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"It does not matter if the war is not real, or when it is real, it does not matter if victory is not possible...The war is not meant to be won, it is meant to be continuous...The essential act of modern warfare is the destruction of the produce of human labor... A hierarchial society is only possible on the basis of poverty and ignorance...In principle the war effort is always planned to keep society on the brink of starvation...The war is waged by the ruling group against it's own subjects, and it's object is not victory over Eurasia or East Asia ( or Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Iran) but to keep the very structure of society intact." -- George Orwell, 1984



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November 13, 2015

Nov 13 13:17

ACLU: Baltimore Body Cam Regs Another Set-back for Police Accountability

Former investigator also says decision to allow officers to review body camera footage before giving statements could hinder internal probes.

Nov 13 13:17

Aeroflot suspends air service with Egypt from December 1, 2015 to March 27, 2016

"Given the ban by Rosaviatsia (Russia’s Federal Air Transport Agency — TASS) on passenger flights to Egypt since November 6, 2015 Aeroflot has been flying passengers solely in one direction — from Egypt to Russia. The plan is to gradually reduce and temporarily suspend flights between Moscow and Egyptian airports till the end of winter schedule (March 27, 2016)," the report said.
Aeroflot suspends flights to and from Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and Cairo.

Nov 13 13:17

When Mitt Romney Came To Town — Full, complete version

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The GOP, worried that Trump is winning, Carson is self-destructing, and Jeb Bush cannot get out of first gear, are talking about drafting Mitt Romney as their candidate, on the principle that choosing a new President is simply too important to be left up to the American people!

Well, let's kill that idea right at the start!

Nov 13 13:16

Germany Moves to Seal External Borders against Refugees

German Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière declared this week that refugees arriving on the German border will be deported back to the first European Union country they entered, in a reversal of policies that have been in place since August.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Unfortunately, anyone with half a brain could see this coming.

Germany needs to tell the US government to stop exacerbating the problem by driving thousands of people out of the Middle East due to US sponsored violence there.

Nov 13 13:08

Ukraine bans users of Russian domains from voting at presidential website

Users of email addresses hosted by Russian Internet domains, such as mail.ru, yandex.ru and rambler.ru, will not be able to take part in electronic voting since Friday, the administration said. Moreover, voters will have to submit online numbers of their credit cards issued by Ukrainian banks, as well as personal tax codes.

Nov 13 13:07

Changes of IMF lending policy toward Ukraine to set precedent for other countries

IMF's decision to issue subsequent tranches of a loan to Ukraine in case of its default on debt repayments will entail similar demands from other countries with overdue debts, the Russian Ambassador to the EU, the Vladimir Chizhov said on Friday in an interview with Rossiya'24 news channel.
"Just change or twist these rules for Ukraine's sake and a long line of countries from different continents will form demanding the same sort of things," he said.

Nov 13 12:58

Popular Delusions …Even If “Popular” Are Still Delusional

Geopolitically you see the United States losing power at every turn to the hands of China/Russia and the rest of the world. Power is being supplanted in trade, finance, manufacturing and production, socially and even militarily. This loss of power is unmistakable …but, none of this matters because the stock market is up, credit markets are still stable (on the outside), the dollar is firm versus other fiat currencies and gold has been pressed down and down. THIS is now the “new normal” and nearly everyone is extrapolating it forward “forever”.

Sorry to break the news to you but ALL of this is unsustainable. You need not even take Bill Holter’s word for this, just listen to the number crunchers and bean counters regarding Social Security, Medicaid, pensions, healthcare, military spending, the real economy and on and on. In many cases, the “bean counters” are previous federal employees like David Stockman and David Walker, who better would know?

Nov 13 12:56

Stop-and-Seize Turns Police Into Self-Funding Gangs

I’ve recently been reading about an even more worrying example of low-end statecraft: Stop-and-seize. This term refers to a practice, increasingly common since the turn of the century, of police confiscating people’s property without making an arrest or obtaining a warrant. That may not sound legal, but it is! The police simply pull you over and take your money.

Nov 13 12:56

Russia accuses US of hijacking preparations for Syria talks

Russia accused the United States on Thursday of hijacking preparatory talks for a weekend meeting of nearly 20 nations focused on ending the Syrian war. The charge was denied by U.S. officials, who expressed surprise that Moscow did not show up.

The dispute appeared to focus on the leading role the U.S. had assumed in the talks prior to the main Syria meeting Saturday, and was significant in reflecting the tensions between the two main players whose diplomatic muscle is key to hopes of progress.

On Saturday U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is set to join Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and counterparts from other nations that include adversaries Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Russia sees this as an attempt to divide participants in the Vienna talks into "those who are leading and those who are being led," Zakharova said. "We cannot accept such rules of the game."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This "male attribute measuring" contest by the US government is not going to go down well with the international community, or with Russia, which is generally doing their best to diffuse the volatile situation in Syria.

Nov 13 12:56

Arthur Topham vs Theodore Nathan Kaufman

Arthur Topham, the man behind Radical Press, was found guilty yesterday on one count of communicating statements that “wilfully promote hatred against an identifiable group.”

Some Canadians such as Harry Abrams, former B.C. representative for the League of Human Rights for B’nai Brith Canada, were thrilled. “Canada says that you should be able to walk in peace and not be fearful to be victimized, to be vilified, because of who you are or who you were born as,” Abrams told CBC News. But Topham, who has been married to a Jewish woman for over 37 years, doesn’t criticise or vilify Jews for who they are or the family into which they were born. He actually criticises some Jews, like Abrams, who subscribe to some particularly noxious tribally exclusive politics and ideology. Topham must have wrongly assumed that in a Western society, all forms of politics and ideologies, including Jewish ones, must be subject to criticism.

Nov 13 12:54

Hawaiian Natives Move One Step Closer to Declaring Sovereignty from U.S. Government

This week, Native Hawaiians initiated an historical election that may grant them sovereignty from the United States and the state of Hawaii, itself, after well over a century of colonial rule. More than 95,000 indigenous people will elect delegates to a constitutional convention, scheduled for this winter, when they will work to create a government that serves and represents Native Hawaiians — the only group of indigenous people in the United States currently restricted from forming their own government.

In the 19th century, European and American missionaries and traders began settling in Hawaii. They quickly formed a political movement and succeeded in transferring power from the king to his cabinet and the legislature. Though they drafted a new constitution limiting the king’s control, they also limited the voting rights of Asians and Native Hawaiians while granting that right to wealthy non-citizens.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I remember back when I wrote "Hawaii is not legally a state!" all the nasty emails I got declaring the whole ideas of Hawaiians not surrendering their sovereignty to the US Government as a wacky conspiracy theory. But then, they have made that claim about a lot of my early writings which have since proven accurate. However this deal is not perfect. It treats the indigenous Hawaii people as a "nation within a nation" relegating them to the same status and treatment as the native Americans, which if you have ever spent time on the reservations, you understand is pretty bad. Not as bad as the Palestinians have to endure, but still pretty bad!

Nov 13 12:48

Study finds more child abuse in homes of returning vets

The babies and toddlers of soldiers returning from deployment face the heightened risk of abuse in the six months after the parent’s return home, a risk that increases among soldiers who deploy more frequently, according to a study scheduled for release Friday.

The study will be published in the American Journal of Public Health. The abuse of soldiers’ children exposes another, hidden cost from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that killed than 5,300 U.S. troops and wounded more than 50,000.

Research by the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia looked at families of more than 112,000 soldiers whose children were 2 years old or younger for the period of 2001 to 2007, the peak of the Iraq War. Researchers examined Pentagon-substantiated instances of abuse by a soldier or another caregiver and from the diagnoses of medical personnel within the military’s health care system.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These results do not surprise me.

When people have been in country for awhile, and realize that these insane and immoral wars are not at all about freedom, or preserving the American way of life, but are primarily about private corporate profit, that realisation has to make them angry.

And they don't want to take out that anger on their COs, or their buddies in their unit; so, unfortunately, when they get home, they take it out on the people least able to fight back: their kids.

Nov 13 12:40

The fuel for a nuclear bomb is in the hands of an unknown black marketeer from Russia, U.S. officials say

According to court documents, the bag quickly passed through the hands of three others on its way to a prospective buyer. It was not the first time such material had passed through this city, raising international alarms: It had happened twice before. And mysteriously, in all three cases, spanning more than a decade, the nuclear material appeared to have the same origin – a restricted military installation in Russia.

Five current or former U.S. officials who have tracked nuclear smuggling, and who declined to be named because this assessment is classified, said it is now a consensus view within the intelligence community.

But no one in the West knows exactly who has this nuclear explosive material, and where they may be.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More "booga-booga Russia bashing", I see.

Has this government not gotten the memo that no one can believe anything it says anymore, at all?!?

Well, maybe they can get the weather right, once in a while, but that is it.

Nov 13 12:35

Gen. Allen: US May Be Condemned to Fight ISIS Forever

Interviewed on CNN today, retired Gen. John Allen, recently replaced as the US Special Envoy to the war against ISIS, offered an extremely pessimistic assessment of the war, saying that the US needs to address the causes of “symptoms” like ISIS and al-Qaeda, and failing that will be “condemned to fight forever.”

Historically, the US hasn’t been particularly good at even identifying the causes of insurgencies against US-backed governments, let alone making any credible efforts to address those problems. Notably, Gen. Allen didn’t make any real effort to identify the causes he thought the US needs to address either.

Rather, Allen simply insisted that the locals “understand the region better” and that the US should “work closely with them” to resolve the underlying conditions which are fueling growing recruitment to such Islamist factions.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The problem no one in the US civilian government or military wants to address is the problem of US military interventionism, coupled with setting up tinpot dictators who are completely unresponsive to the needs of those they govern: it is that simple.

One of the fastest ways to get rid of terrorism against America or American interests would be to not muck about in other people's countries, expropriating resources to which the US has no moral right.

Nov 13 12:31

Israeli Lawmaker Proposes to Help Pollard for Life

An Israeli lawmaker is reportedly proposing the state of Israel pay convicted spy Jonathan Pollard a monthly stipend and pick up his medical expenses for the rest of his life once he’s freed from prison in the United States.

Nov 13 12:30

Sexting Secret Service Agent Arrested for Trying to Solicit a Teenage Girl for Sex

What’s really frustrating about this case isn’t the case itself. We’ve seen lots of sexual deviance coming out of Secret Service, from the prostitution scandal to drunk agents driving right through an investigation into a package at the White House suspected to be a bomb. People are just used to it by now. These scandals flit right through one side of the public consciousness and out the other when tossed on the pile of all other government scandals, which are pretty much biweekly at this point. America has, sadly, come to expect this, take it without even getting upset about how disgustingly corrupt our government has become, then shrug and go back to watching whatever is on TV.

What’s really frustrating about this case is how the media presents it.

(read more)

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Nov 13 12:29

U.S.-led strikes target ISIS oil revenues: Pentagon

U.S.-led air strikes in Syria have inflicted "significant damage" to ISIS's ability to fund itself, the Pentagon said on Friday.

Recent strikes in an air operation dubbed "Tidal Wave II" have been concentrated on oil facilities in the Dayr Az Zawr region, which provide an estimated two-thirds of ISIS's oil revenue, Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren said at a news briefing.

"We believe that by cutting off its oil supply we could hasten the destruction of ISIL," Warren said, using another acronym for ISIS (Islamic State in Syria and Iraq/Levant).

The first strike in the coalition operation was on the Omar oil field on Oct. 21 and since then airstrikes have been stepped up, Warren said.

Warren said the strikes, halfway through the Tidal Wave operation, have inflicted "significant damage" on the militant group's ability to fund itself.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And, of course, once ISIS is gone, Syria will have to rebuild all those facilities ... and the IMF is no doubt ready to loan them the money to do it!

Nov 13 12:29


In a new report published by Fairewinds Energy Education (FEE), “Cancer on the Rise in Post-Fukushima Japan,” we learn that that the ongoing multi-core nuclear meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi plant has produced approximately 230 times higher-than-normal thyroid cancers in Fukushima Prefecture, and could result in as many as one million more cancers due to the incident that happened in March of 2011.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I frankly think these numbers are highly conservative.

Nov 13 12:28

Senate Passes a Bill to Legalize Asteroid Mining, Amended It to Ban Alien Enslavement

Another day, another very important bill being passed by the Senate. This one almost makes sense, but then it doesn’t… considering no nation on Earth can claim sovereign ownership of a celestial body in space, that is.

Here’s the thing though… the U.S. can’t legally “own property” in outer space, so therefore, the U.S. can’t really grant property rights to anyone for anything out there. Just because a bill gets passed does not mean space mining is officially recognized as legal worldwide by all countries, nor does America have any “finders keepers” recognized right to say it has property rights to the stuff Americans find in space. The only real property rights America has in space at this time are the ones America can back up with the barrel of a space weapon.

The lawmakers did make sure to amend the bill so that miners would not be allowed to keep or sell alien slaves, though...

Nov 13 12:27

Prescription Thugs Official Trailer 1 (2015) - Chris Bell Documentary HD

Nov 13 12:26


A German parliament member has called for introducing a “compulsory labor” program under which young Germans would be forced to spend a year in the service of migrants.

ocus.de reports that CDU MP Eckhardt Rehberg provoked “heated discussion” when he suggested that Germany’s inability to cope with the migrant influx could be solved by making university graduates commit to a year of “social service”.
“We need compulsory service, we have no other way to manage the mass of refugees and their integration,” said Rehberg, adding that graduates should be given the choice of one year military service or one year social service.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am not a betting person; however, if I were, I would not bet on this guy getting elected again any time soon.

Nov 13 12:22

Obama, Putin likely to discuss Syria in person next week

National security adviser Susan Rice said there is no “formal meeting” scheduled between the two leaders at the Group of 20 summit in Antalya, but added that “we fully expect they will have ample opportunity for discussion directly.”

The two-day summit comes comes amid tensions between the U.S. and Russia over the civil war in Syria and the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The administration has chosen to reopen engagement with Putin on the conflicts in Syria, after months of trying to isolate Russia over its military intervention in Ukraine.

Putin, a top ally of Syrian President Bashar Assad, is expected to arrive at the summit with a peace plan in hand. But opposition groups have already rejected the proposal, saying it would let Assad keep power.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

From Obama's standpoint, any dialogue he has with Putin will be sound and fury, signifying...nothing.

Russia has done the right thing here, upon the invitation of the Syrian government, which is to work with the Syrian army to eliminate ALL terrorists; the US government has not been invited, and is desperately trying to protect those elements it put in place, trained and funded, to destabilize Al-Assad's government. And by those elements, I mean Al-Nusra, Al-Qaeda, and Isis.

And Russia did NOT intervene in Ukraine; the US, the EU, NATO, and the IMF did, as Victoria Nuland confessed in February of last year!!

As reported at RT.com on 1 February 2014:

In an interview with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria, Barack Obama acknowledged that the United States had "brokered a deal to transition power in Ukraine," thus admitting to a high level of democratic impropriety. Trends Ukraine turmoil Tags Conflict, Military, Ukraine, Obama, USA, Robert Bridge Before we consider Obama’s revealing remarks, and how the Ukrainian people sold their country for a song, let’s rewind to November 2013, when then-President Viktor Yanukovich had shocked western capitals - and, more importantly, western markets - by suspending plans for an association agreement with the European Union. Video: /files/opinionpost/37/c1/b0/00/2530092_obana_new.mp4 As if on command, thousands of Ukrainians suddenly poured into the streets of Kiev to protest the decision. Such a rapid reaction should not have come as a surprise. After all, a multitude of US government agencies – most notably, USAID - had been operating in Ukraine since the collapse of the Soviet Union, investing billions on its latest "democratic" pet project. This is no conspiracy theory. On December 13, 2013, Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, following her third trip to Ukraine in five weeks, told the National Press Club: "Since Ukraine's independence in 1991 the United States has…invested over $5 billion to assist Ukraine in needs and other goals." Exactly what those "other goals" may have been, and who helped underwrite them, seem rather obvious today.

Obama has no game here, whatsoever; all he can do is appear to not whine, and I doubt he can conjure THAT with any degree of credibility.

Nov 13 12:10

Defense Secretary Fires Top Advisor Over Alleged Misconduct

U.S. Defense Secretary Ash Carter removed his senior military assistant, Lieutenant General Ron Lewis, from his position on Thursday over allegations of misconduct that Carter learned of this week.

Carter has referred the matter to the inspector general of the Defense Department, he said in a brief statement on Thursday. After the inspector general's investigation is complete, the Army may take action, a senior defense official said.

As senior military assistant, Lewis served as a top adviser to Carter on military matters. He accompanied Carter last week on his trip to Asia.

Carter referred to "allegations of misconduct" but he did not specify what the allegations referred to. A senior defense official also declined to specify the nature of the allegations.

"I expect the highest possible standards of conduct from the men and women in this department, particularly from those serving in the most senior positions," Carter said in his statement. "There is no exception."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I have to wonder if these charges are all a smokescreen to get this guy out of office because there is something in Carter's agenda upon which he just couldn't, or wouldn't, sign off.

Perhaps Carter's desire for a war with both Russia And China?!?

Nov 13 12:01

13 October 1307,Friday - The day that changed the world

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The origin of the superstition regarding Friday the 13th goes back to the mass arrest of all Templars carried out by French King Philip IV and Pope Clement V. Popular legend is that the King lusted for the Templar's great wealth. It would be more accurate to say that King Philip wanted to erase the hopelessly unpayable debt the Templar's "renting of money" (a linguistic device to get around the church's ban on usury) had plunged France and indeed most of Europe into.

Fortunately, there were two countries that refused the Pope's order, Scotland and Portugal (where one of my ancestors was a Master of the Temple). The Portuguese Templars simply renamed themselves the Knights of Christ and focused their efforts on shipping and navigation. The Templars already knew of the Americas, having learned of them from the Muslims, who in turn had learned of it from the Vikings with which they traded. Columbus's wife was from a Templar family and it is through her that Columbus learned of the New World and obtained his maps (while having to sell his costly expedition to the crown with a promise of a faster trade route to China).

Or didn't you wonder why the sails of Columbus' ships were decorated with the Templar Cross?

Nov 13 11:56

Myanmar’s Rohingya Could Be The World’s Next Major Refugee Crisis

Six months ago, the plight of the Myanmar's Rohingya minority briefly garnered international attention when they were among thousands of starving refugees and migrants abandoned in the Andaman Sea and Bay of Bengal.

Human rights groups now say a new refugee crisis looms, as members of the Rohingya minority are excluded from the dramatic reforms taking place in their country. Amnesty International recently warned that thousands more people could set sail in the coming months, risking a repeat of the May crisis.

Most of the Rohingya, who number around 1 million in Myanmar, were barred from voting in the election. They are the largest group of stateless people in the world, having been denied citizenship in Myanmar under a 1982 law, and are subject to numerous legal restrictions, including requiring permission to travel, marry or have more than two children in some areas.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

It is ironic in the extreme that much of the persecution of the Rohingya people comes from highly nationalistic Buddhists.

Were Buddha to come back today, and look at the carnage and subjugation they have created, I think he would be ashamed of them, for this behaviour.

Nov 13 11:45

Virginia Tech gets it right by uniting to stamp out hate after threat to kill all Muslims on campus

a campus that has been touched by real tragedy, college students at Virginia Tech have joined together to stand and protect Muslim students after a threat to kill them was found scrawled on a bathroom wall last week, reports The Daily Beast.

While the University of Missouri has been in turmoil for almost a week after students felt administrators didn’t take threats and harassment against minority students seriously, officials at Virginia Tech took the threat very seriously at a school that saw 32 people slaughtered during a 2007 shooting spree by a student.

After discovering graffiti reading, “I will be here 11/11/2015 to kill all muslims,” earlier in the month, school President Tim Sands wasted no time stepping up security before tweeting out to all students: “Today’s threat may prove to be a cruel prank, but it is an opportunity to stand with our Muslim friends & colleagues. #StrongTogether.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

To the administrators and students of Virginia Tech, for having responded in this way (even though these threats all appear to be politically-motivated hoaxes), I have four words for you: God bless you all!!

Nov 13 11:39

Howard University braces for attack after chilling racist threat: ‘It’s not murder if they’re black’

The president of Howard University announced on Thursday that the school had increased security after receiving a racist death threat against all students.

“We are aware of the threat made against the University and its students and are working with campus, local, and federal law enforcement on this serious matter,” President Wayne A. I. Frederick wrote in an email to students. “However, in an abundance of caution, the University has increased security on campus and at area metro stations.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I feel very sorry for the kids studying here, because NO ONE should have to deal with this insanity of racial hatred, but I have to ask myself the question: cui bono?!?

Who benefits?!?

With the economy on the absolute skids for an ever-growing number of desperate Americans, and any chance at a Democratic victory in 2016 in peril, who would win from race riots?!?

Let's just say an administration looking to suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and declare martial law to postpone the 2016 election ... indefinitely?!?

Forgive my cynicism here, but sometimes, I just cannot keep up!!

Nov 13 11:27

Tom Engelhardt: It’s a $cam!

Let’s begin with the $12 billion in shrink-wrapped $100 bills, Iraqi oil money held in the US. The Bush administration began flying it into Baghdad on C-130s soon after US troops entered that city in April 2003. Essentially dumped into the void that had once been the Iraqi state, at least $1.2 to $1.6 billion of it was stolen and ended up years later in a mysterious bunker in Lebanon. And that’s just what happened as the starting gun went off.

It’s never ended. In 2011, the final report of the congressionally mandated Commission on Wartime Contracting estimated that somewhere between $31 billion and $60 billion taxpayer dollars had been lost to fraud and waste in the American “reconstruction” of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Nov 13 11:02

The Netherlands. Refugees complaining.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"They promised us a better life."

Who?!? Who promised these refugees a better life?

Nov 13 11:01


This week, the Manassas City Police Department proudly announced on their Facebook page that they would be setting up checkpoints to look for people who are driving with no license, seatbelt or with outdated inspection stickers. This type of checkpoint is a new low in police overreach, and the program seems to have very little public support from the community.

The department posted a photo of a police checkpoint on their Facebook page last night with the following message:

MCPD will be conducting a Traffic Safety Checkpoint in ?#?Weems? in the area of Liberia Ave & Stonewall Rd from 7pm-11pm this Sat, 11/14. Officers will be inspecting vehicles for compliance with traffic and safety regulations (operator’s licenses, safety inspections, state registrations, child car seats, seat belts, and general traffic enforcement).

The post quickly generated a large number of comments, and not one of them were in support of the idea.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

These actions are not about safety, but about shakedown, pure and simple.

Nov 13 10:58

Americans are buying tons of gold

This summer's market mayhem caused Americans to buy gold bars and coins at levels unseen since the financial crisis.

When people are scared about the economy and financial markets, they rush to gold. Boy, were they worried in recent months.

Nov 13 10:57

Obamacare is imploding and Republicans are unprepared

Many problems predicted by Obamacare opponents are becoming reality, but Republicans are not ready to deal with the consequences should one of their candidates win the White House.

To be clear, any fantasies about Obamacare "collapsing under its own weight" and thus relieving Republicans of the responsibility of governing are just that — pipe dreams. Whatever the problems facing Obamacare, the law won't simply go away on its own. By the time the next president takes office, it will still be covering millions of Americans and imposing a raft of regulations on individuals and businesses.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Many a bad law are perpetuated because someone's name is on them! Obamacare. The Brady Bill, etc.

Nov 13 10:57


Earlier this week, three former TSA agents were indicted on charges of defrauding the government and smuggling cocaine.

According to the indictment, 35-year old Joseph Scott, 32-year-old Michael Castaneda, and 27-year-old Jessica Scott, all former TSA agents at San Francisco International Airport, were involved in an ongoing operation to help transport drugs through airport security.

Federal investigators were tipped off about the operation and sent undercover agents to arrange their own controlled deals with the TSA agents to gather additional evidence on them. Sting operations occurred between May 2013 and April 2014, where the TSA agents in question knowingly allowed large amounts of cocaine to pass through security checkpoints and through the x-ray scanners without an additional search.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Why am I absolutely not surprised at this, and think it is only the tip of the iceberg, regarding TSA officials' involvement in these kinds of activities?!?

Nov 13 10:53


Usually, we at Harvard are more than happy to see Yale students make fools of themselves on camera. The video that emerged this week of Yale students screaming down one of their professors might make for a good laugh, if its implications were not quite so serious. It’s a scene we’ve seen played out far too often at college campuses in recent years, and it deserves to be called by what it is: a nascent form of fascism.

In case you haven’t heard, Yale has recently endured a firestorm of protest after a lecturer that presides over one of the undergraduate colleges questioned whether concerns about the offensiveness of Halloween costumes had gone too far in impinging on free speech.

In response, hundreds of protesters gathered on the quad, calling for Nicholas and Erika Christakis to be removed from their roles. Nicholas voluntarily came to discuss the matter with them, and soon, a crowd of students enveloped him.

The video is chilling.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Please remember; the "coronation" of Hillary Clinton for President, and the true ability of the Democrats to win the upcoming Presidential election, even with massive vote-rigging,is not a done deal, at this point.

A great deal of Obama's much-touted "legacy" is coming apart at the seams, like the Obamacare Cooperatives which have simply dissolved due to a lack of money.

There is a slow boiling anger in this country, particularly on the part of people whose jobs have evaporated due to offshoring/outsourcing. Most people, except for the 1%, are far worse off than they were when Obama first took office.

National race riots would give the President the "excuse" for the suspension of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, which might postpone this coming election...indefinitely.

Nov 13 10:51

Swedish police stop arrivals from Denmark

More than a dozen Iraqis were forced to turn back to Denmark on Thursday afternoon, as police carried out ID checks on people crossing into Sweden, after border controls were reinstated.

Nov 13 10:50

Columbia University Social Justice Warriors Silent About Harriman Money On Campus. The Genocidal Legacy of W. Averill Harriman And Family.

Columbia University's social justice warriors are silent about the blood money that funded the Harriman Insitute on campus. No image boosting or shower can get you clean from W. Averill Harriman's money. The social justice warriors might turn a blind eye to eugenics, funding Hitler, funding Stalin but history will not. Columbia University: beneficiary of world-wide enslavement.

Nov 13 10:48


After much delay, an important space bill has finally passed in the Senate. The Space Act of 2015 would do a lot of things to encourage the private space industry–including extending the “learning period” wherein fledgling spaceflight companies can operate without too much government oversight. It would also give companies the rights to the resources they might one day extract from asteroids, such as platinum and water (which, believe it or not, is a valuable resource in space).

Webmaster addition: Nobody made mining in space illegal. This is just the government positioning itself to grab a piece of the action when it finally becomes a reality.

Nov 13 10:44

Alert: People Are Getting Checks In The Mail From Walmart. When They Deposit Them…

An Illinois sheriff’s department issued a warning to citizens that is being echoed across the country. Some are receiving “acceptance letters” and an official looking check, purported to be from Walmart, telling the recipient they have been selected to participate in a Quality Control program. The letter claims that once you deposit the check, you can start shopping and participating in the program.

“Once you deposit the check into your account, the scammers drain your account. Do not deposit this check,” the sheriff’s department warning states. “If you receive this letter in the mail, throw it away.”

Nov 13 10:43


Yes, Kennedy wanted to eliminate or drastically weaken and rename the CIA. Yes he threw Dulles and some of his gang out the door. Yes he refused to launch World War III over Cuba or Berlin or anything else. Yes he had the generals and warmongers against him, but he also had Wall Street against him.

Of course “politicians who ever try to get out of line” are now, as then, but more effectively now, handled first by the media. If the media can stop them or some other maneuver can stop them (character assassination, blackmail, distraction, removal from power) then violence isn’t required.

Nov 13 10:42


Necessity may be the mother of invention, but national security is given as the reason for keeping some inventions a secret. Under the Invention Secrecy Act of 1951, the U.S. government can impose secrecy orders on patent applications if officials decide granting and publishing a patent would compromise national security.

Nov 13 10:40

Syria 2015 - Footage of What is Claimed to be White Phosphorus Used in Idlib

Webmaster's Commentary: 

While clearly an incendiary weapon, the secondary explosions close to the ground suggest it may be something else.

Nov 13 10:38


Let’s say an individual has saved $100,000 in cash. He keeps the money in the bank, which pays him less than 1% interest. Rather than earn this low rate, he decides to loan the cash to an individual who wants to buy a rental home at 4% interest.

There’s a tradeoff to earn this higher rate of interest: the saver has to accept the risk that the borrower might default on the loan, and that the home will not be worth the $100,000 the borrower owes.

The bank, on the other hand, can perform magic with the $100,000 they obtain from the central bank. The bank can issue 19 times this amount in new loans—in effect, creating $1,900,000 in new money out of thin air.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The question must be asked; why does the government borrow money at interest from a private central bank (the Federal Reserve) when constitutionally, it is allowed to create money as a public utility?!?

The Federal Reserve is no more "Federal" that is the Federal Express, and that is a reality to which most Americans need to open their eyes, and right the heck now.

Nov 13 10:33

Entire charade of supposed 'racism' at MIZZOU revealed as elaborate HOAX perpetrated by the student body

Now we're finally getting down to the bottom of the delusional University of Missouri "racism" charade and the entire clusterfrack of events that followed it. It now appears that the entire thing was an elaborate HOAX dreamed up by the students themselves!

Evidence of the hoax nature of these events is now emerging from investigations performed across the independent media (while the mainstream media snoozes), including Breitbart.com and TheFederalist.com.

It turns out that the same gay, black student body president who incited mass hysteria across the MU campus by posting fabricated claims of KKK people terrorizing campus and calling in the National Guard is also the person who started the entire "racism" ruckus by claiming somebody yelled racial slurs at him from a vehicle.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Now we need to find who orchestrated the hoax and for what purpose. Rush Limbaugh suggests it is the Democrats trying to lock in the black vote for next year. My concern is a plan to trigger race riots in multiple cities leading to martial law. In any event, it is more of the "divide and conquer" tactics the US Government uses to keep us angry with each other rather than united against the crimes of Washington DC.

Nov 13 10:29

Busted! Israeli IDF Colonel Arrested In Iraq for Leading ISIS Militants

Nov 13 10:28

Limbaugh Just Blew WIDE OPEN What Could Be The Real Reason For The Mizzou Chaos

On his nationally syndicated radio program on Thursday, Rush Limbaugh offered a possible theory for the sudden campus protests springing up around the country.

Limbaugh conjectured that the Democrat Party may be helping stoke these fires a means to drum up the African American vote in 2016.

Nov 13 10:23

What's wrong with the media

Nov 13 10:18

One of the longest running climate prediction blunders has disappeared from the Internet

Readers of WUWT and millions of climate skeptics have read this article before, and in fact it is likely one of the most cited articles ever that illustrates the chutzpah and sheer hubris on display from a climate scientist who was so certain he could predict the future with certainty. Dr. David Viner of the Climatic Research Unit who famously said:

From the Independent’s most cited article: Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past by Charles Onians:

However, the warming is so far manifesting itself more in winters which are less cold than in much hotter summers. According to Dr David Viner, a senior research scientist at the climatic research unit (CRU) of the University of East Anglia,within a few years winter snowfall will become “a very rare and exciting event”.

“Children just aren’t going to know what snow is,” he said.

It seems however, that after over 15 years, the Independent has removed that article, and the URL now comes up like this:

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Don't worry. We all kept copies! :)

Nov 13 10:16

‘Are you really journalists?’ Moscow slams Reuters for biased bombshell on Syria

Moscow has condemned Reuters for its “exclusive” report which ignored a detailed statement from the Russian Foreign Ministry, in favor of the narrative predetermined by a “draft document” coming from an unnamed source and comments by anonymous officials.

In its “exclusive” story published on November 10, Reuters claimed it had obtained a “draft” of Russia’s plan for a “constitutional reform process of up to 18 months,” prepared for the multilateral talks on Syria this week.

The Reuters News Agency requested a comment from the Foreign Ministry, which it was given, but then decided to ignore it in their report.

“The [news] agency indeed contacted us prior to writing this information,” Maria Zakharova, spokesperson for the Russian Foreign Ministry told reporters on Thursday. “[Reuters’] Moscow correspondents have received extensive comments that this information does not correspond to reality.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

We talked about this 18 month plan on the radio show, based on the Reuter's report, but now it appears we were made fools of (again) by the corporate media.

Nov 13 10:11

$10mn dare: MIT grad challenges Monsanto over ‘nonexistent GMO safety standards’

there are absolutely no GMO safety assessment standards. He earlier alleged that GMO-engineered plants accumulate high levels of formaldehyde.

Livingston (New Jersey) High School Hall of Fame member, Dr. V A Shiva Ayyadurai threw down the gauntlet to the Monsanto Company, claiming it would be next to impossible for the agro-giant to disprove his claim that safety assessment standards for genetically-modified organisms (GMO) are nonexistent.

“If Monsanto can disprove the fact that there are no safety assessment standards for GMOs, the conclusion of our fourth paper, then I will give them my $10 million building,” Ayyadurai, also a Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate, told Patch.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If GMO plants are forming or accumulating formaldehyde, and GMO labeling is banned, this is a major problem for my wife and others like her who are hypersensitive to formaldehyde (a known carcinogen by the way) as they will be suffering without knowing why or being able to do anything to avoid it.

Nov 13 10:08

BEX ALERT - Howard University increases security after racist threat from alleged U. of Missouri student

Howard University, a historically black university in Washington, D.C., has increased security on campus after a racist threat from an alleged University of Missouri student was posted online.

The threat posted anonymously to a web forum Wednesday night reads, “I left MU yesterday because I couldn’t put up with it anymore. I go home to MD and what do I see? The same old [expletive]. Turn on the news and it’s always the [N-word] causing trouble everywhere,” a local CBS News affiliate reported.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Someone is working really hard to trigger race riots!

Nov 13 10:05

BEX ALERT - Swastika at Bowie State as threats, resignations, protests spread across American colleges

Another swastika. Another campus. Another outrage.

On Thursday morning, students at historically black Bowie State University in Maryland found a swastika scrawled on a building named after a civil rights movement hero.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Note how the left and right arms both turn DOWN. It is hard to say this is actually a Swastika, but if it is supposed to be, it was drawn by someone who clearly is unfamiliar with the design, which means this is another hoax.

Nov 13 10:00

US Nuclear Bombers Flew Near Chinese Man Made Islands During Navy Ballistic Missile Tests!

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US was sending a message to Russia and China.

Nov 13 09:52

Grand Mufti of Syria: “Terrorism is a new ideological trend, has nothing to do with Islam”

It’s the leaders of the Gulf countries, Turkey and the America that should stand trial, because they supplied the arms. The weapons that killed my son came from them. To me, all the people who were killed at their hands are like my son. Every Syrian that died in this war is my son..........Grand Mufti of Syria, Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun

Nov 13 09:48

WTI Crude Tumbles To $40 Handle, Fastest Plunge Since December 2014

Having fallen for 7 of the last 8 days, WTI Crude just traded with a $40 handle for the first time since August 27th. Oil is now down over 14% in the last 8 days, the fastest collapse since December 2014...

Nov 13 09:47

Retail Stocks Are Crashing At The Fastest Pace In Over 4 Years

The S&P Retail Sector ETF is down almost 9% in the last 8 days. That is the fastest collapse in this bellwether industry since August 2011... and it may be about to get a lot worse...

Nov 13 09:45

Cop—fired for having lapel cam turned off a lot—reinstated to force: Officer said cam accidentally unplugged from battery before fatal shooting of a teen

A New Mexico police officer accused of routinely not having his Taser-made lapel camera running and who was involved in one of Albuquerque's high-profile shootings of a teen-ager, has won reinstatement to the force.

Nov 13 09:44

US officials confirm Jihadi John is dead

American defence officials have said they are almost certain they have killed the British militant known as Jihadi John in a drone strike.

Nov 13 09:40

Margaret Mead and Samoa, by Derek Freeman

In two hundred pages Freeman grabs, tears, and shreds Margaret Mead’s research to pieces. To be sure, he is not the first to dispute her findings. Many Samoans, in fact, have called Miss Mead a liar. Freeman brands this “an interpretation that I have no hesitation in dismissing.” Instead, he terms her ill-prepared, her research casual. For example, she apparently had not read previous reports on Samoa, although “the institutions and traditions . . . had . . . been very extensively documented long before Mead first set foot on Ta’u in 1925.” Moreover, she spent only nine months, did not live with a Samoan family, and did not speak the native language. Since she was working with what she termed “primitive groups,” she assumed their ways of life “were simple enough to be grasped quickly.” Her conclusions about Samoan sex were based largely on conversations with a small sample of girls.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Margaret Mead went to Samoa at the behest of Franz Boas not to objectively study life there, but seeking proof to support a desired outcome that would "prove" the theory of cultural determinism; that the environment shapes the mind and there is no "natural" human behavior. This theory of cultural determinism is the foundation for the liberal political philosophy and its insistence on controlling all aspects of our lives in order to reshape our minds to their arbitrary definition of what is ideal for humans to think and to feel. Margaret Mead suffered from "confirmation bias", seeing only what she wanted to see to reach the desired conclusion. As Freeman documents, Mead's book is full of huge mistakes, just as are the claims of supports of human-caused global warming. Like global warming, liberalism has become a vast enterprise with entire careers, wealth, again, just like the more modern global warming cult. Not too surprisingly, Freeman is attacked and dismissed just as modern critics of global warming are!

History repeats.

That is what is wrong with history.

Nov 13 09:36

The Real Social Construct

Imagine you are a young woman doing research on primate behavior somewhere in Africa. You’re watching some species of apes engaging in characteristic behavior. The alpha male is lording it over the troop and the females are submitting to him.

Tsk, tsk, typical male chauvinist, thinks the young primatologist. But would she make this sort of observation in her report? Of course not. The species she’s studying is known to be hierarchical. They have no illusions about gender equality. In fact, they have no concept of it. It would be unprofessional to insert such an anthropomorphic observation into her field notes.


Now let’s consider a gender studies professor observing and describing sex roles in a large organization in a modern western country. It is highly unlikely that she would collect the data and report it without including editorial comment highly critical of the slightest hint of discrimination.

Nov 13 09:35

Iran doubts US goals in Syria talks

In an interview with the Islamic Republic News Agency Nov. 12, Hossein Amir-Abdollahian, deputy foreign minister for Arab and African affairs, said Iran is currently reviewing whether it will attend the Vienna II talks on Syria scheduled for Nov. 14.

Asked why Iran had not yet made a decision on its participation, Abdollahian said, “Some of the players, such as the Americans, in the last week have taken actions that look like they are pushing forward their own ideas and also consulting specific countries.” He added, “If this is accurate, and it becomes clear to us, … then certainly we will [reconsider] our participation in Vienna II.” Abdollahian did not go into detail about the alleged US actions.

Nov 13 09:33

FLASHBACK - Big Banks Funded the Nazis and Launched a Coup Against the President of the United States

By the late 1930s, Brown Brothers Harriman, which claimed to be the world’s largest private investment bank, and UBC had bought and shipped millions of dollars of gold, fuel, steel, coal and US treasury bonds to Germany, both feeding and financing Hitler’s build-up to war.

Between 1931 and 1933 UBC bought more than $8m worth of gold, of which $3m was shipped abroad. According to documents seen by the Guardian, after UBC was set up it transferred $2m to BBH accounts and between 1924 and 1940 the assets of UBC hovered around $3m, dropping to $1m only on a few occasions.

UBC was caught red-handed operating a American shell company for the Thyssen family eight months after America had entered the war and that this was the bank that had partly financed Hitler’s rise to power.

Nov 13 09:32

Edmonton man ticketed for anti-Harper sign takes case to higher court

An Edmonton man who was issued a $543 fine for putting a sign in his car window with an expletive aimed at former prime minister Stephen Harper says his case is being bumped up to provincial court.

Rob Wells made an appearance in traffic court on Thursday, where he served notice of his intent to file a constitutional argument against the stunting ticket.

Nov 13 09:32

NCR research: Costs of sex abuse crisis to US church underestimated

The U.S. Catholic church has incurred nearly $4 billion in costs related to the priest sex abuse crisis during the past 65 years, according to an extensive NCR investigation of media reports, databases and church documents.

In addition, separate research recently published calculates that other scandal-related consequences such as lost membership and diverted giving has cost the church more than $2.3 billion annually for the past 30 years.

Nov 13 09:22

Who is responsible for the anarchy in Afghanistan?

Obama’s new strategy which is the result of the same mentality that wants to continue the occupation of Afghanistan by military means, will add to the anarchy prevailing in the country. In fact, Americans are responsible for the chaotic situation. They handed over power to notorious warlords, venal officials and mafia-linked governors;

But still, they claim that they want a clean government in Kabul while their convoys of logistics are escorted by some murderous militias involved in kidnapping and the extortion of arbitrary taxes. There are hundreds of private unregistered militias in Afghanistan under the guise of security guards who carry heroin in official vehicles. These militias have links with warlords who have a hold over high government positions. They carry out their criminal activities with impunity.

Nov 13 09:22

The Oath of Hippocrates

I SWEAR by Apollo the physician and AEsculapius, and Hygiea, and Panacea, and all the gods and goddesses, that, according to my ability and judgment, I will keep this Oath and this stipulation-- to reckon him who taught me this Art equally dear to me as my parents, to share my substance with him, and relieve his necessities if required; to look upon his offspring in the same footing as my own brothers, and to teach them this art, if they shall wish to learn it, without fee or stipulation; and that by precept, lecture, and every other mode of instruction, I will impart a knowledge of the Art to my own sons, and those of my teachers, and to disciples bound by a stipulation and oath according to the law of medicine, but to none others. I will follow that system of regimen which, according to my ability and judgment, I consider for the benefit of my patients, and abstain from whatever is deleterious and mischievous.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am posting this in response to a phone call I got from a friend who like so many others is dealing with the problems of modern corporatized medicine, specifically the Veterans Administration. In reading the actual oath all doctors supposedly take, it is clear that in practice, doctors fail to keep to the oath, indeed have wandered far afield from it. The Hippocratic oath prohibits the use of dangerous drugs and abortions. Under Hippocrates' model, doctors make house calls, and all information shared between doctor and patient is kept confidential. Today, doctors sell dangerous drugs all the time, many of them leading to permanent injury and death, and abortions are common. If you go to a doctor with a black eye, the police are called, and all your private medical information is shared with the government and medical marketing companies!

Read it for yourself to see how far modern medical practitioners have fallen from the noble ideal!

Nov 13 09:15

Meet The Privileged Yale Student Who Shrieked At Her Professor

The infamous “Shrieking Girl” at Yale University who now famously berated a professor for not making Yale a “safe space” is from a relatively privileged background and has been frantically moving to delete her online presence, an investigation by The Daily Caller News Foundation reveals. Also, despite shrieking “Who the fuck hired you?” in the notorious video, it turns out the student herself played a role in his hiring.

Nov 13 09:13

Center for American Progress Hosts Netanyahu as Leaked Emails Show Group Censored Staff

The Center for American Progress, a leading progressive group with close ties to both President Obama and Hillary Clinton, held an event this week hosting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Washington.

Nov 13 09:09

One of Al-Nusra leaders detained in Kiev - Ukrainian Security Service

One of the leaders of the international terrorist organization, the Al-Nusra Front, on an international wanted list, has been detained in Kiev, says the Ukrainian Security Service (SBU).

The man is a citizen of one of the former Soviet republics and took part in the Syrian conflict throughout 2013-2014. Shevchenko court in Ukraine's capital has issued an arrest warrant for the suspect, believed to be one of Al-Nusra’s leading lights.

According to the SBU, the suspect will be extradited, but it’s not clear to which country. The identity of the detainee hasn’t been revealed to the media.

Nov 13 09:07

0.1 Degrees Warming Since The US Committed To “Future Climate Treaties”

In 1990, the National Science Foundation committed the US to future climate treaties, thus guaranteeing tens of billions of dollars of confiscated taxpayer money to scientists for future climate boondoggles in places like Cancun.

Since they made this commitment, the Earth has warmed about 0.1C, mainly due to the current El Nino. Last year there was no net warming.

Webmaster addition: The El Nino current originates in a large number of volcanoes on the ocean floor.

Nov 13 09:01

GM to Import Chinese-Made Buick SUV

General Motors Co., fresh off agreeing to a new union contract that is expected to drive up its U.S. labor costs, plans to become the first major auto maker to sell Chinese-made cars in the U.S.

Nov 13 09:00

Putin deploys "GROWLER" anti aircraft missile sysrem in Syria

Vladimir Putin has deployed an advanced air-defence system in Syria, circled, which can possibly target British jets leaving RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus as well as covering most Syrian airspace. The S-400, known to NATO as the SA-21 'Growler' is capable of targeting a jet flying at 90,000 feet up to 250 miles away. The advanced weapon system was photographed as Russia continues its military deployment in Syria.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Meaning that the next time Israel commits an act of war they will not get their US-supplied warplanes back! Of course, this is not a problem, as YOU will be forced to buy them more!

Nov 13 08:59

A woman reported a "creepy guy" in the park to the cops. He wrote her this open letter.

My suspected crime, apparently, was having a camera in a public park, and allegedly taking pictures of children. As it turned out, I had taken no pictures that day. But I have been photographing in this neighborhood for 30 years, and have published a children’s book of poems and photographs, always with permission.

Nov 13 08:55

Child porn, war crimes & fraud: Internal CIA probes reveal shocking findings

Documents released by the CIA show details of over a dozen investigations into serious allegations of misconduct by agency employees, including child pornography, torture and war crimes. In many cases, the Justice Department decided not to prosecute.

Nov 13 08:49

87-year-old lady sentenced to 10 months in prison for rejecting Auschwitz lie on German TV

The date is telling. On 11 November 2015, 97 years after Germany got tricked into laying down its arms, without a single enemy soldier on German soil, fooled by the empty promises of President Wilson, 87-year-old German lady Ursula Haverbeck got sentenced to 10 months in prison, effectively a life sentence, for stating the obvious, on national TV, that the official Holocaust narrative is a vicious lie.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Truth needs no law to support it. Truth is self-evident to all. Truth withstands re-examination. Truth survives questions. Throughout history, from Galileo to Topham and Haverbeck, only lies and liars have resorted to the courts to enforce adherence to dogma.

Nov 13 08:47

Are Europe's open borders on the brink of collapse? EU leaders warn of 'race against time' to save passport free travel zone as migration crisis spirals out of control

The European Union is in a ‘race against time’ to stop the impending collapse of its border-free travel zone as its leaders admitted they had lost control.

Countries across Europe are poised to bring back checkpoints as one of the most senior EU officials admitted the ‘clock was ticking’ on the end of the Schengen Agreement.

Nov 13 08:43

Apple is pulling the plug on Beats Music: Subscriptions to the streaming service will be cancelled at the end of November

Apple is finally going to close Beats Music in a bid to push people towards its own Apple Music streaming service.

Beats Music was set up by rapper Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine, and Apple bought the brand in 2014.

The California-based tech giant will pull the plug out Beats Music on 30 November when all subscriptions to the service will be cancelled.

Nov 13 08:24

Poll of British Jews finds widespread unease with Israel's policies

First major survey of attitudes since 2010 finds 73% think Israel’s actions in occupied Palestinian territories affects its perception among global community

Nov 13 08:24

The Lonely Chancellor: Merkel Under Fire as Refugee Crisis Worsens

Until recently, German Chancellor Angela Merkel was considered to be the most powerful politician in Europe. But now, her approach to the refugee crisis has her under fire at home and in Brussels. Can she survive?

Nov 13 08:23

FARAGE FOR BREITBART: Europe Can’t Put The Migrant Champagne Cork Back In The Open Borders Bottle

As I warned in April, face to face with European Commission President Jean Claude Juncker in the European Parliament, the implementation of the European Union’s (EU) common asylum policy was basically sending a message that anyone that came would be welcome. I warned that this could lead to an exodus of biblical proportions. In a sense, Mr Juncker was just loosening the cork.

But in a full, party-style display, Germany’s Chancellor Angela Merkel popped the cork hoping onlookers would see how high it shot in the air.

Her plea was for all to come. That whatever the numbers, Germany could cope. She thought she was setting a wonderful example to the rest of Europe and indeed the world.

And then it began. What had begun as a small flotilla of boats across the Mediterranean became a stampede through the Western Balkans. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban began to build a fence and was widely castigated for it.

Nov 13 08:23

‘Simply obvious’: Police expert says shooting of 12-year-old Tamir Rice justified

The Police are insane.This Terrorism under color of law has to stop and now. They think they have the right to murder us. Whether it's a little black kid playing at the park with a toy gun or bb gun like I used to do over 50 years ago,or it's a white rancher called to the scene by the Sheriffs Dpartment to put his bull down,these terrorists under color of law are killing Americans regardless of race creed or color!
United we stand! Divided we fall! The government of the USA had declared war on the American people and has no further legitimacy as a REAL GOVERNMENT of for and by the American People!

A Cuyahoga County Prosecutor’s Office report includes a police expert’s “simply obvious” conclusion that the Cleveland police shooting, which killed Tamir Rice was justified. The report comes as the grand jury hears evidence and is considering pressing charges.

Nov 13 08:21

Barbara Lerner Spectre calls for destruction of Christian European ethnic societies

Nov 13 08:16

10 of Dr. Ben Carson’s Most Embarrassing Quotes and Ridiculous Lies

Despite the fact that Ben Carson seems to believe that the “liberal media” is out to get him, all the media is really doing is using his own words, tested against facts, to expose that almost nothing he says is actually true. His “go-to” move seems to be denying that he said whatever it is he’s being called out on, or if he can’t deny that he said it, claim the media is taking what he said out of context – even when they’re quoting him verbatim.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Nov 13 08:14

Campbell’s Recalls SpaghettiOs Due to Choking Hazard

Campbell Soup Company is recalling 14.2 ounce cans of SpaghettiOs Original due to a potential choking hazard posed by pieces of red plastic found in a small number of cans.

Nov 13 08:13

Catalan Leaders Push for Independence Defying Spanish Court's Orders

Leaders of the Catalan government planning to form an independent state have said the drive to breakaway will continue despite the Spanish Constitutional Court ordering the region to halt proceedings this week. However, political experts are skeptical that Catalan President Artur Mas has the right to do so, Sputnik has been told.

Nov 13 07:43

Sheriffs Who Killed Idaho Rancher Had 'Active Shooter Training Sessions' Courtesy Of U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security

This past Monday, LibertyFight.com broke the story revealing that the Idaho Sheriffs that slaughtered 62-year-old rancher Jack Yantis were trained by the U.S. Dept. of Homeland Security. Deputies were required to complete numerous DHS courses, both online and in-person training. Sheriff Ryan Zollman had many meetings where he discussed qualifying for and obtaining federal DHS Grant money. Newfound information reveals even more details: Zollman's deputies attended 'Active Shooters Training sessions' paid for by DHS!

Nov 13 07:33


Nov 13 07:32

Steven Salaita settles lawsuit with Univ. of Illinois

Steven Salaita will not be reinstated under the terms of an out of court settlement with the University of Illinois.

The deal will pay Salaita $875,000 – about ten times the annual salary he would have received as a tenured professor in the American Indian Studies program at the university’s flagship Urbana-Champaign campus.

“This settlement is a vindication for me, but more importantly, it is a victory for academic freedom and the First Amendment,” Salaita said in a release from his legal counsel, the Center for Constitutional Rights and the law firm Loevy & Loevy.

Nov 13 07:31

The real message from EU move to label Israeli settlement goods

Mahmoud Nawajaa, general coordinator for the Palestinian BDS National Committee, the broad coalition that backs the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement, said it was a “sign that European governments are reacting to public opinion, civil society campaigning and Israeli intransigence and are becoming more willing to take some basic action against Israeli violations of international law.”

But, Nawajaa added, “putting some labels on a small number of Israeli products is hardly a proportionate response to repeated Israeli war crimes.”

Nov 13 07:31

Reconstruction minister denies misuse of political funds, underwear theft

Reconstruction minister Tsuyoshi Takagi on Tuesday dismissed any notion he will step down and denied separate allegations that he misused political funds and stole a young woman’s underwear.

Nov 13 07:30

An Open Letter to Jeb Bush

Let me establish for the record that I am a passionate, loyal, card-carrying Democrat. As such, you and I differ on virtually every political, economic and social issue imaginable. Furthermore, I consider your brother George one of the worst presidents in American history, and I can't fathom having another Bush in the White House. But ya know what? I desperately want you to win the Republican nomination.

It's not because I like you or think you're truly deserving of the job. It's because you are the only adult in a room full of buffoonish clowns. As un-moderate as I believe you to be, you're practically Barney Frank compared to the radical loons you're running against.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

No, it's actually because Ben Carson is flaming out, and Jeb Bush is now being promoted to be the GOP candidate by this "passionate, loyal, card-carrying Democrat" ... because Hillary can beat Bush easily! The one Republican Hillary cannot win over is Donald Trump!

Nov 13 07:27

Merkel Has Lost Control Over Her Government - German Politician

According to the leader of the German "green" party, Cem Ozdemir, Merkel is no longer in control of her own allies. The migration crisis took German politicians by surprise, with Merkel being unable to find a compromise within her own coalition.

Nov 13 07:27

Germany: Migration Crisis Becomes Public Health Crisis

In Cologne, police cordoned off a refugee shelter housing more than 1,000 migrants in the Chorweiler district after a male refugee from Africa showed symptoms of Ebola. The man, who was coughing up blood for more than three days before anyone called a doctor, was rushed to a local hospital, where he was diagnosed with a gastrointestinal illness. Earlier, the same refugee shelter was the scene of an E. coli scare potentially affecting 800 migrants.

Nov 13 07:18

Airbus 321 in the Sinaï - only one hypothesis remains

Russian investigators brought with them to Egypt a complex apparatus designed to test the débris both inside and outside the plane. This equipment enables the detection of aerosol-based explosives to a level of sensitivity of 20 nanogrammes. If, in the test solutions, there appear traces of a brown-violet colour, the agent is revealed as TNT. If an orange precipitate appears, the explosive is Tetryl, or another explosive from group A (TNB, DNT, picric acid, etc.). The Russian device possesses a range of separate tests for explosives from group B. With this system, the appearance in test solutions of a rosy colour would indicate the use of dynamite, nitroglycerine, RDX, PETN, SEMTEX or nitrocellulose. If the chemical reactions do not identify explosives from groups A and B, the test equipment automatically checks for the presence of components containing inorganic nitrates, such as chlorine, bromine or peroxyde, used in the preparation of improvised explosive devices (ANFO).

Nov 13 07:05

Intel on 'two-hour timer' uncovered in Russian jet crash investigation

Investigators analyzing the deadly crash of a Russian jet in Egypt uncovered intelligence about a “a two-hour timer,” though it is not clear whether the reference came from intercepted communications between known terrorist operatives, or physical evidence, a source familiar with the investigation told Fox News.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

More of the usual "intercepted (by Rita Katz probably) chatter" and "source familiar with the investigation." At this point, I prefer to wait for the actual investigators to make an official announcement. After all, it was known since last June that the hackers who struck J.P. Morgan Chase were Israeli, but FOX News was one of the corporate outlets insisting it was "likely" the Chinese!


November 12, 2015

Nov 12 23:59

Trump Asks Iowans: ‘How Stupid’ Are They to Believe Carson?

In an appearance in Fort Dodge, Iowa, Mr. Trump repeatedly laced into Mr. Carson

(*nothing else to quote . The corporate media is killing it , here .)

Nov 12 23:47

Russia to supply radar system for Iraqi Air Force airfield — source

The Russian equipment will ensure radar control and navigation at a distance of up to 400 kilometres form the aerodrome and instrument landing of aircraft in poor visibility conditions

Nov 12 21:59

GUILTY/NOT GUILTY! by Arthur Topham

The next stage in this unfolding drama could conceivably be an appeal based upon a Constitutional challenge to the criminal code’s section 319(2); one which had already been attempted back in June of 2015 but failed. It was deemed at the time of Justice Butler decision that a Charter application challenge to the legislation would be more appropriate following the outcome of the trial. Now that the outcome has resulted in a guilty verdict in Count 1 the way is open to again challenge Section 319(2) under Sec. 2b of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Nov 12 19:18

Did Carson's Literary Agent Scam His Book to NY Times List?

Did lawyer/agent Sealy Yates use RSI Inc to scam Carson's book, "One Nation: What We Can All Do To Save America's Future" onto NY Times bestseller list as he apparently did for other "Christian" writers?

Nov 12 19:14

Noah’s Ark Replica in Kentucky Will Cost Boatload of Money, $90 Million

The big boat project took another hit last year when the state of Kentucky withdrew a tourism sales tax incentive that would have meant about $18 million for the attraction after it is up and running.

State officials said in December that tax incentives shouldn’t be used to “fund religious indoctrination.” Answers in Genesis disagreed and filed a federal lawsuit to get back into the incentive program, saying they should not be excluded because of their religious beliefs. The state has asked a judge to dismiss the suit, and a hearing is scheduled for next week.

Nov 12 19:11

"Safe Space" Students Silence Asian Woman For Saying "Black People Can Be Racist"

Nov 12 19:09

The Jewish History In Palestine !!

What are the Jews doing here in Palestine? They have never been natives of Palestine but occupiers !!!

The Canaanites were the [indigenous] inhabitants of Canaan, the older native name of Palestine, and the jews were just invaders!

Nov 12 18:55

Councillor Who Cut Public Toilets Fined For Urinating In Street

A council chief involved in axing public toilets has been fined by police - for urinating in the street.
Jackie Burns, 51, was caught short just months after overseeing the closure of public loos in his area of South Lanarkshire in Scotland.

Nov 12 18:54

Brazil Seeks To Copy U.S. Gun Culture "to allow embattled citizens the right to defend themselves from criminals"

Congressmen in Brazil, one of the most violent countries in the world, are proposing to dramatically loosen restrictions on personal gun ownership, bringing the country much closer to the American right to bear arms.

Nov 12 18:44

Exposed: Israel largely controls US electoral process

America’s unconditional support for Israel is driven largely by its influence on the US electoral process, a political activist from California says.

Nov 12 18:43

Ben Carson Debunked: Inside His Made-Up West Point Story

Not to keep you on pins and needles, here is the BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front): First, the initial reporting was sloppy. At a minimum Politico's political reporters should have consulted with their peers who cover the military. Better, they should have consulted historians. (Best would be both of course.) Second, the counter-arguments and defenses from outraged conservatives in Carson's camp were even sloppier. Even worse: in some cases these arguments, especially those from Carson's own campaign, definitively (if accidentally) undo his own accounts. Third and finally, Ben Carson has a real and serious problem with the actual and undisputable history surrounding what he said. At best he told and continues to tell a story which demonstrates that he has a horrible memory, and cannot even remember basic facts (verifiable facts, as I will show) about his own history.

Nov 12 18:31

ISPs say the “massive cost” of Snooper’s Charter will push up UK broadband bills

UK ISPs have warned MPs that the costs of implementing the Investigatory Powers Bill (aka the Snooper's Charter) will be much greater than the £175 million the UK government has allotted for the task, and that broadband bills will need to rise as a result.

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