censor information — and included references Mateen made to ISIS and its leader al Baghdadi.

Accidental or an act of rare journalistic integrity by the mainstream media?...

Jun 20 10:09


There’s mounting evidence that the U.S. and Saudi Arabia both played important roles in the creation of Daesh and other extremist groups.

According to a May 24 report from Washington’s Blog, documents obtained by Judicial Watch, a conservative government transparency watchdog, show the U.S. government knew about Daesh’s potential rise to power well before that came to fruition. An Aug. 12, 2012 briefing by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency on Syria warns: “Internally, events are clearly taking a sectarian direction.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So, the US and Saudi Arabia colluded to create Isis to challenge the Syrian government; what could possibly have gone wrong with that, except....everything?!?

Jun 20 09:59

The GMO Big Lie dies on the vine

In May, the NAS issued a comprehensive report: “Genetically Engineered Crops: Experiences and Prospects.” The report’s key finding takes in the entire period of US cultivation of GMO crops:

“The nation-wide data on maize, cotton, or soybean in the United States do not show a significant signature of genetic-technology on the rate of yield increase.” — Chapter 6, Page 66.

A less ponderous translation: the genetic engineering of crops hasn’t resulted in rising output.

Jun 20 09:59

Boggling flu hoax: not for prime-time news

Dr. Peter Doshi, writing in the online BMJ (British Medical Journal), reveals one monstrosity.

As Doshi states, every year, hundreds of thousands of respiratory samples are taken from flu patients in the US and tested in labs. Here is the kicker: only a small percentage of these samples show the presence of a flu virus.

This means: most of the people in America who are diagnosed by doctors with the flu have no flu virus in their bodies.

So they don’t have the flu.

Therefore, even if you assume the flu vaccine is useful and safe, it couldn’t possibly prevent all those “flu cases” that aren’t flu cases.

The vaccine couldn’t possibly work.

Jun 20 09:58

Entire CFR address list thanks to Guccifer

Jun 20 09:56

Gun Shop Sells 30,000 AR-15s in Week Following Orlando Attack

It’s been a week since the terrorist attack on an Orlando nightclub that left 49 dead and 53 wounded. Since then, the sale of AR-15 rifles has soared in gun stores across the country, Fox Business reported.

Hunter’s Warehouse Owner Tom Engle told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney Saturday that his online gun shop, which carries an inventory of 300,000 to 400,000 weapons, has sold 30,000 AR-15s since Sunday.

Jun 20 09:56

Strange: How did Orlando Victim "Antonio Devon Brown" Die in Pulse Nightclub shooting, When he was killed in 2013 in West Virginia?

According to media reports, Antonio Devon Brown was one of the 49 people killed in Orlando on June 12; except WOWK-TV News says Antonio Devon Brown died in shootout in 2013 in W. Virginia. Strange.

Two guys with the same name, approximately the same age, both being killed in shooting crimes years apart????? Gee, what are the odds?

Jun 20 09:54

Orlando Hospital Staffers being FORCED to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements over Gay Nightclub Shooting

In a strange twist to the mass-murder at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, FL last weekend, SuperStation95 has learned that Emergency Room staff are being coerced by federal agents into signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement for all aspects of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting incident. Anyone who refuses is allegedly walked right out the door by federal agents!

What are they hiding?

The HIPAA law already protects patient privacy, so staff are already forbidden to discuss patient injuries or treatment. What else could be going on in that hospital, connected to this incident, that the feds want to keep secret?

Jun 20 09:46

Russia successfully tests anti-satellite missile capable of wiping out US navigation, communications and intelligence devices

The Nudol direct ascent missile was launched from facility in north Russia[/*]Launch represents a major milestone for nation as it modernises weaponry[/*]Russian reports have insisted the missile is to provide 'long-range defense'[/*]See more Russia news as country successfully tests anti-satellite missile[/*][/list]Russia has successfully tested an anti-satellite missile capable of wiping out U.S. navigation, communications and intelligence devices.

The Nudol direct ascent missile was launched from a facility in Plesetsk, 500 miles north of Moscow, and was monitored by U.S. intelligence.

It is unknown whether the Nudol was fired at a target or just launched on a suborbital trajectory but the successful test represents a major milestone for Russia as it continues to modernise its strategic arsenal under President Vladimir Putin.

Jun 20 09:45

A Force To Be Reckoned With: China And Russia Are Building Some Seriously Advanced Sea-Based Weapons

Along with the mounting tensions between the United States and China in the Pacific, and the former and Russia in the Atlantic comes a steady buildup of submarines in both respective theaters of naval combat. The Russians have been accomplishing a great deal in stealth technology, especially with Kilo-class boats converted into stealth subs. Dubbed “the black holes of the Russian Navy,” these quiet refitted diesel subs with the stealth technology are starting to roll steadily off of the assembly lines.

Jun 20 09:44

Busted: Joshua Kaufman’s claimed Auschwitz number belongs to someone else

Like Joseph Hirt, who is a complete fraud, Joshua Kaufman has now been proven to be at least half a fraud. The number he claimed to be his when he told NBC News, “I am not Joshua Kaufman, I am number 109023” belongs to Mateusz Judasz, born September 12, 1901 in ?aznów, Poland.

Jun 20 09:40

The FBI tried to ‘lure’ Omar Mateen into a terror plot before he committed mass murder in Orlando

Before Omar Mateen gunned down 49 patrons at the LGBTQ Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, the FBI attempted to induce his participation in a terror plot. Sheriff Ken Mascara of Florida’s St. Lucie County told the Vero Beach Press Journal that after Mateen threatened a courthouse deputy in 2013 by claiming he could order Al Qaeda operatives to kill his family, the FBI dispatched an informant to “lure Omar into some kind of act and Omar did not bite.”

Jun 20 09:39

Milo On Why Britain Should Leave The EU: To Stop Muslim Immigration

Jun 20 09:38


The little girl was playing outside Fawnbrook apartment buildings when the boys put a knife to her throat and forced her inside a laundry unit. She was then stripped naked, raped and urinated on. The 13-year-old reportedly told the younger boys to urinate on her because they were incapable of ejaculating.

The victim’s grandmother found the victim and then called the girl’s mother, who called the police. The police took 2 and a half hours to arrive but were unable to take any action due to the “language barrier”.

When she arrived, the mother of the alleged rapists was only able to say “no police,” while the father reportedly congratulated his 13-year-old son. Video of the entire assault was captured on the boy’s cellphone.

Jun 20 09:27

'Brexit EARTHQUAKE': EU fatcats' fears as Swedish MEP suggests 'UK-Nordic trading bloc'

Swedish MEP Peter Lundgren said Denmark and Sweden were already “on the brink” of quitting, suggesting that should the UK leave, a “Nordic trading bloc” led by Britain could be born. Sweden has been sticking by its EU commitments, but barely. It’s little wonder. Sweden now has the highest level of non-EU immigration per capita.

Jun 20 09:25

Tory MP forced to agree with Corbyn that there can be NO LIMIT on immigration

A CONSERVATIVE MP was left floundering as yet another member of the Remain camp admitted there was no limit to immigration if the UK remains in the European Union.

Jun 20 09:23

French Media: Arms-Loaded ISIL-Destined Ships Leave Turkish Ports towards Libya

French media revealed that the European intelligence agencies are searching the Mediterranean sea for six cargo ships carrying weapons that started voyage from the Turkish ports in mid May.

Jun 20 09:23

Jeish Al-Fatah Terrorist Group Admits Major Loss in Southern Aleppo

Jeish al-Fatah terrorist group admitted sustaining heavy damages and death of 167 members during clashes with the Syrian army and popular forces in the Southern parts of Aleppo.

Jun 20 09:19

Why It’s OK for Israelis to Own Guns But Not You

Gun control advocates use tortured logic to defend their positions. Take the Bloomberg-distributed commentary Why Israel has lots of guns but few gun crimes by Rabbi Daniel Gordis [above]. It starts out like this: “Early in 2002, as the Second Intifada was raging, guns — normally ubiquitous in Israeli society — were even more in evidence. In restaurants, at synagogue and especially on the street, you could see pistols stuck into men’s belts or pants. One of my wife’s closest friends kept a gun in her purse.” And then he takes a sharp turn to the left . . .

Jun 20 09:16

America’s War On Terror Is A Matrix Of Lies And Deceit

So how is your war on “terrorism” going? I’m not doing too well at it since I have no idea who the enemy is. Like the American black comedian, Dick Gregory, who, on hearing that President Johnson had declared a war on poverty, ran out onto the street with a hand grenade to throw it at some poor people, I have no idea who the real enemy is, who to throw a grenade at. That makes me think.

Jun 20 09:15

Austria: 'EU should gradually lift Russian sanctions'

Austria’s foreign minister has called for the EU to come to an agreement with Russia over the possible lifting of sanctions placed on the country following the war with Ukraine.

Jun 20 09:14

Flashback 2015: Irvine, CA Officer Poses As Active School Shooter As Other Armed Cops Rush To Scene, Unaware It's A Drill

Chaos ensued during an "emergency preparedness drill" after distraught witnesses called Irvine, CA Police about an active shooter at an elementary school in August 2015. Irvine police responded with real weapons but were unaware that the active shooter was actually an Irvine police officer, taking part in a drill. The Irvine police chief confirmed that one of his officers was the gunman. The school district confirmed that they have had drills at the school with Irvine Police for eight years.

Jun 20 09:14

IO GETS $900M EMERGENCY DISBURSEMENT FROM GOV'T FOR OLYMPICS On Friday, just seven weeks before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are to begin, the governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Francisco Dornelles, declared a financial emergency, saying that his stat

On Friday, just seven weeks before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games are to begin, the governor of the state of Rio de Janeiro, Francisco Dornelles, declared a financial emergency, saying that his state has run out of money. In his official statement, Dornelles said the state — which is helping the city of Rio prepare for the Games, which begin on August 5 — is facing a “public calamity," adding:

Jun 20 09:10

1 Witness Interviewed At All 3 Major Attacks! - Impossible Odds

Jun 20 09:09


In the wake of the Orlando massacre, the United States and Saudi Arabia are vowing to turn up the heat against terrorists and religious extremism in the Middle East. But these allies have a history of supporting the same tenets of religious extremism that lead to terrorism and repression of human rights. On June 13, U.S Secretary of State John Kerry hosted Saudi Deputy Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman at Kerry’s home in Washington, where the pair shared dinner. The meeting came a day after Omar Mateen killed 49 people and wounded 53 more at a LGBT nightclub in Orlando, apparently pledging allegiance to Daesh (an Arabic acronym for the terrorist group known in the West as ISIS or ISIL) during the attack.