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February 22, 2010

Feb 22 09:39

Total Unions Warn French Fuel Shortages Are Imminent

Total SA unions called for a refinery strike to spread to all French plants and said fuel shortages could be imminent.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The whole world is fed up.

Feb 22 09:39

IAEA director should amend report

“The agency’s approach… has become more politicized and the report has been written under pressure from the United States,” Boroujerdi told the Mehr News Agency on Sunday.

Amano should correct his report before delivering it to the IAEA Board of Governors on March 1, the MP stated.

Although Iran notified the IAEA before it began enriching uranium to the 20 percent level and asked the agency to send inspectors to monitor the enrichment process, Amano said in his report that Iran started enriching nuclear fuel without informing the agency, Boroujerdi noted.

This will undermine the credibility of the agency’s reports, he added.

Feb 22 09:38

East Coast blizzard lays bare social crisis of US cities

The natural fury of the storm was indeed formidable. But local authorities’ response to the weather event has exposed the budget crises confronting cities, as well as local governments’ woeful lack of preparedness in attending to the basic social needs of their residents. The cost of snow removal alone was poised to bust the budgets of state and local authorities, and little assistance is expected to come from the federal government to alleviate the burden.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"Hey, we budgeted for the mild winter the global-warming cultists were predicting!" -- Official White Horse Souse

Feb 22 09:36

Obama appoints panel to slash social programs

Webmaster's Commentary: 

"We are simplifying the government. You give us your money, we give it to the bankers, then you go away and die. Simple!" -- Official White Horse Souse


Feb 22 09:34

The US Government Poisoned Alcohol During The ‘Prohibition Era’

They ordered the poisoning of industrial alcohols manufactured in the United States, products regularly stolen by bootleggers and resold as drinkable spirits. The idea was to scare people into giving up illicit drinking. Instead, by the time Prohibition ended in 1933, the federal poisoning program, by some estimates, had killed at least 10,000 people.

Feb 22 09:31

Judge Garzon of Spain may be stripped of his position

Feb 22 09:26

US Super-rich Get Five Times More Income Than In 1995

The incomes of the very rich in the US grew phenomenally between 1992 and 2007, while their tax rates plummeted, according to recently uncovered IRS statistics.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

When John F. Kennedy cut income taxes in half, tax receipts to the government INCREASED, because the economy heated up. Same thing with the Reagan tax cuts.

The US Government could save the economy by lowering taxes, but a middle class with money is a middle class able to stand up and challenge the oligarchs.

So, the government has only two choices. Cut tax to save the economy and face a well-financed opposition. Or impoverish the people to keep them weak and under control and let the economy collapse.

Guess which one they picked.

Feb 22 09:26

Homeland chief: Domestic extremism is top concern

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano says terrorists who are U.S. citizens or live in the country legally and plot against the U.S. are just as big of a concern as international terrorists.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The US Government has never been afraid of foreign terrorists. They are afraid of YOU. That is why to date every response to a foreign terrorist threat has been to treat you like a POW.

Feb 22 09:25

Mind control and understanding Shutter Island

To understand Martin Scorsese's well-crafted psychological thriller Shutter Island, viewers should do an internet search on the following three terms: MK-Ultra, Manchurian candidates, and Operation Paperclip. For the extended value-added search, throw in the combination of "CIA" and "LSD."

Shutter Island is being released at a very propitious time. Just look at Saturday's (Feb. 21) front page of the New York Times. Above the fold we have two related stories, the first, under the inaccurate headline "A new report, a new verdict, in terror fight." A more accurate title would read "U.S. government and Obama administration reaffirm Bush administration commitment to torture."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Something tells me this guy did not stay until the very end of the movie. I won't explain why for those of you planning to see the film, but in all honesty, I would not bother.

Following on my online review of Avatar a local paper asked me to try being a movie reviewer for them and I decided to try it just once. The movie I was sent to see was Shutter Island.

I will start with the good stuff.

This is a fine ensemble cast all turning in fine performances, especially Leonardo DiCaprio in what is his most complex character to date.

As for the phrase "well crafted", I cannot agree. The editing was disjointed, with the point of view jumping around for no clear reason. I kept wondering if Scorsese was trying to make a point but in the end I get the sense that Scorsese didn't have a clear vision of what he wanted, simply overshot from every angle and hoped the editor could make sense out of it. There were major continuity errors across cuts obvious enough to call attention to themselves and hence a major distraction from the story. In a few cases, the audience was left wondering if we had suddenly jumped to a new scene entirely.

The editing problems were complicated by the Cinematographer, who lit every shot without worrying about consistency, such that the lighting on the characters changed from cut to cut, again calling attention to itself and distracting from the story.

The story (no spoilers) is sadly rather tired and predictable, and not to be saved by the pedantic sound track.

This is a film that proves once and for all that the movie industry does pay people to go onto movie blogs like rottentomatoes.com and post glowing reviews for really bad films. This one will be a fast burn and gone in a heartbeat, and the only way it will get to the Oscars is because it includes the inevitable, obligatory (and pointless) reference to the Holocaust.

Feb 22 09:23

The Agenda is Primary, Not the Science or the Facts

They are motivated by a desire to control the lives of others. They want to tell every American what his values should be and then give him a strict set of rules to manage his life. We are all to be the slaves of the college-educated elite of progressive fascist socialists who want to control us. They are to be our rulers, our tyrants supreme. Are we going to allow this?

Feb 22 09:08

Water Vapor The Next Demon Gas

....all reputable scientists now agree that the increased water vapor content of the atmosphere from such sources as burning of fuels and power plant cooling towers will also enhance the greenhouse effect, leading to potentially catastrophic warming.” Of course the EPA and various green NGOs find pollutants in every human activity. Asked for their position on the matter, Greenpolice spokesperson Rainbow Treetower stated, “Our basic policy is, if it’s good for people, it’s bad for the planet.” Thank goodness Mr. Donaldson added, “right now, we are not so concerned about the water vapor exhaled by people. That is low on our list of priorities.” I guess we can all continue to exhale.

Feb 22 09:05

Plane Attack Prompts Debate Over Terrorism Label

When a man fueled by rage against the U.S. government and its tax code crashes his airplane into a building housing offices of the Internal Revenue Service, is it a criminal act or an act of terrorism?.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

How does "Freedom Fighter" sound? How about "Patriot?" Why must we choose from the labels YOU pre-select?

Feb 22 09:03

Thank You Microsoft!

Thank you for using your financial might and ruthless business practices to destroy almost all of the competition out there so that for the most part PC users have only your inferior products from which to choose. (Mac and Linux users aside)

Thank you for your latest set of "security" patches that have caused EVERY ONE OF MY COMPUTERS TO BLUE SCREEN 20 TIME PER DAY RENDERING THEM USELESS! And thanks for not making a public apology about this.

Thank you for the many service packages and updates that have steadily degraded my computers performance, forcing me to spend more money on things like RAM just to keep from having to buy a new computer.

Feb 22 08:55


Some 100 people gathered at Ush Ghrab in Beit Sahour to pray for peace and protest the planned military presence there. As we were gathering in peaceful contemplation and prayer, Israeli army jeeps quickly rolled in between us and one officer barked orders in Hebrew. We explained to them in Arabic and English that we do not understand Hebrew (later we realized they also knew Arabic and English) but they immediately started throwing concussion grenades and tear gas at the elderly, women, children, the priest doing the prayer, other town people and internationals (Christians and Muslims).

Feb 22 08:53

Daughter says pilot in Texas IRS crash was a hero

The daughter of a man who crashed his small plane into an IRS building in Texas is calling her father a hero. Joe Stack's adult daughter, Samantha Bell, tells ABC's "Good Morning America" the plane attack was "inappropriate." But she praised his anti-government and anti-tax views. Asked if he considered her father a hero, she said "yes."

Feb 22 08:37

Chossudovsky: US will start WW3 by attacking Iran

Feb 22 08:36

Inmates at S. Fla. jail accused of scamming IRS

Detainees at a South Florida county jail are being accused of scamming the Internal Revenue Service by filing for fraudulent refunds and taking in as much as $100,000.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Hey, what do they have to lose? They are ALREADY in jail!

Feb 22 08:35

9/11 Shock Opera… Act 4 – Building 7 and Flight 93: The Grand Finale that Wasn’t

Sometimes more can be ascertained from the mistakes of a plan, than can be from its successes. Flight 93 was not meant to be shot down, but it was. And what ensued in the aftermath of that action, quite literally, exposes the criminals of 9/11 more so than does any other single aspect of the case, simply because of what the conspirators had to do to cover it up.

Imagine for a moment that the “conspiracy theorists” are correct. Or should I say the “alternative narrative” theorists are correct. All of a sudden, the criminals of 9/11 are staring at radar screens showing their final act in their carefully planned production, lying in ruin in Shanksville Pa. and they still have a 47 story tall building, barely even on fire, completely wired with RDX, TNT, and PETN… ready for demo.

Feb 22 08:16

Over One Million Iraqi Deaths Caused by US Occupation

Several official sources have validated the studies conducted by the ORB pollsters and The Lancet demographers, thus certifying that the Anglo-Saxon invasion of Iraq has caused the death of over one million civilians. Whereas this information was disseminated by the media in countries which officially opposed the war, it was suppressed in those which endorsed the military operation. This is yet another example of how media conglomerates fall into line with the predominant interests of the countries they are in.

Feb 22 08:15


If you thought Wall Street’s debt crisis was traumatic, wait till you the see the consequences of Washington’s debt crisis!

Never before in history has a world power like the U.S. been so utterly buried in debt! And never before has that debt been financed so massively by foreign investors!

Feb 22 08:14

Americans Who Know Their Rights Are The Real Target Of Napolitano’s “Domestic Terror” Warning

Homeland Security chief Janet Napolitano cited examples of Muslim extremists in her warning Sunday that domestic terrorists were now as much a focus as international terrorism, but actual training manuals being used by state and federal authorities across America reveal that the primary target of the anti-terror apparatus hits a lot closer to home.

In reality, as leaked state and federal documents illustrate, the primary focus of the war on terror is aimed at American citizens who exercise or merely show an interest in their own constitutional rights.

Feb 22 08:13

CrossTalk: Norman Finkelstein vs. Israel

Feb 22 08:04

Doomsday is here for the state of Illinois

To become solvent, the state must enact the largest tax-increase package in Illinois history, whack another $2 billion from already starved government programs and wrest major financial concessions from the state's unionized work force, a nonpartisan government watchdog contends.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Higher taxes, lower service.

You must make do with less, so that the government may have more.

These are the freedoms the terrorists hate us for?

Feb 22 08:00

Farid’s photo is a real fake. And so is he. By Jerry Mazza

Recently, Dartmouth Professor Hany Farid claimed in the Huffington Post that the famous (or infamous) backyard photo of Lee Harvey Oswald—the photo in which he holds a Communist newspaper in one hand and a rifle in the other—is not a fake. This implies that the photo was not patched together to set up Oswald as the Commie patsy and lone Kennedy gunman by the FBI, the same FBI which finances Farid’s laboratory and research. Smell a rat?

Webmaster's Commentary: 

If the FBI is involved, HELL YES!!!

Feb 22 07:58

Debra Medina talks to Mark Davis about her 9/11 Comments

Webmaster's Commentary: 

She is NOT a 9-11 truther. Do NOT vote for her.

Feb 22 07:49

US wouldn’t kill our own citizens, blame Iran, and start a war! Oh? FBI allowed ’93 WTC bombing

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

We know that the US “leadership” and corporate media are lying for war with Iran with their two principle reasons:

Feb 22 07:33

Gerald Celente on Engineer - "Necessity is the Mother of Invention"

Feb 22 07:31

Colombia Is Open for Business

The Colombian economy, with its free-market approach, has fared better than its Latin American neighbors, and foreign investment is starting to flow in. In 2009, President Uribe attracted US$8.6 billion gross foreign direct investment (FDI)......

Feb 22 07:17

Inflation, Debt, Economics with Paul McKeever

Freedom Party leader Paul McKeever was a panelist on "On the Line" (CTS) with host Christine Williams.

In these excerpts, Paul and the panel discuss inflation, debt, and economics experts who believe an economy can be kept healthy by encouraging people to convince themselves that it is healthy.

Feb 22 07:09

Nato airstrike kills 27 civilians in Afghanistan

Nato forces in southern Afghanistan bombed a civilian convoy, killing 27 people including women and children and injuring many more, Afghan officials said.

The airstrike in a remote part of Oruzgan province yesterday capped a bloody week for Afghan civilians that has seen some 60 innocent people killed by Nato weapons.

February 21, 2010

Feb 21 21:43

The GOP's "small government" tea party fraud

There's a major political fraud underway: the GOP is once again donning their libertarian, limited-government masks in order to re-invent itself and, more important, to co-opt the energy and passion of the Ron-Paul-faction that spawned and sustains the "tea party" movement.

Feb 21 20:33

Sun-powered water splitter makes hydrogen tirelessly

Sunlight + water = hydrogen gas, in a new technique that can convert 60 per cent of sunlight energy absorbed by an electrode into the inflammable fuel.

To generate the gas Thomas Nann and colleagues at the University of East Anglia in Norwich, UK, dip a gold electrode with a special coating into water and expose it to light. clusters of indium phosphide 5 nanometres wide on its surface absorb incoming photons and pass electrons bearing their energy on to clusters of a sulphurous iron compound.

This material combines those electrons with protons from the water to form gaseous hydrogen.

Feb 21 20:12

No10 staff 'called bullying helpline': As new book says PM was urged to curb temper, charity chief's astonishing claim

An anti-bullying charity revealed yesterday that it has received a string of complaints about Gordon Brown.

The founder of the National Bullying Helpline said it had received 'three or four' calls in the last 18 months from those working for the Prime Minister.

Feb 21 20:10


In October [2001], press reports revealed that White House staff had been on a regimen of the powerful antibiotic Cipro since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Judicial Watch wants to know why White House workers, including President Bush, began taking the drug nearly a month before anthrax was detected on Capitol Hill.

Feb 21 20:09

Israel adds West Bank shrines to heritage list

Israel's prime minister has announced a controversial plan to add two major religious sites in the West Bank to the country's national heritage list.

Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet the Tomb of the Patriarchs in Hebron and Rachel's Tomb in Bethlehem would now be included in the $107m restoration plan.

Israeli media said the two sites had been included on the list only after pressure from nationalist ministers.

The Palestinian Authority warned the decision would "wreck" peace efforts.

Feb 21 18:34

U.S. patriot missiles in Poland early April: report

Poland is set to host a battery of U.S. Patriot missiles and the American troops to man it from the start of April, PAP news agency said Sunday.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Morag Poland is just 35 miles from the Russian border.

You don't have to be a genius to realize that this is being done deliberately to antagonize Russia, whose leadership understands that these Patriot missile batteries are not going to be aimed at Iran.

Also, take a look at the timing here. One week from Monday is March 1st. This is a highly rapid deployment of these units and the military personnel who will support them.

Feb 21 18:26

CIA wants Baradar sent to Afghanistan

Senior US officials, who spoke to various media outlets on the condition that they are not identified, said the Americans were not satisfied with the interrogation and wanted to take charge.

Interior Minister Rehman Malik said on Friday that once Pakistani agencies completed their investigation, Mullah Baradar could be handed over to his country of origin, which is Afghanistan, but not to the US.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

By the time Baradar is "interrogated" by the CIA, it will be a miracle if he's still alive.

Baradar is the one guy who might have been able to create some degree of reconciliation between the Karzai government and the Taliban.

It is pretty obvious the US is going to do its best to prevent that from happening.

Feb 21 18:20

At last one EU country has the guts to pull out of Afghanistan

t was so uplifting to see the Government of the Netherlands make a decision to pull out of Afghanistan. This is the first major NATO partner to make such a decision and hopefully this will paint a very clear picture to the other EU members that this war has nothing to do with democracy or terrorism.

The people have a last seen what hides behind this unnecessary war and realize that its basis was formed on a pack of lies. We again see that the true reason for going to war was greed for economic growth and to get their hands on the oil and gas reserves in the Middle East Region.

Feb 21 18:09

Field commanders who tried to warn McChrystal penalized

According to sources quoted today by McClatchy newspapers, two field commanders warned Army Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal repeatedly about a worthless Afghanistan outpost that was too costly to defend.

The field commanders are now facing penalties after two high-level military investigations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Reprimanded and penalizedfor telling the truth?!?

Unflipping believable.

Feb 21 17:54

Asia-produced ozone making its way to U.S., study finds

Here's more bs to "keep up the fear" of the red commies.

Without elaborating, strictly speaking "ozone" (as the title implies) is air enriched with an extra oxygen molecule O3 (subscript three); whereas, what we normally breathe is O2 (subscript two). Although O3 is dangerous to lung tissues in its purist form, we have all experienced O3 in a natural state--produced, and is most often accompanied by thunderstorms. (It is that disinfectant type smell we experience within the first one-half hour after the thunderstorm.) The O3 radical dissipates very quickly; more so within a highly humid environment. There's no bloody f--king way China's ozone will ever affect us.

Feb 21 17:26

Rahm's Parting Shot at Obama Insiders?

My second thought was, "Wow, what a hatchet job on Jarrett, Gibbs and Axelrod!" Since Rahm is obviously feeding this to Milbank, that is very revealing. You don't throw these kinds of bombs unless you've already lost. This is an act of desperation. It's bound to make mortal enemies of these people inside Obama's inner circle. You can't really work with these people anymore. That means you're already finished there.

Feb 21 17:23

75 reasons to be skeptical of "global warming"

Feb 21 17:17

Rail line shutdown looming in northern Maine

The collapse of the nation's housing market is being blamed for a railway's plans to abandon hundreds of miles of track in far-flung northern Maine that have served the region for more than a century.

Feb 21 17:17

N.C. faces a $500 million gap

Top lawmakers say North Carolina will come up $500million short of its $19billion budget by the end of June.

Feb 21 17:15

Billions in liabilities are trouble for state

Michigan has at least $51.5 billion in unfunded liabilities for state pensions and retiree benefits which could require a tax increase or cuts to services if not corrected, according to a new Pew Center on the States report.

Feb 21 17:15

Dubai hit squad may have used diplomatic passports

The hit squad that killed a senior Hamas official in Dubai may have entered the country using diplomatic passports, officials in the Emirates said yesterday as they called on Britain and other European countries whose documents were forged to launch a full inquiry.

Feb 21 17:14

Climate scientists withdraw journal claims of rising sea levels

Scientists have been forced to withdraw a study on projected sea level rise due to global warming after finding mistakes that undermined the findings.

Feb 21 17:11

Israel: "Feel sorry for us! Feel sorry for us! Remember; we're the victims. We're always the victims. Feel sorry for us!"

Feb 21 17:08

Israel Unveils New Drone Fleet That Can Reach Iran

Israel's air force on Sunday introduced a fleet of huge pilotless planes that can remain in the air for a full day and could fly as far as the Persian Gulf, putting rival Iran within its range.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

But Iran is the belligerent, right?

Feb 21 17:08

Calling C-Span about monetary reform

To be fair–I don’t think Don Peck is qualified to respond to my comment. He probably didn’t even understand what I was saying. To think otherwise would require believing him a shill for the Federal Reserve, and I am not making that accusation. His response is the rote message of those given positions like his with no real understanding of how money is created in this economic system.

Feb 21 16:46

NO food shortage, NO Martial Law, No Dollar Crash, NO FEMA Camps

Original Content by Jeff

Feb 21 16:24

Cut the "ambiguity", ambassador, or pack your bags: challenging UK support for Israeli criminals

Stuart Littlewood challenges UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband – and the rest of the British Establishment – to explain to the British public his government's support for Israeli crimes and criminals.

Feb 21 15:03

James Traficant on Alex Jones TV: AIPAC Runs America’s Foreign Policy


The American Israel Public Affairs Committee Runs America’s Foreign Policy

Feb 21 14:50

The future of hyperinflation

James Turk explains at the Gold & Silver Meeting Madrid 2009, why the US Dollar is headed for hyperinflation. James Turk differentiates between paper currency and deposit currency hyperinflation.


Feb 21 14:35


SIBEL EDMONDS, a former FBI translator, claims that the following government officials have committed what amount to acts of treason. They are lawmakers Dennis Hastert, Bob Livingston, Dan Burton, Roy Blunt, Stephen Solarz and Tom Lantos, as well as at least three members of George W. Bush’s inner circle: Douglas Feith, Paul Wolfowitz and Marc Grossman. But is Sibel Edmonds credible?

Feb 21 13:19

George Will on the global warming industry

Global warming advocates ignore the boulders

The global warming industry, like Alexander in the famous children's story, is having a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Actually, a bad three months, which began Nov. 19 with the publication of e-mails indicating attempts by scientists to massage data and suppress dissent in order to strengthen "evidence" of global warming.

Feb 21 13:18

Is Joe Stack a Wake-Up Call to America?

Stack is representative of a burgeoning class of disaffected Americans who are waking up to the reality that the American governmental system no longer works as it was intended – that is, it no longer works for them. In its place, a government of elites comprised of politicians and unelected bureaucrats has emerged that views the average American as little more than a source of tax funds and labor to keep the massive machinery of government operating.

Feb 21 12:13

New York tries to dismiss 9/11 health laws

Lawyers defending New York City against thousands of lawsuits filed by Sept. 11 emergency responders say many of the claims are baseless and have asked a judge to dismiss some of the first cases headed toward trial. 9/11 first responder Kenny Specht says the he is certain his and other firemen illness' are related to his time working at the World Trade Center.

Feb 21 11:35

U.S. placed Iran nuclear issue on pressure track

The United States is placing its efforts to thwart the Iranian nuclear program on a "pressure track," head of U.S. Central Command general David Petraeus said in an interview to a U.S. network on Sunday.

Speaking to NBC's "Meet the Press," Petraeus said that he thought "that no one at the end of this time can say that the United States and the rest of the world have not given Iran every opportunity to resolve the issues diplomatically."

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to US General David Petraeus: this statement is grade-A horse manure you're using to attempt to "sell" a war against Iran to the American people. You know it, and We the People, thank you very much, are not "buying"!!

The IAEA, the US and the UK made a proposal for enriching nuclear fuel for Iran, and the way it was engineered was to create a rejection of that proposal by the Iranian government.

Iran has made a counter-offer, to phase the shipment of nuclear material for enrichment, to which the US and the UK absolutely refused to respond in any logical or meaningful way.

An intelligent, rational response to Iran's counter-proposal would mean that the impasse could have been resolved through diplomacy, but that is not what Israel wants to have happen.

Israelis very keen on having our young men and women in uniform do the fighting, getting killed, or maimed for life (as happened in Iraq) to neutralize yet another of its alleged existential threats in the region.

Unfortunately, that includes almost every one of its neighbors in the Middle East.

And General Petraeus, one other little matter I might mention at this time. The Symington Amendment to the US Constitution stipulates that no aid of any kind can be given to any country with nuclear weapons which is not a signatory to the NNPT, and refuses to allow IAEA inspections.

As the world knows, based on the revelations of Mordechai Vannunu in the late 80s, and confirmed by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former US President Jimmy Carter, Israel has nuclear weapons, will not sign the NNPT, nor allow IAEA inspections of its nuclear facilities.

Why, sir is this country getting one penny of US military or financial aid in violation of US law?!?

Feb 21 11:13

Bank of Israel Governor Fischer to Woo China on Iran

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has decided to send Bank of Israel Governor Stanley Fischer to China to try to convince the government there to support sanctions against Iran in the face of its insistence on developing nuclear weapon capacity.

Accompanying Fischer will be former IDF Chief of Staff, Minister for Strategic Threats Moshe Yaalon. Yaalon will be entrusted with the military-intelligence aspects of the visit. He will try make clear to the Chinese how close Iran is to acquiring nuclear weapons, and how such a situation could threaten the entire world and not just Israel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

1. Iran is building a power plant and creating medical isotopes.

2. China has publicly dismissed the concept of further sanctions, and will not go along with them at the UN.

3. There is nothing Israel has to offer China to get it to change its position.

4. China is in partnership with Iran to develop Iranian oilfields, and don't want to see their energy resources jeopardized.

5. Even if it had nuclear weapons, which it does not, Iran is absolutely no threat to China, which does have a nuclear arsenal, as does Israel.

6. This is simply pro-forma before the UN is, again, characterized by the US and Israel as "irrelevant", and the bombs start falling.

Feb 21 11:03

Banks in Calif., Ill., Fla., Texas are shut down

Regulators shut four banks from California to Florida on Friday, boosting to 20 the number of U.S. bank failures this year following the 140 closures last year in the worst financial climate in decades.

Feb 21 10:59

20 Ships to Head for Clash in Gaza

The Turkish IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation announced that a fleet of 20 ships would be sent to break Israel’s embargo on Hamas-run Gaza two months from now. Five of the ships will be under the auspices of IHH; the support of charitable businessmen in Turkey is being sought for funding to purchase them.

However, it has now added political intervention to its agenda, vowing that its “aid ships will continue to head for Gaza until Israeli embargo is lifted.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

That Israel has embargoed "...building materials, generators, medication, medical equipment and educational materials" bound for besieged Gaza shows the true colors of its government, and those colors can only be characterized as nastily ugly.

And a memo to the Israeli government; making martyrs out of any of these people on any of these aid/rescue missions to Gaza will really make the country look even more malevolently vicious against Gazan Palestinians than it already does.

Feb 21 10:49

Are Dalai Lama visits with US, UK, France a “provocation” for China’s staged role in WW3?

*hyperlinks and videos live at source*

The Dalai Lama confessed to receive CIA funds in their revolutionary attempts to split from China. As US and Israel lying rhetoric for war with Iran escalate and echoed by US corporate media, as Iran is considered a main source of oil for China, as WW3 is a real threat given that WW2 sprung from a series of smaller occupations cumulating with a false flag attack on Poland and WW1 sprung from a single political assassination in a context of competing empires, the “chess masters” behind the scenes of politics might have more in mind than a simple visit between President Obama and an exiled religious feudal-system divine monarch (and here).

Feb 21 10:47

Bases of Empire: Casting a Global Shadow

Despite United States economic weakness, although not unrelated to it, our military casts a heavy shadow everywhere on earth, far beyond the major and minor wars it is now conducting. The geographical and functional scope of the US military is cosmic. Formal alliances are an important element, but even such bloated, increasingly un-Atlantic and shockingly un-pacific institutions as NATO are only the tip of the iceberg. Nations generally regarded as “neutral” are now junior partners in NATO: Ireland, Austria, Switzerland, Finland, Malta, and Sweden. “In June 2009, war games ‘Loyal Arrow’ were conducted by 10 countries in Northern Sweden, as a preliminary move to extend US and NATO military presence into Arctic regions—and confronting Russia in that area.

Feb 21 10:43

Governments From Around the World ADMIT That They Carry Out False Flag Terror

A major with the Nazi SS admitted at the Nuremberg trials that - under orders from the chief of the Gestapo - he and some other Nazi operatives faked attacks on their own people and resources which they blamed on the Poles, to justify the invasion of Poland. Nazi general Franz Halder also testified at the Nuremberg trials that Nazi leader Hermann Goering admitted to setting fire to the German parliament building, and then falsely blaming the communists for the arson.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

False flag operations against a nation's own people are nothing new.

But every thinking American, right now, needs to be thoroughly skeptical of anything that even looks like a false flag, which may have been executed by this government to justify and achieve its geopolitical ends.

What these are intended to to do a population is to create the maximum amount of fear and mental disorientation, then focus that fear and disorientation against the perceived "enemy" which allegedly did the dastardly deed.

You have to sit back and think, "cui bono?" Who benefits, and what is the agenda such a false flag operation is supposed to support?

That's what lead to the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan.

As I type this, I am watching the corporate "non-news" beating the ward drums harder and faster to "sell" the American public to support of a US attack on Iran.

I'm not "buying" this one bit: and neither should you.
Remember: these are the same folks who "sold" you Iraq's nuclear weapons, and yellowcake uranium.

If there is an Israeli/US attack against Iran, such a conflict could well go global in a heartbeat.

So remember, in the coming months, if - heaven forbid - there is something horrendous which unfolds here in the US, the most important thing you can do is to hang on to every bit of logic and critical thinking you can muster.

Then, let everyone know understand that You're not "buying" the new war DC and the corporate media will be trying to sell you.

Feb 21 10:41

A Math Problem at the Labor Department?

Friday's inflation report generated all sorts of headlines about core consumer prices falling for the first time since 1982. In looking at the screen shot of the detailed data from the Labor Department below, there is clearly some sort of a math problem associated with changes that were recently made to category weightings.

Feb 21 10:41

HUD Attempting to Outlaw Owner Financing & Wants Your Fingerprints

1) Outlaws ALL unlicensed owner financing unless the owner occupies the property.

2) Requires mortgage originator licensing if you seek to finance your property to someone - even if you own the property outright.

3) You cannot receive a license if you've committed any felonies - ever - meaning you'll never be permitted to self-finance your property under any conditions if you're a felon of any kind.

4) Mandates fingerprinting to finance your own property

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is just another measure to force all Americans to use the banking system for all aspects of their lives, with the bank taking a piece of the action for every single transaction.

Feb 21 10:35

New Mobile Phone provides user with info on you

The gizmo, which lifts information from Government databases before beaming it to mobiles, has been dubbed “the estate agent’s worst nightmare”, as it can tip off would-be house buyers about nasty neighbourhoods.

“It’s the quickest way to find out how chavvy your town is,” the Sun quoted tech writer Drew Cullen as saying.

Feb 21 10:32

Sh*t is Now Officially Going Down! Joe Stack Plane Crash IRS Austin Texas

For those of you getting fused with everything going down in the news...The time is NOW. Get ready, they are institution phase 1 in the plan. Our power is in incremental moves leveraged throughout the internet. Not random acts. Be smart and be aware.

Feb 21 10:28


After a long, and I must add, missed, absence, the S H I T List is back! I always thought of it as a ‘reference list’ to check out if a ’source’ is reliable or not. To be on that list is an honour…. if you are Jewish and you aren’t there, you are obviously doing something wrong ;)

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Damn, I didn't make the grade AGAIN!!!!!!! :(

Feb 21 10:27


Once again, even Americans cannot stand up to a small group of settlers, who show – more often than not – that they have the last word on what takes place in the West Bank. This time, a small group of settlers insisted, and succeeded, to squash a plan for building a hospital for Palestinian children at “Oush Grab” (“the Crow’s Nest”) east of Bethlehem”

Feb 21 10:26


Feb 21 10:26


The following two reports indicate that this ‘game’ continues to this very day….. one of the reports is obviously LYING…..

Why is the commercial press so afraid to tell the truth?

Feb 21 10:25


Perhaps after you watch this YouCrap video you will know why a group like the New Israel Fund exists in the first place…. someone has to be around to counter this type of propaganda.

Feb 21 10:25

Israeli human rights groups face state repression

Israeli human rights groups and activists have become the target of a vicious campaign by right-wing groups, security forces and politicians.

It is the immediate response of the Israeli political elite to criticism of Israel’s 2008-09 assault on Gaza in the wake of the Goldstone report. The UN report accused Israel of war crimes, and said that all those countries that had signed the 1949 Geneva Conventions had a duty to search for and prosecute those responsible, using their "universal jurisdiction" to prosecute war criminals.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to the Israeli leadership: "shooting the messengers" is not going to elevate Israel's pariah/rogue nation status one bit.

In the 21st century, your IDF cannot kill one more Palestinian child, woman, or medically fragile elderly person without the entire world knowing it happened.

Feb 21 10:24

'Netanyahu authorized Dubai assassination'

According to a report published by Times Online Netanyahu held a meeting with Mossad chief Meir Dagan in early January inside the briefing room of the headquarters of the spy agency where "some members of a hit squad" were also present.

Citing Mossad sources, the report said "as the man who gives final authorization for such operations, Netanyahu was briefed on plans to kill Mahmoud al-Mabhouh."

Sources said Mossad had received intelligence that the Hamas commander was planning a Dubai trip and they started preparing for an operation to assassinate him.

"The team had already rehearsed, using a hotel in Tel Aviv as a training ground without alerting its owners," according to the report.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

On the day of the 9-11 attacks, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked what the attacks would mean for US-Israeli relations. His quick reply was: "It's very good…….Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)"

Feb 21 10:22

Tracy Residents Now Have To Pay For 911 Calls

Tracy residents will now have to pay every time they call 9-1-1 for a medical emergency.

But there are a couple of options. Residents can pay a $48 voluntary fee for the year which allows them to call 9-1-1 as many times as necessary.

Or, there's the option of not signing up for the annual fee. Instead, they will be charged $300 if they make a call for help.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Wait a moment, didn't our taxes PAY for those 9-11 call centers?

Feb 21 10:19

Iraq’s Refugee Crisis

Psychological distress among Iraqis is on the rise. Though normalcy has returned to a large extent and the country is picking up gradually, the issue of displaced persons is yet to be resolved. According to estimates, millions of Iraqis are stateless, as a direct consequence of war and occupation, and are still languishing in neighbouring countries.

This is in addition to millions who are internally displaced. The New York-based International Rescue Committee has pointed out in a report that only a tiny faction of the displaced have returned home, and a vast majority remain uprooted. Such a precarious situation is likely to impact adversely as Iraq tries to rebuild itself from the ashes of destruction.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Your tax dollars at work, folks!

Feb 21 10:18

British military insider: World War III is being staged; starting with Israel and Iran

US “leadership” and their corporate media minions are pushing juvenile-level propaganda for war with Iran; lies that anyone can verify with a few moments’ attention. If you haven’t already confirmed the Orwellian-level disinformation, stop and read the above two links now.

Feb 21 10:17

California Senate Passes Amazon Tax

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The governments at the state and federal levels are hopelessly broke and in debt because of this pyramid scheme called the Federal Reserve.

If you allow them to do it, they will tax you into abject poverty and homelessness to prolong their power just a few more days.

Feb 21 10:16

Tony Blair: Israeli officials were part of decision to invade Iraq

In his recent testimony to the UK Committee investigating the Iraq war, British Prime Minister Tony Blair admitted that Israeli officials influenced and participated in the decision by the US and UK governments to attack Iraq in 2003.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

... Just as Israeli officials are influencing and participating the the decision by the US to attack Iran!

Feb 21 10:13

Teach Your Children Well: There Is No Law but Might and Murder

This is the lesson that the United States government -- the government of the historic progressive, Barack Obama -- taught the children of America today:

"Children, the law is nothing but a rag smeared with blood and shit.

"It is only for suckers, rubes and losers.

"Claw your way to the top -- by any means necessary -- and the law can never touch you.

"This is the American way."

Yes, as the Washington Post reports, the United States government announced today that there will be no penalties whatsoever for the lawyers who were ordered by their superiors, George Bush and Dick Cheney, to write memos "justifying" the tortures that Bush and Cheney wanted to unleash upon captives held indefinitely without charges, without evidence, without trial, without rights.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

US Constitution and Bill of Rights, R.I.P..

Feb 21 10:10

Why Britain turns a blind eye to torture

The mundane truth is that torture in the "War on Terror" does not bring Hollywood-style information about ticking bombs in shopping malls.

It brings piles of rubbish that clog up our intelligence analysis. Torture gives not the truth but what the torturer wants to hear to make the torture stop. And given the destinations on the extraordinary rendition circuit — like Egypt, Morocco, Afghanistan, Syria and Uzbekistan — the relationship between the torturers and the truth was often very distant indeed.

Feb 21 10:10

Iraq for Sale Banned Excerpts

On May 10th, 2007, this video was banned in Congress.

Robert Greenwald, the director of IRAQ FOR SALE, was invited to testify before Congress by Rep. Jim Moran. He prepared four minutes from the documentary to show.

Republicans insisted this not be shown.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Something to keep in mind when you fill out that 1040!

Feb 21 10:07

Weekly Protest Video Round-Up: Bil’in Special

Yesterday’s demonstrations were dominated by the fifth anniversary of the popular struggle in Bil’in. The occasion was marked in spectacular fashion and Israeli security once again displayed the brutality which makes these protests so necessary. Here’s what happened in the main locations.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

The Israeli government and the IDF hate peaceful protests, because they cannot use the term "terrorists" against these protesters.

And remember: we pay for what the IDF does to these people with our tax dollars.

Feb 21 10:06

The Nazis' Murder of Jews, Communists and Gypsies In Gas Chambers Was an AMERICAN Idea

the concept of a white, blond-haired, blue-eyed master Nordic race didn't originate with Hitler. The idea was created in the United States, and cultivated in California, decades before Hitler came to power. California eugenicists played an important, although little-known, role in the American eugenics movement's campaign for ethnic cleansing.

Feb 21 10:05

Abe Foxman Wets Pants Over Sadistic Movie

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) is supposedly an organization that defends human rights. Instead it defends the mass murdering, terrorist, ethnic-cleansers of Israel, and it even defended the murderous attack on Gaza that took the lives of hundreds of women and children, destroyed thousands of homes and injured or maimed thousands more. Now the Jewish supremacist Abe Foxman has reached a new low in praising the torture-porn movie, Inglourious Basterds made by his Jewish extremist brethren at the Weinstein Brothers Studio. The movie literally portrays the torture, sadism and murder of helpless human beings, as desirable, even cool and admirable.

Foxman says of the film:

Feb 21 09:59

Iran Attack: It’s About Mass Murder, Not Nukes

John Bolton is a neocon, a liar, and a scoundrel. He knows full well any attack on Iran will be genocide. He is in favor of such a policy of institutional serial murder. He understands that it is counterproductive to admit the truth — the impending attack on Iran is not about nuclear weapons, it is about continuing the neocon policy of decimating the Muslim Middle East (and Central Asia).

Feb 21 09:56

Climategate U-turn as scientist at centre of row admits: There has been no global warming since 1995

* Data for vital 'hockey stick graph' has gone missing
* There has been no global warming since 1995
* Warming periods have happened before - but NOT due to man-made changes

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Relinked in light of EPA's and NEWSWEEK's renewed insistence that the "science is settled."

Feb 21 09:54

Survey: 1 In 3 Detroit Homes Vacant

A survey that's expected to be an important tool as Detroit works to revitalize core neighborhoods and possibly shutter others finds about one third of residential lots are vacant or contain abandoned homes.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This is the new image of America, a homeless family camped out in front of a foreclosed mansion.

Feb 21 09:52

Israeli murders using fake passports of Europeans, lets now go back to 911

Feb 21 09:49

U.S. warns of al Qaeda threat in Central Asia

Al Qaeda aims to infiltrate Central Asia to train militants and turn the ex-Soviet region into a zone of unrest, a U.S. envoy said on Saturday.

U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan Richard Holbrooke is on a blitz tour of the five "stans" of Central Asia.

Stability in the vast resource-rich region sprawling between China, Russia and Afghanistan is crucial to the West as it lies on a new supply route for NATO-led operations in Afghanistan.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to Envoy Holbrooke:

In Arabic, the term "al Qaeda" means "the base".

In colloquial Arabic, the term means "the toilet".

Envoy Holbrooke, what self-respecting Arabic-speaking group would call themselves "the toilet"?!?

Poverty, political corruption, lack of civil redress (and that sure the heck is the case with Uzbekistan), and an absence of hope radicalizes people, and makes insurgent movements look attractive.

The "stability" you are hoping for does not come in the form of governments further repressing their people (Remember, Envoy Holbrooke: we tried that with the Shah of Iran, Pinochet., etc., and those efforts ultimately blew up the US's face like a bad trick cigar).

It comes with education, jobs,and governments responding intelligently and responsibly to the needs of their people.

If you are looking for stability in this region, those are the steps you should be asking the governments you're visiting to be taking, not further repression.

Feb 21 09:48


Paper plane designs from the Guinness Record Holder

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Make a paper airplane out of your 1040, or the Bill of Rights, or the Declaration and "air mail" your protest to your politicians.

(Attention Secret Service: these will NOT harm you when you throw yourself in front of the protectee, so be sure to look heroic for the news cameras!)

Feb 21 09:42

Attack on IRS part of long line of tax protesters

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This reads like a pre-emptive screed to convince everyone that there is no reason to doubt the legitimacy of the income tax. I think Joe Stack scared the crap out of them because more and more people are watching America: Freedom to Fascism, they are reading the court transcript from Sullivan Vs. United States in which Judge James C. Fox admits the 16th Amendment was never actually ratified.
People are reading "The Law That Never Was".

Mostly Americans are well aware that the US Government has been outed for lying to the American people about Saddam's "Nookular" bombs, about the swine flu, about human-caused global warming, about the Gulf of Tonkin and JFK, and RFK, and MLK< and JFK Jr. and, well, there is a popular website with a more comprehensive list out there.

But Americans can be understood is they are wondering what else the government lied to them about, and if that lie includes the creation of the Income Tax. We know that the same people who claimed the 16th Amendment was "in effect" (Secretary of State Philander carefully avoided the word "Ratified" in his letter of transmittal to Congress) were also behind the formation of the Federal Reserve; a bill passed in Congress over the Christmas break without the needed quorum, so we already know that skirting the rules was the norm for the Federal Government even back then.

The hard reality is that the American people are being looted by some of the highest taxes in the world by a government that returns shockingly little of value back to those taxpayers, instead showering their Wall Street cronies with trillions of dollars, and wasting trillions more in wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and soon to be Venezuela and Iran as a desperate distraction from how badly they have messed up the nation.

But beyond that, Americans have come to understand that just because the US Government says something is the letter of the law does not make it the right thing to be doing. After all, most Americans accept that the US Government's use of torture is morally repugnant, that the US Government is openly in violation of its own laws with epidemic violations of the Bill of Rights, and the flow of American tax money to Israel in defiance of the Symington Amendment.

And Americans realize that everything King George III did to the colonies was the letter of the law, but that did not stop Americans of courage from declaring the King's actions abusive and despotic and kicking the government out.

And all of us know that everything Hitler did was also the letter of the law.

Once in the US it was legal to own slaves. Did that make it right?

Feb 21 09:38

Terrorism: The Most Meaningless and Manipulated Word By Glenn Greenwald

Joseph Stack deliberately flew an airplane into a building housing IRS offices in Austin, Texas, in order to advance the political grievances he outlined in a perfectly cogent suicide-manifesto. Stack's worldview contained elements of the tea party's anti-government anger along with substantial populist complaints generally associated with "the Left" (rage over bailouts, the suffering of America's poor, and the pilfering of the middle class by a corrupt economic elite and their government-servants). All of that was accompanied by an argument as to why violence was justified (indeed necessary) to protest those injustices

Feb 21 09:37

IAEA: Iran's nukes 'also for army’

Israel praised an International Atomic Energy Agency report released on Thursday that says Iran may be developing a nuclear warhead.

Noting that the report is the first during the term of new IAEA chief Yukiya Amano of Japan, Israel said it “establishes that the agency has a lot of trustworthy information about the past and present activities that testify to the military tendencies of the Iranian program.”

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Read the report for yourself, as found here:


It is a Rorschach "blot test" into which one can read anything they want.

Obviously, for those clamoring for a military confrontation with Iran, it will read "clandestine weapons program".

For those who do not, it will read that Iran is complying with IAEA inspections, but are furious at the implication that they are developing weapons, when all they are doing is developing a power plant, and medical isotopes.

It appears that the new head of the IAEA, Yukiya Amano, got compromised, and quickly.

Also, please remember: Israel has nuclear weapons, refuses to sign the NNPT, and therefore refuses any IAEA inspections of their nuclear facilities.

Feb 21 09:19

On the Brink of a Bond Market Apocalypse

Trusting Washington and Wall Street is bankrupting millions of Americans … and now they’re at it again!

In the 1990s, Wall Street urged you to buy Internet stocks at 500 and 1,000 times earnings — and even tried to railroad you into stocks with no earnings at all.

Result: According to the Fed, nearly $6.6 trillion vanished into thin air when those stocks crashed and burned.

Then, in 2001, Washington got into the act — driving interest rates to their lowest levels since World War II … helping to create the greatest real estate bubble in history … and doing absolutely nothing when money-hungry bankers and brokers broke every rule in the book.

Result: The Fed’s latest report reveals another $15.5 trillion in losses the great real estate bust, credit crisis and recession.

Feb 21 09:18

Banks in Calif., Ill., Fla., Texas are shut down

Regulators shut four banks from California to Florida on Friday, boosting to 20 the number of U.S. bank failures this year following the 140 closures last year in the worst financial climate in decades.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. took over La Jolla Bank, FSB, in La Jolla, Calif. The bank had 10 branches and about $3.6 billion in assets and $2.8 billion in deposits.

Also seized was George Washington Savings Bank in Orland Park, Ill. It had four branches and about $412.8 million in assets and $397 million in deposits.

Feb 21 09:11

French PM: World to take action if Iran refuses nuclear talks

French Prime Minister Francois Fillon said world powers would have to take new action against Iran in the next few weeks if Tehran continues to reject Western proposals on its disputed nuclear program.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Memo to French Prime Minister Francois Fillon:

1. You are not going to get more UN sanctions against Iran: Russia and China won't let this happen.

2. Iran is not building a nuclear bomb.

3. As a signatory to the NNPT, Iran's nuclear program is under IAEA inspection.

4. IAEA has found neither missing nuclear material, nor any nuclear enrichment beyond the 20% necessary for creating medical isotopes.

4. To create a nuclear weapon, there must be enrichment of over 90%.

5. Per the revelations of Mordechai Vannunu in the late 80s, coupled with admissions in statements by former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and former US President Jimmy Carter, Israel has nuclear weapons.

6. Israel refuses to sign the NNPT, and therefore will not allow inspections of its nuclear facilities.

7. The "rogue nation" here is not Iran, but Israel.

8. Any multilateral sanctions will simply be a prelude to a regional war which can go global in a heartbeat.

9. Russia may well join the confrontation on the side of Iran.

10. Russia does have nuclear weapons.

Any questions, Prime Minister Fillon?!??

Feb 21 09:10

Israeli Environmental Terrorism

With respect to the nearly 800,000 Palestinians that were forced to flee their homes upon the establishment of Israel in 1948, the Jewish State’s wanton destruction of the environment in their absence merits condemnation as well. The land once known as Palestine began suffering detrimental and irrevocable changes in the early 1950s when Israel’s fledgling government drained the wetlands surrounding Lake Huleh, north of the Sea of Galilee, for a housing project. Once the lake was dry, the Palestinian Painted Frog that inhabited the wetlands became extinct.

Feb 21 09:02

Greek fuel supplies run dry as strike over harsh austerity measures bites

PETROL stations ran dry in Greece yesterday as a customs strike over government austerity measures began to bite.
Customs staff initially walked out for three days on Tuesday over salary freezes and cuts in bonuses.

But their union announced on Thursday three 48-hour rolling strikes that will keep customs offices shut until next Wednesday, when all workers are being asked to join a general strike.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

This could turn into a case study on how to handle the National Strike here in the US.

Feb 21 09:01

Threats Against IRS Employees on the Rise, Official Says

The federal agency charged with ensuring the safety of IRS employees said it has seen an uptick in the past several years in threats against agency personnel.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

I am certain that the Sheriff of Nottingham's men heard a few threats hurled at them as well, just before the arrows started to stick in their arses!

Feb 21 08:56

Darfur rebels sign truce deal with Sudan

Darfur's most powerful rebel group has initialed a truce with the Sudanese government, officials said Saturday, marking the rebel group's return to peace talks aimed at ending the Darfur conflict.

The truce between the rebel Justice and Equality Movement and the Sudanese government takes effect immediately, said Idriss Deby, Chad's president, in a statement.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Let's hope the truce holds.

Feb 21 08:56

Letters shed new light on British despair during the American War of Independence

Their downbeat perspective contrasts dramatically with the exhortations of George III and his ministers in London who come across as hopelessly out-of-touch and absurdly optimistic.

The documents, part of a collection that have been in private possession for more than two centuries, reveal a much gloomier analysis by British generals than previously believed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Kind of like the out-of-touch and absurdly optimistic rants we get from DC versus the more realistic appraisals from the kids who actually catch the bullets!

Feb 21 08:56

Psychiatrists want to call being angry a mental illness. How utterly mad!

The DSM is a large book that lists all psychiatric disorders and describes their symptoms. If a condition is in there, it means it’s considered a mental illness.

But some of the new entries are controversial, not least because of fears they will result in many more people being put on drugs that could be ineffective or dangerous.

The DSM is produced by the American Psychiatric Association and is hugely influential worldwide.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are two aspects to this.

First, for every emotion declared to be a disease there will be an immediate profit motive in creating drugs to treat the "illness." There will be a pill for sale to "treat" virtually every mood that humans experience, leading to the suppression of the individual into the drug-hazed group mind, as Aldous Huxley described in "Brave New World."

Second, by declaring normal human responses such as anger to be a disease, angry people (like those angry at the government) can be ignored and dismissed without addressing what it is that makes them angry. We don't need to understand why they are angry; they are just crazy people. We saw this last week with Joe Stack. The media paraded a therapist who without ever having actually met Joe Stack explained to us about his Narcissistic Personality Disorder and why we should pay no attention at all to his own written explanation of why he was so angry.

In extreme cases, angry Americans could be locked up in mental hospitals, a common trick to silence dissent employed in the former Soviet Union.

Feb 21 08:55

Psychiatrists want to call being angry a mental illness. How utterly mad!

The DSM is a large book that lists all psychiatric disorders and describes their symptoms. If a condition is in there, it means it’s considered a mental illness.

But some of the new entries are controversial, not least because of fears they will result in many more people being put on drugs that could be ineffective or dangerous.

The DSM is produced by the American Psychiatric Association and is hugely influential worldwide.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

There are two aspects to this.

First, for every emotion declared to be a disease there will be an immediate profit motive in creating drugs to treat the "illness." There will be a pill for sale to "treat" virtually every mood that humans experience, leading to the suppression of the individual into the drug-hazed group mind, as Aldous Huxley described in "Brave New World."

Second, by declaring normal human responses such as anger to be a disease, angry people (like those angry at the government) can be ignored and dismissed without addressing what it is that makes them angry. We don't need to understand why they are angry; they are just crazy people. We saw this last week with Joe Stack. The media paraded a therapist who without ever having actually met Joe Stack explained to us about his Narcissistic Personality Disorder and why we should pay no attention at all to his own written explanation of why he was so angry.

In extreme cases, angry Americans could be locked up in mental hospitals, a common trick to silence dissent employed in the former Soviet Union.

Feb 21 08:54

Optimists 'are less likely to get heart disease'

How depressing... :)

Feb 21 08:52

High levels of vitamin D halve the risk of developing heart disease and diabetes

People with high levels of vitamin D almost halve their risk of developing heart disease or diabetes, claim researchers.

They found those with lowest levels of the vitamin in their blood were at greater risk of a range of serious disorders.

The findings come from a review of 28 existing studies involving almost 100,000 people which looked at vitamin D levels among the middle-aged and elderly.

The research team from Warwick Medical School discovered a 43 per cent lower risk of cardiovascular disease, Type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome among people with high levels of vitamin D.

Feb 21 08:51

History in the Remaking

Standing on the hill at dawn, overseeing a team of 40 Kurdish diggers, the German-born archeologist waves a hand over his discovery here, a revolution in the story of human origins. Schmidt has uncovered a vast and beautiful temple complex, a structure so ancient that it may be the very first thing human beings ever built. The site isn't just old, it redefines old: the temple was built 11,500 years ago—a staggering 7,000 years before the Great Pyramid, and more than 6,000 years before Stonehenge first took shape.

Feb 21 08:48

Letters shed new light on British despair during the American War of Independence

Their downbeat perspective contrasts dramatically with the exhortations of George III and his ministers in London who come across as hopelessly out-of-touch and absurdly optimistic.

The documents, part of a collection that have been in private possession for more than two centuries, reveal a much gloomier analysis by British generals than previously believed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Kind of like the out-of-touch and absurdly optimistic rants we get from DC versus the more realistic appraisals from the kids who actually catch the bullets!

Feb 21 08:48

Psychiatrists want to call being angry a mental illness.

‘Hoarding’ is just one of the new mental conditions being added to the psychiatrists’ bible, or the Diagnostic And Statistical Manual Of Mental Disorders (DSM), to give it its proper name.

Other new conditions identified as possibly needing professional help include binge eating - which is said to affect many people who are seriously obese - and ‘cognitive tempo disorder’, which seems very like laziness (symptoms include dreaminess and sluggishness).

There’s also ‘intermittent explosive disorder’, which involves occasionally becoming very angry suddenly.

And of course they will have a drug to treat every "problem."

Feb 21 08:46


For those also facing Inheritance Tax and Labour’s proposed “death tax” to fund its planned National Care Service, the levy could almost wipe out any inheritance parents were hoping to leave their children.

Feb 21 08:46

Report: Bush Lawyer Said President Could Order Civilians to Be 'Massacred'

The chief author of the Bush administration's "torture memo" told Justice Department investigators that the president's war-making authority was so broad that he had the constitutional power to order a village to be "massacred," according to a report released Friday night by the Office of Professional Responsibility.

The views of former Justice lawyer John Yoo were deemed to be so extreme and out of step with legal precedents that they prompted the Justice Department's internal watchdog office to conclude last year that he committed "intentional professional misconduct" when he advised the CIA it could proceed with waterboarding and other aggressive interrogation techniques against Al Qaeda suspects.

Feb 21 08:44

Big Brother Not Just Spying On Schoolchildren Through Their Laptops

The scandal surrounding kids being spied on at home via webcams in laptops provided by schools extends further than just schoolchildren – four years ago Google admitted that it was implementing similar invasive surveillance technologies that would target all Americans.


In 2006, Google announced that they would use in-built microphones to listen in on user’s background noise, be it television, music or radio – and then direct advertising at them based on their preferences.

Feb 21 08:44

Bad economies in states to worsen: governors

"The situation is fairly poor for a lot of states around the country. In fact, most states," Vermont Governor Jim Douglas, who is chairman of the association, said at a press conference at its annual meeting.

"What we're finding out from a fiscal standpoint is that the worst is yet to come," Douglas said.

In a survey conducted last week of 45 of the 50 states, the group found that states have $18.8 billion of budget gaps yet to be closed in fiscal 2010. This comes after they have already imposed measures to eliminate budget imbalances totaling $87 billion in the fiscal year, which for most started last summer.

Feb 21 08:43

Israeli ambassador to the US interrupted and booed off stage at UCI

Webmaster's Commentary: 

And don;t start screaming "anti-Semitism"; we would have given the same treatment to Hitler, Mussolini, Pinochet, the Shah, Batista, Marcos, and Pol Pot!

Feb 21 08:41

Millions of Unemployed Face Years Without Jobs

Even as the American economy shows tentative signs of a rebound, the human toll of the recession continues to mount, with millions of Americans remaining out of work, out of savings and nearing the end of their unemployment benefits.

Economists fear that the nascent recovery will leave more people behind than in past recessions, failing to create jobs in sufficient numbers to absorb the record-setting ranks of the long-term unemployed.

Webmaster's Commentary: 

Welcome to Ameristan, courtesy of the previous and current administrations.

Feb 21 08:40

Photographer Busts Al Gore's TV Company for Photo Rip-Off

San Francisco photographer Ken Light won a small claims judgment of $588 for unauthorized image use against Current Media, Inc, the San Francisco TV company owned by former Vice President Al Gore.The judgment was handed down on February 8.

Feb 21 08:38

So where did all the money go?

So here, for any of you who might have forgotten, is a quick reminder: some £76bn from the Treasury to buy shares in RBS and Lloyds Banking Group ; £200bn worth of lender-of-last resort liquidity support provided by the Bank of England to stricken banks at the height of the crisis; £250bn of wholesale lending guaranteed by the Bank through the credit guarantee scheme; £185bn of loans to banks through the Special Liquidity Scheme; £40bn of loans and other funding to Bradford & Bingley and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme. Then, deep breath, there is the £200bn of liabilities taken on board from the Asset Protection Scheme, and the £200bn of cash poured into the economy through quantitative easing .

Feb 21 08:36

Credit markets flash hottest warning signal since crisis

European credit markets are flashing the most serious warnings signs in a year as the yields on risker bonds rise sharply and a string of companies cancel share flotations, raising fears that the recovery may falter in coming months.

Jitters over Chinese credit tightening and default risks in Greece and Dubai are causing bond vigilantes to batten down the hatches across the world, bringing the most dramatic credit rally for a century to a shuddering halt.

Feb 21 08:35

Israel rejects recognition of Palestinian state

Israel on Sunday rejected the idea of foreign countries recognising a Palestinian state without a negotiated peace agreement, after France's foreign minister hinted at such a scenario.

"Imposing this kind of semblance of a partial solution from outside goes against the very idea of peace," a senior Israeli official told AFP on condition of anonymity.

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The French foreign minister very clearly understands: Israel doesn't want peace, only territory, and wants that by any means necessary.

Feb 21 08:30

Governments From Around the World ADMIT That They Carry Out False Flag Terror

The German people were whipped up into a state of hysteria and fear, because they thought they were under attack by Poles and other "bad guys". The German's were in shock, and rallied around their "strong" leader (it wasn't just the bad economy). Without first exposing the truth that the attacks were false flag attacks - which were largely the source and root cause of the German people's fears, and which allowed the German parliament and other institutions to hand Hitler total power - the sweeping away of good political causes by the wave of fear could not be stopped.

Feb 21 08:16

To Believe or not to Believe

“The (British) Foreign Office denied claims that it had been tipped off about the use of British passports before the hit, insisting: “We only received details of the British passports a few hours before the [February 15] press conference held by the police in Dubai.”

But the Irish foreign ministry has confirmed that it knew Irish passports had been used by the hit squad as early as February 4 – and it would seem surprising if Britain did not know at least that soon too. The use of “European” passports in the hit was being claimed by the Dubai authorities as early as January 29. Not for the first time, the British government may not be being wholly frank about what it knew and when it knew it.

Feb 21 08:05

The Secret Service at Booker Elementary: The Dog That Did Not Bark

The Secret Service should be in that video, but they are not. It is clear from their inaction that they KNEW FOR A FACT THAT THE PRESIDENT WAS NOT A TARGET OF ONE OF THE HIJACKED PLANES. The intended targets of the planes had to have been known.

The dog did not bark because the criminal was its master.

Quod Erat Demonstradum, the Bush administration was part of the 9-11 plot.

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Relinked in light of the renwed interest in 9-11.

The US Government lied to you about Saddam's "nookular" bombs.

The US Government lied to you about human-caused global warming.

Did they lie about 9-11?


Feb 21 08:03

The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9-11

On the day of the 9-11 attacks, former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was asked what the attacks would mean for US-Israeli relations. His quick reply was: "It's very good…….Well, it's not good, but it will generate immediate sympathy (for Israel)"

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Relinked in light of the renwed interest in 9-11.

The US Government lied to you about Saddam's "nookular" bombs.

The US Government lied to you about human-caused global warming.

Did they lie about 9-11?


Feb 21 08:03

FLASHBACK -The FBI Allowed the 1993 WTC Bombing to Happen

The informer was to have helped the plotters build the bomb and supply the fake powder, but the plan was called off by an F.B.I. supervisor ...

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Relinked in light of the renwed interest in 9-11.

The US Government lied to you about Saddam's "nookular" bombs.

The US Government lied to you about human-caused global warming.

Did they lie about 9-11?


Feb 21 08:01

9/11: All In One Chunk

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Relinked in light of the renwed interest in 9-11.

The US Government lied to you about Saddam's "nookular" bombs.

The US Government lied to you about human-caused global warming.

Did they lie about 9-11?


Feb 21 07:45

Judge Napolitano and Angela Keaton on Obama's foreign policy

PRESIDENT NO CHANGE--Judge Napolitano and Angela Keaton discuss how Obama is slightly worse than his predecessor when it comes to liberty, foreign policy, constitutional respect and war.

Feb 21 07:38

Are the 9/11 conspirators right?

Its been nearly nine years since the attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon. September 11, 2001 is a day which, for many, has already been explained. However, there is a movement that has been picking up a lot of steam, thousands of people who say accounts given to the people by the government are flawed, some even say false.

Feb 21 07:26

A Cruel Waste of Your Tax Dollars

In the worst economy since undefined the Great Depression, President Obama and his Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar are asking for for $75.7 million dollars in fiscal year 2011 primarily for more roundups and $43 million to buy one preserve likely in the East to warehouse some of the wild horses the BLM has condemned to captivity.




Feb 21 07:02

A Closer Look at Israel’s Role in Terrorism

This series is based on an article by Jeff Gates, who is a widely acclaimed author, attorney, merchant banker, educator and consultant to governments worldwide, who served for seven years as counsel to the U.S. Senate Committee on Finance. He is the author of Guilt by Association, Democracy At Risk and The Ownership Solution.

Feb 21 05:33

Yoo Called Civilian Slaughter OK

Former Justice Department lawyer John Yoo argued that President George W. Bush’s commander-in-chief powers were so sweeping that he could willfully order the massacre of civilians, yet Yoo’s culpability in Bush administration abuses was deemed “poor judgment,” not a violation of “professional standards.”

Feb 21 04:47

Joe Stack’s 9/11, NSA, and Homeland Security Related Defense Contractor Clients

The client list from the software programmer believed to have crashed his plane into the Echelon* building in Austin Texas reads like a guidebook to defense contractors with connections to 9/11, NSA and Homeland Security.

The FBI had his webpage removed (the screen message previously said that the FBI had it removed) from the internet, but of course the client list from the webpage has been archived. As first discovered by Cryptogon, the client list has corporations on it such as Interstate Electronics Corporation, which needed Mr. Stack's help on developing a GPS-based Fight Management System of all things. IEC is a wholly owned subsidiary of L-3 which is a defence contractor with obvious Homeland Security and NSA connections. There is also this report from Wayne Madsen on Oped News of an L-3 consultant to the NSA who had watched a live feed of the first 9/11 plane impact as it happened. L-3 is included among corporations which were investigated by the SEC for unusual stock put-options in relation to 9/11.

Feb 21 01:36

Dutch government falls over Afghanistan No comment from NATO chief

It is bad enough that the British, Dutch and other Europeans are suffering heavy casualties in following the aggressive adventures of the failed state that is the United States. The matter is much more serious and closer to home. I have said it before and will say it again: Europe and the UK must rid itself of American bases and those who support them, and form its own defence force independent of the United States. That is where economic and defence security lie.

Feb 21 01:29

NYT 'Mystery' Op-Ed Calls for More Afghan Civilian Deaths

On Thursday the New York Times made an astonishing editorial choice, for which its editors owe the public an explanation: it published an op-ed by an obscure and poorly identified author attacking General Stanley McChrystal for his directive last July that air strikes in Afghanistan be authorized only under "very limited and prescribed conditions." The op-ed denounced an "overemphasis on civilian protection" and charged that "air support to American and Afghan forces has been all but grounded by concerns about civilian casualties."

February 20, 2010

Feb 20 22:53

Israeli immigration officials copied British passports used by hit squad, ministers told

The six British citizens whose identities were stolen and used by the killers all had their passports taken away from them briefly during routine checks at the airport, it has been claimed.
The revelation by diplomatic sources that the Foreign Office has been told that the passports were copied by Israeli officials is the first time Israel's involvement has been directly alleged

Feb 20 22:06

Solutions to US economic controlled demolition are obvious, but We the People must demand them

*hyperlinks and video live at source*

Nobel economist Paul Krugman wrote the US economy is “doomed,” Obama “clueless,” and summarizes his analysis of President Obama’s economic leadership with simply:

Oh. My. God.

Mr. Krugman joins a growing list of characteristically dry economic experts expanding the margins of their self-expression to communicate to Americans that kleptocratic parasites have destroyed the US economy.

The good news is that the solutions are obvious, available right now, and elegantly simple to understand and implement.

Feb 20 21:49

Glenn "Rotiart" Beck and the Mob vs. John Adams

What kind of radio talk show host, television personality, or anyone in the media SEES NO EVIL, HEARS NO EVIL, AND SPEAKS NO EVIL AS THE FIRST AMENDMENT IS SHREDDED? An actor - not a newsperson. A fraud - not a journalist. A traitor - not a Patriot.

Feb 20 21:39

Flashback: The Internet? Bah!

An article stating the internet won't work from the people who dismiss 'conspiracy theories'. Need I say more?

Feb 20 21:30

Fury as town halls spend £1.4m on 'away days'

Town hall chiefs have blown £1.4million of taxpayers’ money on ‘morale-boosting’ trips for staff – while telling the public they are strapped for cash.

An investigation by The Mail on Sunday has revealed council officials have paid for away days to £200-a-night hotels, spas, go-karting tracks and even holiday village Center Parcs over the past four years.

Ironically, the junkets, called ‘team-building trips’ or ‘planning meetings’, are often used to discuss the councils’ financial constraints.

Feb 20 21:28

Millions of anti-terror cash spent on luxury London flats for police chiefs

Britain’s most powerful police body, which is run as a private business, has spent millions of pounds meant for counter-terrorism work on luxury London flats for senior officers.

The spending on an undisclosed number of apartments in the Westminster area is understood to be about £1.6million a year.

The money is taken directly from taxpayers’ cash given to the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) by the Home Office to tackle the terrorist threat across Britain.

The funding – £33million last year – is supposed to be used to beef up regional police forces’ anti-terrorism response and pay for crucial equipment and facilities.