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"We moved, on the next day, crossing in our path a deep creek and the Little Seneca river, and after marching six miles we reached the castle, which consisted of 128 houses, mostly very large and elegant. The town was beautifully situated, almost encircled with a clear flat which extends for a number of miles, where the most extensive fields of corn were, and every kind of vegetable that can be conceived. The whole army was immediately engaged in destroying the crops. The corn was collected and burned in houses and kilns, that the enemy might not reap the least advantage from it, which method we have pursued in every other place... Every creek and river has been traced, and the whole country explored in search of Indian settlements; and I am well persuaded, that, except one... there is not a single town left in the country of the five nations." -- General John Sullivan 1779



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February 12, 2016

Feb 12 10:13

Assad warns about risks of Saudi and Turkish intervention into Syria

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in an exclusive interview with the AFP news agency on Friday said there was a risk of Turkish and Saudi Arabian military intervention into Syria...

Feb 12 10:11

Russia concerned over terrorists’ attempts to destabilize Lebanon — Lavrov

"The Russian side confirmed the consistent line towards supporting sovereignty, unity and territorial integrity of Lebanon." Lavrov stressed that the pressing issues of national agenda in Lebanon need to be solved in the framework of a dialogue between all the leading political forces of the country based on mutual consent and without foreign interference, according to the ministry.

Feb 12 09:58

Flu now widespread in Arizona; over 3,700 cases reported

State health officials say the flu is now widespread in Arizona.

The Department of Health Services says more than 3,700 flu cases have been reported, although the department says there likely have been even more cases.

Feb 12 09:56

Clinton Gets Back In The Game After (*nudge ~ nudge)Blowout Loss To Sanders(*wink ~ wink) In N.H.

(*LIVE FREE OR DIE! So if you're in the 60% that voted for Bernie , you now know which side of that equation you come up under .)

Feb 12 09:56

Hillary’s “Dirt Machine”, Warring Against Bernie Sanders. Totalitarian Thinking, Feminism and the Clintons

The Clinton campaign is showing signs of desperation. Bernie Sanders is not only putting in a fight, but offering firm punches in the electoral bouts. The days are early: a narrow Clinton victory in the Iowa caucus; and a very convincing showing by Sanders in the New Hampshire primary.

Rattled, the dirt machine was bound to get busy against the septuagenarian Vermont socialist. Fittingly, the issue of sex and gender had to come into play, showing how the ideas factory had run dry in the winter months. “Obviously,” suggested stormy dissident feminist Camille Paglia, “they are desperate because Hillary’s numbers are falling, so they are really pulling out the heavy artillery.”

Feb 12 09:55

USA's imperialist policy does not reflect the views of common Americans

A petition has appeared on the website of the US White House to recognize US sitting President, Nobel Peace Prize winner Barack Obama, a war criminal.

Feb 12 09:54

'15-year-old' Somali accused of stabbing Swedish social worker to death at children's refugee centre IS over 18, says Migration Agency

A Somalian migrant alleged to have stabbed a Swedish social worker to death and thought to be aged only 15 is now said to be at least three years older, it has emerged.

Alexandra Mezher, 22, was killed after she tried to break up a knife fight at an adolescent migrant centre where she worked in Gothenburg, Sweden.

Police say she had intervened when Youssaf Khaliif Nuur launched an unprovoked attack on another resident at the centre, suffering fatal knife wounds to the back and thigh.

Emigrate While You Still Can - Finca Bayano In Panama!

Finco Bayano
Feb 12 09:54


Evgeny Lebedev is expected to close the Indy and Sindy print editions as soon as tonight. Of the 150 full-time staff, just 20 or so look like they’ll moving over to the i paper. It will not be difficult for the owners to find voluntary redundancies. Many journalists at the Indy will be loathe to work for the much-derided, clickbait-obsessed online offering.

Meanwhile the Guardian is imposing 20% cuts, with staff warned in an email this morning that “As our staff costs are by far our biggest overhead, one outcome of the budgeting process may be that redundancies are proposed”. They are looking at 100 redundancies, and according to Beth Rigby they want to start with their “on leave” columnist Seumas Milne. He is in line for a £90,000 payout.

Feb 12 09:47

The King of Bullsh*t News

Last November, within a few hours of each other, some of the planet’s biggest news websites published an irresistible story. An attractive Argentinian teacher called Lucita Sandoval, from Santiago del Estero, had been having sex with her 16-year-old student, and the video of their tryst had made its way to a porn website. With its heady blend of titillation and depravity, it was the perfect tabloid scandal.

Websites including the Daily Mirror and Metro in the UK and the New York Daily News in the US duly published the story, alongside an image showing the teacher posing poolside in her bikini. “Teacher suspended after sex session with teen pupil ends up on hardcore porn website,” read the Mirror’s headline. The Daily Mail – the most successful English-language newspaper website in the world – even went so far as to claim that there would be a criminal investigation, and that this wasn’t the first time that the teacher in question had sexual relations with a student.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Yeah, this rates the main page.

Feb 12 09:42

3-minute rap video: Obama continues illegal US Wars of Aggression that’s killed 30 million+ since WW2. Arrests are when now?

*hyperlinks/video live at source*


Lowkey’s 3-minute rap begins with history that validates global polling that the US is the greatest threat to peace; voted three times more dangerous than any other country.

The data confirm this conclusion:

Since WW2, Earth has had 248 armed conflicts. The US started 201 of them (81%).
These US-started armed attacks have killed ~30 million and counting; 90% of these deaths are innocent children, the elderly and ordinary working civilian women and men.
The US has war-murdered more than Hitler’s Nazis.
US official reports now confirm all “reasons” the US told for current armed attacks were known to be false as they were told.
These lie-started US wars are not even close to lawful.

Feb 12 09:42

BuzzFeed faces $11m defamation lawsuit from viral news agency

Central European News and its founder Michael Leidig claim that an article titled ‘The King of Bullsh*t News’ deliberately set out to damage the business

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Looking at Central European News's numbers, they are in major decline, so there is a financial motive in finding someone to sue before they have to close their doors.

BuzzFeed's original story is still online.

Feb 12 09:41

Teen girl sent by Boko Haram rips off suicide vest, refuses to bomb refugee camp

Strapped with a booby-trapped vest and sent by the extremist Boko Haram group to kill as many people as possible, a young teenage girl tore off the explosives and fled as soon as she was out of sight of her handlers.

Feb 12 09:36

U.S., Russia agree to Syria cease-fire plan

The U.S. and Russia struck an agreement Friday intended to offer a path to a cease-fire in Syria. The New York Times has more here: “Secretary of State John Kerry and his Russian counterpart, Sergey V. Lavrov, announced that they had agreed on the delivery over the next few days of desperately needed aid to besieged Syrian cities, to be followed by a “cessation of hostilities” within a week on the way to a more formal cease-fire.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

So ... Turkey and Saudi Arabia have just one week to invade and muck things up.

Feb 12 09:34

Italy’s prime minister likens EU situation to sinking ship

Italy’s prime minister says the situation of the European Union resembles a sinking ship and the leadership of the continental bloc keeps ignoring the growing demands for change.

“The EU is like the orchestra playing on the Titanic,” Matteo Renzi said Wednesday, referring to the giant British vessel which sank in the North Atlantic in the early 20th century with the famous music band on the deck keeping on playing until they drowned.

Feb 12 09:33

NATO buildup in Black Sea violates Montreux Convention — Russian deputy

Russia’s former Black Sea Fleet commander Vladimir Komoyedov warned NATO on Wednesday that the 1936 Montreux Convention restricted the time of stay of foreign warships in the Black Sea.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said earlier on Wednesday that NATO would continue adapting and building up its military capabilities in the Black Sea region, including its naval forces, intelligence means and possibilities for redeploying reinforcements.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"The rules don't apply to us! We're exceptional, remember?" -- Official White Horse Souse

Feb 12 09:31

Instead of buying a yacht a stranger decides to pay for a class of kindergartners to go to college.

Burbank is pledging to fund each student's tuition for two years at community college and two years at a California state school -- or the equivalent if they want to attend elsewhere. All they have to do is draw a picture or write an essay each year about what going to college will mean for them and their families.

Feb 12 09:31

Britain to up naval deployment in Baltic to help NATO 'buildup against Russia'

The UK will reportedly send five extra ships to the Baltic and additional troops to be stationed on a rotational basis in six countries bordering Russia.

Feb 12 09:30

Iran Completes Eurasian Golden Triangle

Sometimes profound tectonic shifts in the global politics arise from least noticed events. Such is the situation with Iran and the recent visit to Teheran of China’s President Xi Jinping. What emerged from the talks confirms that the vital third leg of what will become a genuine Eurasian Golden Triangle, of nations committed to peaceful economic development, is now in place.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Ah HA! I block your golden triangle with my Pentagon of DEATH!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Owl 1
Feb 12 09:29

Egypt Red-Lights New Western Intervention in Daesh-Ridden Libya

Egypt’s foreign minister has warned the US and Europe not to launch an intervention against Daesh before Libya itself can form a unified stable government.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

All of a sudden Egypt is straining at the leash!

Feb 12 09:28

Poland accuses BBC of bias after broadcaster alleges country is being ‘Putinised’

Poland has launched a formal protest against the BBC in connection with a film suggesting that its current government was “Putinising” the country. A letter from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs accused the broadcaster of being biased in its portrayal.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The BBC? Biased?!?

Feb 12 09:26

2 teens shot, 1 dead at Glendale, Arizona high school

According to one KNXV-TV source, however, two female students got into an “altercation” which ended in gunshots.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Your regularly scheduled dose of gun-grab propaganda!

Feb 12 09:25

Over Half of Scots Support Independence From UK in Case of Brexit

About 60 percent of Scots think that Scotland should be independent from the United Kingdom if Britain leaves the European Union, a STV News poll reveled Wednesday.

Feb 12 09:25

Independence, Ideology, Economy: Why Britons Are Pushing for a Brexit

The UK appears to be closer than ever to reforming its relationship with the EU following talks between leaders in London. Despite this, a new poll has shown increasing support for a Brexit, with critics telling Sputnik there are a series of deep-seated issues pushing Britons out of the EU.

Feb 12 09:24


Despite being the victim of a popular vote landslide in the New Hampshire Primary on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton is actually a winner when it comes to the number of delegates earned.

The former secretary of state is leaving the Granite State with at least two more delegates than Sen. Bernie Sanders, even though Sanders won by a margin of 60 to 38 percent of votes.

How is this possible?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If we didn't choose the government, then we don't have to pay the bills!

Feb 12 09:21

RFK Assassination 40th Anniversary (2008) Paul Schrade on CNN

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The man standing next to Robert Kennedy during the assassination says Sirhan Sirhan didn't do it.

Feb 12 09:14

We must dispel myths surrounding protest

It is time to dispel a few myths about what is going on.

Oregon Gov. Kate Brown sat in her office Jan. 20 and drafted a letter to the U.S. attorney general and the director of the FBI. She wrote that negotiations with the “radicals” occupying the Malheur Wildlife Refuge had failed and insisted on a “swift resolution to this matter.”

Local officials, including Harney County Judge Steve Grasty, made similar demands. On Jan. 26, they got what they asked for.

Authorities, including the FBI, ambushed and arrested Ammon Bundy and others on their way to a meeting in neighboring Grant County. They shot LaVoy Finicum dead. He was not holding a weapon.

Feb 12 09:11

How Big Pharma gets away with selling crystal meth to children: By renaming it 'Adderall'

In a recent appearance on All In with Chris Hayes on MSNBC, drug abuse and addiction expert Carl Hart of Columbia University made a shocking claim: There isn't much difference between the demonized street drug methamphetamine (also known as meth or crystal meth) and the prescription drug Adderall.

Feb 12 09:10


Feb 12 09:10


All young children have heroes …. mine was Abraham Lincoln. His name, as well as his image were very much a part of my childhood.

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Feb 12 09:08

Sandy Hook Fake Sniper CAUGHT Red Handed - Newtown Hoax Busted? (VIDEO)

Sloppy Sniper is supposedly FBI, but he wears army surplus (no “FBI” logo). He strolls around Sandy Hook fumbling two rifles – until he abandons both rifles to wander unprotected.

Real FBI agents are highly trained. They don’t point rifles at women and children. Yet Sloppy Sniper carries his AR-15 like a briefcase – using the magazine as a carrying handle – aimed at women behind him:

This “FBI sniper” never handled a rifle before Newtown. On CNN’s website, Sloppy Sniper is disguised in helmet and sunglasses:

Then, PPSIMMONS broke the stunning story: Sloppy Sniper appears to be (Hollywood actor) David Wheeler:

Feb 12 09:04

Unsound Banking: Why Most of the World’s Banks Are Headed for Collapse

You’re likely thinking that a discussion of “sound banking” will be a bit boring. Well, banking should be boring. And we’re sure officials at central banks all over the world today—many of whom have trouble sleeping—wish it were.

This brief article will explain why the world’s banking system is unsound, and what differentiates a sound from an unsound bank. I suspect not one person in 1,000 actually understands the difference. As a result, the world’s economy is now based upon unsound banks dealing in unsound currencies. Both have degenerated considerably from their origins.

Feb 12 08:59

FLASHBACK - Robert Kennedy Assassination: Intimidation of a witness

This is the official LAPD audio tape of the lie detector test given to witness Sandy Serrano who claimed she saw a woman in a polka dot dress running from the Robert Kennedy assassination exclaiming "We shot him". The interviewing officer, LAPD Detective Hank Hernandez, was rumored to have intelligence connections, which would explain his having administered a lie detector test to the dictator of Venzuela just prior to doing the same to Sandy Serrano. This audio tape excerpt of the interview was obtained by Serrano's lawyers when she sued the LAPD.

I include this audio sample here to prove an historical tendency for law enforcement officials with intelligence connections to harass and intimidate witnesses. There is no confusing whatsoever that Hernandez' intent is to convince Sandy Serrano to alter her story. Hernandez spent 50 minutes trying to get Sandy to alter her story. This tape covers only a small portion of what went on.

Webmaster's Commentary: 
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WRH Exclusive

Owl 2
Feb 12 08:50

Immediately After Texas Legalized Open Carry, Something Widely Unexpected Happened

As for the effect of passing the law in Texas, the outcome has not been as predicted. One fear expressed by the open carry opponents was the idea that people seeing someone carrying a firearm would panic and call law enforcement. In Tarrant County, which includes the cities of Fort Worth and Arlington, there were no such incidents in January.

In an interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Cpl. Tracey Knight, a spokeswoman for the Fort Worth Police Department, said there have been no issues from her department’s perspective. “We do not have anything interesting to report,” Knight said. “Two calls so far, no issues. We have no concerns and we have had no problems.”

Tarrant County Sheriff Dee Anderson told the Star-Telegram, “I said before this became law that I thought it was going to be much ado about nothing, but I didn’t know it was going to be this much nothing.”

Feb 12 08:48

FLASHBACK - Marc Tucker's "Dear Hillary" Letter

Marc Tucker is president of the National Center on Education and the Economy (NCEE). He wrote an 18-page letter, now famous as Marc Tucker's "Dear Hillary" Letter, to Hillary Clinton a week after the Clintons were first elected President. At the time Hillary served with Tucker on the Board of NCEE, they were (and remain) comrades. The letter lays out the master plan of the Clinton Administration to take over the entire U.S. educational system so that it can serve national economic planning of the workforce. The letter makes it clear that Hillary participated in the development of that plan some time before the election, though it was scarcely reported at the time. The plan is sweeping in scope, and largely signed into law in 1994 by Clinton's Democratically controlled Congress (in the Goals 2000 Act, the School-to-Work Act, and the reauthorized Elementary and Secondary Education Act).

Feb 12 08:48

Company Responsible for Poisoning Thousands of Californians Charged with Misdemeanors

By Carey Wedler

The Porter Ranch gas leak has been billowing methane and other toxins into the suburban community north of Los Angeles since October of last year, sickening residents and forcing thousands of evacuations. Though emissions are now reportedly lower than they were at the height of the leak, the Aliso Canyon facility’s mishap has been deemed the worst in California’s history. Countless bureaucracies are involved in handling the ongoing disaster, but resolutions have been few and far between...

Feb 12 08:43

This is What Happens When a Woman Supports Bernie Sanders Online

This is what happens when you support Bernie Sanders online while female.

First, people tell you to shut up and look pretty.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Just to be clear, these are HILLARY supporters saying "Shut up and look pretty!"

Feb 12 08:41

New documents reveal Palm Beach billionaire sex offender Jeffrey Epstein's 'sweetheart deal' with prosecutors

The secret deal — signed without notifying more than 30 of Epstein’s underage victims — saved Epstein from facing federal charges that could have resulted in extensive prison time for sexually abusing girls at his Palm Beach mansion from 1999 to 2007, documents show.

The court filing paints a picture of then-U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta and then-State Attorney Barry Krischer bowing to pressure by Epstein’s powerful cadre of attorneys to keep the victims in the dark about the deal until after Epstein pleaded guilty to two minor state charges.

Feb 12 08:41

Independent newspaper is to CLOSE with the final edition printed on March 26 but will continue as a news website

The Independent and Independent on Sunday newspapers will close next month, it has been announced today.

Owners ESI said the newspaper will print its last edition on Saturday, March 26, with the final IoS published days earlier on March 20.

Bosses have confirmed the website will continue.

ESI Media said The Independent, launched in 1986, will become 'the first national newspaper title to move to a digital-only future'.

Feb 12 08:39

Euro PIIGS Starting To Squeal Again

The PIIGS are starting to squeal again in Europe. No, not the kind that produces pancetta or linquica or bangers. We are talking about the continent’s debt-laden, economically-challenged countries known by the acronym PIIGS, namely, Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece and Spain. These nations are essentially economic dead weight for Europe considering their plight. That said, all financial markets are cyclical – nothing straight-lines. And indeed, despite the apparent inevitable downfall that awaits the Eurozone as a result of the PIIGS, the associated equity markets have actually been quite buoyant for the better part of the last 4 years. Not so anymore.

Feb 12 08:35

The Aleppo Pocket: Turkey Running Out of Time for Its Plans to Invade Syria

The Syrian Army has made major advances in Aleppo province, and is on the brink of surrounding the militant-held portion of the city of Aleppo, cutting off trade routes between the jihadists, Turkey and Daesh to boot. Now, Expert magazine suggests, Turkey's hints at intervention signal that the Ankara-backed militants are running out of time.

Feb 12 08:34

Controversial film shown at VA high school slammed as 'white guilt' video

"Dr. King gave his life so that America would be a place where we are judged by the content of our character not the color of our skin," said radio personality Craig Johnson. "Now we have poverty pimps being led by our current president Barack Obama who all they talk about is the color of skin."

A concerned parent wrote a letter complaining the video is leading to tensions in school.

Feb 12 08:34

EPA Rule To Ban Car Modification

No more NASCAR. Obama just made more friends for liberty!

The Obama administration is looking to close down the automotive aftermarket. Tucked deep within a proposed rulemaking governing diesel truck engines, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) introduced language that would prohibit any changes to an automobile's engine or exhaust after it leaves the factory. The Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) raised the alarm Monday after discovering the hidden provision.

Feb 12 08:32

Something Big Is About To Happen With Gold & Silver

The markets have finally cracked and things are about to become a lot more interesting. Today, the price of gold surged more than $60 and silver $0.60 as the markets crumbled. Even though the markets recovered after some TWO-BIT announcement by OPEC stating that they were talking about “Cutting Production” again… I believe the worst is yet to come.

Owl 3
Feb 12 08:32

Philae comet lander officially dead

Chances of communication 'close to zero'

Feb 12 08:32

Global Stocks Continue To Crash As Oil Plummets And Gold Skyrockets

Stock markets around the world continue to collapse as this new global financial crisis picks up more steam. In the U.S., the Dow lost 254 more points on Thursday, and it has now fallen for five days in a row. European stocks continued to get obliterated, and financial institutions are leading the way. But this week what is happening in Japan has been the most sobering. After falling 918 points the other day, the Nikkei plunged another 760 points early on Friday. The Nikkei has now fallen for seven of the past eight days, and investors in Japan are in full panic mode. Overall, global stocks are well into bear market territory, and nearly 17 trillion dollars of global stock market wealth has already been wiped out.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The PPT is already "massaging" the US markets as hard as they can to get their traditional Friday "Happy Ending!"

Feb 12 08:28

Three Simple Rules That Clinch GOP Nomination…and Presidency for Donald Trump

Ted Cruz has already hit his high water mark. Iowa was his highlight reel. He may not win another state. It’s all downhill for Cruz from here.

How about Rubio? He was exposed and wounded badly at the last debate by Chris Christie. The whole country now realizes he’s a young, inexperienced robot who memorizes his lines.

Kasich has no money, no organization, no ground game, no infrastructure. He’s a one-hit wonder. Oh and he’s so boring, Kasich’s secret service name is “Kasich.” Good luck moving forward.

Christie is done. Carson is done. Fiorina is done.

That leaves…Bush? Low energy Jeb Bush. Jeb “I need to ask my audiences to clap” Bush. That’s the major obstacle in Trump’s way?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Trumps's major worry right now is Arkanacide!

Feb 12 08:28

WOW: NPR Is Admitting There's A Possible Bank Collapse Coming!

Feb 12 08:25

Gold outlook improves

There is a conflation of three related events that materially alter the prospects in favour of a higher gold price.

Feb 12 08:24

Donald Trump: ‘Common Core’s a Total Disaster’

I’m a tremendous believer in education. But education has to be at a local level. We cannot have the bureaucrats in Washington telling you how to manage your child’s education.

So Common Core’s a total disaster – we can’t let it continue. We are rated 28th in the world – the United States! – think of it! – 28th in the world – and, frankly, we spend far more per pupil than any other country in the world…by far – it’s not even a close second. So here we are, we spend more money, and we’re rated 28 – third world countries are ahead of us.

We’re gonna end Common Core, we’re gonna have education an absolute priority.

Feb 12 08:17

FBI, SWAT teams, TSA Freaked Out As 74-year old Cliven Bundy Arrived In Oregon Prior To Arrest

A local news reporter who was at the airport when Cliven Bundy was arrested tweeted a blow-by-blow, photos, and passenger accounts of the whole affair.

Feb 12 07:53


“The U.S. banking industry earned net income of $163.63 billion in 2015, the highest net income of any year in the SNL bank regulatory database, which dates back to 1991… The largest four banks, JPMorgan Chase Bank NA, Bank of America NA, Wells Fargo Bank NA and Citibank NA together earned 42.7% of the industry’s income in 2015.”

Feb 12 07:42

Your Regularly Scheduled Lift-Off

Feb 12 07:40


American and EU leaders are making a "grievous error" by taking Russian President Vladimir Putin for their ally in the fight against Islamic State, billionaire investor George Soros has stated. Putin's real aim is the EU's disintegration, Soros alleged. In an opinion piece for Project-syndicate.org, the billionaire stated that "the best way to [cause the disintegration of the Euro bloc] is to flood the EU with Syrian refugees."

Webmaster addition: The EU is being torn apart by banker debt and the refugees. But Soros wants war with Russia, and drops the blame on them.

Soros is starting to remind me of the character General Midwinter from the 1967 film, "Billion Dollar Brain." Midwinter is a billionaire who wants to bring down Russia using plans created by the film title's computer. Soros seems to be the real-life version.

Feb 12 07:33


In 1993 an Irish republican paramilitary organization, the Provisional Irish Republican Army (IRA), carried out an attack on Shankill road in Belfast, Ireland. The intended target of the IRA were leaders of a loyalist terrorist group, the Ulster Defence Association (UDA), who had a scheduled meeting above Frizzell’s fish shop. According toWikipedia “Two IRA members were to enter the shop disguised as delivery men, then force the customers out at gunpoint and plant a time bomb with a short fuse. However, when the IRA members entered the shop with the bomb, it exploded prematurely. One of the IRA members was killed along with a UDA member and eight Protestant civilians. More than fifty people were wounded. Unbeknownst to the IRA, the meeting had been rescheduled.”

Feb 12 07:12

Oregon Occupier Blaine Cooper Arrested Yesterday. In 2013, Cooper told John McCain he should be "Arrested And Tried For Treason"

Yesterday Oregon occupier Blaine Cooper was arrested by the FBI in Utah in front of his wife and daughters. Up until this point, Cooper had been one of the few Oregon protesters who had been allowed to leave the Wildlife Refuge without being arrested. His wife Melissa Cooper posted a series of messages on Facebook yesterday outlining what had happened.

Feb 12 06:36

Hillary Clinton approved arms sales, including chemical weapons, to terror supporting countries after they paid her off

As the FBI continues their crackdown on American citizens who were both directly and indirectly involved with the occupation of the Oregon Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, it is important to highlight the actual real crimes taking place at the highest levels of the United States government.

Feb 12 06:06

Morgan Stanley to pay $3.2 billion to settle financial crisis-era charges

Morgan Stanley is poised to pay $3.2 billion to settle federal and state charges that it misled investors in residential mortgage-backed securities that later soured during the financial crisis, the New York Attorney General's office said on Thursday.
Note: They defraud the public out of more than 10 billion and pay back 3.2 to the government. And of course nobody goes to jail...every!

Feb 12 05:57

Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program: Do I Qualify?

I’ve been paying my student loans for the past six and a half years since I graduated college.

If I stick with the minimum payments, it will take me 15 years to pay off my private student loans, and 30 years for my consolidated federal government loans. No, thank you.

With the new Obama Student Loan Forgiveness Program, and the new Student Loan Repayment Options, I figured I would take a look and see if any of them could help me out.

Feb 12 05:07

Snyder to Flint: Pick up the phone. It's your governor

Fears over eating produce from gardens in Flint fed by suspect water. The plight of children who drank city water but now live elsewhere. A lack of information about how to survive when lead-tainted water still flows from taps.

Those were the revelations that Gov. Rick Snyder said he gleaned Thursday from talking to Flint residents by phone during a virtual town hall about the city's drinking water crisis.

(*I thought he was using his 'One Phone Call' after having been arrested , but NO! , he's still out there Throwing His Weight Around . )

Feb 12 04:48

Flint doctor examines link between miscarriages, water

Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha is among the researchers probing a possible link between miscarriages in Flint and elevated lead levels in the city's water supply.
It wasn't until after Dr. Hanna-Attisha, a pediatrician at the Hurley Medical Center and assistant professor at Michigan State University, sounded the alarm about lead poisoning in Flint children that local officials warned residents to stop drinking the water.

Feb 12 04:23

Methane Leak Temporarily Plugged

Massive California methane leak temporarily plugged, but more work awaits

The Porter Rancher gas leak has been temporarily capped, according to the Southern California Gas Company. The leak has forced thousands to leave their homes since being discovered in October.

Feb 12 04:10

Jeb Bush on Trail Talking About Trump

(*WHAT ABOUT THE ISSUES , Mister WannaBe President ? )

Feb 12 04:02

Clinton Attacks Sanders as 'Single Issue Candidate'

Clinton has struggled to find a clear and inspiring message on the stump as Sanders makes uplifting promises. But during the PBS debate Thursday night in Milwaukee, Clinton adopted a new more measured tone to reflect her message, and honed her rhetoric.

(* What About The REAL Issues Mrs. "C" ? )
(*with a capital 'C')

Feb 12 03:53

Apple Facing Class Action Lawsuit Over 'Error 53' iPhone 6 Bricking

"Error 53" is the error code that some iPhone 6 owners have received after third-party repairs that affect Touch ID were made to their iPhones, rendering the devices unusable.>>>


February 11, 2016

Feb 11 20:14

Political Correctness = Language and Thought Control

Waking Times

Political correctness is a Rothschild invention of language control. Like Orwellian Newspeak in 1984, its ultimate aim is to reduce the scope of free thought.

Feb 11 20:14

Penguin colony faces annihilation as huge iceberg blocks sea

A colony of Adélie penguins faces extinction after a colossal iceberg collided with their home - preventing them from feeding in the sea.

The iceberg, called B09B, which is the size of a small country and hit the area of Commonwealth Bay they inhabit in the Antarctic in 2011.


The study noted: "A colony on the east cost of the on the eastern fringe of Commonwealth Bay, just 8km, from the fast ice edge was thriving, indicating the arrival of B09B and fast ice expansion."

The team observed the effects of the iceberg and found it had caused sea ice to expand by up to 60 kilometers, meaning the penguin colony now have to travel almost 120 kilometers to get to the ice edge to feed in the sea.


Feb 11 19:56

Are 'superdelegates' Hillary Clinton's secret weapon? (+video)

Superdelegates don’t have to vote for the winner of their state’s caucus or primary. Under party rules, they can choose whom they please. For many of them, that’s already Mrs. Clinton. There are 712 superdelegates, and at least 394 have pledged to support her. Forty-four have announced they are for Senator Sanders. The rest remain up for grabs.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Trying to trivialize the superdelegate issue before Democrats start defecting to the GOP!


Feb 11 19:51

Kerry: Agreement Reached on 'Full Cessation of Hostilities' in Syria

US and Russian officials also stressed that military action against Daesh, also known as IS/Islamic State, will continue, but both Moscow and Washington agreed to more closely coordinate those actions, according to German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Lavrov doesn't look like he believes Kerry for one minute.

Neither do I.

Feb 11 19:42

Wow: Trump Says 7 Shocking Words, Reveals How He REALLY Feels About The 2nd Amendment

Donald Trump revealed in an interview with a French magazine earlier this month that he is always armed and prepared to defend himself, and he wished the French government recognized that right.

Referring to the Paris attacks in October, the billionaire candidate told the magazine Valleurs Actuelles, “Do you really think that if there were people in the crowd, who were armed and trained, things would have turned out the same way?”

Feb 11 18:59

Syria conflict: World powers agree cessation of hostilities

World powers have agreed to seek a nationwide "cessation of hostilities" in Syria to begin in a week's time, after talks in Germany.

The halt will not apply to the battle against jihadist groups Islamic State (IS) and al-Nusra Front.

Ministers from the International Syria Support Group also agreed to accelerate and expand aid deliveries.

The announcement comes as the Syrian army, backed by Russian air strikes, advances in Aleppo province.



Feb 11 17:00

Man ordered to tell police if he plans to have sex

definite mood-killer. He was acquitted but punished anyway.

snip: A further court hearing in May will decide whether the interim order should be made into a full order, which has a minimum duration of two years and can last indefinitely.

Sexual risk orders were introduced in England and Wales in March last year and can be applied to any individual who the police believe poses a risk of sexual harm, even if they have never been convicted of a crime.

Feb 11 16:44

‘We won’t agree on everything’: US responds to Erdogan’s ultimatum on Kurds

Riled by a meeting between a US official and the Kurdish People's Protection Units (YPG), which controls the Syrian town of Kobani, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has told Washington to choose between Turkey and, as he put it, the “terrorists.”

Feb 11 16:42

Hillary Sanders? Clinton singing Bernie’s tune on banks, campaign finance

Hillary Clinton lost the New Hampshire primary vote, but her concession speech sounded like that of a winner, specifically the one who had just defeated her: Bernie Sanders. On the issues of big banks and campaign finance reform, the echo was clear.

Feb 11 16:35

‘Not Your Firewall’: Minority Voters Refuse To Be Token in Clinton Strategy Map

Hillary Clinton’s allegedly formidable advantage among minority voters in South Carolina, Nevada, and elsewhere is being questioned—and tested—as people of color are increasingly coming forth to reject being treated as a political “firewall” for her campaign.

Feb 11 16:31

Sirhan Sirhan denied parole despite a Kennedy confidant’s call for the assassin’s release

In part because Kennedy was struck from behind, Schrade has long advanced the argument that Sirhan fired shots that night — but not the ones that killed Kennedy.

The fatal bullets, Schrade argued, were fired from a different shooter’s gun.

Feb 11 16:30

Oregon standoff: Cliven Bundy faces six federal charges over 2014 confrontation

Cliven Bundy, the father of Malheur national wildlife refuge occupiers Ammon and Ryan Bundy, has been charged with six federal crimes stemming from his confrontation with the federal government in 2014.

Feb 11 16:30

TTIP investor court illegal, say German judges

German judges dealt a blow to EU-US free trade agreement talks after declaring a proposed arbitration court illegal.

Feb 11 16:19

Former Top Obama Official Just Went Rogue And Dropped Bombshell About Hillary- ‘Unbelievable…’

President Obama’s former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) believes that Hillary Clinton should be disqualified from being president in light of her alleged gross mishandling of classified material.

Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (Ret.) told the Daily Caller, “This is unbelievable. I don’t think anybody should be talking about her being potentially the next President of the United States.”

“I think Hillary Clinton, for the good of the country, should step down and let this FBI investigation play out,” Flynn added.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I think the intelligence community may be sending Hillary a message that she has become a live liability!

Feb 11 16:11

A Brutal Assessment of US Elections from Abroad

To my American friends I feel your pain, political phone calls will disrupt everything you do until the election in November, when you will be asked to step into a polling booth to vote for a lesser evil, which often seems like a choice between Hitler and Satan. You will hold your nose and wretch, finally writing in the name of a person who has no chance, because that person has a heart and integrity.

Feb 11 16:05

Hillary ‘Winning’ More Delegates Than Sanders Proves the Election Is Rigged

Ask anyone who has decided not to vote in the upcoming elections why they have chosen to disengage and the answer usually boils down to the belief that our votes don’t matter.

After the popular vote was won by Al Gore in the 2000 election, and George W. Bush was nonetheless appointed to the presidency, many came to see the democratic voting process as more symbolic than anything. The powerful, many have concluded, will determine the outcome of the election, based on two candidates that they find acceptable for us to select. If another should win instead, some strange technicalities will give things to whoever mostly closely reinforces the establishment.

Feb 11 16:04

Hillary’s Hit List

The Clintons keep a favor file of saints and sinners, according to this excerpt from HRC: State Secrets and the Rebirth of Hillary Clinton.

Feb 11 15:58

E-mails show Michigan state officials knew of Legionnaires’ outbreak in Flint in early 2015

More e-mails have been made public showing that a year ago health officials were worried that the spike in cases of Legionnaires’ disease in Flint was connected to the use of the Flint River as a water source. When those concerns were communicated to Michigan environmental and health authorities, their response was to quash any public announcement that the city’s water was the source of the increase.

Feb 11 15:55

CBI reduces Britain’s GDP forecast for next two years

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has downgraded the UK economic growth forecast saying the prospects have dimmed ever since a vibrant autumn statement by the Chancellor of Exchequer, some three months ago.

Feb 11 15:48

3 reasons this gold rally is the real deal…

Feb 11 15:44

Amnesty: Gitmo detainee possibly sodomized in CIA custody

Amnesty International has asked US authorities to take better care of one of the alleged ringleaders of the September 11, 2001, attacks whose health is rapidly deteriorating at the Guantanamo Bay military prison.

Feb 11 15:32

Canada sells off most of its gold reserves

Canada is selling off most of its remaining gold reserves, mainly by selling gold coins, figures from the Bank of Canada and Finance Department show.

Feb 11 15:28

U.S. oil bankruptcies spike 379%

Feb 11 15:24

10 CIA Concentration Camps

The US Central Intelligence Agency has, according to multiple investigative reports from both mainstream media outlets and human rights organizations, operated numerous “black sites” across the world. These locations, according to the reports, are secret prisons used to house “ghost prisoners.” Those sent to these places are held captive without being charged with any crime and are not allowed any form of legal defense.

Feb 11 15:20


Many of us saw it coming a long time ago — increasing confrontation between liberty proponents and the corrupt federal establishment leading to increasing calls by political elites and bureaucrats to apply to American citizens the terrorism countermeasures designed for foreign combatants. It was only a matter of time and timing.

My stance has always been that the elites would wait until there was ample social and political distraction; a fog of fear allowing them to move more aggressively against anti-globalists. We are not quite there yet, but the ground is clearly being prepared.

Feb 11 15:17

Exclusive: Former Obama Defense Intel Chief Says Hillary Should ‘Step Down’

President Barack Obama’s former director of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) believes Hillary Clinton should drop out of the presidential race to clear the way for the probe of her private email server by the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Caller News Foundation, Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (Ret.) said he thought the former Secretary of State should leave the Democratic presidential race: ”I think Hillary Clinton, for the good of the country, should step down and let this FBI investigation play out.”

Feb 11 15:16

RIP Free Speech: Watch This Cop Give a Ticket for OFFENDING Someone with... Words

Goodness gracious, me oh my, sweetie pie! It’s such a good thing the University of Texas at Austin PD was there to right this terrible wrong! When the highly sensitive and easily offended youth cannot walk about without fear of a microaggression or a big, bad word attacking them, this world is indeed a dark and troubling place.

It's like a large segment of the young people on today's college campuses have been brainwashed. Or lobotomized. Can't decide which. Maybe it's both. Apparently that's cops included.
(read more)

Feb 11 15:11

Yatsenyuk called the period of integration of the army of Ukraine in NATO

Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk said that the integration of the country's army in NATO will be held in 2016. On 11 February the newspaper reports Gazeta.ua. "We actually go to a contract army, and the Ukrainian armed forces, de facto, should become members of NATO, they must fully meet the standards and criteria of the North Atlantic Alliance", — said Yatsenyuk. On 13 December last year, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko described the entry into the EU and NATO the main goal of the country. He stated that recently the public support for Euro-Atlantic integration has increased from 16 to 70 percent. "Right to talk in the perspective of accession to the European Union and NATO membership", — said the Ukrainian leader. November 12, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine allowed the admission of NATO soldiers on the territory of the country to participate in military exercises.

Feb 11 15:04

OPEC thought about freezing oil

Some members of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) to discuss the idea of the restoration of quotations by freezing production at current levels. It also joined the discussion countries outside the cartel. It is reported in the Thursday, February 11, Rambler News, the Service , citing data to Reuters .

Feb 11 14:58

Sanders a 'Bourgeois Deviationist', Washington Post Declares

The day before the New Hampshire primary, the Washington Post (2/8/16) ran a column headlined:

Bernie Sanders Is No Revolutionary
—written by Dana Milbank, that noted expert on revolutionary movements.

Feb 11 14:56

Remains of About 400 Bodies Discovered at Ranch in Mexico

Thousands of body parts were found at a ranch where authorities believe people kidnapped by a cartel were taken to be burned and buried.

Mexican authorities from the southwestern state of Veracruz discovered thousands of human remains they believe belong to up to 400 people who were forcibly disappeared in the past few years, Veracruzan officials confirmed Wednesday.

“The forensic scientists have been working for three days at the El Limon ranch in order to pick up the remains and process them as they were being discovered,” a government source told Mexican news outlet Animal Politico.

Feb 11 14:51

The Uzbek Kyzylkum desert covered with snow

In the Kyzylkum desert in Central Uzbekistan dropped large amounts of snow (on Thursday, February 11, the press service of the state Committee of Uzbekistan for nature protection). "Subzero temperature in these days were established in many regions of the Republic. For most areas of heavy rainfall are commonplace, but for one of the hottest places in the country — Kyzylkum desert — this amount of snow is rarely observed phenomenon", — stated in the message Department. This week in Uzbekistan for the first time this winter came the cold and the snow fell. In the coming days across the country at night will keep freezing to minus 5-8 degrees (Celsius), the temperature on average will rise to a mark plus of 2-6 degrees.

Feb 11 14:46

Bush Runs Scared From 9/11 Truth: Caught On Tape

Feb 11 14:45

Ta-Nehisi Coates Is Voting for Bernie Sanders Despite the Senator’s Opposition to Reparations

The acclaimed writer Ta-Nehisi Coates, author of "Between the World and Me," has written some of the most discussed articles on the presidential race looking at Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders and his position on reparations.

Feb 11 14:45

Russia not to lift embargo on Western food products — deputy PM

The Russian government has no plans to lift the embargo on Western foods imposed in response to the anti-Russian sanctions.

"The reason behind the food embargo is that we consider our state interests affected [by Western sanctions against Russia]. The Russian side is not considering a possibility of lifting its counter sanctions at this stage," Vice-Premier Sergei Prikhodko told journalists.

He added that Moscow could not and would not seek the lifting of Western sanctions against Russia on principle.

Feb 11 14:31

‘Let’s not underestimate tragedy of Syrian civilians’ – Russian UN envoy

The UN has released a report saying all sides in the Syrian war have systematically committed war crimes.

Feb 11 14:29

Explosive Testimony in Sirhan/RFK Assassination Parole Hearing

Sirhan Bishara Sirhan was originally scheduled for release in 1984 but, after intense political pressure, his parole date was rescinded and he has since been denied 14 times.

In order for you to make an accurate determination of Sirhan Sirhan’s parole, you need to know my feelings on this case and the full picture of what actually happened.

Sirhan, I forgive you.

The evidence clearly shows you were not the gunman who shot Robert Kennedy. There is clear evidence of a second gunman in that kitchen pantry who shot Robert Kennedy. One of the bullets – the fatal bullet – struck Bob in the back of the head. Two bullets struck Bob literally in his back. A fourth bullet struck the back of his coat’s upper right seam and passed harmlessly through his coat. I believe all four of those bullets were fired from a second gunman standing behind Bob. You were never behind Bob, nor was Bob’s back ever exposed to you.

Feb 11 14:19

From Stalemate to Checkmate: What the Siege of Aleppo Means for Turkey

Pick Your Poison: Assad or the Kurds... The catch is that the return of the regime may prove a less bitter pill for Turkey to swallow. Indeed, it is perfectly plausible that maneuvering Turkey into just such a choice—to either ditch its support for the rebels or digest the emergence of a PKK-dominated Kurdish statelet—was just what Assad intended when he ceded control of large chunks of the border to the Kurds in 2012. YPG officials say they are ready to help the rebels—and Turkey—to fend off further Russian-backed advances and preserve their links to Aleppo. They claim they could do so by pushing eastwards from the areas they control in and around the town of Afrin or by closing in from the Tishreen dam to the west. In both cases, ISIS would get rolled back as well. The payback for the YPG would be to achieve its strategic goal of linking up the Kurdish run zones to the west of the Euphrates with that of Afrin.

Feb 11 14:16

Sears announces it's closing at least 50 stores

Sears doesn't want to waste any time.

The retailer announced on Tuesday that it planned to "accelerate" the closing of at least 50 "unprofitable stores."

Feb 11 14:16

Cracks in coalition: Turkey summons US envoy over America’s refusal to call Kurds terrorists

Kurdish fighters are known to have been closely coordinating their actions with U.S. forces in the fight against ISIS – in both Iraq and Syria.

Feb 11 14:16

PM's vow to assert sovereignty of UK parliament is pointless, says Grieve

A plan by David Cameron to win the support of Boris Johnson in the EU referendum by asserting the sovereignty of parliament risks turning into a “pointless” gesture, the former attorney general, Dominic Grieve, has warned.

Feb 11 14:15

Turkish planes violate Iraqi airspace to attack PKK positions

The Turkish Air Force launched a number of airstrikes on Wednesday that targeted the Kurdistan Workers Party’s (PKK) positions inside the town of Sidakan in the ‘Irbil Governorate of Iraq-Kurdistan. This is the 2nd time this year that the Turkish Air Force has deliberately violated Iraqi airspace to strike the PKK’s positions inside the country. Unlike the U.S.-led Coalition, the Turkish Air Force does not target the so-called “Islamic State of Iraq and Al-Sham” (ISIS) inside Iraq; instead, they concentrate on the Kurdish forces that are affiliated with the PKK. The PKK is considered a terrorist organization inside of Turkey – they are banned from all political institutions and their members are frequently arrested by Turkish police.

Feb 11 14:12

Canada Sells Weapons to State Sponsor of Terrorism: Class Action Law Suit against Ottawa over $15 Billion Saudi Arms Deal

The Canadian government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the object of a class action lawsuit in Quebec Superior Court pertaining to the $15 billion sale of weapons to Saudi Arabia. An action in Federal Court is also contemplated. According to Toronto’s Globe and Mail: Opponents of Canada’s $15-billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia are taking Ottawa to court in an attempt to block shipments of the combat vehicles, a move that could force the governing Liberals to explain how they justify the sale to a human-rights pariah under weapon-export restrictions. The action is led by law Professor Daniel Turp together with students of the University of Montreal: He will announce the legal challenge on Saturday and intends to file it with the Federal Court within three weeks. Mr.

Feb 11 14:09


On Thursday, NATO Chief Jens Stoltenberg said that in response to a joint request from Germany, Greece, and Turkey, NATO agreed to provide support for the migrant crisis in Europe. “We have just agreed that NATO will provide support to assist with the refugee and migrant crisis. This is based on a joint request by Germany, Greece, and Turkey. The goal is to participate in the international efforts to stem the illegal trafficking and the illegal migration in the region,” the NATO Chief said at a press conference in Brussels. According to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) reports, over 847,000 migrants from Syria and other countries crossed the sea from Turkey into Greece last year. IOM also reported that 805 people drowned in the Aegean Sea to reach Greece.

Feb 11 14:08

Massive depot fire in New Jersey

Massive plumes of black smoke rose from a Hillsborough, New Jersey train depot. Firefighters are on the scene.
Around 3:30 p.m. on Tuesday, users on social media reported the blaze. Multiple fire trucks and dozens of firefighters from the Hillsborough Township Volunteer Fire Company could arrived at the scene. Strong winds pushed the thick black smoke miles eastward far from the scene of the fire.

Feb 11 14:08


The Syrian Center for Policy Research (SCPR) think tank said in a report published today that more than 1 in 10 Syrian has died and nearly half of the Arab republic’s population has been displaced as the conflict enters its fifth year. “The loss of lives due to the conflict remains the most catastrophic visible and direct impact of the ongoing crisis in Syria, that 11.5 per cent of the population inside Syria were killed or injured due to the armed-conflict,” the SCPR said in their report. The SCPR report also said that 3.11 million people fled the country as refugees and 1.17 million left as economic migrants.

Feb 11 14:07


According to the Saudi owned news organisation al-Arabiya, Saudi Arabia has confirmed that the kingdom is going to deploy troops to Syria. It’s unclear when it’s done but according to reports the move could be done next week. Saudi Arabia has previously threatened to remove President Assad “by force” if he refuses to give up his power to “moderate terrorists”. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar are main open sponsos of a wide list of the terrorist groups in Syria. We remember, Saudi Arabia has already engaged in a military campaign in Yemen.

Feb 11 14:04

'US teams up with E. Europe to prevent W. Europe rapprochement with Moscow'

A greater NATO presence in Eastern Europe meets with US policymakers’ agenda to team up with “new Europe countries” in order to keep everyone, especially Germany and France, in line, says Jim Jatras, former US diplomat and Senate policy adviser.

Feb 11 14:03

US, Saudi Arabia Discuss Deployment of Ground Troops in Syria

US State Department spokesperson Mark Toner said that the United States is discussing with Saudi Arabia the deployment of ground troops in Syria, proposed by Riyadh.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"It's the Saudis. It's not our war. Honest!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Feb 11 14:03


British authorities have denied the claim of London´s Telegraph magazine, but remained unambiguous about the decision that they send to Jordan about 1,600 troops and 300 units of combat techniques. Near the Jordanian-Syrian border is now deployed several hundred combat vehicles of Saudi Arabia which announced that with the approval of the United States is ready to enter Syria. All under the pretext of the fight against the Islamic State, which is actually not along the border of Syria and Jordan, but only so-called moderate opposition supported by the West and the various factions of al-Qaeda. These terrorist formations are facing defeat and are faced with rebellions in the Syrian cities which are kept under control. It is remarkable that representatives of the so-called moderate Syrian opposition returned last week from failed negotiations in Geneva back by the private jet in the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

Feb 11 14:01

Russian PM: Foreign offensive in Syria could spark 'world war'

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev warned Thursday that if Arab forces entered the Syrian war, they could spark a "new world war" and urged ceasefire talks instead.

Asked about proposals by some Arab countries to enter the conflict under a US command, Medvedev said, "that would be bad because ground offensives usually lead to wars becoming permanent."

"The Americans and our Arabic partners must think hard about this: do they want a permanent war?" he was quoted as telling the German Handelsblatt business daily.

"Do they really think they would win such a war very quickly? That's impossible, especially in the Arabic world. There everyone is fighting against everyone...everything is far more complicated. It could take years or decades."