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Apr 05 14:23

The Real Reason The Federal Government Have Been Keen to Blame Russia for Everything: Gold

As we reported on March 30, China and Russia are taking steps to move away from their out of control “cousin”, the Federal Reserve Note, U.S. dollar, world reserve currency.

Apr 05 14:22

Syria chemical 'attack': Russia faces fury at UN Security Council

Russia has been sharply criticised by other world powers at the UN Security Council in New York over the chemical weapons deaths in northern Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"How DARE you not believe our lies!!!!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Apr 05 14:20

CIA Restores Funding to 'Moderate Rebels' — But There's a Catch

In February, the CIA froze funding and supplies for all Syrian rebel groups. Two months latter this support has at least partly returned.

There's one catch: They have to focus on taking down Assad.

Apr 05 14:14

George Soros is the secret financier behind Kushner-backed startup Cadre

George Soros’ Soros Fund Management has quietly been financing the Kushner-backed real estate finance startup Cadre with a substantial credit line, according to sources familiar with the matter.
A source familiar with the financing arrangement told The Real Deal that “Soros has had a long and productive relationship with the Kushner family.” Another source told TRD that Kushner Companies TRData LogoTINY president Laurent Morali played a key role arranging the financing, but a Kushner Companies spokesperson disputed that account, claiming that “Kushner Cos. has never been involved in Cadre in any capacity
Business Insider first reported the existence of $250 million credit line in June, but didn’t mention its source.

Apr 05 13:59

Do you believe Assad just gassed his own people?

2% (56 votes)
98% (2621 votes)
Total votes: 2677
Apr 05 13:54

Ron Paul knows that the “chemical attack” in Syria is clearly a false flag (Video)

Did Assad sign his own death warrant with such an attack...or does some other entity benefit?

Apr 05 13:52

US-Led Forces Killed More Syrian Civilians Than ISIS Or Russia Last Month

The US-led coalition killed more Syrian civilians than ISIS or Russian forces in March, according to figures by a human rights organisation.

Apr 05 13:51

Scott Adams: How a Hypnotist Sees a Verbal Slip

When I learned to be a hypnotist, my instructor taught the class that some types of verbal slips are actually a message of honesty from the subconscious. Rice’s odd wording leaves open the possibility that she leaked SOMETHING to someone. To a hypnotist, Rice’s choice of words would be regarded as an unintentional confession of leaking.

To be perfectly clear, I have no science to back this point. And I assume some hypnotists would see it differently. But I have been tracking this sort of verbal slip for decades, and I find it surprisingly predictive.

Apr 05 13:50

Hungary Targets Soros-Founded University In New Law

A legal change in Hungary means that a university founded by George Soros to foster democratic thinking in this Central East European country will be shut down.

Apr 05 13:49

Federal Judge Blocks Seattle Ordinance To Help Uber & Lyft Drivers Unionize

A first-of-its-kind city law forcing Uber and Lyft drivers in Seattle to become employees instead of independent contractors, in order to negotiate with a city-sanctioned union, has been temporarily blocked by a federal judge.

Apr 05 13:47

The Death of a Fake Culture

History teaches us that a few people had ideas and that the rest found their identities in following the lead of movers and shakers intent on overcoming inactivity that was capable of paralysing the mobility of social conveyance. Whilst being aware of the possibilities these movers and shakers were alert to, the remainder of the population remained proxies facilitating the process on hand.

Apr 05 13:43

Only 10 companies control almost every large food and beverage brand in the world

These companies — Nestlé, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola, Unilever, Danone, General Mills, Kellogg's, Mars, Associated British Foods, and Mondelez — each employ thousands and make billions of dollars in revenue every year. In an effort to push these companies to make positive changes — and for customers to realize who controls the brands they're buying — Oxfam created a mind-boggling infographic that shows how interconnected consumer brands really are.

Apr 05 13:41

Syrian chemical attack, such timing

The regressive left will blame Assad and Russia no doubt and the Neocons would blame the extinction of the dinosaurs on Assad if they could. All they ever do is lie about Syria. Every time the terrorists are losing the war the west pulls a PR stunt. Make no mistake about it, this is for PR, for it makes no difference at all battlefield-wise in the war. There is no motive for the government to pull a useless tactic that doesn’t help them with anything and hurts them internationally. They are winning the war. The US is finally against regime change. The gassing is in a terrorist controlled area. The only thing such an attack does is serve as PR for the terrorist rebel groups.

Apr 05 13:40

Flashback Syrian gas attack predicted months prior

Amazing how much chemical attacks are covered on TV. The US has been blowing up people by the hundreds with conventional fire bombs regularly and none of that got any news. The reason this one is getting so much press is because it is part of a PR campaign.

Apr 05 13:22

Putin Lays Flowers At Vigil Site For St. Petersburg Blast Victims

Vladimir Putin lays flowers at vigil site near Technologichesky Institut metro station where people bring candles & flowers to mourn blast victims.

Apr 05 13:20


Apr 05 13:16

If you needed confirmation that this scandal is going to blow up -- here it is.

Media is calling the Susan Rice scandal "racist and sexist"

Apr 05 13:04

Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria Exposed As False Flag

The chemical weapons attack that killed 58 people in Syria appears to have been a false flag “media campaign” planned well in advance to oust President Assad.

Apr 05 13:02

Trump: Syria's Assad ‘crossed a lot of lines’ with gas attack

PATHETIC! Trump is a total phony. He is breaking Obama's records for lies!
WW3 here we come.

President Trump is signaling a more aggressive approach toward Syria, saying on Wednesday reports of a deadly gas attack by forces loyal to Bashar Assad had “crossed a lot of lines” and moved him to rethink his strategy.

At a joint press conference on Wednesday at the White House with Jordan’s King Abdullah II, Trump indicated that the Syrian leader had gone too far with an attack this week that killed dozens of his own people and injured scores more, including women and children.

“It crossed a lot of lines for me,” Trump said. “When you kill innocent children, innocent babies, little babies with a chemical gas that is so lethal that people were shocked to hear what gas it was, that crosses many lines beyond the red line. Many, many lines.”

Apr 05 12:56

Sanders Attacks Gorsuch As Supreme Court Standoff Hurtles Forward

The standoff over President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, deepened Tuesday with a “vicious take-down” on the Senate floor by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), threats from the top Senate Republican, and salvos from people-powered campaigns around the country.

Apr 05 12:56

Mainstream Media As Arbiters Of Truth

The mainstream U.S. media is never more unctuous and unprofessional as when it asserts that it alone must be the arbiter of what is true and what is not, regardless of what the evidence shows or doesn’t show.

Apr 05 12:52

Live in Gander, Newfoundland and Labrador this morning, checking out Ogilvie street!

Apr 05 12:32

Deep State In Panic Mode, Creating Events To Distract From Their Activities

Trump and Ryan try to push health care again. Evidence is pouring out that Susan Rice was one of the people behind the unmasking, she has now been called to testify.

Apr 05 12:26

ALERT: Fox News Exposes 4 MILLION Fraudulent Votes, Trail Leads STRAIGHT To Obama

During Adams’ time working with the Bush administration, he claims these issues were actually tackled. The administration of the time was cracking down on states to clean up their voter rolls and remove dead voters.

However, as soon as Obama got into power, those procedures were put to an abrupt halt. It was clear the new liberal administration not only wanted illegal and dead voters, but they encouraged it.

The mainstream media have been lying to all of us. They’ve been claiming for the past eight years that fraudulent votes are not an issue. Now, we have FOUR MILLION, possibly more, dead voters in the voter rolls — more than enough to influence an election in favor of the Democrats.

Apr 05 12:22

WATCH: After Years of Hiding, THIS Video of Chuck Schumer Should End His Career

In 2013, under Obama, Schumer was adamant about his opposition against obstructionism and claimed that the president, from any party, deserves to have their pick of who should be the heads of federal agencies. Now? Schumer is singing a different tune for President Trump, via The Daily Caller.

Apr 05 12:18

Susan Rice and Legalized Political Spying

It has long been clear that the Obama administration surveilled Trump’s team and now one method of that surveillance is coming into clarity. The ‘smoking gun’ reported by James Rosen has been revealed

Apr 05 12:11

Bannon Statement on Being Removed From NSC

"Susan Rice operationalized the National Security Council. I de-operationalized it"

Apr 05 11:58

President Trump Believes Susan Rice Commited a Crime

Multiple outlets reported that she was behind the “unmasking” of several Trump associates whose communications were “incidentally” caught by surveillance of foreign government officials. Rice claimed just last month that she “knew nothing” about the claims made by Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes, but that has already been exposed as a lie.

While Democrats and the media are now claiming that Rice did nothing wrong even if she did unmask American citizens, President Trump himself is not buying it.

Today, during a photo op with King Abdullah of Jordan, the media asked President Trump about the controversy.

He gave an emphatic answer!

“It’s such an important story for our country and the world,” POTUS continued. “It is one of the big stories of our time.”
The Times adds that when specifically asked if Rice’s behavior constituted a crime, Trump answered “Do I think? Yes, I think.”

Apr 05 11:53

Obamagate = the new Watergate? Confidence in Gov’t & Press to Decline further

Things are going to get interesting. Of course mainstream media will say this brewing scandal is fake news.

Apr 05 11:37

Judge Napolitano on Susan Rice & Obama: "The revelation of Top Secret information for political purposes, that’s called A FELONY"

“The use of intelligence data, which is Top Secret/Classified, for political purposes is a scandal and a tragedy worse than Watergate. The more of this that comes out, and the more the public knows, the more the public will see the campaign of President Obama and his colleagues to undermine the presidency of Donald Trump using the intelligence community as an instrument.”

Apr 05 11:35

The housing ATM is back in service! Black Knight Financial Services reports that 44 percent of Q4 refinances were cash-outs, highest equity drawn in eight years.

Have you heard the good news brothers and sisters? The housing ATM is now back in working order. Hallelujah! Black Knight Financial Services reported that in Q4 of 2016 44 percent of refinances were cash-outs. Meaning, people are now using their homes like ATMs which flies in the face of all the house humpers who continually act as if people are acting prudent in buying crap shacks. No, people are sucking on the teat of housing mania and now they are drinking from the nectar that is being produced. This percentage was the highest level of cash-outs in the last eight years. What was happening eight years ago? The housing market was imploding in epic fashion and nearly 8 million people lost their homes to foreclosure. Many lost their homes because they took out HELOCs and Home Equity loans to live beyond their means. I have to make this point since people always forget – the vast number of foreclosures happened on traditional vanilla 30-year fixed rate mortgages.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When the real-estate bubble bursts, all those homes that cashed out their equity will be in serious trouble.

Apr 05 11:33

Watch - Russian, U.S. UK And Syria Speaking At UN Emergency Meeting

President Donald Trump's envoy threatened unilateral U.S. action if the world body failed to act. "There are times in the life of states that we are compelled to take our own action," Haley declared

Russia's Foreign Ministry has rejected a draft UN Security Council resolution condemning an apparent chemical-weapons attack in Syria’s Idlib Province that left dozens killed and injured.

Moscow said that the poison gas belonged to rebels and had leaked from an insurgent weapons depot hit by Syrian bombs.

Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on April 5 that the resolution -- drafted by the United States, Britain, and France -- was "categorically unacceptable" and obviously was drawn up in haste.

Leaders and officials in other countries, including Britain and Israel, joined the U.S. in saying Assad's forces were responsible.

Apr 05 11:32

Diplomat slams Western media for rushing to accuse Damascus of using chemical weapons

Maria Zakharova noted that the information provided by the White Helmets, on which those reports were based, was constantly changing

Apr 05 11:31

Media Goes Quiet as Russia Exposes US Lies at Security Council

Russia's deputy United Nations ambassador Vladimir Safronkov said that the West's "obsession with regime change is what hinders this Security Council."

He noted that for Washington and its partners, "everything is guided by regime change" and allegations that Assad used chemical weapons in an attack in Idlib province on Tuesday are based on "falsified reports from the White Helmets", an organization that has been "discredited long ago".

Apr 05 11:31


An editorial in the Global Times, which is widely regarded as the voice of the Chinese government, warns the Trump administration that North Korea “trusts nothing but nuclear weapons” and that the regime in Pyongyang is “unlikely to surrender”.

“China has a bottom line. It will safeguard the security and stability of its Northeast area at all costs,” states the editorial.

Apr 05 11:30

The media’s ministry of “truth” strains to sanitize spying on Trump.

Again and again, Obama’s ministry of propaganda, with its branch offices from CNN to the New York Times to the Washington Post, solemnly instruct Americans that “unmasking is not spying.” That is about as convincing as the slogans carved on Orwell’s fictional ministry headquarters in 1984: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.”

One needs surveillance skills to find any disapproving references in the mainstream media to the pervasive political espionage that the Obama administration conducted against Trump. Even the Trump haters on Morning Joe had to acknowledge the shamelessness of the New York Times in burying the Susan Rice story on A16 — a story that made only oblique and rationalizing reference to her political espionage.

Apr 05 11:28

UN LGBT Czar on Indoctrinating Children: "The Younger the Better"

Pro-family groups hoping the United Nations would quit pushing homosexuality and gender confusion on children under new UN Secretary-General António Guterres are going to be very disappointed. Not only has the globalist institution not reined in its activism on behalf of the “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender” (LGBT) agenda, the UN's new LGBT czar is using taxpayer resources to push the indoctrination into schools worldwide — and especially on young children. Simultaneously, the UN is helping to wage a global war on religious liberty, much of it under the guise of protecting LGBT activists from “stigma” and “discrimination.” Critics, though, are fighting back.

Owl 2
Apr 05 11:24

UN ambassador Nikki Haley alludes to US intervention in Syria after chemical attack

UN ambassador Nikki Haley seemed to hint at a possible US intervention in Syria on Wednesday during a UN Security Council meeting.

During her address to the council, Haley harshly condemned the gas attack in Syria that killed at least 83 people and wounded 150 more on Tuesday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Apr 05 11:08

Noam Chomsky: With US History Of Overthrowing Governments, Outrage Over Russian Hacking Claims Is Laughable

Since Trump’s inauguration, his presidency has been engulfed by a media scandal and investigations into whether the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to influence the 2016 election. But is the Democratic Party’s obsession with this question distracting the public from the Trump administration’s actions?

Apr 05 10:33

Bay Area Economic Outlook Buckles under Strains

Nearly half the millennials “likely” to leave.

Apr 05 10:31

Another Winter Storm Heading for Colorado

Yet another Winter Storm is heading for Colorado and as a result a Winter Weather Advisory or Winter Storm Warning cover most mountain locations for up to 14 inches of new snow.

Apr 05 10:31

Bahraini Media: Al Khalifah Regime Trying to Buy US Silence by Paying $8 Billion Deals in Just 2 Weeks

In just two weeks, over $8 billion military and industrial deals have been announced, amid a financial crisis that the country has been suffering due to its security and political situations and falling oil prices.

A US congressional source revealed last Wednesday that Donald Trump's administration informed the Congress of its plan to pursue the $5 billion sale to Bahrain of 19 Lockheed Martin F-16 aircraft and related equipment.

This deal was pulled back last year because of concerns that Bahrain had not made promised improvements to its human rights record. However, Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Corker sees that "there are more effective ways to seek changes in partner policies than publicly conditioning weapons transfers in this manner."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The late President John Kennedy said it best: "When peaceful revolution is impossible, violent revolution is inevitable."

Bahrain, lead by the tone-deaf, and cruelly autocratic Sunni Al-Khalifa monarchy, is unable to understand that suppression only works to a point.

And yes, I understand that Bahrain is home to the US Navy's 5th Fleet, but just as a matter of moral principal, it should be moved, to show the US government's displeasure with the consistent human rights abuses of its government and monarchy.

So far, the protests here have been relatively peaceful; but there will be a time when even calling in Saudi troops, as the Bahraini government did several years ago, to put down demonstrations, will have no effect, and we will find the people of Bahrain as adamantly anti-American as were the Iranian people after the over throw of the American Puppet, the Shah, in 79.

With their enabling of the Bahraini government, the US government and military are taking a calculated risk, which I am concerned, may ultimately blow up in their collective faces like a bad trick cigar.

Apr 05 10:28

The Ruling Class Wants You To Be Afraid of Climate Change

In this video, Vin Armani talks about why the-powers-that-be are pushing climate change alarmism. Did you think the elite suddenly care about humans? No. They are using climate change to control you as the priest class has done throughout time.

Apr 05 10:26

Maori Party claims GE-free victory in RMA reforms

The Government will not be able to strike out GE-free areas set up by councils under an agreement between National and the Maori Party.

Under Resource Management Act reforms being debated in Parliament this week, the minister will be given powers to override councils' plans and decision-making.

As a condition of its support, the Maori Party demanded a "carve-out" for genetic modification which would allow regional authorities to declare their areas GE-free.

The provision is limited to GE crops. The minister will be able to step in if councils try to ban GE animal trials, which can be used for innovative medicines.

There was disagreement in Parliament about whether the definition of crops in the legislation included grass and forestry - the two areas in which New Zealand scientists are considering genetic modification.

Maori Party co-leader Marama Fox said the provision had deliberately been drafted so that it covered pastures and trees.

Apr 05 10:22

REDUX: Western Lies and Chemical False Flag Attacks in Syria

It’s clear after a review of the available evidence thus far, that western media and politicians who are condemning the Syrian government and Russia for “chemical attacks” – are spreading fake news in order to gain political backing for a wider military intervention.

Watch CNN’s Chris Cuomo as he attempts to litigate a fictitious verdict which happens to fit perfectly into the US pro-war and ‘No Fly Zone’ narrative being echoed by ‘regime change’ hawks John McCain and Adam Kinzinger on their same network today, and further echoed by more demagoguery from CNN’s Syria ‘experts’ Arwa Damon and Clarissa Ward as they blame the Syrian government with no evidence whatsoever. This segment by CNN is the very definition of propaganda:

Apr 05 10:21

Horror, Fear, Anger and Disgust…

In her Forward article yesterday, self-identified “Jewish lesbian leftist” Donna Minkowitz admitted to feeling “horror, fear, anger and disgust” at an invitation to speak at a literary event. “Now, that’s quite a combination of sentiments to feel all at once,” I thought to myself, “How could an invitation to attend an intellectual gathering evoke such negative feelings?”

Apr 05 10:19

Something is Not Adding Up In Idlib Chemical Weapons Attack

“At least 58 people were killed in an alleged horrific gas attack in the Idlib Governorate this morning“. However, even before investigations could be conducted and for evidence to emerge, Federica Mogherini, the Italian politician High Representative of the European Union (EU) for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, condemned the Syrian government stating that the “Assad regime bears responsibility for ‘awful’ Syria ‘chemical’ attack.”

The immediate accusation from a high ranking EU official serves as a dangerous precedent where public outcry can be made even before the truth surrounding the tragedy can emerge

Israeli President, Benjamin Netanyahu, joined in on the condemnation, as did Amnesty International.

Merely hours after the alleged chemical weapons attack in Khan Sheikhun, supposedly by the Syrian government, holes are beginning to emerge from opposition sources, discrediting the Al-Qaeda affiliated White Helmets claims.

Apr 05 10:17

St. Petersburg Attack Exposed As Western Plot To Oust Putin

Initial evidence from the St. Petersburg terror attack points to an orchestrated attempt by Western governments to try and oust Russian President Vladimir Putin from office.

Owl 3
Apr 05 10:16

Obama’s NSA Intel Gathering on Trump, Aides ‘Tremendous Abuse of the System’

Did former President Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice demand details of the “unmasked” identities of those with whom then-presidential candidate Donald Trump and his aides spoke by phone? A former U.S. attorney claims she ordered intel agencies to reveal extensive information, an action one former deputy director for intelligence at the U.S. Central Command calls a “potential constitutional crisis.” Could this be the smoking gun that proves Trump was correct when he said the Obama administration spied on him?

Apr 05 10:15

BEX ALERT - 1,000 Paid Russian Trolls Spread Fake News On Hillary Clinton, Senate Intelligence Heads Told

A former FBI agent testified that President Donald Trump helped spread fake news by embracing the stories against his opponents.

Apr 05 10:09


This article includes many videos. I have tried to select ones of limited lengths (ranging from 30 seconds to 15 minutes) to keep busy readers from getting tied down. And YouTube videos, of course, can be speeded up by clicking “settings” and “speed.” However, the post is still not a quickie read and will more likely serve as a reference.

We in alternative media don’t have the billion-dollar marketing resources that Big Pharma does. I want to thank all the creators of memes, charts, banners, cartoons and videos utilized in this post. I especially credit Whale, VAXXED TV, Hear This Well, and My Incredible Opinion. I encourage you to visit their websites and YouTube channels for further information, and especially to watch the movie Vaxxed.

Apr 05 10:09

Erdogan:? Turkish Army May Enter Iraq for Next Phase of Euphrates Shield Operation

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that the next phase of Operation Euphrates Shield may include a stint in Iraq’s Sinjar Region.

Apr 05 10:08

Donald Trump’s Pick to Oversee Big Pharma Is Addicted to Opioid-Industry Cash

NEWLY-RELEASED FINANCIAL disclosure documents show that Dr. Scott Gottlieb, President Trump’s nominee to the lead the Food and Drug Administration, has received significant payments from the opioid industry — while attacking attempts to deter the explosion of opioid pill mills.

Apr 05 10:02

Trump Administration Reviewing ‘Extreme Vetting’ Policies: Report

President Trump’s administration is reviewing ways to enact the “extreme vetting” practices that often mentioned during his campaign, The Wall Street Journal reported.

Apr 05 09:57

Chinese Gangs Targeted Britain In ‘Large-Scale Espionage Operation,’ Say Cybersecurity Experts

UK firms are targets of “serious” cyberattacks from China that seek to steal trade secrets and customers’ personal information, a new report has said.

Apr 05 09:56

Reviving the ‘Chemical Weapons’ Lie: New US-UK Calls for Regime Change, Military Attack Against Syria

Here it comes again. As the enemies of peace continue to pressure a new US President into deeper war commitments overseas, and as Washington’s Deep State works relentlessly opposing Russian moves in Syria at every turn, the war drums have started again – beating harder than ever now, clamouring for a new US-led attack on Syria. This morning we saw the familiar theme emerge, and just in time to provide a convenient backdrop to this week’s Brussels’ ‘Peace Talks’ and conference on “Syria’s Future”.

The US-led ‘Coalition’ prepares to make its end-run into Syria to ‘Retake Raqqa,’ and impose its Safe Zones in order to partition Syria, more media demonization of the Syrian government appears to be needed by the West.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Have all these presstitute outlets "conveniently forgotten" that the Syrian government had all of its chemical weapons destroyed in 2013, in a deal brokered by Russia?!?

Destruction of Syria's chemical weapons

What this is feeling like to me is "Assad has gassed his own people AGAIN, 2.0", to make the way clear, and "justify" US-military engineered no-fly zones and air strikes, through which to attempt regime change in Damascus.

Of course, the Russians may have other ideas on this.....

And if President Trump believes that the US military could, in fact, win a military conflict against Russia over Syria, I would implore him to please think again, and very carefully.

Because at this time in its history, the US military does not have the weaponry; the money; the troop strength; or the manufacturing to insure a positive outcome to a conventional war against Russia over Syria; it's just not there.

Apr 05 09:55


Observant Jews in Israel craving a smoke during the week-long Passover holiday that starts at sundown on Monday can now enjoy a rabbi-approved puff.

Apr 05 09:55

Partner At Paulson & Company Jumps To His Death In Midtown Manhattan

A 56-year-old partner at Paulson & Co., who was best known for losing billions of his clients' money to Bernie Madoff's Ponzi scheme when he ran the Fairfield Greenwich fund of funds, leaped to his death from the luxury Sofitel hotel in midtown Manhattan. Charles W. Murphy was wearing a dark business suit when he plunged to his death from the 24th floor of the 45 W. 44th St. building at around 4:42pm on Monday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

A lot of people connected to the Madoff scam are suddenly dying.

Apr 05 09:52

Boomerang: ‘Russia-gate’ Turns Into ‘Spy-gate’

Confirmed: Obama administration spied on Trump team

Apr 05 09:51

Watch: Asylum Seeker Attacks Three Swedish Female Police Officers

Newly released video shows an asylum seeker attacking three female police officers who were attempting to take him into custody outside an asylum home.

Apr 05 09:50

Ann Coulter: Obama Should Testify Under Oath on Trump Campaign Surveillance

Using the hashtag #PutObamaUnderOath, best-selling author and political pundit Ann Coulter tweeted that while knowing the truth about Barack Obama’s National Security Advisor Susan Rice allegedly ordering surveillance of President Donald Trump’s presidential campaign aides, Obama should also testify before Congress on the matter.

“Susan Rice testimony now essential, but insufficient,” Coulter tweeted on Tuesday. “Must hear from Obama.”

Apr 05 09:50

Tables Turned: Have Obama and Soros Hacked Foreign Elections?

A slew of US senators have requested that US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson investigate the use of tax dollars to support left-wing causes in Macedonia, Albania, Latin America and Africa.

Apr 05 09:49

Michael Flynn's Lobbying for Turkey Adding Fuel to the Fire

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was forced to leave Trump's team due to his alleged ties with Russia, but this was only half the problem given his lobbying for Turkey, Russian academic Gevorg Mirzayan wrote in an op-ed for RIA Novosti. Flynn Intel Group received over $500,000 for three months of work on behalf of a Dutch firm with ties to Ankara.

Apr 05 09:48

Trey Gowdy Destroys President Obama 'One Person Does Not Rule All'

Apr 05 09:47

"Trump Sold Condos In Russia While Hillary Clinton Sold Uranium" Sean Spicer Slams Reporter

Apr 05 09:46

Teen Who Thought He Was Flying Overseas To Join ISIS Busted by FBI

Abdin, an American citizen whose family came from Syria

Apr 05 09:44

ATF Agent Accuses Jason Chaffetz Of Wanting Youtube Fame, Instantly Regrets It

Apr 05 09:43

Militants of Euphrates Shield Operation Trained in Turkish Garrisons

A number of defected militants of the Ankara-led Euphrates Shield Operation disclosed that they have been trained by Turkish army officers and at bases on Turkey's soil.

Apr 05 09:42

US Army Investigator Accuses National Security Adviser McMaster of War Crimes in Iraq

Former commander in charge of US Army Military Police in Iraq says President Trump’s new National Security Adviser, Gen. H.R. McMaster, ‘ordered’ criminal abuse of hundreds of Iraqi detainees in 2005

“Detainees were abused at Tal Afar under orders and command and control of H.R. McMaster,” said Col. Arnaldo Claudio, a retired senior U.S. Military Police officer who served as 18th Airborne Corps Provost Marshal and Chief of Police of the Multinational Coalition Forces in Iraq in 2005.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

President Trump, a word here please: If you are going to talk about "extreme vetting", can we begin with your Cabinet and Appointees?!?!?

This choice is not making you look good in the eyes of either the American public or the world, and the only two choices I can go with here, are that you didn't know, when you made the appointment, or did know, and didn't give a damn about these accusations.

Apr 05 09:42

Turkey Planning to Form More Terrorist Groups in Syria

Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riyadh Haddad said that Turkey is planning to form two new terrorist groups in Syria.

Haddad said that Ankara intends to rebrand the ISIL and Al-Nusra Front (also known as Fatah al-Sham Front or the Levant Liberation Board) terrorists groups.

He added that Turkey has vowed to give Turkish nationality and pay $400 monthly salaries to all fresh members of the new terrorist groups.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Turkey is now a state sponsor of terror.

Apr 05 09:41

Ambassador: Damascus to Respond if Turkey Continues Aggression in Syria

Syrian Ambassador to Russia Riyad Haddad said the government of Syria has the right to protect its territory by all means including military if Turkey does not stop its actions in Northern Syria.

Apr 05 09:40

"I WIll Go Serve The Head Of The DEA Myself" Jason Chaffetz Shocks Congress

Apr 05 09:39

"I Will Put You In The Witness Protection Program" Jason Chaffetz Shocks Democrats

Apr 05 09:37


In the province of Raqqah, an intense fighting is ongoing in the village of Safsafah northeast of the town of Tabqah, controlled by ISIS. The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are struggling to secure this site in order to fully encircle Tabqah. In turn, ISIS terrorists have launched a series of attacks in order to prevent this. According to pro-SDF sources, over 20 ISIS members have been killed in the recent clashes in the area.

It’s clear that despite ISIS counter-attacks the SDF, backed up by the US-led coalition’s warplanes, helicopters, artillery and military advisors, have enough military capabilities to lay a siege on Tabqa and to retake this town from ISIS. When the town of Tabqa and the nearby dam are secured, US-led forces will likely advance against ISIS terrorists along the Euphrates outflanking the ISIS stronghold of Raqqah from the southern direction.

Apr 05 09:36

White House: 'The clock has now run out' on North Korean nuclear program

A senior White House official issued a dire warning to reporters Tuesday on the state of North Korea's nuclear program, declaring "the clock has now run out and all options are on the table."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I hate this process of choosing the lesser of two evils every election ... because you still wind up with evil.

It's a damned stupid way to run a country.

Apr 05 09:36

US Launched More Airstrikes in Yemen Last Month Than in All of 2016

The US never really stopped launching airstrikes in Yemen, but during the early part of the Saudi invasion, they certain reduced the number of direct US strikes. They seem to be picking up the pace substantially, with the Pentagon saying more than 70 strikes were launched just in March.

The Pentagon described this as nearly double the number of US strikes in Yemen in all of the previous year, saying they will “continue to target al-Qaeda in Yemen,” claiming the group poses a “significant threat to the United States” and needed to be disrupted.

Details on what the US actually targeted in most of those strikes was unclear, with a handful of individual strikes reportedly aimed at targets in the mountains. Two children were reported killed in one of the strikes, and several other civilians were wounded in other strikes

Webmaster's Commentary: 

In enabling Saudi Arabia to commit war crimes in its genocide against the Yemeni people, the US government is complicit in those war crimes.

I am talking about the killing and maiming of Yemeni children.

Images: Yemeni children killed and maimed for life from Saudi air strikes

I am talking about the slow, horrendous deaths from child malnutrition, because Yemeni ports have been closed to any humanitarian aid shipments, which are desperately needed.

Images: Yemeni children starving to death from malnutrition, due to Saudi port blockades

And I am talking about the massive, skyrocketing rate of birth defects, still births, and cancers, due to Saudi use of depleted uranium weapons.

Images: Yemeni children with severe birth defects, due to exposure to depleted uranium weapons.

And what amazes me is, the Trump administration; the House of Saud; and the Saudi government are all morally comfortable with all of this, including the poisoning of children in the womb through exposure to DU.

What monsters have these people become?!?

And what strikes me as painfully obvious is, every scholarly article on Yemen I have ever read on Yemen's current state, indicates that the solution has to be political, rather than military.

And things are about to go from worse... to thoroughly awful in Yemen.

Saudi-Backed Forces to Attack Key Yemen Aid Port

This is the only place through which a very meagre amount of aid can get into the country.

This US-enabled, Saudi "scorched earth" policy in Yemen reminds me of the remarks of the Papal Legate, at the siege of Montsegur, France, to exterminate the Cathars. Upon being informed that women and children were with the besieged men, he made the comment: "Kill them all; God will find his own."

Apr 05 09:34

Russia denies Assad to blame for chemical attack, on course for collision with Trump

Russia denied on Wednesday that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad was to blame for a poison gas attack and said it would continue to back him, opening a rift between the Kremlin and Donald Trump's White House, which initially sought warmer ties.

Western countries, including the United States, blamed Assad's armed forces for the worst chemical attack in Syria for more than four years, which choked scores of people to death in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in a rebel-held area on Tuesday.

Washington said it believed the deaths were caused by sarin nerve gas dropped by Syrian aircraft. But Moscow offered an alternative explanation that would shield Assad: that the poison gas belonged to rebels and had leaked from an insurgent weapons depot hit by Syrian bombs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I'm sorry, but if Trump actually believes Assad would gas his own people just days after being told by Tillerson that Trump would not oppose his continuing Presidency, then Trump is an idiot!

Apr 05 09:34

Is the CIA plotting against President Donald Trump?

A handful of observers think so?—?and some of them are even cheering it on

Apr 05 09:31

Smoking Gun: Susan Rice Unmasked

Apr 05 09:30

Robots Take Over – The Apparel Production

First big scale shoe robot factory unveiled: Adidas will use machines to make shoes in Germany instead of humans in Asia

Apr 05 09:30

Fox News Host says Liberal “Bozos” Acting Like “Children”

I have a prediction to make.While the left acts like children who just can’t get over the fact that Hillary lost the election and simply won’t stop their abusive invectives against the man who was constitutionally elected, calling him ‘not legitimate,’ and his cabinet ‘scum bags,’ that man is doing the job we hired him to do. He is building up and modernizing the military, as well as strengthening law enforcement…

These bozos still haven’t figured out exactly what Russia did. But they must have done something because Queen Hillary should have been coronated…”

Apr 05 09:26

Brandon Darby: Border Patrol Agents Feel Betrayed by the Trump Administration

Trump is going South,faster than an Alberta Clipper in January!

The Trump Administration rewarded Border Patrol agents for their support of Trump as president by picking an Obama holdover whom they despise to be their boss. Trump chose the Obama-hired Customs and Border deputy who was tasked with enacting Obama’s open border vision to lead the parent agency of Border Patrol, Customs and Border Protection (CBP). All of the Border Patrol agents who spoke with Breitbart Texas Managing Director Brandon Darby from all nine Southwest border sectors expressed feeling betrayed or otherwise hurt by Trump choosing a man who did so much damage to them to be their new boss.

Apr 05 09:26

Rebels ‘only people who benefited’ from Idlib chemical weapons attack – analyst

The Syrian government was quickly blamed by the West after the opposition-controlled Idlib region saw a chemical attack that reportedly killed dozens of civilians. However, a UK security analyst told RT the rebels were the only force that benefited from the incident.

Apr 05 09:26

‘We are compelled to take own action’ if UN fails in Syria – US envoy

The UN Security Council convened on Wednesday to discuss a draft resolution proposed by the US, the UK and France, which would condemn Damascus for the reported use of chemical weapons in the town of Khan Sheikhoun in Idlib province on Tuesday.

Russia criticized the draft resolution for being unbalanced and jumping to conclusions. It said the document would have to include several amendments, such as calling on the rebels controlling the area to provide full access to UN investigators and setting an unbiased and comprehensive probe into the incident as the primary goal of the resolution.

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Below items deal with BDS and the attack on Omar Barghouti and other human rights advocates

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Israel has strongly condemned the decision by a Dublin City Council subcommittee on ceremonies to raise the Palestinian flag over city hall in solidarity with the Palestinian people “who have lived under brutal Israeli occupation.”